Sunday, October 03, 2010

Flying Solo

I am going to attempt to recap our week. It will be boring, but I'll have fun reading it next year and seeing what we were up to.

Curtis and I were given tickets to see Amy Grant in concert at the Hobby Center. She is on the Pieces of Our Lives tour with Compassion, which was designed to benefit the Leadership Development Program.

Amy Grant was fabulous and I loved hearing her sing old and new favorites. Four other things about the night were also fabulous. One, our tickets had us in the center of the third row. They were the best seats in the house if you ask me. Two, we got to dress up, which is always fun. Three, it was a very intimate setting in a room that only held 300 people. Amy told stories in between her songs and talked to us like we were all friends. It was so neat. Also? She is really funny. Four, a former LDP student from Kenya named Ben shared his testimony. I wish we could have taken him to dinner and heard more of his story. If you are in a financial tier that would allow you to give $300 a month, please pray about sponsoring a college age Compassion student. (Groups can also pull their resources together to sponsor LDP students.) Only the top 20 students from each country who demonstrate academic excellence get to enroll in this program each year. These students go on to be leaders in their countries and mentors to the next generation. What a worthy investment! Thanks to Shaun Groves and Brian Seay for treating us to such a special night.

I was wiped out. I stayed at home and read my Francine Rivers novel - Her Daughter's Dream - while the kids were at school. It was very good.

Annabeth and I stayed home from church because she wasn't feeling well. I'd let the house go for several days and I spent the evening cleaning. Woo hoo!

The kids had a fun run at their school. Annabeth's class was pushed in a buggy. Can you imagine what it would be like to try to get toddlers to run in any semblance of order? I went up there in time to see the preschoolers run and it was the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life. I was a hole puncher, so I had to grab as many kids as I could at the end of each lap and punch a hole in their little name tag. By the end, all the kids were coughing and red-faced because they were running so hard. Bless their hearts! They seemed to love it and the atmosphere was very fun. There was loud music and pom poms and lots of cheering. I'm sad that this was the first time I attended this event and it was also the last one for Jackson.

After that, I had lunch with Heather and Mollie at The Bake Shop, which is right down the road from LPM. They are famous for a little wonder called the ding dong cake. I got two to go. That night, Kay and Jerrell came over to hang out for a bit and we broke into the desserts. Jerrell rededicated his life to the Lord because he was so inspired by it. Curtis turned up his nose at it, so I ate his half the next day. His loss, my gain!

Curtis left town to speak at a youth event in Kentucky. He was really excited to be able to do that. I was a little bummed because my mom was also going out of town, but what can you do? I have been gone so much lately that I knew I needed to buck up and take it like a woman. The kids and I went to a park. I'm not a fan of playgrounds, but it was fine. There was a little girl who repeatedly begged my son to chase her, and when he did she went screaming to her mother. Fun times. Later we went to the pediatrician for preventive flu measures. We made it out in one piece and I was very proud of us.

The kids and I drove out to the TGR Exotics pumpkin patch in Spring. I randomly found it by searching online for pumpkin patches in the area. I wanted to go to Dewberry Farms, as we have for the last two years, but I didn't think it would be wise to try such a crowded place without Curtis. TGR seemed like it would be a laid back experience and the web site said we could make scarecrows. Isn't that fun? We had the best time. It was just a very relaxed day on a farm with some pumpkins. The kids played with shovels in a corn-filled trough and Jackson painted a small pumpkin.

The last thing we did was make a scarecrow. (FYI, this was the only weekend for the scarecrow project.) The owner, Gwen, who was as sweet and engaging as she could be, sat down with us for at least 20 minutes and helped us make it. She had the head already made and I had to draw a face on it. Bless its heart. Then we got to pick out the clothes and scarecrow accessories. Finally, we went to town stuffing hay into the thing, which left me itchy for the rest of the day. But it was worth it! It was the highlight of our weekend. I am the opposite of crafty and I never would have done this on my own. Our scarecrow is hanging out in my office right now until I can figure out how to arrange him outside. Jackson named him Scary Uncle Lou Scarecrow. According to my child, Scary Uncle Lou protects all the worms in the ground from the birds so that he can play with them. One such worm is "Clumsy, the world's bravest worm." You're welcome for that.

On Saturday evening, I made spaghetti and meatballs. I was so proud of myself for cooking while Curt was gone but it didn't turn out very good due to a current lack of pepper in my kitchen. Oh well. After that we visited our sweet babysitter, Sara, who is home from college for fall break. She imported some cookies for us from JD's Chippery in Dallas. Praise the Lord. On the way home we had to get milk at HEB and this was definitely the low point of the weekend. It was so crowded and my son was beyond hyper. I probably would have ended the day feeling like super mom, but I was not proud of how I handled things between us at the store. And I never showered.

Sweet mercy, my husband came home late this morning! We had lunch together Berryhill and then I got Annabeth some fall clothes at Baby Gap, where everything was on sale for 25% off. Tonight we picked up my mom and went to the evening church service. Pastor Gregg preached a great sermon on Jesus's first miracle at the wedding in Cana. You should be able to watch it here if you'd like to.

In conclusion, I'd just like to say THANK GOD IT'S OCTOBER!


Spicy Magnolia said...

We'll need a picture of Scary Uncle Lou. :)

Your recap was far from boring. And I must get my hands on the dingdong cake!

Callie said...

um, the bake shop is amazing! LOVE their ding dongs!!! And their chicken salad is fabulous too!!! Can't wait to see e/o soon!

Kelly @ Blessed Mommy, Blessed Wife said...

You should post a picture of the scarecrow - how fun!!

bethany said...

I second (or third???) the scarecrow picture request. What a fun activity at the pumpkin patch!!

Glad Curtis is back-I hate it when Zak isn't around to help out. And can totally relate to the crowded places = child freak out scenario. I'm sure I handle it worse than you do.

Say said...

You confirmed my desire to go see Amy Grant in a couple weeks where I live! Good to hear it was great! I think the scarecrow thing is adorable. I will have to remember that for down the road.

Tara G. said...

I keep a Margaret Wise Brown book in our fall basket that my kids love- it's called The Little Scrarecrow Boy. Perhaps your library would have it. Good for you for taking them out and having some super fun memories! My children are missing the pumpkin patch this fall- in fact, I haven't been able to find a regular old pumpkin anywhere yet.

Marc and Charity said...

Man, I need a ding dong cake!!!! Sounds like you did a fab job flying solo! :)

Colleen said...

I love that on Tuesday, when the kids were at school, you read a book. No errands, no cleaning? What a novel idea. I may have to embrace a morning like that when my youngest goes preschool. It sounds heavenly!

Rachel said...

I'd love to see a picture of the scarecrow. :) Sounds like a good week.

Shelli Littleton said...

You are a busy girl! I need half of your energy! You'll let me borrow it, right?!! :) I love reading your posts.

Jennifer said...

Amen for that October weather in Houston! It has made me absolutely giddy to get to dress the kids in long sleeved PJs. Nothing cuter than a baby all bundled up!

Julie Marler (Mammy) said...

Where is the pic of Scary Uncle Lou??? I so wanted to see him!
My husband is in love with Amy Grant! I accepted it years ago. I always get us tickets when she is in town but these were a little too pricey for our economy-deflated budget right now. So glad you and Curtis were able to attend. And yes, she is personable and funny! Was Vinnie with her? I love it when he comes. He usually is just in the band playing his guitar. Yep, superstar back in the shadows allowing his precious wife to take the spotlight. Such a gentleman!
I'm so proud that you cooked while Curtis was gone. When my husband used to travel on weekends (usually during hunting season) I was always so sad without him around. I rarely cooked on those weekends - it was always a Sonic weekend for us! Once all my kids got food poisoning from corn dogs and they were so sick all weekend. I was so thankful when my hubs walked through that door. This was way before cell phones and he knew something was wrong when he got a a whiff of a rank smell when he walked thru the door! ha! Now my grands all get corn dogs and they've never been sick!!! (don't want Sonic cornys to get a bad rap here!!) the pictures of Uncle Lou and a worm would be nice too!

Anonymous said...

This was so good. I love your sense of humor....and I can relate to the grocery store thing too. Glad you had a good weekend with your little ones!

Amanda said...

I will try to post a pic of Scary Uncle Lou when he is finally in the yard. :)

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

We went to TGR last year - I have very cute pix of Maggie chasing a hog. Maybe she'll go to Arkansas.

This year we're headed to Dewberry because tix were half off on Groupon! Yee haw!

Laura said...


I so love reading your blog! I know we would be friends if you lived next door. ;) You make me laugh and cry sometimes too. So loved your Guatemala posts...God had runied you for the ordinary!

I have a random question for you...I am going to Guatemala, on a mission trip, with my 11 year old son next week and we are going to have the opportunity to meet our Compassion kid too!!! We are so excited. I am buying a few things to take to Pablo and want to have something to give his mom and dad too. What should I bring for his parents? I want to bring a small gift...but don't even know where to start looking. Everything I think of seems so trite....I just want them to know we love them too and are praying for them. A Bible in Spanish? Any ideas?

You can email me back at if you have any ideas for me.

Thanks so much sweet Amanda...praying for your Monday!

PS- You don't have to post this on your blog.....just didn't know another way to ask you! ;)

Holly said...

Makes me smile that you are just as normal as can be...and yet you are exceptional, as a mom and wife, friend and daughter. :-)

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

wishin' i had some of that ding dong cake myself!

love reading the weeks recap - you have so much energy!

Kelli said...

Do you know how tempted I am to ask you to pick up a Ding Dong cake and bring it on Saturday and I'll pay you for it and the travel fee. I feel like I have to eat one ASAP! :)

Ashley McWhorter said...

LOVE the bake shop. I have been there a couple of times for wedding and baby showers. I love their ding dong cake, too. Hope to see you soon!

Bobbie said...

I'll join you in thanking God that it's October! Our weather has been beautiful and perfect for our yard!

I wish you could have tutorial (w/pictures)on making a scarecrow! For the second year in a row I'll be out of town (state!) for the Scarecrow Festival and I really want a handmade straw-filled guy for our front porch!! Sounds like a fun day w/J & AB!

It sounds like you had a fun week, not boring at all! Glad you're all back together tho for this week.

Karen Campbell said...

I love a good week recap! So glad you got to read last week. Francine Rivers is my favorite author ever!! I have read Redeeming Love three times! So great!

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

What a busy Mommy you were! Oh, that brings back so many memories! My husband mostly worked 2nd or 3rd shift while our kiddos were growing up so I spent a lot of "alone time" with them!

I just finished reading the other Francine Rivers novel, "Her Mother's Hope"....I guess it came right before the one you read.

Thanks for taking time to share your week with us....I loved hearing about it! Mississippi

katiegfromtennessee said...

Hey Amanda, I was catching up on your posts...amen, it is a vastly complicated life, even being the vapor that it is. A complicated vapor of sorts. But, He is Faithful. I'm so glad He keeps His promises. What hope would we have if He didn't? I want to hear Pastor Gregg's sermon. I may stay up late to hear it uninterrupted, so that I can absorb it well. A good word is needful.


Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

I read about LDP students ... and get all choked up. Thank you, Amanda -- for being an advocate and making a difference.

It *is* all complicated, isn't it?

For one of my writing projects, I was flown in this weekend to San Antonio, and then hosted up at Laity Lodge --- all so breathtakingly beautiful. And on this little boat cruise down the Riverwalk in San Antonio, I brimmed and had to brush the sadness spilling. Missing our Guatemalan children, Amanda. How do you brush that away? *Them* away?

Thank you, Amanda... for remembering and continuing to advocate for Compassion.

(And standing ovation on house cleaning! And spaghetti! And I'm so happy your man is happily *home*!)

Warm wave to TX,
All's grace,

Leslie said...

We went to Old Time Christmas Tree Farm on Spring-Cypress last year. They have a Pumpkin Patch during October, which is great for pictures.

I haven't been to the Bake Shoppe in forever, even though I only live ten minutes away. It was popular with the ladies at HP. I may have to go back if I can ever have a lunch sans child.

Erica said...

That pumpkin patch sounds like so much fun! I am heading to Dewberry Farm this Friday; I would love for you to join us! I remember your post about it 2 years ago...right before we were moving back. I couldn't wait to take the girls, but we didn't make it in time. Anyway, this will be our first visit :)
I hate that when days go so well and then the night just gets ya; thankfully we get to start anew every morning.

thegypsymama said...

Oh my word - this one left me laughing so loud. Between the scarecrows, the worms, the itching, the cooking, and the meltdown over milk (so been there) that was the best weekend recap EVER!

Love you,


Nickie said...

I totally want to see Scary Uncle Lou! I looove that... love it! What is it about boys and worms anyway?

And now I totally want to see Amy Grant. I've always been a fan. I also love Natalie Grant. What that has to do with Amy Grant, I don't know. But just thought I'd add it. ;)

Kristen said...

We missed y'all this weekend!!

Nancy said...

Gwen from TGR is a parent from the school my son goes to (The Woodlands Christian Academy). She is a wonderful person and I have heard awesome things about her pumpkin patch!! So glad you had a great time. I really enjoy reading your blog, especially when you mention restaurants you like. I love trying new places!

Deirdre said...

yes, you must post a photo of Uncle Lou

Nesha said...

Must say, so glad that you braved the library with the kids:) Start them young! That is not an easy one to do. My boys are now 9 & 13 and still like going there for books. Our library does all kinds of summer programs for the kids to get them interested.

Lauren said...

My parents and grandparents love The Bake Shoppe and have bought their ding dong cakes on occasion. Also, my grandpa just had his 85th birthday breakfast there.

Also, I like your euphemism, "preventative flu measures." We have ours coming up, too.