Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Little More About Curt's Devo Journal

Hello, peeps. Thanks for your fun comments for Curtis! Yesterday felt like such a huge day for us. He went to work on that devotional journal the first week he started at LPM. I helped with the editing part, so it has both of our blood, sweat, and tears in it. For our entire marriage up to this point, I found a lot of joy and fulfillment serving alongside my husband and being his sidekick in ministry. When we decided to move, I wondered how this new position would change things for us in that respect. Well, isn't it interesting that God had this project for us first thing? I honestly tried very hard to get out of it because I didn't see how editing my husband's work would edify our marriage. But the Lord! He gave us the victory of being able to work on this together and not have to go to marriage counseling because of it!

Sunni left a comment that she was going to LifeWay right away to find the devotional journal. What a sweet friend! But it made me freak out a little bit that I wasn't more clear about what this product is and what it is not. It was actually not published by our good friends at LifeWay. It was published here by Living Proof like Mom’s “Wising Up,” “Measureless Love” and numerous other CD’s. We worked closely with a professional graphic designer and had it printed by a company that LPM uses regularly for products we sell in our own resource department. In order to keep costs low and get it done in time for Father's Day, we had it done in the form of a paperback booklet. Our resource department wanted to release it first as a special offer then in several months it will be available for regular purchase. Until then, keep in mind that the donation can be anything and certainly doesn’t have to exceed an estimated cost.

From the first week I met Curtis, when we were staffing a mission trip for teenagers, I was blown away by the gifts God had given him and his passion to help others walk with God. I have been proud of him and humbled to get to spend my life with such a man at least a thousand times. But I don't think I've ever been more proud of him than I am right now. Honestly, I can't imagine feeling this any bigger than if we walked into LifeWay and saw a display of books with his name on it. Maybe I'm even more proud that it's a booklet. I know my husband is excited about the content and the hope that the men who use it will develop the habit of having a consistent quiet time. His excitement isn't from the achievement of having a book in the bookstore.

Hopefully, if God ever did have that down the road for Curtis, He will have given us hearts that only care that the bride of Christ is prepared for her Groom, not hearts that rejoice because our family has another published author. I have a huge lump in my throat right now. I just want y'all to know that we love Jesus and we really want to serve him well. Lord, let anything that is fleshly and self-glorifying melt away like wax. Let us be completely nauseated by it. Help us honor you and have pure hearts. If you ever want to know how to pray for Curtis and Amanda, that would be it.

God bless you and your family today.


Melinda said...

Just want you to know that you've got your Jesus on today...He shining right through you, so bright He's all you can see. I'd be willing to bet that Curtis is aglow, too.

Thanks for being His light in a dark and shadowy world.

Lisa said...

Amanda, you're as real as your mom. I know you want to keep this blog separate from the other, so let me just say that I will most definitely be praying the prayers you desire. This dying to self thing comes hard for me sometimes, and I know how the wants of the flesh can take over, but no matter how you break it down, this is a great and wonderful accomplishment for your husband and your family. You have every reason to be proud of him. You loved him before he was a published author, and you'll love him just as much (if not more!) now that he is, not because he is, but because he's your beloved. I know all about the overwhelming pride you feel for Curtis, because I feel it daily when I look at my own husband. I love him because he's who he is, not because of what he's accomplished, and even though my own man isn't a pastor or an author, he daily overwhelms me with his unwavering commitment to God, to our family, and to our marriage. It's a good reminder -- to me, anyway -- that Christ loves us simply because we're His... just as we love our spouses and children because they're ours (on this side of eternity, anyway).

I can't wait to get my copy of Curtis's devotional for my husband. In the meantime, keep helping me to stay humble in the shadow of our Lord's great glory, and reminding me that all that we women do, whether it's fixing an pb&j, folding laundry, getting groceries, or helping and supporting our husbands and children, should be done to His glory.

Bless you, Amanda. I just love this blog!

Heather said...

I'm looking forward to giving this to my hubby for Fathers day. He is a man of the Word already but I know he will enjoy reading this from another father his age and digging in to what God will show him through Curtis' words.

Heather said...

We are so excited for you guys. I can't wait to get one for Todd.

Kathleen in TX said...

I was excited to see that he wrote a devotional for men! It like it'll be really good. So that was the deadline you were working on, glad you were able to get it finished!

su said...

I loved your prayer request at the end. And I'm so pleased for you both that your hearts are so full of love for His people that you did this for us. What a cool thing!

Do you think that we would also be blessed by his devo if we peeked?!!

Holly said...

So very glad to pray for you all.

I told Chris about it last night and he is excited to get his hands on it (I never was very good with surprises, so I told him before Father's Day.)

I sent you a cookbook question--did you get it? It's about getting permission to use recipes on the LPM blog and from you, Melissa and your Mom. Just let me know!


Kelly @ Love Well said...

I don't know if you read "Stuff Christians Like," Amanda, but he had a great post the other day about our physical reaction to sin. It's a humorous take, but I know he's also dead serious.

For the record, I love that you have the "want to" to keep your eyes on Jesus. May it always be so.

Kelly said...

I know you are humble and have a pure heart for Jesus......and I love that about ya'll.........but you should still be SOO proud!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Heaveanly Father -

How I praise You and thank You for your servants, Curtis and Amanda. They love You so much, Lord, and want to bring glory to Your name. And it shows. Father, I pray that You continue to purify their hearts toward You. I also pray that You continue to bestow many blessings on them and their family; as they have blessed our lives so incredibly. You are so awesome, Dear Lord! We love You so much!!

In Jesus name. Amen.

Thank you Curtis and Amanda!!

Much love,
Sharon, NC

The Silva's said...

Beautifully written!! IT is such a joy to read your blog and hear such honesty!
Thank you,

boomama said...

Love your heart. A million times.

HisTreasuredPossession said...

Amanda, I love your heart and your passion for Christ! Let it all be as she prayed, Lord Jesus! Can't wait to get my copy (or rather, my man's copy!)

Sam McClure said...

Amanda~I love you so! I know that you have worked so hard and your humility is always such a blessing. I know the Lord is so proud of both of you!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you have such a beautiful heart! It will be an honor to pray for you and your husband--and I will pray specifically what you've requested. I'm so thankful to God for you and your precious family.

Kimberly said...

What a blessing that God used you both on this and that you got to work right along side your hubby. I also work with my husband and feel blessed to do it. He's not much of a handy man around the house, but when I watch him at work I am just awed at how gifted he is as an administrator. He is using God's gifts and I'm so proud of him. I guess I said all that to say, I know how you feel. It's a blessing to be married to a Godly man. :o)

Linda Vujnov said...

"We lose the approval of God when we seek the applause of men." I love that quote. God will honor your humility!

Becoming Me said...

This is all so wonderful, Amanda. So exciting to see Gods working in this way. I made my devotion for the journal today.

Gathered Chick said...

Very neat post today, Amanda. Thanks for sharing your heart and for pointing us to Jesus.
~ Heidi

Gina said...

Girlfriend, your hope is your reality. You two are down right honest and believable and nothing beside. We are happy for you and love you. Love, Gina

Krystal said...

You are an amazing wife! Curt is blessed to have such a humble sidekick!!! Bless you sister for your open spirit! Love you!

Angie said...

What a sweet and humble post, Amanda! I didn't comment yesterday but am so eager to order this for my hubs for Father's Day. In fact, I had to keep the screen hidden from him yesterday and today because he kept walking in each time I'd have it up! I can imagine how proud you must be of Curtis!

And coming from a wife who frequently edits her husband's papers, letter, brochures... whatever... I'm glad it was a positive experience for you!!! :)

Randi said...

You are such an amazing wife to your husband and such a Godly woman. I'm so thankful to be able to read your posts.

Jenna said...

This is just so amazing. Ya'll's hearts are so evident just in what you have shared here. I just know so many people will benefit from the hard work and love put into this devotional book. I

know you are just busting at the seams with pride! The good kind of pride that comes after God uses you as a vessell to touch SO many people. LOVE it. Congrats and thanks!!

Toknowhim said...

Your prayer for you and Curtis is the same one I want for my family too... Blessings sweet sister :)

Fran said...

You know what?? I prayed that just this morning as I went out for my walk.

Hugs and blessings friend. You are both the real deal and you are beautiful as He works through you!

love you Amanda,

Emmy said...

I love your heart... so precious... that is such a HUGE day for you all! I am so proud... and excited for you both! (I already ordered two! )

P.S. I loved the link that Kelly told you to check out... I am still laughing... so funny but also so true! I think I will add that prayer for myself... as well!

Anonymous said...

What a great thing to write. Whenever he's feeling down, remind him of this post.


katiegfromtennessee said...

"I just want y'all to know that we love Jesus and we really want to serve him well. Lord, let anything that is fleshly and self-glorifying melt away like wax. Let us be completely nauseated by it. Help us honor you and have pure hearts. If you ever want to know how to pray for Curtis and Amanda, that would be it."

Hey Amanda,

That is what I need prayer for too-I don't trust myself! The heart is deceitfully wicked, but He can purify it-I'm with you, girl! I am glad we are sisters-in-CHRIST!

Also, I loved reading your post on Jackson and his funny sayings! I have a nephew that said the funniest thing when he was little. In our family, we like to say the phrase, "I don't care who you are, that's funny!" when someone tells a story that makes us laugh, well, by nephew one day said, "I don't know who you are, that's funny!" one day, and we just cracked up laughing! We say that now instead:)


pinkmommy said...


And I think this is just what my hubby needs to get into the habit of having a daily quiet time. I am in!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Amanda, Amen. May we all be humble in the abundance of what God has given us. I pray Psalm 25:9 ‘He guides the humble in what is right and teaches them his way’ for you and Curtis. May God continue teaching your family to walk in His truth. Thank you for your heart, your transparency and your faithfulness to spread the Gospel of Jesus!
Blessings, Amy in OK

Momma 2 5 said...

How awesome!!! Thanks for sharing your man with us. I will have to get it for my man. I was just saying to my husband today that we never know how God is working and why He does things in the order He does, but if we trust Him, He works it all out for our good!

What a previledge to serve alongside our men.

Thanks for sharing!
Amanda in SC

Mommy Firecracker said...

Guess what we received from UPS today...My daughter and I can't wait to give Deepening A Father's Heart to my husband on Father's Day.

Thank you Curtis for this. Chapter 19 looks like it will be an incredible chapter!


Amy said...

Thanks for sharing, Amanda!


P.S. I've ordered my copy already.

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Praise the Lord there was no marriage counseling involved! And the end product was so worth it! Love y'all!

Jan said...

I hadn't read your blog in a few days. I was backtracking and saw your Devo header. In my menopausal state of mind, I read Bevo Journal. I wondered why on earth y'all would be writing about UT's mascot since you're an Aggie. The more I read the more I realized what a typo was going on in my head. It sounds fabulous and I love your sweet spirit.


Anonymous said...

I gave this to my husband for Father's day and he loved it! He's an English teacher and bible preacher and he said it was very well done.

As we had dinner tonight and did our tradition of asking what our favorite part of the day was he answered: Doing my devotional! My big man said he had tears in his eyes and he was drawn into God's word by Curtis! Priase the Lord!