Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Texans, here's some free info for you. You do not have to have your voter registration card to vote. Don't let that keep you from voting. You do need to be registered, but you just need to take your license with you. To make sure you're registered and to find out where to vote, click on the links below. You will enter your driver's license number and DOB and it will give you your precint number.

Am I Registered?

Finding My Polling Place


CrownLaidDown said...

Oh, I just gasped aloud at the sight of Jackson's new picture. What a handsome boy!

What a fun day to be a Texan--I miss working in the poll places and talking with all the folks :)
Much love,

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Thank you...very informative and helpful.

And I will pray for Sherry & family.

The Silva's said...

Vote, vote, vote!!! It is your civic duty, and moral obligation! We are very lucky to have these types of freedoms and they should not be taken for granted. Cheers to Amanda for reminding the public!

Jungle Mom said...

My daughter is going to register, it is hard to believe three of my children can now vote!

Dori said...

How hilarious that you would post this! I just got back from a drive over to the doctor -- yes, it's the flu (must be going around our church and town since I just heard our buddy Travis is sick, too!) -- but on the way I was listening to voting stuff on the radio and happened to think "Man, I hope Beth and Amanda are gettin' out to vote, today!" Strange thing for me to wonder with a thousand things going on in my mind today. But sounds like you are doing your job, friend!!


Kelly said...

I'm glad you wrote this - I woke up this morning and thought "I hope all my friends in TX are voting today!" ha!
Cause I'm concerned about our nation like that.

Amazing Racer said...

Way to rock the vote!

Becoming Me said...

You go girl! I'm not a Texan anymore and voted with the State of South Carolina back in January, but I follow all the results and think voting is so very important. This was the first time I was active in the primaries. As a Mike Huckabee supporter I really championed him in South Carolina and Florida (We once lived there too). Although I know he will not get the party nomination, I am proud that I took a stand and was active this year.

Lynn said...

Bravo Amanda!

We have to remember that many women starved themselves and suffered many humiliations and trials so that we could have the right to VOTE!

Thanks for reminding us!

Sister Lynn

Anonymous said...

Love your new picture

Anonymous said...

Spring-loaded will be so much for for Jackson!!!!! hmmmm!! His grandmother will be happy to have him here for a bit tooo!!! You don't need to post this!

The Self Cottage said...

Thanks for the info...this is going to be an interesting race! Good to see you again last night. I can't believe you are going so soon. love you. L

denise said...

Totally unrelated to the voting post...just feeling the need to let you know I am praying for you today. Your mom talked in Stepping Up about feeling motherly and I guess, even across the country here in NC, I was feeling a little motherly toward you today. So I checked your blog for an update. I have two girls also and can imagine the whirlwind of feelings going on with this change. Of course, we know God is bringing something fabulous into your life and I'm certain you are leaning on Him.

Psalm 121