Friday, March 28, 2008

Imaginary Baby Boutique

How many times have you walked into some cute boutique or gift shop and imagined opening up a store of your own? I think about it every time! Here's a fun question for you. If you had your own baby/toddler boutique, what are three things you absolutely love and would be sure to carry?

Three of mine are:
Cool hats for little boys
Pediped shoes
Little Giraffe blankets

Jackson has been so fussy this week that I don't have the guts to leave the house with him right now. I think his molars are making their way in. He cannot stop pooping (which is supposedly a sign of teething) and it is giving him a horrible diaper rash. He looks like a little cowboy with his bow-legged walk. Yesterday when we (it took me AND Curt) changed a particularly bad diaper, he cried, "Sorry! Sorry!" Isn't that heartbreaking? A guy from Sears was at our house installing a dishwasher during Jackson's bath time today. The second Jackson's bottom touched the water he screamed bloody murder. It was so loud and horrid that I felt the need to explain everything to the Sears man. Sorry, sir, my son has had fifteen dirty diapers in the last 48 hours and his little buns are on fire! I gave Jackson a whole banana today in hopes that it would stop him up a little. So far things are better.

Well, I have a long list of things that we need for our house, including a new vacuum since ours sat in two inches of water during the washing machine incident of 2008. Due to Jackson's fussiness, I know that leaving the house will be a huge beating. I just can't pump myself up for it for the sake of a vacuum. But I can get pumped up for imaginary baby boutique shopping! So tell me your three things!


Dionna said...

Well, it's been awhile since I've had a baby - my girls are 8 and 11. But I think I'd carry those beautiful old fashioned strollers, off the beaten path room decor with themes that the local Baby's R Us or Target doesn't have, and specialize in beautiful wood decor - wood highchairs, wood cradles (like olden days), etc.

Poor Jackson! That is both precious and heartbreaking that he said "sorry" at the same time! He deserves some extra hugs and luvins!

Sister in Christ said...

Borafax is AWESOME for teething diaper rash--seems to be like the Happy Hiney Rx that they give if your little one is in hospital and on antibiotics by iv that burn their tushy. Also, yogurt cups will ease the tummy troubles that come with teething. My pediatrician raised 5 kids of his own and has guided me through raising my 3 and half of Arlington's children and these are "tricks" he shares. It really did take the fire out of the bottom. And even better---your new found HEB will carry it!!

Anonymous said...

Must haves:
Hootie Hiders
Cowboy Boots
Wee Block
(pic of wee block-

boomama said...

Mulberri Bush separates
Zutano one-piece rompers
Feltman Bros. daygowns

And I hope Jackson feels better - bless his sweet heart!

Big Nanny said...

Your boy needs some
it works wonders. Real fast.

My baby boutique would have
monogrammed blankets,
monogrammed burp clothes and triple paste:)

Shabby Mama said...

smocked and appliqued outfits
at home pajamas
amazing baby bedding

have you been to Maggie's and Doodles in Rice Village????

Angela said...

Jon Jons for boys, with cute fabric. Girls bloomers in all sorts of pretty fabrics. Hats, belts, shoes, that match for boys and purses for girls.

babystepstoChina said...

My top three boutique items would be...
1. Inexpensive beautiful smocked dresses
2. Cute boy clothes that don't look too girly and don't look like they are ready to mud wrestle... somewhere in between
3. Pedipeds!!!!!

Oh my stars, I love pedipeds! My little boy will be one this July and I am so looking at a pair of Pedipeds for his first pair of shoes! Can't wait to buy them!! My girls also wore pedipeds and now they come in bigger sizes! Too bad my wallet isn't any bigger!

By the way, congratulations on your new home and living closer to the parentals! I so love having my mom close by and being more involved in my children's lives than when we lived 2 hours apart!


Pam said...

Bless Jackson's little bum.

Here's what our pediatrician told me one time when our Sweetcheeks was on an extremely harsh antibiotic and suffered from horrible diaper rash.

Take cherry or plain Mylanta liquid and mix it to a thick, creamy consistency with your favorite diaper rash cream (Desitin or other). It will soothe and work with the cream to heal that sore bottom. Hope that helps!

My boutique would have smocked dresses, Gund stuffed animals, and some sort of Robeez style shoes, tho' I loved those Pediped ones you mentioned too.

Hope Jackson feels better soon!

CrownLaidDown said...

Chris came up with a solution of diaper rash cream and neosporin. It seems to help :)

Three things:
Very cute little boy clothes (the boys never seem to have cute clothes)
Lots of girl accessories, like bows and accessories for each outfit
The cute jelly shoes we just got for Sydney from Kohl's (I think by Sketchers) in all sizes and colors and styles

Anonymous said...

Robeez shoes
Cozy Carseat Covers (
Snack Traps

Ginger said...

Feltman Bros dresses & shortall' know the white cotton w/embroidery in pink & blue

Super soft blankies

Hats for boys (have to agree w/ you on that one)

Big Mama said...

If you don't have it, get some Dr. Smith's diaper cream at HEB. It is hands down the best. Also, my pediatrician told me to get a cotton ball and dab their bottom with some Mylanta because it cools their little bottoms. Bless his heart.

As for my pretend store, I'd carry Bear Feet Shoes, Miss Tee-V-Us clothing, and Petunia Picklebottom diaper bags.

Linda Vujnov said...

My three things:

1. Those cute socks for infants that look like they are wearing Mary Jane shoes

2. Bruder trucks

3. Everything cotton and soft and not overpriced. Costco has the best all-cotton jammies!

Anonymous said...

I don't know you but found your blog through another. Every time I go in a cute baby store I think the same thing. I would carry...

1. Personalized sippy cups with the fabric that you can change out
2. Snazzy Baby silky shopping cart covers
3. 3 Marthas Hooded towels

I can really relate to the diaper rash from teething - its heartbreaking for us moms. I highly recommend PINXAV - I promise that this can clear any diaper rash immediatly. (You can only order it online).

Linsey said...

I would want to sell cute hats for boys...and plaid pants. I think every little boy needs something plaid!

For the diaper rash, try corn starch! When Gage gets a bad rash I sprinkle corn starch...then balmex (which is way better than destin) and them some more corn starch. It really works fast! Good luck with that. I know changing diapers gets harder as they get stronger.

Becoming Me said...

Fun post!

Here are my three things.
1) All natural soap free, perfume and dye free cleansers and lotions.

2)Mommy's Hospital Bags (with my own twist) These bags would come in dark brown and pink for baby girls. Light Blue and navy for boys, and then a beige and chocolate. And they would be already packed for the mommy (although they'd have to be washed so perhaps this isn't as novel as I thought). An outfit for the baby, a comfy jammy for the mommy, a pair of fluffy slipper for mommy, and then hospital essentials, toiletries, etc.)

#3) Moses Baskets

Mariel said...

I agree with the cute hats for boys are just edible in hats!! Also i would include all amnner of overalls for boys! My boys had a pair of precious blue and white pin-striped shorts overalls when they were tods that were ADORABLE without and undershirt and barefoot in the summer...yummy!

I am so sorry for Jackson's bottom! Have you tried 'Magic Butt Cream"? I promise that is the name of it! You get it as a Rx from the pediatrician. I will be praying for a healed bottom and a refreshed mommy!!

blessings, mariel

Nancy Mon said...

Gatorade will slow his pooping down.

I can't answer your question, although I worked in a baby store in college.

Lydia said...

My 3 things for a baby boutique are actually things that I have had the hardest time finding in the past 2 and a half years of being a mom.
1.Any and all things cute for little boys to wear!! It makes me sad to look at all the adorable things for little girls with a very small selection for little boys in most stores.
2. The entire selection of pants/shorts to have an adjustable waist. My son is tall and skinny and if the pants fit in the length, then they're gonna be around his ankles because the waist is too big. I am just now finding some in places like the GAP, but I don't see them in sizes smaller than 3T. (Or along these same lines would be belts that actually fit the small waist of a 2 year old and don't require wrapping around their tiny body multiple times before they are actually effective).
3. Cute and classy (and cheap!) diaper bags.
Poor Jackson with the teething! The molars were the hardest on my son and we also had the terrible diapers and the rash that goes along with it. I use Desitin. I also recently discovered that Arbonne has a diaper rash cream that has been really effective. It's not cheap, but it healed a particularly bad rash overnight. I hope they all come in quickly so he will be a happy boy again.

Kelly said...

This is hard for me because I love baby stuff but I don't know any of the "good" products yet. I have a feeling half of what you want to buy before you have a baby isn't anything you really need. ha!
I just love all the personalized and monogrammed baby bibs and burp cloths and onesies - I would carry a ton of those. And I love those little Robeez shoes. And those little soft minky blankets.
Oh and monogrammed sippy cups.
And smocked dresses and john johns.

Anonymous said...

if i had a baby store i would have to carry bag balm. its a cow udder ointment, but absolutely the best diaper rash stuff in the world. there was a time you could only buy it at feed stores but now the drug stores carry it. and it does not burn when you put it on. you will see significant difference in just hours. mj

Anonymous said...

Amanda, I hope Jackson is back to normal soon! Bless your hearts!
Go to to see all the CUTE baby boutique items my good friend came up with and makes! TOO CUTE! You will love them!

Hang in there!
Love, Yoli

Teresa said...

My baby boutique...
1. sweet pacifier clips with interchangeable ribbons (to match her/his outfits, of course)

2. I have to say, I love the taggies...

3. Monogramming and personalizing and such, too cute.

Also, just because I think you need ANOTHER idea to help poor Jackson's backside, I use "Boudreaux's Butt Paste" when my daughter has a sore bottom and it really helps!!

Kari said...

Flanders Buttox Ointment is the best! I've found it at Walgreen's and while it's "over the counter" it can only be found behind the counter, so you'll need to go to the pharmacy and ask for it. It was a must-have when my girls were babies.

I guess that would be one of my must-have's in my boutique, in addition to the christening bonnet-turned-handkerchief for baby's future wedding day and the "What To Expect During the First Year" book.

Good luck with Jackson's diaper rash!

Erin said...

I know what you mean. I have a boy in my room at work, and when he's poopy it always takes two people to change him. He is a wiggle worm to the extreme. I never knew a baby could be so strong!

Amanda said...

okay, so the HEB post cracked me up b ecause I have posted about my fabulous HEB several times. I take every visiting friend or family for an HEB visit and give them the full tour. As for the top three...

1. The Ultimate Swaddling Blanket from Babystyle. It's so big and fabulous I could wrap the Little Man in it until he was 6 months old.

2. Grocery cart/high chair covers- because kids are messy and germy and my little man will sit much longer if his bum is cushioned

3. Diapee Wipee bag- a much-needed item for this disorganized sister...loved mine so much I started making them for my pregnant friends.

As for a diaper rash creme- I use Kiehls Diaper Rash Creme- because it's the only thing that works for my kiddo and the Kiehl's in Houston is next to Anthropologie... can't get any better than that. :-)

Kelly @ Love Well said...

1. Super soft blankets and quilts
2. Tiny sandals
3. Gymboree clothes

(I realize that last one wouldn't be possible for my small boutique. But a girl can do anything in dreamland, right?)

Poor Jackson. I hope that banana does its duty.

Profbaugh said...

Oh Amanda!! My heart goes out to Jackson and you too. That is one of the worst things--diaper rash and cutting teeth too boot.

Now in answer to your question. . . it's been a while for me, but I'd like the following:

1. cute handmade quilts
2. baby uggs
3. "chic" designer diaper bags that don't look like diaper bags, but have all the conveniences (changing pad, pockets galore, wet bag section, etc.)

bethany said...

Diaper rash is the worst-I've yet to find a solution for it that I love...

My three things...
See Kai Run shoes-seriously check these out-you'll love them!!
Cute Patchwork quilts-my first baby girl project :)
Little boy ties-here's another good link for ya...look for the ties-they are yummy!!

Michelle Bentham said...

An a dorable furry elephant in chocolate brown, anything cute, frilly and pink! But, the one thing I think I would have to carry is The Complete Treasury of Winnie the Pooh.

Thanks for asking. Poor Jackson... And poor Sears man. And poor you! Maybe you could order your vacuum online if this rash persists. I'll be praying for you all...


Laura said...

I love to read your blog, our son is just a couple mths younger than yers...he is getting his 2 yr molars also at this time (early i know, he got his first teeth at 4mths!) AND our 4 mth old is teething at the same time i think too!! ahhh!!! so i hear ya on the heartbreaking times of changing diapers...gabe has it bad right now too, i just got some aveeno diaper rash cream, so far it has worked, balmex, cornstarch, anti monkey butt powder, you name it...sounds like everyone has great ideas for you, i think every kid is different what they react better with.

Baby store items:
1-cowboy boots
2-cute hats for girls and boys
(or is this just a boy store??)
3- monkey stuff ;)

blessings and prayers go yer way during teething season!!

Barr Family said...

Amanda: My youngest little girl had the same type of teething diaper rash that was terrible looking and she would scream anytime we changed her diaper. You may not want to post this because it is kind of gross, but it ended up being a yeast infection from all of the poo. If it doesn't clear up soon, call the doc and see if he can't give you a prescription. Once we gave her the Rx, it cleared up overnight!

Darlene R. said...

For my boutique I would have some kind of contraption that would rock the baby in their infant seat. Did you spend any time doing that? I would be at choir practice and the baby would fuss and I would rock the seat back and forth, back and forth.
Anyway, I would carry snacktraps (love these) and all kinds of diaper bags.
Oh and cute burp clothes. Maybe Shannon at Rocks in my Dryer would make them for me!

R said...

1. ONE-PIECE little girls' bathing suits that LOOK like little girl bathing suits--no high-cut thighs, no holes in the sides, no shirred chest to give the illusion of a "chest". We've already begun the hunt for modest swimwear for our girls for the summer. It'll take us a couple of months!

2. Outfits for little girls that LOOK like little girl outfits. I get so tired of seeing clothes for babies and toddlers that resemble adult ladies' clothing!

3. Hairbows, hairbows, hairbows! :0)

One more...adjustable waist pants. My 2-year-old has a 6-9 month waist but needs 3T length. My mother has begun custom-making her pants because we can't find any long and small enough.

Mom of 4 Lovin the Lord said...

I have 3 girls and due with my first son in 2 weeks. I wanted him to go home in an outfit that had scripture on it. I had a hard time finding one. So..... I would have baby clothes with scripture, ceramic crosses and baby items that can be monogrammed (that's a must)

My 3rd child is Jackson's age. She had a hard time also. I hope he feels better!

BethAnne said...

I would sell:

Cool clothes for boys (think : manequins at GAP)

Dress clothes for boys that dont involve smocking or look strangely feminine (this coming from a mom who put both her boys in pink shirts for Easter - its true and documented on my blog - real men really do wear pink, who knew?)

Old fashioned toys that were popular when I was little

Oh and I would also carry belts for boys 4 and under mainly because I had the worst time trying to find a belt for my 4 yr old to wear with his Easter outfit

Heather said...

Monogramed diaper bags (cute ones)
Cars cars - My son wouldn't let me not have these :)

Heather said...

Oh one thing that our peditrician told us for bad diaper rashes is

Lotrimin (jock itch cream) and then on top of that desitin. It worked wonders. Ryan's little bottom was bad, bad, bad! It was better within 24 hours.

Liz said...

i would LOVE to own a children's boutique someday!
(i dream of designing kids clothes...i am learning to sew partly for that reason)
I don't know if I could pick just 3 things:
1) Room Seven clothes
(little bit modern, little bit old fashioned)

2)Charlie Rocket Tshirts for boys
(they make the best tshirts)
I saw some priced fairly well at Off 5th at Katy Mills, and on ebay.

3)Also, Puddle Jumper shoes.
(they are similar to pedipeds)
My 2 year old son has had several pairs, so cute.)
The boutique "Freckles" off 290 had some on sale a few weeks back (cheap). Maybe they still have some? In fact, Freckles is a great store. The owner has great taste...but some things are pricey.

4)Burts Bees skin care
(mostly organic products, smell lovely!)

5)Handmade stuff
I would let women who make great stuff by hand (like who sell on have a spot in my store.
(like handknit toys, wooden toys, jewelry, blankets, cute dresses, etc)

6) I also love the brand "Tea"

I think part of the fun of having kids is dressing them!

Anonymous said...

I love that everyone is more concerned with Jackson's burning bottom than with the baby boutique..and in skimming the comments even thought that someone was reccommending gatorade!!!! So you will have the baby boutique filled with the most precious "musthaves" and an endcap displaying all the baby bottom remedies!!!! I'm sure Jackson will be smiling before you get to try them all!!!...and then LUCKY YOU can go out for a new vaccuum!!!!

Liz said...

oh and for jackson's little bum...
you might want to get some acidophilous powder or chewables.
(acidophilous is what is in the new yogurts w/live cultures)
You can get it at Whole Foods and the health food store on Hwy 6 called All Total Health.
Kids need acidophilous periodically when they have diarrhea, or when they have been on an antiobiotic.
it replaces the "good bacteria" that is lost when using meds or having a disrupted digestive system.
My kids take the chewables a few times a week.
My husband and I take it too.
Its good for helping digestion (since a lot of the food we eat is processed and not full of nutrients and enzymes)

That was really long...but hopefully that helps explain a little.
Try letting him run around naked for a little bit at a time...the air helps dry and heal his bottom.
(and keep him off juice, juice makes diarrhea worse)
Hope he gets better!
sorry for the rambling...

babystepstoChina said...

Oh, one more. Nursing Cover. Can't leave home without it. They can be found everywhere now, but my personal favorite is Modest Mommy Nursing Cover at a christian owned company with cool fabric prints to choose from. Wouldn't nurse another baby without one!

Superchikk said...

Someone mentione Bag Balm - my family has used that for years for all sorts of ailments. It is a miracle worker! And be careful with the Neosporin - I have recently found out that a lot of people are actually allergic to it and it makes the injuries worse.

We use Boudreaux's Butt Paste on diaper rash around here. It's kinda expensive, but it always seems to work overnight.

As for boutique items, I would carry stuff you could easily personalize. I am always writing my son's name on stuff when we go to church, etc., and wish there was an easier way. My favorite gift ever has been burp cloths with his name embroidered on them.

Superchikk said...

Oh yes, the vacuum. I purchased my last one online. It was wonderful - I didn't have to lug it around the store or figure out how to fit it into the car! If you don't want to pay shipping, you can order it online at and pick it up at the store next time you're out - no shopping involved.

Sabrina said...

If I had to pick only 3 items (so hard), it would have to be:

1. Caden Lane bedding and

2. An embroidery machine that was capable of monogramming burp cloths, blankets, onsies, sippy cups, bloomers, etc.

3. Beautiful hairbows and headbands of all sizes and fabrics- at decent prices!

Oh and one more: OiOi diaper bags.

Cassandra said...

Since I used to run an embroidery business, I would have to stock an embroidery machine. I am a sucker for a little monogramming. Ok. A lot of monogramming. Its like chocolate...anything is better with it.

Mommy Dot Com said...

1. Monnogrammed Everything! I love personalized items.

2. All sorts of fabrics to choose from for nursery, diaper bags,clothing, etc.

3. On premises seamstress for hire to make things for nursery, clothing (great to have someone who can make cordinating outfits for multiple children b/c it's hard to find coordinating outfits in a variety of sizes for pictures,weddings, special events,etc.)

I would also include a little play area for children and a little seating space for mommas to chat, place orders and look through books for decorating ideas.

When one of my children got a rash I would have to bathe them every time I changed their diaper and I would have to apply lots of cream. I did two creams. Vasoline and a really thick diaper cream. If I didn't bathe them then they would flare up again. A lot of work but worth it.

Allikaye's Mama said...

Ribbons and headbands for little girlies.
Cute signs with sayings.
Clothes, clothes, clothes!

Anonymous said...

As a first time Mom to a little girl, I think my boutique would have

1) Hooter hiders for the breastfeeding mom ( I had a hard time finding something to use for breastfeeding in public and LOVED this product.)

2) Ella roo's mei hip carrier (this is awesome~ My daughter is 14 months and loves riding in this, plus it sits on your hip, can ride in the front or push them around to the back.) I didn't think I could do a wrap so this was perfect

3) Hats Hats and more hats. ( I would say bows and what not but my girl is a baldy)

Cathy said...

My youngest son actually potty trained at 2 years old when he had a stomach virus and bad diaper rash. I was able to catch him before he went in his diaper and held him on the potty, and he realized that it didn't hurt his bottom to go that way. He never pooped in his diaper again. It took a while longer to get him to go tinkles in the potty, but he trained faster than my other 2 because of that diaper rash.

Dena said...

Hehehe- I DO own a children's boutique - I have LOTS of the stuff people would have - I am sad to say BOYS clothes are very hard to find that aren't super girly or super expensive and when we do they go VERY VERY fast

we also sell LOTS of puddlejumper shoes (polka dotted girls shoes) hairbows galore! I loved seeing what everyone wants - some VERY VERY good ideas!

Tammy H. said...

1. smocked bishops
2. maryjane shoes (I love mudpuddles - The brown with pink polka dots are my favorite!)
3. diaper bags in fun funky fabrics

mamabygrace said...

Poor little guy, it is the worst when they are in pain and you can't do much to help. As a mama it breaks your heart.

My three things....
1. Pedipeds~definitely! My little one is alomst 19 mos and I am debating whether to keep her in pedipeds or graduate her to harder soles... hmmmm......
2. Cute clothes for boys and girls, kinda specialty type
3. Perfume free paraben free, nice soaps and lotions and such. We put a lot of stuff on our kids that we don't need to.

Krystal said...

we just went through the diaper rash of the century with k! Lord bless jacks with extra mercy and bless a and c with extra patience and grace!

1.Nick and Nora jammies
2.Soothies "gel pads" for
3.All chico products!

Teri said...

I can't think about chic boutique items right now because I am baffled at how many diaper rash cures there are these days! WOW.

Bless Jackson! Hope ypu find one that works and that he is better like, NOW!

Anonymous said...

Hi, AJ. This is my first post on your blog but I wanted to tell you that for my boys' rashes Bordeaux's Butt Paste (yes, that's the real name) was great for sore bottoms. Our Target sells it--it is thick like toothpaste and doesn't hurt. Let me know if you can't find it. =) Jill

Lauren said...

1. dwellBaby bedding
2. Hotslings
3. cute diaper bags from Linda Grayson Design (linked on my blog)

That is so sad about Jackson's diaper rash!

debra said...

sounds like a fun place. I would def. have to sell hooter hiders for the cuteness and name factor.

How's everything?

Marla Taviano said...

I am skimming these comments and feeling like an atrocious mother for not knowing what half of these obviously-adorable products are!

Are there classes I can take to become more trendy???

(My 2-year-old says, "Sorry! Sorry!" when I change her diaper too. She also says it when I accidentally hit her in the head or run her over.)

Momma 2 5 said...

Hey Amanda I am a Siesta who has just joined your Baby Bangs world! I love it!!!

As a Momma of 5 ages 2-8 (3 girls and 2 boys) I would love to see:
1. Affordable smocked outfits
2. Hair Bows
3. Stride Rite shoes

I hope Jackson feels better!!

Amanda in SC

Melinda said...

My Vintage Baby - very cool baby and kid clothes, many made from vintage fabrics. My cousin just happens to be a partner, but I'm not biased or anything! :o)

kittyhox said...

1. Swaddle Me blankets
2. Giant fluffy hooded towels that look like they are toddler-size... this was the single most useful gift we received when our son was born.
3. Nuby pacifiers (just because they are so hard to find around here)

I'm so sorry about Jackson's boonie... its horrible to see your child in pain! I hope it clears up immediately!

The Van Fam said...

Poor Jackson!! I have written down all of these suggestions for suture ref. MacKenzie has had a horrible-looking rash on her bum for several weeks now. The doc prescribed her a yeast infection ointment but it did nothing. It doesn't seem to bother her one bit, I can wipe it...scrub it in the bach, etc. So I have no idea what it is but am willing to try anything!!

As for my boutiqe ideas...

- Ralph Lauren clothes for boys (Maggie's and Doodles does in RV), including madras!!

- My Vintage Baby and Leopard Daisy ( Not Your Mother's Jeans for girls!

- Headbands, bows, and flowers for newborns - older girls! I am addicted to hair accesories it's almost sinful.

And I have to add one more...I would also have a hired custom clothes designer. This is my newest additction and I'd love to have someone there that would custom make clothes for anyone that walks in!!!

Anonymous said...

Amanda - This is not about baby boutiques, but it is about diaper rash! Both my boys had sensitive bottoms. My pharmacist showed me a trick that helps - especially with the teething poops. Take some liquid mylanta (yes, the antacid) and wet it on a rag and gently pat it on the rash, then cover it with baby powder. It neutralizes the acid that is burning their bottom and creates a gentle seal. Good luck!

love, Gulley from Big Mama's

Abby said...

mmm sorry about the burning bum...we don't quite have those, but between all the kids on the tour bus this week we've had some RANK smells.

my little buddy that i watch has some awesome rockstar gaphic tees, and rocks out some brown converse shoes. so i'd probably have to have those two things...and soft, cuddly baby blankets are the sweetest.

jennyhope said...

When Morgan gets that bad rash from stuff like that I coat her with the OTC lotrimin it works well for us and the thick desitin...I constantly leave her coated with that. It is in the purple tube. We have had so many issues with that. I am sure you know all of this but just wanted to tell you how well it seems to clear her up.

Jan said...

Hi Amanda,

My first thought was custom made baby quilts. Since it's been a while since I've had little ones, I think I would have matching jacket, tobaggon, and booties. Taylor's Baby online has the cutest things I've ever seen. I've bought gifts from them before.

Hope Jackson feels better. I remember that happened when my oldest was on a certain antibiotic. I carried him around on my hip with his bottom bare for a day! It was rather awkward, but the fresh air did the trick.

Hope you get settled in soon,


3girlsmom said...

I have 3 girls - ages 6, 2, & 1, so my items will be on the feminine side. I know NOTHING about boys and their stuff.
However, if I had my own boutique, it would have

1. monogrammed diaper covers. You know, the little white panties with eyelet around the legs? Topping it off with a monogram makes it sooo much cuter. Trust me on this one.

2. Fleurville Diaper Bags. With 3 kids, I've tried them all and these are the best. Got a pocket for everything and are easily washable. Also can be monogrammed. :)

3.SunSan Sandals - aka Salt Water Sandals. We have at least 2 pair in every size from ages 6 months to 6 years. They're awesome, indestructible, and look like really nice sandals. You can't monogram these, or I would've already. Believe me.

Also, for Jackson's raw hiney, but him in an Aveeno Baby Oatmeal Bath. I swear by this stuff. I also ditto the "mylanta and diaper rash cream" suggestion. Works like a champ.

Lisa said...

Ok, having been there not so long ago (my youngest is three and 1/2) I have to wholeheartedly recommend "Boudreaux's butt paste" (sorry, that's the real name!) It was the ONLY thing that didn't make him scream when I applied it. It worked so fast it was like a magic wand! Hope you all feel better.

Kevin and Christie said...

I have had this thought SO often in the past year. I think I would carry:
1. Really cool boys t-shirts with a rock-n-roll theme
2. Really cool boys bibs that match the t-shirts...because I have learned to always buy the matching bib...due to the drooling!
3. I would carry little dress outfits that are different then the generic polo shirts and carlton sweaters...for those special Easter, holidays, etc.

We should totally start one with all these ideas!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Little Giraffe pillows
Hooter Hiders
smocked clothing

Ava goes through the same thing with her diaper rash and the bath, etc. We've found a little success in Triple Paste Diaper ointment. It ain't cheap though.

Anonymous said...

First off--Butt Paste is the best! Clears up that diaper rash in a flash! For the boutique--

Cute dress up clothes for boys (why is it I only can find frilly dresses and no little suits?)

Children's Swim Wear
Kids Snacks r us (not botiquey but enjoyable!

Kate Zwiefelhofer

Nicole said...

1. coffee bar for the moms

And really, all that cute stuff y'all have listed, but AFFORDABLE. Boutique quality at Target prices.

2. people who don't care when we spill the coffee

3. free refills

Lisa Pierre said...

Lord, please let me be around when Jackson is no longer little and I can look at him with "I know you, Buddy" looks and love.

Kelli said...

This is such a fun thought and it looks like this week I will find out whether my imaginary baby boutique could have little boy stuff or little girl stuff. They are inducing on Thursday!

And bless poor little Jackson's bottom, I hope he feels better after the weekend!

Anonymous said...

There is a product called will immediately take away his diaper rash...I mean like it disappears the first time you put it comes in a powder and it is amazing!:)

Anonymous said...

Oh and I do know one thing for sure I would carry...Taggies...go to Some brilliant Mom took the fact that babies love tags and she made these beautiful blankies with tags all around the edges...she sells clothes and toys with them too but the blankies are the BEST...they can be monogrammed too!

Natalie Witcher said...

My friend Kim and I talk all the time about "Our Favorite Things" store we'll have someday. We have everything we love in it. Which incluces, but is not limited to, a laundry service, little waxy chocolate donuts, and a manacurist.