Sunday, October 14, 2007

Twenty-eight Years

(Let me preface this by saying that, like much of what is on this blog, I wrote this primarily for myself. If you read it, great! If not, great!)

One: I was born to my parents in their tenth month of marriage. Fun times for them. Mom took on a paper route in order to stay home with me. The paper route didn't last, but it speaks to me about how much she loved/loves me! My mom? With a paper route?

Two: I clearly remember sitting on my mom's lap and asking her how that baby in her tummy was going to be born. I also remember the day we drove Melissa home from the hospital.

Three: I remember getting a chalkboard and some E.T. paraphernalia for my birthday.

Four: I wore a pink and gray poodle skirt to my fourth birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese in Victoria, Texas. I also wore a necklace with a pink, wooden number four.

Five: My great-grandma gave me two baby chicks from her farm and I named them Cupsy and Brother. They both met their demise at the hands (mouth) of our dog. That same little dog bit me in the face that year and was promptly given away.

Six: We moved to the house that my parents have been in ever since. We loved sliding down the stairs in our footie pajamas. I also started kindergarten.

Seven: I made my profession of faith and was baptized. My parents gave me a purple Precious Moments Bible. I wish I still had it, but one of the dogs chewed up the cover at some point.

Eight: I have always said that I peaked in the second grade. I had very long blond hair that my mom put in curlers every day. The next year it was cut off and I was never the same. This is the age when I started hating math. Especially fractions. And my teacher still remembers that I couldn't tell time. To this day I sweat when someone asks me the time.

Nine: I remember some amazingly hard spelling tests in Mrs. Adams' class. Allie, do you remember those? My family took an unforgettable summer trip to Maine and New York that summer.

Ten: Four-year-old Michael came to live with us around Valentine's Day.

Eleven: I was obsessed with designer jeans and NKOTB.

Twelve: Hello, jr. high! Welcome to the stress of locker combinations, dressing out for PE, and tardy bells. No description of these years is complete without a mention of my bff, Molly.

Thirteen: I lived to be on the Truitt Jr. High volleyball team. We were 0-14. I went to the Kinsmen Lutheran Church's youth group with my friends and had the most fun.

Fourteen: This was the last year before my faith was really tested. I had such a heart for God, but things were going to get tough soon. I spent a lot of time riding horses with my dad and grandma.

Fifteen: Hello, high school! I had my first homecoming, first date, first heartbreak, first party, etc. This is when my friends and I learned that a kiss is not a commitment. (Jen, where's that old poem you had about that? And happy birthday to you tomorrow!)

Sixteen: Aggie maroon, 5.0 GT Mustang convertible. Thank you, Memaw.

Seventeen: Michael went to live with his birth mom. These years were very difficult for my family. My mom took me to Israel that summer.

Eighteen: I'd like to erase this year from my life. Even so, I graduated from high school and went off to fulfill my destiny at Texas A&M University! I went to Passion '98 in Austin and got a taste of what could be mine if I would get serious with Jesus. My Nanny died that summer.

Nineteen: I started getting serious with Jesus. I joined Phi Lamb and had so much fun in college!

Twenty: I was invited to be part of the missions intern program at my home church. I met hubby!

Twenty-one: I went on my first overseas mission trip - to Valle de la Pascua, Venezuela. God redeemed years of Spanish classes. Curt and I had an amazing time witnessing there together and shortly afterward he asked my dad for my hand in marriage. We got engaged at the end of April.

Twenty-two: I had an amazing 9 months with my precious roommates, whom I love dearly. I planned a wedding, finished school, graduated, walked down the aisle, and then started a full time job. That was quite a year.

Twenty-three: We did Believing God that fall. It really marked me. That year I learned so much about serving alongside my hubby in ministry. I taught eighth grade girls in Sunday school. I was a terrible teacher, but they were a lot of fun. They are freshmen in college this year!

Twenty-four: We moved to England for five months. We didn't know, but the Lord knew we were drawing our time in Houston to a close.

Twenty-five: We moved to our new city in early October. My best friends from Houston sent me a huge package for my birthday and I wept as I opened it up. Why on earth had I left my friends? That summer we bought our first house and found out we were expecting... the next day!

Twenty-six: Jackson Curtis Jones came into my life and improved it drastically! I had no idea how much I would love him. God gave me some amazing friends to walk through early motherhood with.

Twenty-seven: The best year of my life so far. You can read all about it on this blog. No longer tied down to nursing every three waking hours, Jackson and I have gone everywhere and done everything.

Twenty-eight: What will it be, Lord? You alone know! Please bless us and keep us; make your face to shine upon us and be gracious to us; turn your face toward us and give us peace. (Numbers 6:24-26) Amen.


olivia and henry said...

you are so precious! happy birthday, amanda!!! ;)

A Place For Ministry Wives/A Place For Me said...

Amazing how the last 28 years of your life are evidenced by both valley and mountaintop experiences.

Praise God for His redeeming love, for restoration and for restoring the years that the locusts have eaten. :-)

Happy Birthday.

And a 5.0 mustang convertible at 16...sounds like a mountaintop year (at least in a teenager's eyes). LOL.

Anonymous said...

And I am so thankful to have spent so many of those 28 years watching God grow you up. You surpassed everything I ever hoped you would be and have made me laugh like nobody's business. You are one of my favorite people on earth to spend time with. May God entrust us with a bunch of it. I love you so much, Honey.

Theresa said...

I loved reading this, thank you for sharing your years with us. I guess your birthday is here so Happy Birthday.

connorcolesmom said...

Sounds like a life full of blessings and love.
May you have a year full of God's wonderful surprises and much joy!

LeslieW. said...

Happy birthday! I hope it is truly blessed and as memorable as all of the others!

Big Mama said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Amanda! Hope 28 is filled with all good things.

I'd have to come up with a lot more material to write a post like this. 36 is a big number.

Valarie said...

Happy Birthday precious Siesta in Jesus! What an amazing memory and what an amazing woman God has created you to be. YOU GO GIRL!

Deidre said...

Happy Birthday, Amanda!

I especially love the request of the Lord for this year. May He richly bless you and your family this year!

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

Well, Happy Birthday Girlie!
I enjoyed the stroll down memory lane with you. Hope you had a good time with your Momma and Daddy this weekend.

Fran said...


We love you Siesta! You encourage us, you bless us, you are honest with us, you love us back, and you are our beloved imaginary BFF. :)

Hope you had a fantastic weekend.
May God bless you richly in this next year. Keep your face turned towards Him and your heart tendered to His love!!


Kelly @ Love Well said...

And God has been there every step, hasn't He, Amanda? I see His fingerprints all over your memories, whether good or bad.

Happy birthday.

Jackie said...

That is really neat, Amanda...and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I love the breakdown of each year, and are shocked you remember so much...I am about to be 26 and not sure I could remember something about each year before junior high!! You are so creative with your writing- I love it!! Happy b-day again. Hope is was a GREAT one!!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday! What a long list of sweet memories!

Sharon Brumfield said...

I visit here often and do not comment often.
I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday!
I pray God blesses you this year in ways you cannot even imagine.
Thank you for being one of the women behind the scenes for your Mom.
How precious your life has been and I can not even imagine the amount of women you have touched by being willing to GET SERIOUS with God.I am one of those lives.
Thank you for being willing to walk through your life being used by God.
Hope you had a good time with your Mom and Dad this weekend.

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Happy birthday, Amanda! Praying you feel very loved and special on your big day! And I hope you get to eat some GOOOOD food!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Amanda!
We too bought a house and then found out we were expecting the next day! It's been fun getting to know you this year!

Angela said...

Thanks that was awesome. Brings back my own memories. I will turn 28 on the 29th and my son will turn 1 on the 30th. Happy Birthday to all the October babies! It's the best month to born in.

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Love this post!

Cupsy & Brother? I'd like to get into your five year old head, and hear the other name choices you turned down. So funny!

The thing is, I can picture a 2nd grade blonde bombshell Amanda.

Unknown said...

Happy birthday beautiful Amanda! Truly.

Prairie Rose said...

Happy birthday, Amanda!! On the day you were born, I was busy playing with my new toys from my 5th birthday party the day before! :) October is definitely the BEST birthday month! Enjoy!

Unknown said...

Happy 28th birthday Amanda! I am praising God for you!

Mom22Boyz said...

Happy, happy birthday!! Enjoy every year because they begin to fly by - especially once Jackson begins school. You will look back on this time and wonder where it all went!

Kara Akins said...

Happy Birthday! 28. Do I remember that age? It was four years ago but it seems longer. I found out we were expecting our sixth child that year. I threw up almost every day and showered very little. She was sooo worth it. Little Lily girl. God introduced us when I was 28! I am praying about this next year for you.I love that verse you ended with. Yes, may His face shine on you and all that is yours.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Amanda. You are a blessing to me.

Holly said...

Happy Birthday Amanda!

I think it's awesome that I just prayed that "28th year" verse over YOU before I even came by to read your post. Isn't that somethin'?

I hope your special birthday was marvelous and that you soaked the whole of it into your marrow.

You are indeed a very special Girl--Jesus has marked your life and I believe that He is doing something Wonderful (Pela, Pele?) in it.
With love,

MamaCass said...

Happy Birthday Amanda!!! I hope you had a great day hanging out with your family. I loved your list. What a great 28 years!

Traci Anne said...

Happy, happy birthday!

*laugh* Your memory's much better than mine, I don't really remember ages 1-7 :)

boomama said...


Lindsee Lou said...

Happy Birthday, Amanda. You and my dad share the same birthday...he's 51 today.

I love that you were in Phi Lamb. This is my last semester in it, but the past 31/2 years have been an absolute blast. (I just got back from retreat!)

And, the girls that I lead a small group for my freshman year of college, are now freshman in college this year. It's so weird, but I love it!

Anyway, hope your birthday has been just delightful!


Karla Porter Archer said...

Happy Birthday! Hope it was a blessed day.

You share the same birthday as my daughter. She turned seven today (And I posted tons of photos of her too)


Patty said...

Happy Birthday Amanda! What a great post! I am trying to get a mental picture of your mom as a paperboy. ;)
My oldest son turned 19 on the 11th.
May this year be the best, filled with delights and surprises beyond anything you could imagine!!


Toknowhim said...

Happy Birthday Amanda... I am not sure I could come up with things for the first years of my life.. Good Memory. Each decade my fabulous memory fades more (in my 30's now)...

Months ago I linked up to your blog through another. This blog, and the LPM blog have been such a nice way to get to know you better. Having had the wonderful pleasure to get to know your mom through her ministry, and having her tell wonderful stories about you and your family, the two blogs have given us all a glimpse into your heart as well. Thanks for that privilege... Your whole family is a blessing too many of us.

May the 28th year be one of sweet fellowship and going even deeper with Jesus :)

jennyhope said...

Amen Amanda! You bless me with your blog and your precious heart. Also, I can't believe some of our styles back in the day! We were on a very modest income with 7 people and I swear I was so desperate to have designer jeans that I would almost sew a guess label on the back of my pants if I thought I could get way with the K-mart chic brand. LOL! Oh and NKOTB-me and Joey forever is what I thought. They were in destin and I ran miles and I mean miles down the beach in my obsession and they had already left. My life was over! Anyway, I pray that you keep growing closer to Jesus every new day of this year. You are so precious!!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday! Hope your day was great and that this next year is full of blessing.

Fran said...

I went back and read your post from about your best friend Molly that you referred to in your bday post.

What a God given friendship you had with her. I can't imagine losing her at the young age of 18.
I just had big ole crocodile tears at the end of your story about her.

Friendship is the next best thing to family. I'm glad you had that best friend we all need. I could just picture every bit of what you were saying.

Have a good day friend...keep celebrating that birthday! :)

Little Steps Of Faith said...

I cannot believe how much you relate to my childhood lol.

- I remember walking down the street with my bean bag E.T doll.
- Chucke Cheese back then was Showbiz pizza(knew that?)
- I was given a precious moments bible at my communion.
- So hated math then too, still do. Fractions are so not important are they! and time...Oh sister, someone tells me if what quarter of means...and I am LOST!
-NKOTB....Ha HA, I remember my birthday party with all of us listening to Step By Step and we attacked the pizza guy when my mom asked him to come in and wish me happy birthday! I also had the barbie dolls!
-Locker combinations...I had my 7th grade teacher open mine everyday!
- my Pop Pop died when I was 18, July 1999. I gave my life to Jesus that March.

I have not had the adult life that you have from this point, but I know God is still working, and all things work for the good:)

I hope you have a great birthday siesta. You are awesome:)

(Did you forget to mention 90210? lol)


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday precious Amanda! Thank you for sharing each year with us. I <3 u! Cathy

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you!

Bev Brandon @ The Fray said...

Jumped over to wish you a Happy Birthday but you took me captive with your take on twenty-eight from...
paperboy mom to
poodle skirts to
passion 98 to the
presence of your real God to a
prophetess ministry...
What is so evident is God's Hand, Acts 11:21, all over your ten thousands of days. I was touched by your wanting to erase #18 but what I see is you wildly running back Home to your Present God who is all over you---Isaiah 33:6, the stability of your times, your Sure foundation, your Store of wisdom & knowledge that you are passing on to your precious boy Deut 6:6...and on that subject, Holly & I were on our tippity toes trying terribly hard to see the little fella on Saturday but we were in the back row and missed y'all...and one more thing---I posted on my blog what the audience said about your mom's 5 talks and thought you'd like to see it (it's at bottom of my long post). I wish my Elvis photo had come out better when sighting occurred "Moore Floored by Encounter with Elvis". Happy Birthday sweet thing! You're absolutely adorable...Isaiah 60:21 says you are the work of His Hands for the display of His Splendor...

Charity said...

Happy Birthday! Time really does fly by especially when kiddos come into the picture! I hope you have another wonderful and memorable year! Thanks for sharing! I will be 29 on Thursday! Ewww! Too close to 30 for comfort! Oh well! It's just a number right!

Rose said...

I'm a fan of LPM BLog and came across yours, happy birthday, what a precious list. It's funny but thoughout the years that I had studied under your mom, I had heard some of these things, it was interesting reading them from your perspective. Praying God's light of his face shine upon you!(ps. 4.6)

Angie @ Flibbertigibberish said...

Happy Birthday, Amanda!

What fun to read this reflection on your life so far! Our paths have been similar, and it was fun to think of my own experiences as I read yours. Have a great day!

He Knows My Name said...

amanda, Happy Birthday!! thanks for sharing the rear view mirror of your life with us. you packed alot in into those 28 years. you write with such clarity and emotion i loved it. God Bless year 29. may He do wonders only He can do in your life this year so that when you look back you say WOW what an awesome God I serve.

Blessings ~ janel

Dionna said...

That's a really neat thing to do! I don't know if I could pinpoint what year things happened - especially growing up as a kid. But maybe if I tried. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Allison said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! One vivid memory for me (random I know) was the year Amber Ott and I had a double birthday party and you were so kind and gave us pound puppies! Mine was a grey poodle and I LOVED it! Thanks again for that!

Love ya, and may your day be amazing!


P.S.: Is Allie Allison Toller?

jen said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl! I have so enjoyed reading your blog. You are a blessing to me each morning and so I hope you receive many a blessing in return! Big b-day Hugs! Live it up on the day God prepared for the world to meet sweet sweet you!

Marc and Charity said...

Hope you have a blessed birthday and a wonderful year!

ocean mommy said...

Happy Birthday!!

Loved this, but 12 -"stress of locker combinations".... Can I just AMEN and AMEN to that! I used to pray all the way to school to just be able to open that locker, I was so glad when I finally got the hang of it and could remember my combination!!

Have a wonderful day!

Tina said...

Happy Birthday Amanda!

You bless each of us with your love of life and family.
May HE draw you even closer to Him in the coming year and may your feet run hard after Jackson and Jesus!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Amanda! May this year be filled with many blessings!
I can't believe you can remember back that far into your childhood! What a great memory you have!


debra parker said...

Amanda, what a great list of memories. I feel your joys over the highs and the lows. That is so life. I hope this year to be the best for you. Praying the happiest birthday for you.


Shelly said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl!

I hope you get to do all the things you want to do today, and eat lots of good food too :)

Mindy said...

I hope that you have a wonderful birthday!!!

LauraG said...

Happy Birthday (a day late) Amanda!

Over these last few months you have made me laugh, touched my heart and blessed me in many ways. Thank you for being you! :)

Allison said...

I'm not sure I remember the spelling tests, but I do remember that she was a little scary. Especially for a 3rd grade teacher. Did I ever tell you that her daughter went to my HS and was in my youth group??? I remember so many of those highlights of your life. I feel pretty lucky!

Nancy Mon said...

Happy Birthday Amanda! Blessings to you and your family as you continue celebrating one fine and special day.

The Self Cottage said...

i can't believe you remember all of that... you are precious, sweet friend. happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had many a birthday at chucky cheese...Oh the memories! love you so much

Emmy said...

Thanks for sharing your heart! I loved reading about your 28 endearing...(and such a CUTE idea!) You are precious Amanda...such a gifted writer...your heart and character show through all your blog posts! I love your honesty, and transparency...I am honored that God has allowed me the privledge to know a part of you and your family...through LPM and these blogs!
Have a blessed day! Emmy : )

Danana Banana said...

Happy Birthday!

I'm not that great at leaving comments - there's so much pressure to be witty and funny! But I did want to let you know that your blog has encouraged me in huge ways. I'm in kind of a similar place in so many areas, and it's nice to know that someone else (another pastor's wife even) deals with the same stuff. Reading your words somehow makes it easier for me to face up to my own issues. Thanks again for sharing.

The Millsaps said...

I've been a lurker, but wanted to say Happy Birthday. I love your blog and this one was just amazing!

Darlene R. said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Amanda! What fun it has been to get to "know" you through this blog!

Merrie said...

What a great life! God has been good to you! You are so sweet to share your life with us.
Happy Birthday!!!!

Jenna said...

Happy Birthday! Hope it was a wonderful day followed by a wonderful 28th year :)

Anonymous said...


I'll catch up with you in 2 weeks...28 will be amazing, I'm sure of it! I love your list...I can relate to all of it!


Sarah, TN

Angela Baylis said...

Happy Birthday, Amanda!

Thank you for sharing your life with us! You are so sweet! :)

We all love you!
Angie xoxo

Ivymamma said...

What a fun way to document your birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day!

Mindy said...

Happy Birthday to you!
I think it is amazing you can remember being two.
Wish I could!
In HIM -

Jaclyn said...

Amanda- I just saw you left a comment on my blog a few weeks ago- I feel so special because, although I don't REALY know you, I just love you and I check your blog daily!
Hope you had a WONDERFUL birthday!!

Praise and Coffee said...

Happy Birthday!
Thanks for sharing your heart and life with us!


jamie b said...

Happy Birthday! I turned 28 in August and so far it's been wonderful. :)

Be Inspired Always said...

Happy Birthday. I love reading about peoples lives. Thanks for sharing yours.


Jan said...

Okay, Amanda! I just left a note on your Christmas stocking post! I left my email and resume :)

Jan (ahem....aka quiltgirl60)

anita from kansas said...
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Cherdecor said...

Love your blog! Happy Birthday!

Judy said...

Hope you've had a great birthday week! I always like stretching mine out...

Profbaugh said...

I've been so out of touch over the weekend and into this week. I can't believe I missed your birthday. Happy Belated Birthday Amanda. You're such a blessing to me.

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to journal about your journey with the Lord. I appreciate that you "owned" the low points as well as gloried in the highlights. That is what it is like to walk with the Lord! Thanks for sharing.

Happy Birthday!

Amy T said...

Sorry it's so late, but Happy Birthday! This was a great post!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Amanda. Mom said you guys had a great time celebrating!

BTW, I saw Jackson Tuesday night. Girl, he is the cutest thing ever! :)

Beth said...


生日快乐 shēng rì kuài lè or Happy Birthday [in both Chinese characters and pinyin which is how to say the characters]. I would have said happy BELATED birthday but my Chinese English dictionary website could not find a match.

We have been celebrating Daddy Firecracker's birthday [all week] and then we took LMF to the Fair, my first time back in 36 years so I am behind on my blog reading again.

Wishing you a year as special as you are.

再见 zài jiàn [good bye]


Sarah said...

Happy (belated) Birthday, Amanda! I LOVED my 28th year. I pray that this becomes your newest favorite year ever, and that you continue to walk close to God.

I'd like to throw out a couple of years of high school, too, but I remind myself that even though they were rough, they shaped me, and they developed compassion in me for people who make stupid choices. Which would be all of us at some time or another, I'm guessing.

You're not alone in that one--so I'll tell you what my mom always tells me when I look back and regret: "You were young, and you made mistakes. You were forgiven then, so you need to forgive yourself and keep walking." :)