Sunday, May 03, 2009

Three Months With Our Girl

February 3, 2009. Seems like yesterday. Seems like forever ago. It's been three months. I won't say it's all been easy, but these have been the best three months of my life. The first six weeks were very, very hard with Jackson. It breaks my heart when I think about it. But we finally clicked in mid-March and things have been pretty great since then. I love having a son and a daughter and I feel like the most blessed woman in the world.

You know what? I even like age three. People did not give me very much hope that it would be an improvement over age two, but it has been significantly better for our family. Jackson potty trained, got a little more compliant, and astounds me every day with how much he's learning and growing. At this point, Curt and I don't think he really qualifies as a "strong-willed child." A high-energy child, yes. Strong-willed, maybe not. We see a desire to please starting to take root in his personality. I can't tell you how thankful we are for that.

I loved getting to watch our videos from Annabeth's first few days of life. The first one starts when I was at a 9 and our visitors were about to skedaddle out of our room. Then it cuts off and Annabeth is being laid on my lap. I got to relive seeing her open her eyes for the first time as well as watching her purple skin turn pink. It was fun to hear all the dialogue in the room that had escaped my memory. I heard the nurse say Annabeth was the pinkest baby she'd ever seen. I heard Curtis call our daughter "Annabeth Girl," which he still calls her now. I heard the first words I ever spoke to her. I was really amazed at the peace in the room and the calmness of my voice. The next scene is me holding the video camera while all the grandparents come in and meet our girl for the first time. I love that we captured that. After that, we see Melissa holding her for the first time.

Then we have Jackson sitting on the bed with me next to his baby sister. At that point I wanted to cry because I know how much life has changed for him since then. I feel a lot of guilt that he took the brunt of my exhaustion and hormonal craziness. Thank God we have gotten past it and hopefully he will not remember those 6 weeks when his mom was a psycho.

The next videos show us leaving the hospital and then arriving at our house. Unfortunately, the camera caught my backside at one point and I about died. Never look at it! I still have a long way to go, but thank God I do not still look like that! Then we see Annabeth getting her first bath at home. Oh my gosh, what a nightmare. She cried the whole time (probably because I didn't get the water hot enough and she was freezing) and I went way too slow. Bless her heart. The video even caught the beginning of my first post-baby meltdown, which involved me not wanting Beckham to be in the room with us because I needed space and he smelled bad. Poor Curtis.

It was apparent this morning that our kids sensed what a special day it was - being Annabeth's three-month birthday and all. Annabeth did a tiny little cackle when I brought her downstairs to eat. All it takes to get her smiles going is some eye-contact. She is the sweetest thing. Then I heard my son insert the word "poo poo" into the Wonder Pets theme song. That was a first. He's now been doing it all morning. He is such a BOY!

Other things about Jackson and Annabeth:

Has not had any accidents in as long as I can remember. He is doing so great! He even woke up with a dry pull-up this morning.

Still loves cars and trucks more than any other thing.

Is 39 inches tall.

Loves to give hugs and kisses. If I reach my hand back while we're in the car, he'll pick it up and kiss it.

For some reason doesn't like it when we tell him he looks cool. He says, "I not cool!" Maybe we need to get with the times and tell him he looks sick.

Picks flowers for me.

Enjoys pushing the buttons on elevators and being the one to knock or ring the doorbell.

Is fascinated by space ships.

Is totally obsessed with apples and asking for "snacks."

Loves for us to tell him stories about himself. He wants the stories to involve "scary monsters" but most of the ones I make up are about dinosaurs.

Is singing more and more. My heart melted when I heard him singing "Revelation Song" with me in the car. He still loves David Crowder the most as far as I can tell.

Really likes donuts.


Is getting so big! She fits easily into her 3-6 month clothes and I just moved her up to size 2 diapers. She seems to have a long torso but short legs. She gets that from her daddy. He's an inch taller than me, but my legs are like four inches longer than his.

Has Curt's blue eyes but they are shaped like mine.

Looks just like her brother at that age, but with a bow on her head.

Crinkles her nose when she smiles and moves her head from side to side like Stevie Wonder.

Makes eyes at her daddy.

Cried for the first time recently because mommy wasn't there. My mom was babysitting when it happened. I got to see it for myself yesterday when someone else held her and she just wanted me.

Has a really girly and dramatic cry. Not that she cries much.

Would give up her paci for her hand if I'd let her.

Is still sleeping through the night. She goes to bed around 9 and generally wakes up between 7 and 8. On a good day, she also takes a nap around the same time as Jackson - from 1 to 3. Jackson stopped sleeping through the night when he was 3 months old and never did it again until he was weaned, but I'm hoping Annabeth will be different!

Hates tummy time.

Always falls asleep in the car.

Is very content.

Unlike her bother, doesn't really like to be bounced around.

I forced this rattle into her hand.

Tummy time is the devil, Mom.

*I knew this was going to be a unique day! Right before I finished this post, Jackson ran over to me crying because of his "boogers." Then I saw his nose was bleeding a little and I thought it was from him digging around up there with his fingernail. I tried to help him blow his nose, but he mostly blows out of his mouth and rarely accomplishes anything. Then he told me it was a piece of a goldfish cracker stuck up there. I nearly freaked out. Curt was on a run and everyone else I know is at church (we are going tonight). I called my mother-in-law because they get out really early. No luck. Then I got Jackson to close his mouth really tight so the air would only come out his nose and the thing shot out like a bullet. Gross!


Heather said...

The goldfish cracked me up! My eldest stuck a cheerio up his nose back at the beginning of march. It wouldn't come out and wound up going up so far we could no longer see it. We tried the blow out approach and it didn't work. So the after hours nurse had us go to the ER. We got to the ER (the whole time I'm praying we don't get sick as we were set to leave a few days later for a vacation - I didn't want anyone sick). I prayed that God would let that thing come out on it's own. I couldnt imagine what they were going to do to get that out! As we got back into the back and they were about to weigh him and check him in when all of a sudden he said "mom, it went down my throat!" We turned around and walked out ... Life with boys!

Lauren Kelly said...

Oh my.... Annabeth is getting SOOOO big. She's precious!!! And poor Jackson, I guess he learned his lesson about sticking things up his nose, haha!

Marc and Charity said...

Amanda, she is so precious! I too can hardly believe it's been (almost) 3 months since Addison was born. We brought back a Bumbo seat, I didn't have one with the other girls so I'm looking forward to using it this time around. I also bought some major bows for her, to which my husband was thrilled! ;)

Hope you have a wonderful day today!

Kelly said...

Annabeth is just PERFECT - just beautiful!!!!!

ThirtysomethingMom said...

I am so laughing about the goldfish!!

What a special update. You have a wonderful way with words.

Have a blessed LORD's day.

Heather said...

I am cracking up at the goldfish stuck up his nose! Hilarious and such boy! You write the sweetest posts, I just love reading them! Annabeth looks adorable in all the pics, growing so fast. You can be "cool" and say Jackson looks wicked. Andrew came home and said that the other day about something he liked and I thought my head was going to spin around. Seriously I thought? The things they learn.

Sharon said...

Oh Amanda,

I love that picture of Annabeth with her pink bear... :-) Also, you are so funny!! Yes, please let us know when Melissa gets home.

Much love,
Sharon, NC

Marc and Charity said...

I actually have some pics I was going to post this week of her in her bows. I've gotten comments like, "What a lovely ribbon on her head" and "Wow, that must be from America" and "That is some bow you have there"

And then I've gotten a few blank stares. Hehehe. It's not common here that's for sure. I've not ever seen a baby here with bows or hats like that I don't think. It's not like we need another reason to stand out, which is why my husband just rolled his eyes when I bought them! :)

Heather said...

I love, love, love this post! I am three (or less) weeks away from becoming the mom of a son AND a daughter...and so many of my prayers are for my almost 4-year-old son. I just know the first few weeks, which are hard on everybody, are going to be hard on him and I want to not be easily frustrated and short with him. I can tell it is going to be hard, though, because I am already starting to be that way a little. Just less patience and constantly telling him "Don't touch that" etc. about the baby stuff.
Please pray for will know specific things to pray since you just went through this. And if you have any great advice or encouragement...come tell me at my blog!
Thanks, Amanda!

Mocha with Linda said...

I can't believe it's been 3 months already! Isn't it funny how the days can creep and the months fly!

The goldfish incident is hilarious! Blogs are great for recording stuff like that. I could never make myself take the time to write stuff down 'cause it took too long - wish blogs had been around back when my kids were little!

Lynn said...

Is Jackson all boy or WHAT!
And Ms Annabeth is getting cuter by the minute!

Thanks for the glimpse into the sweetness of your children.

Indeed, children are a gift from the Lord.

Sister Lynn

Boonies in the Boonies said...

The things you learn from other bloggers ... I'm scared my 2 year old is about to experimenting with sticking things up her nose, so I'm glad to know at least one trick to get things out!! Thanks for a giggle!
They are just too precious, Amanda!

Maggie said...

What a neat post. My little guy is three months old today too and I'm having a hard time believing it! The time as gone by so fast. You have such a sweet little family.

R said...

oh, if i had a dime for every time i've prayed "Lord, please don't let my children remember me acting this way!"...

i'm sure my hormonal outbursts are going to send them to therapy one day...

Momma 2...5 said...

That is so funny. That is something my 3 year old would do!!! Boys will be boys!

Bobbie said...

You're an awesome mom! What a fun recap of both kiddos. They've both really grown in the last three months. Annabeth looks alot like Jackson did when you first started posting pics of him.

The goldfish brings back a flood of memories with our daughter and son. They're 27 months apart (both grown now) so I was ready for about anything by the time he arrived! We're still learning about things she taught him. I'm not sure I would've tho't it was fun at the time, but I just laugh now!

I wish I had journaled as thoroughly for them as you are. It will mean the world to them later. I do love having one of each, they are SO different and very special in their own lives.

annalee said...

happy three months little miss!
i can't fully imagine what it is like to go from one to two, but when the day comes for us i will remember your honest stories and remember it's okay! i know how blessed jackson and annabeth are to have you for their mom!

Yolanda said...

That is gross, a few months ago my 4 year old granddaughter told her Mommy after pre-school that she had put a toy up her nose at school. Come to find out, she really had! The next morning she had emergency surgery for having unrolled a barbie dolls arm or let (I can't remember which but the rubber) then she rolled it up right and stuck it up her nose.

Thank goodness that Abigail told her Mommy.

Love to you,

Moose Mama said...

Yeah, the nose blowing thing is a definite happy milestone....with or without the goldfish crackers.

I'm happy for you and your little family. Life is good. God is good!


MELISSA said...

this is one of my favorite posts of yours.

and the goldfish deal cracked me up.

Lauren said...

EW! A goldfish in the nose?! That is so gross!

My gosh, it'll happen to me like tomorrow now that I said that.


JottinMama said...

Reading all of your posts over the last few months has been so encouraging to me :) We have an almost 3 year old boy and a baby girl due this summer. Throughout my pregnancy, I have worried and fretted over how things are going to change, etc... And reading about your experiences really helps me out. Thanks so much for sharing!

Sweet Blessings,
Kate :)

bethany said...

Annabeth is getting so big...I think that she looks like you!
And Jackson's little! Glad that you got that taken care of!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I was thinking about this post today when I was at the park with my 15-month-old.

Last year at this time, she was just starting to smile, just becoming aware. And now she's zooming all over the playground, going down the slide by herself, picking dandelions and eating wood chips. (Better than Goldfish up the nose, though. I think.)

It happens to fast. Every day with our kids is immeasurably beautiful.

Jen said...

so sweet! and we have the same skip-hop gym thingy :) don't you just love those colors? we too dangled some links down so baby girl would have something to touch!



katiegfromtennessee said...

This post is strangely fascinating, I think that you know a whole bunch about your kids that other people just don't notice, it's neat, Little Momma:)...I've heard after pregnancy hormones can be hard to deal with, bless your heart! The gold fish incident is too funny:) It ended well:)

Bless you girl! ((HUGS)) and love in HIM,


One More Equals Four said...

I'm sure it won't help a lot but my 11 year old son stuck a googly eye up his nose not too long ago...something about boys and their noses!

CJ said...

Oh my, Little Jackson, You are going to give your momma a run for her money...aren't ya?

Happy three months little miss Annabeth!!! You are as beautiful as ever!!!

Marla Taviano said...

My girls are so forgiving of me. I'm sooo thankful!

Happy 3-month birthday, Annabeth Girl! You little doll! said...

That's hilarious! Such a boy - at least it wasn't a marble :)

Profbaugh said...

Oh my! The goldfish incident is just one of many to come. About same age my daughter put an earring in her ear (she didn't have pierced ears), while my mom and dad were babysitting. My hubby and I were at my university function hearing Gloria Steinam speak. She spoke alright. . . our names to meet the police who sent us to the hospital where my daughter was having the earring removed from her ear! It was all quite dramatic. Ah the memories. You've got to treasure every stinkin' moment. Enjoy. . goldfish and all!!

Much love,

Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous! said...

I still just love, love, love her name. Any name that requires multiple syllables to pronounce is a winner in my book!

Also, I've been thinking this lately but I never remember to say it when I'm commenting so, whilst I'm remembering and commenting: I'm glad you post often. I get excited when I see you in my Bloglines. :)

Toknowhim said...

Been following your blog for awhile now...You have done such a good job keeping track of the milestones of your children...

I can see Annabeth looks a little like Jackson in today's pictures :)

So glad your family is doing well...

Kari said...

I love the goldfish booger story!! Oh, the joy of boys!!

Honea Household said...

A goldfish? Oh dear! A good friend of mine's son had to have surgery (yes, surgery!) to get a bead he put up his nose at school. The doctors taught her a trick though in case he ever does it again (and they tried this on him, but it didn't work unfortunately - it was way up there!).

But here's what you do: Whichever nostril the thing is in, pinch the OTHER one closed tight with your finger and blow in his mouth. It's what her doctor told her to do and said it should work everytime unless they have sniffed it up too high.

barbara head said...

That little girl is just adorable. And as for the "cracker up the nose" just be thankful that's all it was. Beats having to go to the emergency room for minor surgery for a "lego" or a "hard bean" or a "tiny wheel off a car". Thank you, Jesus, for small blessings!

Taylor said...

How funny about the goldfish! Boys will be boys!!

Happy 3 month to Miss Annabeth! She is just too precious and really looks like her big bubba!!

Cindy- My Life HIS Story said...

I am so proud of you. I know you don't care that I am proud of you, but I am. What a precious memory log of what your children are like. Jackson will likely love to hear stories about himself forever and now you will have to remember what to tell him!!!

Please hear me on this...I am one who has always said that the terrible two's are followed by the thunderin' three's, but one of the reason that is so true is because of the explosion of language at that age...truly physiological development explosion. It is also one of the things that makes it absolutely one of my favorite times in the growth of my children!

Blessings on you and that sweet family of yours!!!

Cindy- My Life HIS Story said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Traci said...

Annabeth's outfit is ADORABLE and Jackson's goldfish story is hilarious. Hope all is well- can't wait to hear about Jackson's Disney adventures!

Ashton said...

what a darling post, Amanda,


Tara said...

Hi Amamda! I have posted a few time on here...I love following you and your sweet family. Annabeth looks SO much like Jackson...Too cute!

I had a question for you...Do you think you could post some of the tips you have learned or how you are discipling Jackson? I am like at my wits end. My son just turned 2 and it's like I can't even go to the grocery store without a battle. I am having such a hard time and feel like a horrible mother. I know you were struggling with discipline and I didn't know if there were some things that really helped.

Thanks so much! God bless you sweet family! And I absolutely loved Melissa's posts from India. Oh to be able to go one day would be amazing!

Sunni-Nichole' said...

Cracking up at the goldfish story! Such a little boy.

I thought of you yesterday... my little girl got all three Wonder Pets for her birthday. We had to take them on a walk to 'rescue' the dog across the street.

Stephanie said...

She is so beautiful!

I don't think I have ever commented on your blog before, but I have been reading it for awhile.

I am taking some time today to go on a little blog tour and making sure to tell people how much I love reading their blogs. SO - Thanks for your blog! Love it!

Emily said...

Those kids are too cute. They really do look so much alike! Don't you just love having a little girl. We play dress-up and take pictures all the time.

My daughter stuck some sort of seed or kernel in her nose on a FRIDAY at 5 pm. She also couldn't blow her nose...she'd breathe IN and not OUT. I was so scared that she'd get it stuck in her sinus cavities that I took her to the God-forsaken ER. FOUR HOURS later and $85 poorer, the P.E. got it out. My son did the same thing a little while later, but thankfully Mama wised up and was able to get it out. Ugh. Kids.

sbaby58 said...

She reminds me of my Emily when she was a baby! Sweet, sweet memories! Who knows, maybe they'll look alike as's possible since they're cousins!

sbaby58 said...

Reminds me of my sweet Emily! Maybe they'll look alike as adults!

Spicy Magnolia said...

Happy 3 month birthday, Annabeth! What special memories about her day of birth. :) I am so excited to hear about Jackson and what he's been learning lately...even if it's sticking goldfish up his nose. That is gross. ;) Just think about all the fun things he's going to teach his little sister! Hope your Monday is going well.

Tonya said...

OMG!!! I am laughing so hard about the goldfish! Aren't boys so fun! ;)

Fran said...

So precious Amanda...goldfish in the news and the whole 9 yards! :)

I'm so glad y'all are doing ok.
The pix are simply too cute.

Praying for your sister and team as they get back to "normal." But, do we really wanna be normal again? Looking for a new normal.


melanie said...

i loved this post! happy 3 months to sweet annabeth, i see she has mastered the bumbo seat, a huge accomplishment! i am humbled reading your sister's story on the LPM blog, especially the part about the family of 5 in their shack. very timely for me, as we try to find our future home. we take so much for granted.

shalana said...

Oh my goodness! We had a similar incident with our 3 yo little boy a few months back. Only he stuck a small piece of metal up his nose and we ended up in the ER to get it out! Boys! Love your posts about their personalities and how much they are growing!

Annie said...

Annabeth is a doll baby, as usual! Love the outfit she's wearing in the last pictures... so cute!
As for Jackson and the goldfish up his nose... thats just hilarious. He seems like a kid full of personality!!!! :) I think you're going to have your hands full for quite some time! ha...

AKat said...

So sweet! (And poor Jackson! I hope this will not keep him away from goldfish crackers in the future. That would be tragic!)

Kiki@Seagulls in the Parking Lot said...

Love her outfit!

So glad the goldfish came out. And you did it without reinforcements!

Georgia Jan said...

Amanda - that was absolutely the sweetest post ever. Jackson and Annabeth will treasure these special notes about each of them.

I love 3 year-old boys and waking up with that dry pull-up is a MILESTONE! Girl, you are THERE!

My oldest was also high-energy and I decided a long time ago that I would rather have a son that I needed to "reign in for Jesus" that one I had to light a fire under! Pray that God will allow Jackson to use that energy for His Glory!

You're a delight!
Much Love -

screamofcontinuousness said...

I am SO glad I have a baby girl. please God let her stay girly!

goldfish up noses...ick!!!!

willblogforshoes said...

Hey, Wog is putting pee pee & poop into all the songs he knows, too. Nothing ruins "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" quite like "poop". Unfortunately, I've yet to scrounge up the will to hold in my laughter. :(

Three months is such a special milestone. They really seem to come into their own personality. Bug's a couple of days away from nine months now and she is so sassy. She's going to be my "goldfish in the nose" child. Once she figures out she can put things up there, that is. Right now, it's her mouth. I'm fishing random things out of her mouth several times a day!

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

LOVE the goldfish footer story :)

I had to smile at this whole post as we are in a similar time. Bubbalu is 2 and Lil Chick is just about 5 months. Isn't it fun to have a girl?!

Bubbalu's been quite a challenge lately, whining crying and being ornery. We will hope that age three is better!

Kim Evans Pigue said...

When I heard the goldfish story, I had just taken a big gulp of diet coke, needless to say it went everywhere!!! Love the true life stories our children provide!!!

♥..Kim said...

AW, She is so BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for following my Blog I really appreciate it! I will try keeping up with your blog. Thanks

Amy said...

You give me hope that my child will sleep through the night. Like Jackson, he stopped when he was about 3 months old. I'm still breast feeding, but maybe when I wean him he will sleep through the night. Thanks for the encouragment!