Thursday, December 18, 2008

This is Going to Be Random

Let me start by saying that you know it's Christmas when the UPS man comes to your door at 8 p.m.

So I recently gave in to curiosity and upgraded my free sitemeter to the deluxe version. It has been tremendously entertaining. One nifty little tool it provides is a list of search terms that lead people to your blog. Here are some of my faves from today.

*babay bangs (I'm totally renaming the blog)
*romantic bunco
*bridal bangs

Love it.

So today might have been the longest day of my life. Curt woke up at 5:30 a.m. to work out and I was never able to fall back asleep after that. So I took a much hotter bath than I probably should have for like 45 minutes. Then our morning went on as usual. Jackson went to MDO for the last time until next semester. I went to the office to shop in the resource room for teacher gifts. Diane gave me the mad hookup (which means I walked away with two boxes full of stuff). Diane is my BFF. I was really hungry and hoping that the office would be stocked with goodies. It's like a feast up there during the holidays because so many people send treats. There is one particularly anticipated treat that I was hoping would be there today. I had requested that my co-workers email or text me immediately upon its arrival. Of course, you can probably guess that it's a cake. A wonderful lady started making it for us at Christmas several years ago. Oh my gosh, it is to die for. (Sorry, she doesn't give out the recipe!)

Oh, by the way, the package that just came was a smoked turkey.

At 11 a.m., Curtis and I headed to Jackson's class for his Christmas party. We quickly realized that our son has one of the biggest personalities/is one of the biggest handfuls in the class. He was the one child who talked continually and didn't hesitate to ask for more cheese, strawberries, nuggets, and cupcakes. Also, he kept telling his teachers that "This cheese is fresh!" and "These strawberries are fresh!" He was so enthusiastic about the freshness of his food that I'm sure the other adults think our kid lives on a diet of Chef Boyardee. I'll have you know that I made vegetable soup with FRESH veggies last night and he would have none of it.

After the party, Curtis and I had lunch at the dirtiest, smelliest, grossest restaurant I've been to in ages. Yuck.

Then I power shopped at the mall. I seriously bought like 9 presents in the span of an hour. I had a list that I crossed off and everything. It was amazing.

Next I headed back to LPM to take some pictures of our Christmas decorations for the other blog. That will get posted tomorrow. While I was there, my mom's dog Star managed to pee on Curtis' sermon notes. I'm thinking maybe the Lord wanted him to go in a different direction?

It was finally time to pick up the boy and head home. We spent an hour there and then we headed to Chuck E. Cheese to meet some friends. Jackson had the time of his life, as usual.

I feel like I've been awake for two days. I can't wait to go to bed. But I have one last thing to do. There is a small piece of cake sitting on the counter, wrapped with love by my co-workers and sent home to me through Super Hubs. The perfect ending to a long day!


Mandi said...

I'm not sure what peeing on sermon notes should communicate...but maybe Star was just giving Curt's sermon her blessing.(:

Enjoy a peaceful night of rest filled with dreams of yummy cake!

bethany said...

Hey Amanda...I missed your blog the last few days....problems with the internet hence why I am at Barnes and Noble checking things out!
Sounds like an event filled day for you! Glad that you had a good day...I am ready to shut this thing down and head home to a steamy mug of hot chocolate and a warm bath!
Blessings to you girl...praying for baby girl!

Kelli said...

I love that he was telling everyone that everything was fresh.... very posh of Jackson! :)

Holly said...

Sleep well, friend! I well remember those too hot baths, while pregnant. Ug. It felt good at the time, then when you get out--overheated and worn.

This made me chuckle--"my mom's dog Star managed to pee on Curtis' sermon notes." Sorry Curtis! I'm sure the sermon was wonderful!!

Thanks for praying.
I'm praying for your sleep to be restful until and after baby girl comes.

Big Mama said...

I'm so glad that baby was able to get himself some fresh cheese.

Lindsee said...

Girlfriend, you may have to tell me about the nasty place y'all ate at so I don't go there! I hate when that happens.

Sounds like a fun/busy day. I love that Jeackson thought everything was "fresh!" So funny.

Hope you get some sleep and have a great Friday!

R said...

my man was out the other night at his faculty Christmas party, and we got a delivery between 9-9:30pm! nothing will freak you out more than when you're by yourself (our girls were asleep) and someone knocks on your door!

Profbaugh said...

Oh man . . . . now I want cake!! (and it's just after midnight here). I don't think even UPS delivers this late. I've got to stop reading blogs after midnight (lol). Love the randomness of this post, Amanda.

Sweet dreams (pun intended),

Michelle said...

THat's some seriously funny stuff!! I love the part about your son telling everyone about the cheese and strawberries being "fresh!" that KILLS me!!! Thank you for the entertainment.

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Funny...we went to Ava's party yesterday too, and the teachers were telling us how no one talks...except for Ava. I bet they get an earful.

Good job on the shopping, and really good job on the veggie soup!

rachel said...

Great Star story. Don't you just love dogs?
Can totally relate to the whole biggest-personality-in-the class-thing. My oldest is 5 and though he does not go to MDO, he ALWAYS dances and prances around when his little choir sings at church and most of the time takes a bow after the rest of the kids are on their ways back to their parents. Oh, and guess who the choir leader is? ME!! Oh, well, at least he has a good chance of not being shy like I was. Merry Christmas and I sure hope you enjoyed your cake!

Anonymous said...

Too funny about the dog... I think I'd die if a dog ever peed on Stephen's sermon... The other day Sophia got a hold of it on a Sunday morning and rumpled several pages... not good planning.

Hope you got some sleep... It's funny to me how the holiday rush goes in waves... very busy and then ahhhhh...

Merry Christmas to you and yours...

lori said...

What is in your blog to connect it to romantic bunco :)

ashley said...

hahaha...that is pretty hysterical about Jackson telling everyone how "fresh" the food was. It made me laugh pretty hard. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Lina said...

It is the little memories we think we'll always remember (but will forget over time) that you will be so glad someday to have documented! I laughed out loud about your son's fresh exclamations! And then I laughed again when I read Big Mama's still laughing!

Anonymous said...

I am always amazed when people google weird things and end up on my favorites (from my stat counter) are:

Honda Pilot Prairie Dog
dog food dip in crockpot
video dancing menorah
socialism creativity
ticker pet

Praying you guys have a wonderful Christmas!

kittyhox said...

The "fresh" comments cracked me up. My son says lots of things that make me wonder what his preschool teacher thinks of us. Like, "Be QUIET!" which is what I say to our noisy pet bird, NOT my SON. Oh well. Where did Jackson pick up the concept of "fresh" food? That is so funny.

It took preschool for me to realize that my son is a little bit of an extra handful. I had nothing to compare him to before! He's definitely the most... emotional child in his class.

Alana said...

Okay, I am never allowed to complain about being pregnant and tired again! You are super mom!
By the way, we are going to PeekABaby on Saturday...I'm so excited!

Anonymous said...

Fresh Cheese... I LOVE IT!

Wanda said...

I love your life.....God is so awesome!
It's fun to hear the crazies that happen.
Thanks for sharing....I crack up!

The notes.....oh so funny! My husband hasn't had that one happen....but he has forgotten to bring them along. Hmm, was that a sign? Don't know...but it did stretch him a bit.
Love the new picture you have up.

Erica said...

Girl, you got A LOT done in a short time! Way to go! Don't you just love getting things crossed off your list?
My girls are hooked on Chuck-E-Cheese, too. They can spot that mouse from a mile away!
Take care!

ocean mommy said...

GIRL! I hope you slept well last night! What a day you've had!

And the dog pee on the sermon notes.....mercy....don't think I've ever heard that one before!!!

Erin said...

Yum Yum! Enjoy that cake!

I hope it was FRESH.

Kiki@Seagulls in the Parking Lot said...

An hour at the mall?! That is impressive.

TCKK said...

Sounds like an exhausting, fun day!

Marla Taviano said...

I like your random, Amanda. Merry Christmas!!

katiegfromtennessee said...

Little Momma!:) You did have a long day:) I'll bet ya'll get all kinds of stuff from people around the holidays:)...mmm smoked turkey sounds good:) success!...Oh my, dog pee on notes is not good:)...Yay, yummy cake for you:)


Michelle Bentham said...

Fun stuff, Mrs. Amanda. Sounds like you where traveling around Houston on a whirlwind.

Praying you are all tremendously blessed at Christmas and throughout the coming New Year. Baby girl will be here soon and that will be all new joy to share and rejoice about! How Wonderful! Blessings.