Saturday, January 16, 2010

Birthday Prep

One year ago tonight weren't we all sitting at our computers obsessively searching blogs for news about Kelly's baby girl, Harper? What a miracle God did to heal her. It's so fun for all of us who love the Stamps family from afar to get to celebrate their little darling's first birthday. I am really fighting the blues today from all that's going on in Haiti, but I have continually thought of Harper and how God answered our prayers. Thank You, Lord! I'm hoping one day Annabeth and Harper will get to have a playdate. Kelly wrote a really moving post about what this day was like for her last year. You can read it here.

I'm getting prepared for Annabeth's little birthday party. Today I ordered the cake, which is the most important thing after the guest of honor herself. I have no idea what it's going to look like, but it's going to taste superb! It will be almond flavored with amaretto icing. Give Him praise, people. If no one likes those flavors, then there will be more for me! Muahahahaha! Sorry. The colors for Annabeth's party are going to be - big shocker - red, pink, and white. And to mix it up I'm throwing in some turquoise. My friend Beth at Love, September is making a fun banner that I can use from year to year. I've ordered some neat little do-dah's to hang from the ceiling that should add to the festivity.

The invitations arrived in the mail yesterday. When I was designing them online, I asked Curtis to help me choose between three different styles. I went with the one he picked. So last night I handed him the invite and he grimaced like it was the ugliest thing he'd ever seen. I said, oh so calmly, "YOU PICKED THIS!" I'm sure you can imagine what the next couple of minutes were like. I'm laughing out loud right now.

I know this is stupid stuff to talk about (the party, not Harper), but my hubby has been speaking at a Disciple Now on the other side of town all weekend and I have a lot of words stored up. And I need a distraction to keep me from searching the Internet obsessively for news about the Bresma orphanage in Haiti that ran out of water today. Is anyone following that story? I'm praying like crazy, but sometimes my obsessive praying feels more faithless and frantic than powerful and effective. God's been showing me that it's because of my unbelief. Ouch, right?

Here's a link to the blog I've been following about that orphanage. If you dig around on that site very much you are going to find words that you don't like. Just be warned. But do ask God to provide everything these kids need, protect them, and get them home to America where they have families waiting to adopt them. Thanks, y'all.


R said...

oooo...annabeth's cake! taste and see that the Lord is good, indeed!

i relate so well to the invitation's similar to conversations my man and i have often! :0)

and D Now...oh, how i love D Now! Jesus became my Lord and Savior at a D Now when i was a junior in high school.

Paige said...

Thank you for sharing about Haiti and the needs there. I am praying diligently for the orphanage you mentioned with no water. Hoping God restores this need to them! Thank you for sharing their site so that we can know how to pray for them.

Stephanie said...

I was totally, obsessively searching blogs last year, praying for little Harper and dying inside for Kelly. I was 7 mo. pregnant with my first and to see what Kelly went through, shook me to my core. BUT, it was also the biggest miracle to watch what the Lord did and to see how He blessed little Harper this year. So fun to watch Him work from a distance, isn't it? I never get tired of that...
Anyway, I have also loved watching sweet Annabeth this year. I will be planning Ava's first birthday party in April, so I'm enjoying all this birthday prep! That cake sounds husband and I are amaretto freaks!
Love reading your blog Amanda!

Kelly said...

You are so sweet Amanda. I really do hope are girls can meet one day. I think Annabeth is the 2nd cutest baby I have ever laid eyes on (because a mother always has to claim her child is #1!)
I've had a hard time this week - as excited as I have been for Harper's party - really getting into it because I have just been overwhelmed with emotion for the people of Haiti and the knowledge of how much we truly have. But I know that God is thankful for us to celebrate the miracles of life we do have and to count our blessings.
I'm praying so hard for the people of Haiti and would give anything to be there in the flesh handing out water and holding babies.
P.S. Annabeth's party sounds AMAZING. Please promise to post pictures!!!

Marla Taviano said...

My heart is heavy over Haiti too. All day I've been feeling so guilty about my petty concerns. I know God doesn't want me carrying that burden of guilt, but on the other hand, it helps put my "problems" in perspective.

And for some reason, I thought for a minute there that I'd met Kelly in real life. Nope. Not yet anyway. She's just such a sweet, sharing, open heart. So easy to fall in love with.

You should pray that Harper and Annabeth get to meet when they're both 1. ;)

Marla Taviano said...

p.s. Can't wait to see the banner your friend makes! Did you see this one my sis made?

bethany said...

I wish I could be there to taste that cake!!
I just read about this family who is trying to get their adoptive son out of Haiti.
I wish there was more I could do. Praying for them.

I started buying the fabric for your banner tonight-I'll send you all the swatches when I have them all!! :)

Moose Mama said...

Yes, I remember following Harper's journey too and was always so amazed to see Kelly smiling in all the pictures!

I heard a family on TV the other night saying that it can take up to 2 years to finally get your children once you start the adoption proceedings in Haiti. All I could think of was how I hoped whatever red tape was holding those up would be CUT quickly so at least those children could get to loving homes ASAP. Certainly, this would be the perfect time to give these precious children homes and families who desperately want them.


Emily said...

Boy, are we on the same wavelength! Abigail's 1st birthday is still a few months away, but I'm already brainstorming about the invitations and the cake and oh my word how cute was Harper's banner?! :) PRAISE the Lord for all these healthy babies born in 2009.

And then my heart sinks for Haiti and I want to adopt them all and bring them home with me and obsess over their birthday parties, too.

Thank the Lord He is Lord and we don't have to be.

All that and cake to boot. ;)

Lisa said...

Oh I have to say that I just love the name Harper - one of my friends named her wee babe Harper and knowing I was finished having babies I pinched it for my puppy. I still apologise when I see her :-)

Parties are such fun - I'm sure Annabeth will just love hers!

Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous! said...

I would give anything for you to see my Facebook statuses from the past three days -- all about BRESMA and them being out of water. Amanda, I have woken up IN THE NIGHT to search online to see if there's any new information on them. Seriously... I have been borderline obsessed with their story.

I even dreamed about them last night... seriously.


Happy Birthday Little seista I want to go to the party to have some of that delicious cake. I have been pretty doen about Haiti to and to see all those children some don't even have parents anymore I will continue praying.
Have a Good Day

k and c's mom said...

I remember praying and following Harper's story last year: it was the first thing I checked in the morning and last thing at night. Then came the day when the post showed a picture with Harper's eyes open. I cried, thanked God, and realized the way that He can use blogs to reach out to the world.

Can't wait to see Annabeth's party! (Wish you could share virtual cake...that sounds yummy!)

Susie from Bienvenue said...

I was with you Amanda one year ago. Searching for any news...praying..praying! For days I didnt want to leave the house in fear that I would miss something. My husband joined me in prayer for this sweet baby we all know and love now...Miss Harper Stamps!
God gives and takes away. We all know this but it is still so hard when things dont go as planned. Haiti is changing hearts right now if we give God the glory. Things are being taken but if we look to Him we can find the good too. Enjoy your blessing and birthdays...they are His gift to you!...but you already know that..hehe. ((hugs))Susie~

Bobbie said...

Annabeth's cake sounds delicious--absolute favorite of ours! I'm sure her party will be perfect for her.

Where do you find all these wonderful places you talk about?! I have to say I've found the greatest 'stuff' from your recommendations. My Daughter & DIL love them too...keep'em comin!

Enjoy planning Annabeth's party!

valerie said...

I remember very well the day Harper was born.
I had been following Kelly's blog from way back when she wanted so desperately to get pregnant.
I joined the thousands praying for mercy and healing for little Harper.
She is precious and I am so thankful for her little life.
I know God has very special things in store for her.

Annabeth's birthday party sounds awesome.
It's so hard to believe she's going to be a year old!

Praying and believing for miracles in Haiti.

Lauren Kelly said...

Can't wait to see pictures from Annabeth's bday party!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

The children from BRESMA are coming to the US. Did you hear? Look here

praying they make it!

Sent from my iPhone

Erica said...

I do remember praying faithfully for Harper...just like we prayed for little Audrey Caroline. What an amazing family we have in the blog world.
Annabeth is going to have a fantastic birthday, and if you have any cake left, please remember me : )
By the way, I would LOVE for you to run with us. I never thought I could memorize 24 scriptures all at once...and here we are. You can do it!

Spicy Magnolia said...

yay for a special one year old's birthday coming up! and yay for cake ordering! Brennan's is all gone and it makes me very sad it's all gone. I did get to eat an extra piece (or two) though.

I remember having just given birth to Brennan, laying in the hospital bed and finding out about Harper's critical condition. I was heartbroken for Kelly. It felt so wrong I had a healthy boy and Harper was so sick. It was so wonderful how the Lord healed Harper and now she's one!! And one day, I hope Annabeth and Brennan get a playdate. That would be so cool to me! :)

chili pepper said...

Popping over from Beauty for Ashes. What a blessing to spend a few minutes here with you and see the heart of a woman who wants to live for the Lord.

Happy Tuesday!


jennyhope said...

I want to just go get a child and bring them home for good.

katiegfromtennessee said...

Little Momma, I read Kelly's blog, that is a big praise that Harper was healed!! I enjoyed reading about your birthday plans for Annabeth, a year already:):) I keep thinking about Haiti too, I have been thinking about those women who were pregnant or nursing when the earthquake's hard to think about what the Haitian people have gone through and are going through. I've prayed that God would be their Comfort, Sustainer, Provider...


Leslie said...

Amanda, thanks for the sweet comment! Although I don't know if it was so much joy as delirium from lack of sleep that you saw on my face (baby boy has a sinus infection and hasn't been sleeping well). Sounds like you're very excitedly planning your daughter's first birthday party, and I don't blame you! My son is only six months old and I'm already looking forward to planning his party. I'm thinking it will be a rocket/space theme since his daddy will like that. Anyway, it was lovely meeting you last night. I've enjoyed reading your blog and seeing the stories about your little boy since it's a window into my future. Aren't little boys awesome?