Thursday, July 13, 2006

Trying out Tabblo

Tabblo: A letter from Mommy

Jackson, you will never know, perhaps until you have your own first child, how much joy you have brought into my life.  I love to wake up to the sound of your voice.  You're usually having a conversation with your hands or feet.  When I peek over the crib you show me your precious smile that has yet to contain any teeth.  You are definitely a morning person.  Your parents were not until you came into their lives.  I love putting you in your pajamas.  My favorites are the blue ones with a puppy on the front.  The bottom of the footies have paw prints on them.  I love to rock you and snuggle while you drift off to sleep.  Each night while we're rocking I look at your hair to see if it's gotten longer.  I hold your little hands, kiss your fingers, and tell you that I love you.  Then I carefully lay you in your bed watch you reposition your arms over your head.  Before I go to sleep I peek in one more time.  You're a handsome boy, but when you sleep mommy can't help but think how beautiful you are.  You love to laugh, talk on the phone, be held, look at yourself in the mirror, and you often look like you're thinking really hard about something.  I can' t wait until you can tell me what some of those thoughts are!  I love you, little boy! 

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The Bergers said...

So sweet...can't believe how much he has grown. I know you can't either. (I tried to see your tabblo better, but it denied me access, even though I was logged in. Did I do something wrong?)
Miss you.