Friday, February 05, 2010

Annabeth is One!

I'm having one of those mornings. Annabeth is determined not to take a nap for the second day in a row. I forgot that the pest control man was coming this morning and when he arrived, we were all in our pajamas and the house was a mess. We still have all the party decorations up and it must have looked like a freak show. Jackson and I both woke up feeling very strong-willed. Earlier I told him to go play with his trains and he looked at me and yelled "FINE!" Is there a space in the baby book for that?

Thankfully, today is no reflection on how wonderful Annabeth's birthday was!

As I was driving to the church for Bible study on Tuesday afternoon, I passed my OB's office and realized that at that exact moment a year ago, I was getting the news that I was in the early stages of labor and that my baby would be coming soon. That was such a great moment to relive. I had been so happily shocked.

I came home from Bible study pretty late and began getting the house set up for Annabeth's party. Right after midnight I went up to her room and plucked the sleeping princess out of her crib. We spent the next few minutes snuggling in her soft pink rocking chair as I whispered my happy birthday wishes. She slept right through it.

The next morning, Curtis, Jackson and I went into Annabeth's room together to get her up for the day. Jackson ran in and yelled, "It's your birfday, Annabeff! It's your birfday!" He was so excited for her. We sang and clapped and she loved it.

Then we took some quick pictures with the Big Pink Bear. I was still half asleep and didn't notice that her shirt was wonky. My bad.

I told her to give the bear a kiss.

Twelve months later, she gets out of the chair herself. It's boggles my mind how much they change in a year!

The rest of the morning was spent getting ready for her little party. All of Annabeth's LPM aunties were coming over at noon to celebrate with us. In hindsight, I should have cooked the night before, but I was too tired after Bible study. Mom and Nancy came over early to help. I would not have been ready on time if they hadn't come! In the midst of the pre-party choas, Nancy asked me what time Annabeth was born. I answered 11:38 and looked at my watch. Unbelievably, it was 11:38 right at that moment! We all stopped and I got to give Annabeth some kisses and take it in.

"The Village," as we like to call ourselves, arrived at noon and the fun began. We had enchiladas and a great salad that my mom made. I served sparkling blackberry and sparkling pomegranate Izze's because they went with my color scheme. Then we had birthday cake and frozen cappuccino punch and opened presents. I'll let the pictures fill in the rest of the details.

Memaw brought a present for the big brother, too. So thoughtful!

Annabeth with Auntie Nancy. This was before she rejected her bow.

Memaw, me, Mom, and Annabeth - four generations of "Moore" girls.

Mom making her salad.

Very little evidence exists that I know how to use my oven, but here you go.

Auntie Kimberly McMahon/KMac helping me with the punch.

My grandma let me borrow her beautiful punch bowl and that gave me so much joy.

I imagined this looking cuter. The water bottles ruined it.

Auntie Kimberly Meyer showing the candy bracelet napkin rings.

Curtis and I simultaneously spilled our red drinks all over the table cloth. I nearly died but it just beaded up instead of soaking in! We just wiped it away! Is that not crazy?

My handsome man.

Kristy, KMac, Jenn, and Michelle.

Linda, Sabrina, Susan, Memaw, Nancy, and Kimberly

Annabeth with Auntie Sabrina

Second only to the guest of honor - the cake!

Bring it on, people!

Contrary to how this looks, she could not reach the candle.

Annabeth loves to throw her head back.

Warming up to it.

Meanwhile, Jackson was downing a piece.

Mom and Nancy did such a good job slicing it. The first few pieces were as big as our heads, but at least they were generous.

I put a photo book of Annabeth's first year in my office for everyone to see. Curtis gave it to me for Christmas.

Icing's pretty good, y'all!

Making very good progress on the smash cake.

The invitation specifically said, "No gifts please," but do you think anyone listened? I told them they were lucky they didn't have to sit on the time out step. Annabeth was blessed with some adorable spring outfits from her aunties and a few little toys, which we will definitely enjoy.

She was very interested in what she was getting.

Annabeth wanted to share some cake with KMac.

Auntie Michelle, Mom, Nancy, and AB.

Playing with some new toys after the party was over.

These are the beautiful roses that Aunt Melissa and Uncle Colin sent. Her dress was actually their Christmas present to her. We missed them but they were with us in presents if not presence!

These things were so fun! I would have left them up for days but they started falling down that night.

I'm not sure we'll ever be able to eat all of these.

The perfect use for a silver bowl, don't you think?

These little pennants came with the banners that I ordered from Love September.

The banners say, "Happy Birthday Annabeth." I love them and plan on hanging them up every year.

This was right before the birthday nap. She had a hard time falling asleep after all that sugar.

The night before her first birthday I finally got the nursery like I wanted it. So here are some pictures.

Mandy Moody made the adorable canvas letters. (She can be reached at

Happy birthday, sweet Annabeth! The last twelve months have been amazing. I love you so much!

Frozen Cappuccino Punch
(Thank you Annalee!)

1/2 C sugar
1/4 C instant coffee granules
1 C boiling water
8 C milk
1 qt vanilla ice cream, softened
1 qt chocolate ice cream, softened

In a small bowl, combine the sugar and coffee. Stir in boiling water until dissolved. Cover and refrigerate until chilled. Just before serving, pour coffee mixture into a 1 gallon punch bowl. Stir in milk. Add scoops of ice cream. Stir until melted.


joy in the journey said...

What a special day! Thanks for giving us a glimpse :) Have a relaxing weekend...(i think the mama deserves a party after throwin such a splendid one for her sweet girl :)
... & how happy i was to see the recipe at the end...yum!!!

MEGAN said...

Happy Birthday! She sure is a pretty little 1 year old! Love her anthro dress. I saw it in a store and oohed and ahhed at it myself! I love that her big brother was so jazzed about his sister's birthday.

Good Stewarts said...

Looks like tons of fun!!

Patty said...

So sweet! Amanda, you did good! I loved your decorations. The food, punch, drinks all looked good!

Happy Birthday Annabeth!!

Exum Family said...

What a special and perfect birthday day with your daughter. I think it is wonderful that you got to share the day with people who love you and your family so much. You did a wonderful job of making her first birthday really special. I love all of the photos, especially the sentimental ones - waking her up, you and her before her nap in the pink chair... I hope you know what an incredible heart the Lord has placed in you. You seem to be an amazing woman, daughter, sister, wife, mother, coworker and mentor. Honestly, I don't know how you have time to do all that you do. You do a fabulous job with both blogs. That's a lot of work in and of itself for a mom with little ones. Then, add on top of that all of the comments you have to read. Good grief! There are always so many. Sorry to add one more! :)

Jen said...

Amanda, I love the pictures of y'all waking Annabeth up... what a precious moment. The party looked spectacular, you have a beautiful home!

Also, I loved seeing Linds' pics of y'all welcoming Ronel home. I'm so lucky to have a best friend who texted me pictures throughout the evening. You looked beautiful, by the way.

Hope y'all have a great weekend!!

The Silva's said...

Amanda, she is beautiful!! Wow, she is one!!! Happy Birthday Annabeth!!!!!

Shelli @ Hopefully Devoted said...

This is so sweet. Annabeth is adorable! I can't believe how much she has grown next to her pink bear. Congratulations, Momma of a 1-year old!

Marc and Charity said...

Love this! Looks like a fab day! Forgive me for being so in love with your giant fork,spoon and knife. Addison's first birthday is in a few days and I have not planned/done one thing!!!!

Michelle V said...

Happy Birthday Annabeth! It's so sweet to see her loving the pink teddy bear instead of crying! :)

AKat said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Annabeth!
Amanda, everything seriously looks wonderful. I can tell Annabeth's mama put serious thought and love into making it a perfectly splendid first birthday extravaganza.
I love, love that banner...what a fun idea. (I'll check out Love, September.)
The birthday outfit is PRECIOUS. The nursery, beautiful.
And Neil sends his babbling, drooly Happy Birthday wishes to Annabeth.

HisTreasuredPossession said...

Everything is beautiful!! That cake looks a-stinkin'-mazing. Yum!

I love AB's outfit ~ very nice taste Aunt Melissa!! And You and AB's pictures together are perfect =)

Enjoy a blessed 2nd year Annabeth! You are very well loved, and especially by your Father!

bethany said...

That little dress Annabeth has on is adorable!! Isn't it amazing how quickly babies start doing things on their own? It's nice, but sad at the same time.
And the banner really did match those poms!! :)

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

That's just too much cuteness for one post. Happy Bday, AB!

Big Mama said...

Love it all. Happy Birthday, sweet Annabeth.

Heather said...

Happy, HAPPY birthday sweet Annabeth!!! Love her birthday dress and seeing all these sweet pictures. It is so fun for me to read your blog and know that Avery Kate and I are just a couple months behind you and AB. I love all your decorations and the nursery looks great! (Glad you finally got some letters after your fiasco!) I think Annabeth totally looks like Jackson, too! :) Enjoy the weekend!

Jess said...

She is way too cute. I can't believe they are one already.. It feels like it went so fast...

Erica said...

That looks like an absolutely perfect way to celebrate a special 1 year old! Everything looked beautiful~~I loved your color scheme!
We love that punch, too!
Happy memories!

Lauren said...

Yay! So fun! You made it such a special day. Love all the pictures. You'll look back on those in years to come and love them so much.

Kelly said...

What a perfect party for a perfect girl! She is adorable!

The Barfuss Family said...

What a great day! Can I hire you to plan Ellison's party? :)

Spicy Magnolia said...

Happy First Birthday, Annabeth!! What a special party for a priceless little girl. You did great putting everything together, Amanda. It looks so pretty and festive.

We put "no gifts please" on our invitation too, but no one listened. I think you're onto something though; next year, we should put "no gifts please, or you will go in time out" on the invitations. That would be kinda funny. :)

Alexis said...

She looks like she had fun!!!! She is so yummy!!!! :)

The Reardon's said...

Love love LOVE the photo's! She looks like you! And I always say this, but man, jackson looks exactly like curt! I'm having eden's 3rd birthday party next weekend... I'm stumped on what to serve the adults. How did the enchiladas go over? Do you have a special recipe?

creative gal said...

Beautiful party, great job on the nursery! :) Happy Birthday!!

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Happy Birthday sweet baby!!! And Happy Birthday girlmomma!!

I remember last year on Tues night your mom just seemed kinda - weird. Very tired and very hyper and really silly, sillier than usual. I remember thinking, I wonder why she is so tired but in such a good mood, hmmm...and sure enough, there went a picture of a precious little baby girl up on the big screen!!

k and c's mom said...

Happy Birthday, Annabeth.
(Apparently, you have have a lot of Bloggie Aunties, too!)

Angela said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! I can't believe it has already been a year. We will be having Ava's party soon~kind of sad! ;-(

The party was perfect! Love the decorations and the banners! Have a great weekend!

KK said...

Happy Birthday to a beautiful little girl! Precious pictures. Thanks for sharing her big day with your readers.
Blessings today and always,
Matthew 21:22

Holly said...

Beautiful! I love the fluffy things hanging in the kitchen!! Your home is beautiful, Amanda. Very homey and elegant.

Happy birthday to Annabeth--almost typed Annabest :) This second year is my absolute favorite age whole they are still pre-schoolers.

petrii said...


I was wondering if that was Kimberly Meyer of the famous Kimberly Meyer Banana Pudding? I may be wrong about this, but I was just wondering. It is amazing pudding!!

Have a Blessed evening,

The B's said...

LOVE the PARTY PICS!!!! I want your moms recipe for the salad!!! Happy Birthday Annabeth!!!

shana said...

Happy 1st birthday to your sweet, sweet girl! Pomegranate Izzy sounds splendid right about now. Nice choice. Blessings on you, your family and your new 1-year-old.

annalee said...

oooooh, i am squealing with delight for her party! such great details momma. her party dress is so festive and cute. the decor is fabulous. the smiles say it all!
ps- glad you enjoyed the punch!

Tabaitha Kaye said...

Happy Birthday Annabeth! She is so cute and I loved the party decor.

Leslie said...

So fun. Makes me want to start planning my little one's first birthday party. My son also throws his head back like that. I thought it was because his daddy likes to hold him upside down sometimes (which just about gives me a heart attack), but maybe not. Maybe it's just a baby thing.

courtney said...

so fun! i lerve all those lpm aunties too. happy birthday cutie!

Heather said...

Happy 1st birthday Annabeth!! What a great party. Love the decorations. Look at all that dark hair she has! You look beautiful in every picture friend! Glad the party was a success!! Many blessings to Annabeth this year!

Emily said...

Awesome!! Happy 1st birthday, beautiful Annabeth! :)

Maggie said...

How wonderful! Happy Bday to your beautiful little girl. Little J turned one on Wednesday also. We are celebrating with a party tomorrow. I'm so excited! Isn't it crazy how fast this year went?! God bless!

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday sweet Annabeth! It looks like you all had a great time. It truly is amazing how much they change in a year. My baby girl just celebrated her 2nd birthday last week and the difference from just a year ago is incredible!

Cheryl said...

Such a sweet celebration! I love coffee punch
And just yesyerday, my 3 yr. old boy looked at me and said, "FINE!" What's up with that?!? 3 going on 13!

Alison said...

What a darling party! I love, love, love her dress and all of the little details. You are so creative, Amanda! The candy bracelet napkin rings are genius!

Lynette said...

Happy Birthday Annabeth. My baby girl was born Feb 10th last year and I remember reading about Annabeth being born and feeling a little jealous! I was so ready to have my baby! It has been so fun to read Annabeth this last year!
Looks like a great party and her room is absolutely beautiful!!!

Christy said...

Looks like she had a beautiful and wonderful 1st birthday. It goes by so very quickly.

Lauren said...

Hey! I just noticed Jackson's truck pajamas! Noah has the same ones.

Sherry said...

Happy Birthday to Annabeth! I can't believe she is already one. I feel like it was yesterday when you were talking about being a VVPG. The decorations were too cute and I just LOVED the pictures of y'all waking her up. She is adorable!

Marla Taviano said...

Happy Birthday, beautiful Annabeth!!

You did an AMAZING job, Amanda! LOVE it ALL!

I'm so thrilled to have met so many of the fabulous women (and 2 dudes) in the pictures.

Amber Cessac said...

Happy Birthday sweet Annabeth!

Vicki said...

If only everyone loved and treasured their children like you do.

Nicole said...

Precious! What a fun party and beautiful little one year old! Cant believe how "small" Big Pink Bear is getting! :)

Great pics the one of you holding her standing up by the cake and so fun to see all the sweet LPM staff ladies from our SMT celebration. I am sure they are amazing aunts!

Kirsten said...

Aww, her birthday party looks so cute!

barbara head said...

Time sure does pass fast!!! She is so beautiful. Love the pics!

Finewineanddiapers said...

My son turns one next week! I am planning his party now! Love all the pictures. Its such an exciting time :)

Becca said...

What a precious party! I love the idea of a girlie lunch for a girlie girl! Darling!

Kristen said...

What a fun celebration for an adorable little one year old!

Kristen said...

So Fun! Nothing like a first "birfday"! Thanks for sharing the pictures and stories. Makes me wish mine were still babies. I have a recipe for the coffee punch too. Yummy!

Lindsee said...

Everything about her party looked absolutely precious and perfect. You did such a good job planning and matching everything! Annabeth is one very blessed little girl to have so many Aunties that love her to pieces. What a joy! Happy (late) Birthday, Annabeth!

Kelli said...

What a PRECIOUS first birthday!! Annabeth may your second year be as blessed as the first!

This is the second party I have seen the tissue paper pompoms... I have such a fun idea brewing for C's birthday! I LOVE them! Did you make them? I have a friend who is going to give me a tutorial!

Rebecca said...

Thank you sharing all the pictures!! first birthday are so, so special - i have to say, the picture of you making the punch with the large utensils hanging on the wall made me think of an Everybody Loves Raymond episode where frank and marie fought for years over large utensils :)

thanks again!
happy birthday annabeth

Allison Talamantez said...

Happy Birthday Annabeth! Everything was precious and I should certainly comment on something else, but I love, love, love the huge cutlery on your kitchen wall....amazing!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I cannot believe Annabeth is one. And if it feels that way to me, how much more it must feel that way to you.

Thanks for sharing all the sweet pictures of her big celebration. And her finished nursery! Oh my word. I could swoon.

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Very cute party day!! Love all the colors! Are those tissue-paper flowers hanging from the ceiling?? My mom used to make those things when I was a kid. They are precious hanging up like that for a girly b-day party! Y'all look like you had a great time! And I'll have to look into those sparkling drinks. They sound fabulous.

Janelle said...

Looks like such a sweet party. She is precious. I can't believe she is one. I love all the decorations. You did a great job!!

Sarah said...

I can't believe she's already one! Her party looks so pretty, and she is just such a cutie!! I'm praying your second year with her is even better than the first! Sarah

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

So cute! Happy Birthday, Annabeth! We love you!

You, Clara, Playdate, Soon.