Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Cleaning

I don't have much to say except that our house is cleaner than it's ever been, just hours before it will be turned upside down by the packers. Yes, packers. Praise God for packers. They arrive at 8 a.m. We spent the whole day filling garbage bags with junk from our drawers, closets, toy boxes, and underneath the beds. Jackson went to the church day care so we could get everything done. He had a blast and did not want to come home. Ella was there too, so I think that made it extra fun. Janelle and I were able to grab a spontaneous lunch at the Empress Jr. I was amazed by the thoroughness of our conversations. I guess I'm just used to us getting interrupted by the Tods! My BFF's from high school, Jen and Sabrina, came over and brought some take out from Chili's. Jen is having a little baby girl next month, so all we could talk about was childbirth. It was great fun. Well, I actually have to set an alarm tonight instead of waking up to Jackson saying "Mommy! Milk! Cars? Play! Stuck! Down! My Dada!" Good night, peeps.


Bizzymom said...

Am I the only one that doesn't know where you are moving? I have missed that little nugget somehow.

Good luck on the actual move and the challenge of doing it with a toddler...been there, done that. You'll do fine.

Becoming Me said...

Very cute photos! Not so fun deep cleaning a house you won't be living in is it? I'm so glad you have movers. That will make life easier.

Lauren said...

Isn't that just the way? Your house is the cleanest when you can't enjoy it. I can never get over how much my husband will help clean when there are people coming over, but apparently it's not important to have it clean for US. :)

Movers are such a blessing, I am sure. We have moved 3 times with only our own four arms (plus one extra person one time), and that is a LOT of work. Of course, I did learn to be less of a weenie when it came to lifting furniture. Anyhow, I am sure that with a toddler you have so much stuff. Praise God for movers. Let's ask for a special blessing on those guys!

Kathleen in TX said...

Praise God for Movers and Packers!! We had movers for one of our moves which was a huge help! But I'd rather have packers!!

Michelle Bentham said...


I am so excited for you. Sounds like things are beginning to swing up. I know "Hope Floats" is totally secular, but there is that part where Sandra Bullock is talking about beginnings and endings... and I think it is better said, "Beginnings are scary and exciting all at the same time, and endings are sad..." But, oh what sweet memories you will have. Thank you for sharing your day with us - it is such a blessing that you would take time away from the preparing and busyness of this time to reach out to us. God Bless YOU!