Monday, August 11, 2008

A Hill Country Wedding

I am a reformed Monday-hater. I confess that in the past I was one of those people who just lived for the weekends. Naturally, that would make Monday my least favorite day of the week. Now that I am no longer a student nor a full-time in-office worker, I don't mind Mondays all that much. In fact, I now savor Monday mornings. If the weekend has been crazy and Jackson and I have been off-kilter due to a wacky schedule, we use this day to fall back in sync. It is a beautiful thing. I love to wake up to the sound of Jackson chattering through the baby monitor, get him out of bed or make breakfast first (depending on the tone of his chatter), and have tea and toast while Jackson watches Handy Manny and I have my quiet time. We bid Curtis goodbye and then I get some work done while Jackson plays with his countless cars and monster trucks.

Today is an especially great Monday because we have not had normalcy in a while. As you know, we all went to Missouri recently. I returned home a week ago, just in time for Tropical Storm Ed, and spent two nights with my parents. Curtis remained in Missouri to speak at a youth camp. We then spent two nights at home alone before Jackson and I headed deep into the Hill Country with the entire Moore clan for a friend's wedding. We departed on Friday morning and Curtis arrived back at our house late that night. He preached on Sunday morning at HFBC, so he was not able to come with us. We were finally reunited last night. It had been six days since we'd seen him. So yeah, I was pretty darn ready for a normal Monday and a normal week. Jackson and I missed Curtis to the point of tears. I don't leave again until the San Antonio conference and that will be the end of our summer travels. I will be happy to wave goodbye to summertime...when it ends in mid-October.

Despite being very homesick for Hubs (home is where the Hubs is - that's my motto), the wedding weekend was awesome. The bride was my dear friend/adopted-big-sis Amy. Her man is one of the directors of Laity Lodge, which is a Christian adult retreat center on the Frio River. (Laity was founded by the H.E.B. family, as in my beloved grocery store H.E.B.) Their wedding was at the Lodge and a bunch of us got to stay on the grounds and hang out all weekend. It was so much fun! My favorite part was swimming in the river with my mom and Jackson. I could not get over how beautiful this place was. The grounds were extremely well kept and all the buildings were so nice. It was like the Ritz Carlton compared to all the Baptist encampments I've been going to my entire life. Jackson and I had a room that shared a patio with my parents' room and it overlooked the river. It had huge windows that let in the starlight at night. They were so bright, they even reflected off the river water. You can see tons and tons of stars in the Hill Country. I saw my first shooting star there in 8th grade. (That's what happens when you grow up in a big city.) My sister got to see her first one this weekend. It was really fun.

Here are some wedding details. We arrived on Friday night just in time for the rehearsal and dinner. I had no plans to take my two-year-old to the dinner, but we found out that was the only way we could eat. Pregnant Girl had to eat, so we gave it a try. Unfortunately, the second we walked in the room, Amy grabbed us and said, "Please come sit with us! No one is sitting with us!" My mom said, "Sure! Okay!" In my mind I was thinking...I won't even tell you what I was thinking. You can imagine. I was horrified. The table was set beautifully with china and bottles of wine and wine glasses. It was a disaster waiting to happen. Basically, Jackson and I had to leave and our friend Lisa, a beautiful angel of mercy, delivered our dinner to our door.

The next morning we had breakfast with everyone, then headed to the river to swim. Later we enjoyed a BBQ lunch with all the wedding peeps. Afterward Jackson and I took naps and then began getting ready for the wedding itself. Actually, I wasn't about to take Jackson into the ceremony. We walked down to the main buildings where the events were held at about the time I thought it would be ending. I was super sad to miss the ceremony, but the Lord gave us a fun moment. We walked up just a minute before Amy and Steven exited the building to the sound of enthusiastic cheers and the other Laity Director ringing the camp bell to sound the good news. It was so cool. Jackson and I were standing outside clapping for them and we got to share in that fun moment. Amy was breathtakingly beautiful. She looked like a movie star. Mom and I had been with her on the day she picked out her wedding dress, so I knew she would be beautiful. I could not have imagined just how beautiful! She wore some of Melissa's wedding jewelry too so that was really fun.

Immediately after that we were all served dinner. Stephanie's husband and boys took Jackson off to play after a few minutes and I was able to enjoy my food (and eat some of Jackson's. I was so hungry my hands were shaky!) It was so nice of them to give me a 30 min. break! After dinner everyone headed to Laity's art gallery building for the reception. The people with kids claimed a corner of the building where they could roll cars on the floor and mess around, so it was no big deal having Jackson there. Thank You, Lord. We visited with dear friends from HFBC, had some amazing wedding cake, and watched some people dance. I wish I was cool enough to share my awesome dance moves in public, but I'm not. Amy had a Beyonce' song on the playlist in my honor. I was touched.

Here are even more wedding details, as if I should make this any longer:
-Jackson's Uncle Colin was the number one reason we made it through the whole reception. He is very taken with his uncle and was completely attached to him that night. He was also really missing his daddy, so it made me glad that he had Colin to play with.
-Jackson slept on a twin bed for the first time. I had a bad feeling about it, so I lined the stone floor with pillows. Sure enough, in the night I heard a thud and had no idea what it was. Then little Jackson stood up next to my bed with his arms outstretched. No tears, no trauma. He didn't even really wake up. Bless his heart!
-The wedding cake had been brought up from Houston by some friends who really know their cake. At an ill-fated stop at Buc-ee's, their car was rear-ended. Thankfully everything ended up being okay and the cake looked gorgeous and tasted even better!
-When we laid Jackson down in his bed at 10 p.m., someone in the room mistakenly said the forbidden word "Daddy." It took Jackson about 2.5 seconds to burst into tears and have the most pitiful and heartbreaking meltdown I have ever seen. It was so sad. I just held him and said, "Tomorrow morning when you wake up, we are going home and we will see Daddy."
-A few minutes later I went on the balcony to look for shooting stars and I was surprised to see the bride and groom canoeing down the river! They had a little lantern in the boat with them. That's how they exited the reception. Isn't that awesome? (She had changed out of her dress first.)
-The next morning the first thing Jackson said to my mom was, "I see Daddy!"
-Ten minutes into our drive home Jackson puked all over himself and his car seat. Props to my mom and dad for handling most of the clean up so that we didn't have two pukers in the car.
-The car smelled like barf for five and a half hours. Thank the Lord, he did not throw up again. We were very relieved.
-We stopped at Buc-ee's on the way home and braved the kind of crowds you see at the mall on the day after Thanksgiving. I had banana pudding and a bear claw for lunch. It was the best lunch ever. (Buc-ee's is not just a gas station, it is an experience. It is like the Central Market of gas stations, if you will.)

Fun times! I am so thankful we got to celebrate Amy's big day with her. Amy, you have been an amazing friend and mentor to me for the last 9 years. I love you so much and I could not be happier for you and Steven. I pray every blessing of Christ on your marriage and I ask Him to give you the greatest European honeymoon that anyone's ever had. Thank you for being an example of what God can do when you wait on Him to bring you His best. Steven can do so much more than walk straight and spell "Jesus." No eye has seen! No ear has heard!

What makes this picture so funny is that Melissa was sitting on my mom's lap and then Papa Steve came over and sat on Melissa's lap. You can't really tell that from the picture but it was hilarious.

Colin and Melissa brought 7 new monster trucks for Jackson. He was over the top thrilled.


Big Mama said...

First, I adore Laity Lodge. It's a little slice of heaven.

Second, nothing says bun in the oven like eating a lunch that consists of a bear claw and banana pudding.

Gililland's Island said...

So fun to read about your trip to Leakey! I actually spent 5 summers while we were in college at Laity Lodge Youth Camp (with lots of other Aggies too!) and I espeically love knowing that you are as passionate about HEB as me! Now that we are in Abilene, it is so disappointing because we only have one and so many people don't realize how great it is. Any time I get a chance to tell people about the amazing family behind the groceries, I do! I think I may write the Butt family a letter pleaing for more HEBs here! :) Is that over the top or what?! Hope yall are doing well!

connorcolesmom said...

What an event
That reminds me of a family reunion I had when my connor was 2 - wow that was a weekend to remember
2yr olds and fancy do not go together - LOL
God bless

Lisa Pierre said...

Amanda, your experiences! OMG! I love your picture on LPM's blog with Jackson holding his cars and trucks in his arms.
And Buc-ee's!!! Girl, we totally missed it. I was falling asleep when we drove through on the way there and my Malcolm is clueless - he kept saying "boo-sies." Instead of staying in Hunt as planned, we drove back to Houston and our bed on Saturday night after their canoe exit. Still didn't get Buc-ee's... But next weekend, the PT is stopping, eating and imbibing!

Amanda said...

This solves the Buc-ee's mystery for me. I've seen some interstate signs on I-45 and a lot of cars with bumper stickers, and I've been wondering what the big deal was because it sounded to me like a gas station. Banana pudding? MMmmmmm

courtney said...

Bucees. Enough said.

You know I am incredibly jealous reading this post right now - we didn't make it to the Hill Country this summer, and it's ripping a tiny piece of my heart out. Glad y'all made it home okay!

The Barfuss Family said...

I had my first Buc-ee's experience back in May on a road trip with some teacher friends. I never knew how great a gas station could be!

Enjoy your down time these next few weeks.

Marla Taviano said...

I love Mondays now too. Except for this one. Today was kind of a bummer.

Those pics are so beautiful! You all look soooo good!

And I'm so sorry about Wedding With A Toddler. Last year we had to leave Gabe's cousin's wedding right before the meal. A certain 18-month-old had reached her breaking point. Three-hour drive, had to stay in a hotel, three hours between wedding and reception, AND WE MISSED THE SCRUMMY MEAL. WE got Taco Bell on the way back to the hotel, and I cried.

They'll be grown up before we know it though, eh?

Honea Household said...

I have friends that went to summer camp at Laity Lodge. That area is beautiful. My in-laws live in Kerrville. The hill country is awesome!

You girls are all so pretty.

And I hope you get some down time this week to recover from all your travels.

I'll see you in San Antone!

Hey, and when do you find out what you're having? Will it be before the SF?

Shelly said...

That place looks beautiful!

The report of Jackson's meltdown was pitiful!

The difficulties of a young Mom trying to get her own food are pitiful! lol

Glad y'all are all back under the same roof :) Enjoyed the update!

Cathy Davis said...

I wanna go to Laity Lodge! It sounds just beautiful!

You realize that next week, in just a few days, we'll be in San Antonio? I'm so excited that I just can't stand it. I'm in a season right now that is going to make me stronger for God and the ministry he has for me, so I'm really looking forward to spending some fun Godly time with all the Siestas! I need some laughter :-).

jennyhope said...

Amanda you look great. I am still trying to figure out how to get my hair to curl like you and Melissa's and it isn't working for me. Your hair is so pretty!
Also, if you are still nauseas I lived on Zofran and I can't believe they have a generic now. I know you know that...but it was great!

fitine said...

someone needs to get that mister in a ralph lauren catalog! i miss that little man!

love ya sister

Allison said...

I'm so glad that little Blake isn't the only one who pukes in the car/plane/bike trailer! How did you endure the stinky ride home while pregnant? You are a TROOPER! Allie

Lauren said...

Nathan and I agree that Jackson should be a Baby Gap model. :)

Holly said...

You know what I love?

The Boy knows when Daddy is coming.

I wish to wake up every morning and say, "I see Daddy?' And to see the Father face to face.

Another spiritual lesson from Jackson!

Amanda, you are so beautiful in the pictures!!

Liz said...

i think someone told me there is a Buc-ee's being built off 290....
won't that be fun?
i wonder if it will lose it's "specialness" if we have such easy access to one?
we always stop on our way to san antonio.
i love their fudge!
(i doubt i'll ever tire of chocolate:)

the wedding pics are great...and i want to live in the hill country, badly. our church goes to Laity lodge every year...but we haven't been able to go yet.
maybe this year!

Nancy Mon said...

Amanda, it sounds like y'all had a blast!! Thanks for sharing the pics.

I have to tell you Curtis Jones brings it! God so used your hubs in the service on Sunday. I finally had to stop taking notes because I was missing out on too much. I'm going to get the CD. Think I am going to go to the 10:45 again this Sunday. He is such a gifted yet humble speaker.

katiegfromtennessee said...

Hey Amanda!

This was fun to read! I pics are fantastic-ya'll had fun:)...I like your motto:)...I kinda went swimmin' in a river this weekend, I actually floated around in a tube:) (the water is too cold in the Smoky mountains) hubby went tubing, poor thing, bruised his feet, side and knee (I'm glad I decided to go to the swimmin' hole instead:) nephew fell out of the camper bed twice this weekend:)...when my lil' sis's were younger, and we were away from my step-dad, we would sing a song called "Time to go see Daddy" (very repititious and if you're fortunate, I'll teach it to you some day:)...AWW, puke in the car...God bless your little hearts:)...Central Market of gas stations, interesting, is everything really that big in TX?

Love in CHRIST, Little Momma:)


had trouble posting, trying again:)...

The Dodds said...

I'm so glad someone else knows about Buc-ees! It's our fav place to stop! You must try their Rocky Road Fudge next time you go. It's over the top delicious!

Heather said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all.

Pray for us tomorrow. We arrive at the hospital at 6:30 am to be induced and will hae our little girl sometime tomorrow .... I do not know how I will sleep tonight!

Anonymous said...

Oh Amanda! I had forgotten how hard it is to take little kids to places like this. I'm sure Amy appreciates the effort it took for you to be part of her special day.

Nothin' like puke in a car and the aftersmell. I'm glad you weren't alone on that one.

I, too, savor Monday mornings after crazy weekends :-)

Anonymous said...

P.S. I had to leave my brother's wedding reception early because my then 12 month old son somehow got chocolate all over himself. He felt bad (I think?) and once we got to the hotel room tried to wash his shirt out for me. Granted, he did it in the toilet, didn't squeeze it out and SMACKED! the wet shirt on the floor for effect. So funny now, 12 years later.

Frugual in Alabama said...

Amanda I read your blog all of the time and I never comment. Congrats on baby number 2 I know you are excited. :) I am getting baby fever again and our babies are about the same age.

Anonymous said...

On a trivial little sidenote... Amanda - you are one. Gorgeous. Pregnant. Lady.

(And don't worry - I'm a happily-married woman. Didn't want the name 'Chris' to throw you.)

Blessings on you and your little one!

Chris in Canada

Superchikk said...

Oh yea, I miss Buc-ee's. I used to stop there all the time going from Austin to Brenham for dog shows. Loved it!

Kiki@Seagulls in the Parking Lot said...

We enjoyed your husbands preaching on Sunday morning!

I love HEB, it quickly became my favorite grocery store and I drive farther to shop there!

Sounds like a beautiful spot for a wedding!

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for quite a while, and I just have to tell you how much I have fallen in love with your family ... the relationships you share with each other are exactly how I always wanted my family to be. My family of origin was anything but stable and happy, but I praise God for families like yours that give me hope in Christ that the family God has given me in my husband and three sweet children will be all that a family can be.

Thanks for sharing your life with us, Amanda. I think of you as a sister even though we have never met.

Beki said...

I just had to comment! So glad to see your little guy w/ trucks in a photo. I have a 3 y/o boy who is just so obsessed w/ vehicles and we have tons of pics of him and he is usually holding trucks/cars/tractors-whatever he can find with wheels!! He even sleeps with them & they have to "watch" him eat sometimes- ha!!

Glad to see I am not alone!

bethany said...

Totally feel like an intruder on this post but just have to ask...what is Buc-ee's???? Sorry, but I'm from California and have never heard of such a it a fancy gas station or something?
So glad that you had a fun weekend! Even if the little mister was pukey and missing daddy!
My nephew Cole stayed with me the other night and I made him a little bed on the floor of my bedroom (can't sleep with that little one!!!!). Middle of the night I hear this bump bump sound and realize that he has ended up under my bed and was bumping his head on the boards! So in my sleepiness, I pull him out and up onto the bed without either of us waking up!

Fran said...

What an awesome time y'all had. I wanna go.

The pix are simply beautiful. Y'all all just look stunning!!

Can't wait for next week!! Get your rest!! We need to love on ya.


Lindsee said...

"Thank you for being an example of what God can do when you wait on Him to bring you His best. "

I totally loved that part, because it encouraged me! Waiting on his's so hard!

Sounds like a fun weekend (besides the puking!) and you all looked so pretty.


P.S. I think I might need to know what mascara Melissa uses because her eyelashes are pretty much amazing!

MamaCass said...

These are such great family pictures! Jackson is becoming quite the handsome little boy.

Mommy Dot Com said...

Sweet, sweet Amanda,
I am so proud of you. I know how tough it is to be expecting and keeping up with a young one...and at a wedding with a husband out of town. Throw china in the mix and I could cry for you. You have my respect. You're the real thing through and through and I applaud you!

angie said...

Sweet Amy's wedding! So excited for her, have been blessed to be in SingleLife w/ her at 2nd B. Looks like a great time!

"Thank you for being an example of what God can do when you wait on Him to bring you His best. "

Amen sister.

San Antonio in just over a week! Yay!


kathleen in TX said...

What a wonderful trip! I am with you on eating out with a little one! We went out to dinner last night at what turned out to be a fine dining establishment with our 3 kids. Needless to say I spent the whole time walking our 18 month old outside! At least we had a ton of left overs because I was starving! said...

HEB Camp is beautiful while being the mouth of a truly amazing river (Frio River)..

We have been either living or coming to the Frio Area for over 30 years now and fortunate to have a place to call home now... We are thankful everyday to have such beauty in our backyard.

This is a great place to get married.. We actually devote a site to the area and do our best to spread the word about the Frio so people can have experience as yourself..

check it out sometime...

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Love the pictures! All the Moore girls look're glowing! Here's to more bear claws!

Bonny said...

Love you girl!