Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Things That Benefit My Mental Health

1) My relationship with Jesus. This is far, far above the others.
2) Friday dates with my best friend and husband, Mr. Curtis Jones. And anytime I get to laugh really hard with him. Curt has the best laugh in the world when he's really tickled. I anticipate hearing it tomorrow night during the season premiere of The Office.
3) Frequent visits with family. Seeing where I came from. Remembering who I am.
4) Talking on the phone with my mom at least twice a day.
5) Sneaking into Jackson's room late at night with the only other person on earth who knows what it's like to be his parent. We're always so tempted to wake him up and play with him...because after a few hours of peace, we miss him!
6) Doing fun things with friends, sometimes with, sometimes without children present.
7) Shopping in a beautiful store, regardless of whether I actually buy anything.
8) Pear and buttered popcorn Jelly Bellys. (I know, you don't have to tell me.)
9) My step aerobics class. I have to give props to my teacher because she has been doing an awesome job and we have lots of new regulars. Way to go!
10) An outfit that I at least feel cute in.
11) Finding the perfect gift for someone.
12) Sunday afternoon naps. This is high priority, people.
13) Hot tea in the morning and at 3 p.m.
14) My house being in order and the lawn being mowed.
15) A monthly catharsis. Usually about day Day 26.
16) Good worship music in my car.
17) Fresh highlights.
18) Sunshine when it's been rainy. Rain clouds when it's been dry.
19) Knowing I'm loved. I think about how much I love my child and then consider that God, in His perfect love, feels even more for me than that. Wow. (He does for you, too.)
20) This was added to my list just this morning. Spiced hazelnut croissants from Williams-Sonoma. They taste as though the Lord Jesus baked them Himself. Give Him all the glory.

And finally, these pictures greatly benefit my mental health. If Jackson could articulate it, he would probably tell you that pouring water over his head during bathtime benefits his mental health.


CrownLaidDown said...

Precious!! Precious boy!

I thought, too, how wonderful to have the kind of relationship with your Mom that you want to talk with her twice a day. That's not only good mental health, Amanda, but it's healthy!

I can only pray that I will be that kind of healthy for our family...and someday I look forward to having two grown daughters with the desire and health to talk with their Mama.
Mmm mmm mmm.
You keep seeking His ways and passing them on.
Love in Him,

Abby said...

8)i'm glad you can eat mine too ;)
10)every girl needs at least one
17)nothing like 'em!

and those pictures!!!! not a person on earth gonna blame you for watching that boy in his sleep... A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E.

Deanna said...

I've never posted here before though I've been an avid lurker. These pictures of Jackson are adorable!! And the list made me think about quite a few things, it's easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the day a forget about the perfect love of Jesus. Thanks!!!

Emmy : ) said...

I LOVE IT! What a great idea to think about the things that bring you the most joy! I could second almost everything on your list....well except for the butter popcorn jelly bellies : ) I talk to my Mom on the phone several times a day too!! I would have to add a large Diet Coke with a lime from Sonic (with crushed ice the rabbit kind)... my husband and all my kids piled up on my bed (even though they are all getting almost too big to fit!)...and the smell of something fresh out of the dryer! God Bless! Emmy : )

Lindsee said...

The pictures are great! You get such good shots of him! :)

And, a good laugh is ALWAYS good for mental health. I just had a good laugh myself...and loved it!

BooMama said...

You know that Oprah loves her some W-S croissants. She raves about them. But then spiced hazelnut on top of the normal buttery goodness? That's a fresh anointing right there.

Darlene R. said...

I really enjoyed this post. All of these are so important to a healthy life! I love all of them...except #8, but hey, who am I to judge?! :) You go girl!

The pictures are so cute. I have one of my daughter pouring water over my sons head. It was so good that I framed it and put it on the wall in the bathroom.
Hope you have a fun filled healthy evening!

Them Chandlers said...

That boy is just too cute :)

I'm with you on the buttered popcorn jellybeans. I thought I was the only one!

I was going to tag you but wasn't sure how you feel about being tagged. You got off free this time!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, the joy of having been drenched to the bone by that very boy's bath time!! I love how those long, thick eye lashes look when he pours water over his head and they gather into about four thick, wet peaks.

Four of my favorite things:
1) Being with Jackson's mommy
2) Being with Jackson
3) Talking to Jackson's mommy about Jackson at least twice a day.
4) Talking to Jackson's mommy about Jackson's mommy any time of day. Particularly while she's having tea and I'm having coffee. I love how we're both almost drunk in love with the same identical people.

Jackson's Mommy's Mommy

Little Steps Of Faith said...

I do love that childs eyes:)

I am with you on at least feeling cute in something, which does get easier doesn't it?

Now, is step aerobics the only way to lose the weight, can't I have some M&M diet or something lol.

Shopping in a beautiful store, I love that, I love Dockside Imports:)

Finding the perfect gift, love to do that too, but I have a habit of giving it to them way too early.
(Mom's b-day is Oct. 17th, the big 50, and I am trying to hold out on getting the gift, because if I get it, I will be giving it to her the same night lol.)

And good worship music, Oh girl, I hear ya, DCB all the way:)

Have a good one:)


Megan said...

Wow! I get to be the first to leave a comment- how did that happen? Thanks for your list. I just did a list similar to this the other day, but its a good reminder every day that we have so much to be thankful for (especially fresh highlights and scones!).

Anonymous said...

I so wish we had cable so we could watch the office! That's what
NetFlicks is for.

Love the list.

Nice tub!

Jackson is such a ham!!

Jackie said...

love your list girl!! Several of those would be on mine as well...esp. the jelly bellys...mmm....good stuff!! Your boy is PRECIOUS... I love baby bathtub pics- they show their true personality. Sara could stay in there (and does) until her fingers start to wrinkle (at which point she freaks out and wants a band-aid on EACH finger!) Oh, joys of kiddos...though some days they may be a strain on our mental health, in the next moment, they are SOOO good for it!!!
Thanks for the to read!! Have a good rest of the deserve it!

Fran said...

I'm in complete agreement with all of these and then some except for the jelly bean thing! YUCK! But how much fun it is to see what everyones list is! I should really sit down and do this same thing....b/c you really have to think. Hmmmm, what a concept sometimes! :)

And I know your momma just has a fit over you and these posts of Jackson....I bet she can hardly stand to be away from all of you.

Families are a precious thing.
Thank you for sharing yours with us.

Lauren said...

You have a tub like ours! I love it, it's so charming.

Love the pics! Also love the tea in the morning and afternoon--I usually stick with English Breakfast, but have recently let a couple of others slip into my routine: Vanilla Rooibus and Twinings Apple Cinnamon. You'll have to try them out.

I will just tell you now that the two things that will make my week will be The Office tomorrow night and my Sunday afternoon nap (if I get one).

And I'm sorry, but I must be the only one who doesn't know about this Jelly Belly thing.

Dori said...


Wow -- I LOVE YOUR LIST!!! You know, I have been trying to have that afternoon tea time, too. I must, must put that on "my list!" :)

You have inspired me to do my own list!!!

Blessings to you,

P.S. I so wish you could have been in Nashville a few weeks ago. I'm still reeling from all that I heard -- still much to process!

Kelly said...

Loved this list but #20 made me laugh out loud. You are so funny!

Kelly said...

He just looks joyful, all the way from the peaks of his wet hair down to his slippery little toes.

It does my mental health good to remember that God loves to see that kind of joy in us too.

Great list, Amanda.

Excuse me, but I have to go Google "William-Sonoma locations" now.

Deidre said...

I can relate to many of these, Amanda. I am always so ready for my girls to go to bed because we're so tired, but after the house has been quiet for an hour, I just want to wake them to hear them giggle one more time. Odd thing, this 'mothering' business, huh?

Your list blessed me!

Tiffany said...

I love, LOVE, love pear jelly belly's. and that boy of yours, he is precious!

Cindy said...

I could relate to most of your fabulous list, but step aerobics? Ugh. That would be on my list of things that ENDANGER my mental health. Nothing makes me feel less coordinated and dufus-y (yes, it's a word) than step aerobics.

Anonymous said...

I love your list. Mine would be the same. There is nothing better.

Oh, and Jackson, that child could steal anyone's heart. He is beyond beautiful. Oh, those eyes and that smile. What a doll!

Love, Sarah TN

Debra said...

You are a breath of fresh air. We all need some mental health "helpers".

Josh, Nat, & Lily Pat said...

what cute pictures!

lily just started a stage where she has to have the water running at all times during her bath. but unlike jackson, she doesn't like water being poured over her head which makes washing her hair quite fun!

Teri said...

I love popcorn flavored Jelly Belly's too! (That is amazing, I never met another person who even remotely likes them!)

Your Jackson is ridiculously adorable!

A Place For Ministry Wives said...


I tell my husband all the time that I think the Lord makes us tired on Sundays on purpose so that we'll rest on the Sabbath. LOL.

jennyhope said...

i think my daughter is in like with Jackson! She loves his pics! He looks just like you!!

Holly said...

i love that you give him his baths in old clawfoot tub! how precious!

Karen said...

I love your list! We have those same cups -- and my kids use them in the bath too...Jackson is adorable!

BethAnne said...

To pear and buttered popcorn jelly bellys can I add ----cantaloupe jelly bellys? Love, love, love 'em.
When I was looking at the pics of Jackson, my 3 year old came over to me and said "Aw, look at that sweet little baby".. are so funny

Anonymous said...

number 15 ... monthly catharsis. i couldn't agree more. nothing like a good cry/scream/flailing of arms and legs, etc ... to let it all out!

lisa in oh

Dionna said...

Beautiful thoughts. Although I've never heard of buttered popcorn jelly bellys! Am I missing out? :)

Angie said...

Great list! I'm looking forward to #17 today... yesss! Not convinced about those jelly bellys though. I'll have to take your word for it. ;)

kittyhox said...

Those photos are so cute that I had to show my husband! He just looks absolutely gleeful!

It's funny because our son (16 months) is the total opposite. He loves his bath EXCEPT for the part where it's time to rinse out the shampoo. I save it for last because I know as soon as I start pouring he start trying to climb out of the tub.

Maybe I'll try having him pour the water over his own head, like Jackson.

jen said...

oh my gooness he is so precious! I love your list. :)

Michelle said...

POPCORN JEELY BELLYS!!! You know i try to be supportive but this is the one jelly belly I do not like! Mainly because it DOES taste just like buttered popcorn but since the consistency is all wrong its just wrong in my mouth!

J. Allen said...

what precious pics! they just make me smile. also, i'm so glad to see there's somebody else out there who talks to their mama twice a day or more! haha.

MamaCass said...

Can I just say ditto ditto. Great list! I have heard your stories of jackson's love for water, particularaly bathtime. Now I have a visual. Precious!

connorcolesmom said...

Oh I am so glad that someone else sneaks in to look at their children while they are sleeping!
It is one of my favorite things to do and my boys are 7 and 3.
I take time to just soak it all in while saying a prayer for them!
Thank you LORD for the sweet gift of children!
I love the pictures - he is precious!!

Kim said...

Amanda--Jackson looks like you in these pics!!! I mean it! :)

Patty said...

Oh yes, Sunday afternoon naps, a must with me.
Finding the perfect gift for someone. A friend and I just did that today. I love buying stuff for people. I think I should be a personal shopper. I love taking my friends out and putting outfits together for them and buying it for them. That is fun!
Lord have mercy, hazelnut croissants! I need to try those!
Oh yes, I agree, an intimate relationship with Jesus is far and above everything!!

Laurie said...

Jackson is darling! I am with you on those buttered popcorn Jelly Bellies! Did you know they are the #1 selling flavor?

Cathy Davis said...

I'm usually so supportive, but bleck on those jelly belly flavors!

Loved the rest of the post, and you know I loved those adorable pictures.

Agape ~ Cathy

Amy T said...

What a great post and cute pictures! BTW, buttered popcorn Jelly Belly's are my favorite! (Or is it Bellies?) Anyway, awesome choices. Pear's not bad, but I love the red apple and the peanut butter ones were awesome before they discontinued it. Actually, I am a Jelly Belly addict and love them all except the YUCKY ones (i.e. licorice, coffee, etc.), but you did mention my favorite, so Yay! to you! :)

Shelly said...

could he be any more cute!

Fun list ;)

Beau, Melissa, & Brynne said...

I love it that you're my only friend who eats pear and buttered popcorn jelly beans with me!

Anonymous said...

Hey Amanda,

Delurking here (I comment on the LPM blog occasionally and found yours quite by accident!) Just wanted to thank you for posting the pictures of Jackson. (as weird as that sounds) It's been a long, stressful week or two up here in General Motors land, but every time I see a Jackson picture I just have to smile. That little guy of yours is the cutest! I get so tickled at how he smiles with his whole face. And in response to #10, you always look cute, who you kiddin' girl?

Can definitely identify with the monthly catharsis...

Enjoy your weekend!

Roni in MI

Profbaugh said...

Okay Amanda. Your post has inspired a whole spin off on the Jelly Belly thingy on mine. Check it out.


Tip Junkie said...

He is adorable!!