Sunday, February 08, 2009

Birth Story: Part One

I will go ahead and warn you that this is going to be the longest birth story of all time. I'm mostly writing this for myself so that I can remember every little thing. Sorry in advance for the length!

Rewind to the weekend of January 30 through February 1. We had deemed it "Jackson weekend." We wanted to do things that were fun for our little guy since his world was about to change in a big way. Plus, his birthday is coming up on the 17th and we knew it would be hard this year to celebrate like we would want to. So on Saturday we took Jackson to a Build-a-Bear store. First we let him make a stuffed animal for himself. He chose a t-rex dinosaur and he had lots of fun doing that. Then we told him he was going to make a stuffed animal for Annabeth. He picked out a koala bear and then went through the whole process of putting the heart in, stuffing it, etc. Someone had given us this idea through a blog comment. Thank you! Jackson totally understood what he was doing and was excited about it. That night, as you know, we went to Monster Jam. Between the mall and walking through the parking lot of Reliant Arena, I had to have walked at least a mile that day.

On Sunday I toyed around with the idea of not going to church. I was tired and felt very pregnant and not that cute. But I decided that it was mostly vanity that made me want to stay home and I sucked it up. I thought maybe God would bless me for going. And He did. We had a guest speaker since Pastor Gregg was in Israel and he did this amazing presentation on creation. He narrated with Scripture after Scripture (from the creation account in Genesis and all throughout the Word) while we watched the most beautiful pictures of earth and outer space on the huge screens. It was so awesome. The Lord has been showing me that I had been really self-consumed and that I had been putting my hope not in Him, but in having my baby. All I could think about was going into labor, etc. By the end of the service I was put in my place. It was a great feeling to be relieved of my self-importance.

After church we went home and all took naps. That evening I had to run into the grocery store for 5 minutes and then I went to my friend Melanie's house to meet her new baby, Laney. Mom and Dad wanted us to watch the Superbowl with them and my grandparents, but I was too spent to do anything but veg on the couch.

On Monday morning I woke up in a great mood. I was bathed and had the house in order before Jackson ever stirred. We enjoyed our breakfast at the table together and then I had a great quiet time. I told the Lord that I was putting my hope in Him that day and that I trusted Him with everything. It was beautiful and cool outside. I resolved that Jacks and I would get out and enjoy the day together. I decided to take him to a bounce house place. I invited my friend Jenn and her boys to join us. We went and had a great time. Jackson needed my help getting into some of the inflatables, so I picked him up over and over again. And I asked Jenn if she thought I'd go into labor if I got in one and bounced. Don't worry, VVPG did not get her big old self into a bounce house and jump around. But if it had been my due date, I would have done it! After that we took the kids to McDonald's. We strategically planned to go to one inside a gas station because it didn't have a playland. Smartest move ever.

After that, Jackson took a nap and I got ready for my doctor's appointment. When he woke up, I dropped the Mister off with my mom and headed to the doctor's office. I waited an abnormally long time for him to see me. I was getting more ticked by the minute because I knew I was waiting and waiting to find out that I had still not progressed. Remember that on Friday I was absolutely not dilated or effaced. Posterior is the word that was constantly used. Whatever that means.

The doctor came in to check me and I nearly fell off the table when he told me I was 3.5 cm and very favorable for labor. Holy cow. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Are you serious? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Since I was already 38 weeks and 5 days, he was not inclined to have me walking around in such a state. He felt that we would be risking infection or me not getting to the hospital in time if I remained that way for long. He felt that the safest place for my baby was in the nursery. So we planned that I would show up at the hospital at 6:00 the next morning and they would augment my labor. Meaning, they would get my contractions into a regular pattern using pitocin. He assured me that if it were his wife in this situation, this is what he would have her do. He emphasized that if we needed to go to the hospital that night, then we shouldn't wait. They wouldn't turn us away at that point. He left the room to call the hospital and I called Curtis to tell him the huge news. We were both bewildered and excited. As I left, the nurse that I had gotten so used to seeing hugged me and we said, "See you in four weeks!" She was really happy for me.

On the way to my mom's, I called my friend Michelle to say I wouldn't be riding with her to bunco that night. Then I burst in the front door of my parents' house and said, "We're having a baby tomorrow!" They were as shocked and excited as I was. I took Jackson home and Curtis and I went into a frenzy of preparation. It was hard because I wanted to have a memorable evening with our son, but there was too much to do. It was a good thing we'd already had such a fun weekend and a great day. We put him to bed and I didn't let myself get real emotional about it. For some reason he had trouble falling asleep and was still talking to himself an hour later. That never happens. Mom planned to be at our house at 5:30 the next morning to take over.

During that hour I washed my hair and Curt got us some Chick-fil-a. The doctor had said to eat a good dinner but have nothing past midnight. I only ate half a sandwich because I was so nervous. I started getting really scared that my water was going to break at any second and then my contractions were going to get unbearably painful before I could get to the hospital. When I labored with Jackson, my water broke on its own in the hospital bed and then my contractions suddenly got very bad. I had already asked for my epidural at 3 cm and I had to wait an hour before the guy arrived to do it. I guess I am still traumatized by that hour of waiting. I know I sound like a weenie. So the fact that I was already dilated past that point was really messing with me. I was having contractions as always and because of all the day's activities, there were a ton of them. I had one painful one and called my mom before it was even over to ask her to come and get Jackson. What if we needed to go that night? Thankfully, he was still awake. He was totally excited to go back to Bibby and Pappaw's house. They came to get him and everyone was happy.

We finished getting ready and got in bed as soon as we could. I was thankful that my house was already in order. The baby's room still didn't have curtains, but it was okay. When I finished doing my hair, I breathed a big sigh of relief. I got in bed and started counting contractions. They were not 100% regular, but close enough for me to obsess about whether we should be at the hospital or not. I could not make myself go to sleep. So if I couldn't sleep anyway, I thought it would be better to "not sleep" at the hospital where my baby could be monitored and my epidural was close by.

The car was already loaded; we just threw our clothes on and jumped in. Curtis and I arrived at the hospital at 2:30 a.m. When we got to the nurse's station, they told us they loved it when their scheduled patients arrived early. I'm not sure why that is, but it made me feel really good. Then, as the Lord would have it, we were paired up with the night nurse we had during our dress rehearsal on Friday night. That was such a blessing. She could not have been more wonderful. Props to Nurse Cassandra, who was with us until 7 a.m.

I'll go ahead and end here since my baby girl needs to eat and I'm sure your eyes are glazed over. Part Two to come! In the meantime, here are some pictures.

I think someone asked to see the cake from my LPM baby lunch. Is that cute or what?

Here we are at Build-a-bear. Jackson's pushing a pedal that pumped the stuffing into the t-rex's body.

Picking out the heart.

Putting the heart in his t-rex.

Presenting Mr. T-Rex.

The finished product.

As Jackson would say, "Whas in'ere?"

Annabeth's koala, made with love by her big brother.

It's debatable whether the pink baby accessories that we got for free made Annabeth's Koala look cute or so-ugly-it's-cute.

At the bounce house place.

There was no playland in the gas station Mickey D's, but there were video games. Blast!


JottinMama said...

I love this post :)

I'm only 4 months pregnant with my second - but it gets me real excited about having another one :)

Can't wait for part 2! Have a wonderful week!

Kate :)

creative gal said...

I love the cake!! Thank you for sharing your birth story!! Can't wait to read the rest. . .

Anonymous said...

part 1 was wonderful so I can't wait to ready part 2

BTW, you looked very together in the pics not at all like a laboring mom who had been up all night. I'm impressed

Amy said...

Can't wait to hear the rest!

Marc and Charity said...

I loved reading your story! I can't wait for part 2. I'm fighting jealously big time right now, as today is my due date and here I sit all VVVPG. Ugh. And thanks for the word- I'm too consumed with going into labor that I can't focus on anything else. And the worst part is that my midwife will not check me, I ask her every I have no clue if I'd made any progess!!!

Ok, I'll stop whining. Praying you are adjusting well! I love the dino Jackson made, that is so cute! And the Koala is too actually- and what a special thing for him to do for his baby sister! :)

ThirtysomethingMom said...

Thanks for sharing Part 1. Isn't it great how God gave you the same nurse?! That is wonderful of Him. You know God knew just what you needed.

Have a great Sunday.

Sarah said...

i'm gonna go with "so ugly it's cute" with the pink on the koala, but who cares!! she will love it and dress it up anyway! :)

Fran said...

This is AWESOME Amanda!! Its so much fun to relive it with you. Thank you for letting us in.

Jackson looks so big in these pix. He's just so stinkin' cute.

Think of you every single day. Praying for rest and joy.

Big hugs,

katiegfromtennessee said...

Little Momma, I do like reading all about it! Gives me and idea of what it might be like:) You did have much happen in a short amount of time. (That's funny, when the super bowl came on, I was flying from Tokyo to Chicago, and it was 8:00 somethin' am instead of pm.) Wow, the Lord is good to you to provide a great nurse, and a great doctor! And no crazy water breaking moments in public really-He is super good to you:) HE is our hope, that is so true. It's about Him, not us. Such a true thing. Love ya Little Momma, sorry for long post:)


Theresa said...

AAWWWW! I remember my babies birth so well. Especially the first night when it was just me and him. The smells, the quietness, the peace, the excitment. Two boys and the first night I spent with each of them at the hospital I will never forget...etched in my mind and heart forever. It must be the way Jesus feels about each of us...etched on the palm of his hands. Hallelujah!

Annabeth is as beautiful as her name. And what a beautiful namesake!

Enjoy her and your little fellow together. Remember one is one and two is I'm not sure where three takes us....maybe crazy and I didn't want to go there at least not by choice!

Cake is too cute!
The pictures of Jackson are too cute!
The bow is too cute!
And of course, her royal cuteness is way too cute!

Enjoy all of it!

Mocha with Linda said...

I love birth stories!! Looking forward to Part 2!!

Heather said...

I want to know how you cut that cake! It is beautiful!

Heather said...

Oh, I love hearing all the details...and like another commenter said, it makes it so much more real that I am having another one in a few months!!! You are my role model, girlie!!

Spicy Magnolia said...

Love reading your story! The Build-a-Bear outing was such a good idea and quite special. How is Jackson doing with his new, little sister? Looking forward to Part II. Happy Sunday!

Kiki@Seagulls in the Parking Lot said...

Love hearing all the details! More pics of Annabeth?!

Great idea for Build A Bear.

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Is it sad that I can't wait for Part Two?

I love me a birth story. Thanks for sharing the details, Amanda.

HisTreasuredPossession said...

what a neat story! So glad you had the doc and nurse give you some great care! Hard to find people like that sometimes. Looking forward to the next part.
much love, rachel

Holly said...

WOW--looking at Jackson's picture, I am astounded at how much he looks like our Tabor at that age, except for their eye color. They could be cousins!

I love how INTENTIONAL you and Curtis are being. No matter what the day looks like or the week, please know you are such a GREAT MOMMY!!

Praying for you with joy.

Toknowhim said...

I love hearing labor stories, so I made it through to the end with no problem... Also Jackson looks so big, and how wonderful that you and Curt got to have so much fun with him before Annabeth's arrival.

Also the cake is beautiful...will be looking forward to part 2.

Blessings, Kim

Mommy Dot Com said...

Wow! We are all so excited for you and your family. I love the baby's name. She is full of grace and exudes the favor of the Lord. She seems so alert in some of her photos.

You are doing such a fine job!


Mary said...

That cake was adorable! I'm a sucker for cake :) Sounds like you had an eventful couple days there--We are excited to hear the rest of the story when you have time and energy!

Moose Mama said...

I understand why you had to leave the story, but I wish you hadn't quit. I was hanging on every word!!! Can't wait for the rest. I bet I know how it ends. :)

The to die for!!

Melana in Wyoming

Andreea said...

Loved the pics. The cake was awesome! Thanks for sharing the details.I am looking fwd to part 2 =)

petrii said...

Okay so hangin on every word and then you stop -- whew, can't wait to hear more!!!

The build-a-rex and build-a-koala are just the cutest!! What a GREAT idea.

Have a Blessed evening,

Stephanie said...

excited to hear about part 2! and would love to hear the story behind her pretty name.



debra said...

birth stories are so beautiful and magical.

Jenna said...

Love hearing all the details!!! It's so exciting and so well written - can't wait to hear the rest!

Tara said...

I loved reading this post! Thank you for sharing all the details...I can't wait for Part 2!

And I am so glad that you went to Build-a-bear, for Jackson to make a Big Brother toy and for him to make one for Annabeth. It's such a neat tradition and it looks like Jackson had a great time. We plan on doing that with our kids too!


Marla Taviano said...

I love birth stories! Can't wait to hear the rest! Praying you're not too uncomfortable!!

The Barfuss Family said...

I still can't believe you have your baby girl at home with you! Can't wait to meet her!!!

bethany said...

I loved reading your birth story part me all into it and then it ended! Can't wait to hear the rest of it later!
Annabeth is such a cutie....and Jackson looks like he had a grand time at Build-A-Bear! The Koala is so ugly it's cute (makes it so cute that big brother picked it out for sister!)
I picked up Annabeth's boots today! Putting them into the mail to you tomorrow. Hopefully someone at LPM will bring them to you!

Audrey and Company said...

What a beautiful birth story, I can hardly wait for you to post part two. I am glad you posted a picture of the cake too. It loooks almost too beautiful to eat.

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...


I wish I'd had a blog in 1996. It's so great that you have these fabulous posts to help you remember. There are things about my kids I thought I'd never forget and dern if I haven't.

Much love to you and the family!

MITZI said...

Oh Amanda, don't worry about being boring with your birth experience. I'M NOT! I love all the detail you're giving us. I was at the edge of my seat when you stopped. Can't wait for the next installment of Annabeth's birth.

Kristin said...

Thanks for sharing this with all of us! Annabeth is so beautiful! Looking forward to the rest of the story!

Kevin and Christie said...

How exciting Amanda! We are so glad that everything went so great. I can't wait to hear about the differences between having a boy and a girl. We love you!


su said...

Absolutely loved reading Part 1. Can't wait for Part 2.

You had such good ideas for your weekend. And the cake was beautiful.

Sleep well, Mommie of 2.

sweethomealagirl said...

can't wait to hear part 2! hope y'all are settling in to life as a family of FOUR! :)

Honea Household said...

Thank you for typing it all out for us to read. I love birth stories. I've never written mine out and you made me want to do it...if I can remember them now. It's been 3 and 5 years. Makes me a little sad.

Rachel said...

Cannot wait to hear part 2!!! We need some more pictures of the princess!

Jenn said...

Amanda.. i'm not any where close to having a baby-- no groom in sight that i know of.. but i was excited as i read your birth story.. i cannot imagine what that must feel like.. to know that you are about to meet the beautiful one that God created that has been living inside of you. How awesome! She is beautiful and I am praying for you. My twin sister just had her first baby, and although i am living in nepal I was able to suprise her and go meet my little nephew when he was born. The miracle of life is amazing to me!

Terri_in_Alabama said...


Glad to hear that things went well. You were so worried that your water would break in public! Glad you didn't have to deal with that!

Jackson will appreciate one day all of the extra attention you gave him last weekend before Annabeth's entry into his world!

The build-a-bear idea was fabulous! The cake is adorable too!


Steve and Cristie said...

I loved Part 1. Can't wait for Part made me so excited I cried! I can't wait for my little one to make his debut!

Heather Kay said...

I just caught up on your recent posts. Annabeth is so beautiful!
I hope the bilirubin scare is over by now. I went through the same thing and some advice I rec'd was to let my daughter sleep in a sunny window as undressed as she could be comfortable. This really did help.
Have a wonderful day!
Heather Kay

Lauren Kelly said...

Loved reading Amanda about the events leading up to sweet Annabeth's birth. Can't wait for part 2 :o)

lavonda said...

I feel the same way Lisa does... I'd love to have all of these things written down. I'd love to have them to read from my mom if she'd have done it too.
Your little ones don't know how blessed they are -- you're doing a great thing for them!

Now back to the story! I love labor stories :)

shalana said...

Thanks for sharing this with us! can't wait to hear the rest---but get some sleep first!
The Build-A-Bear thing was such a great idea--wish I had thought of that.
Annabeth is gorgeous!

Cheryl said...

Oh Amanda, I never get tired of hearing others' birth stories!!! I can't wait to hear the rest.
I'm 30 weeks today with #4 so I'm getting real excited too!

Jennifer said...

I love reading all birth stories. I have never met a woman that didn't like to hear someone else's story.

Julianne said...

Your blog post came at the perfect time! Once I saw you had posted, I got dinner cooking, and sat down with time to read. Delish. I was totally entralled with your story when I had to laugh at myself. I don't even know you!! But I feel kind of like I do, at least a little. Birth stories makes us all sisters, don't they? Great writing - I'm totally into it. Hope you find the time and energy to write the next chapter soon. Blessings on you as you recover and adjust to this new reality - pink and perfect as it is. :)

Rebecca said...

I'm going with it's so-ugly-it's-cute! Jackson is such a good big brother. I also have to say that I love that the first thing you did when you got some alone time with baby girl is play dress up. You two are going to have so much fun with that for years to come.

Jamie said...

I"m to go in and be induced on the 24th of this month and reading your story just made me SOO excited!!! I can't wait to read the rest!

LOVE the idea about build-a-bear!! Too bad we live in the sticks and there is not one near us. :(

tiggerdaisy said...

You are just the sweetest Mommy! :) You and Curtis are showing so much intentional love for Jackson! Phenomenal you are, girlie!

That is what my husband and I are trying to do with our baby girl, too. Her little brother is coming in May and we want to spend some quality time with her...not overdo it to where she's going through major withdrawals come May...but nonetheless, let her know that we love and cherish her.

I can't wait for Part Two...I'm sure it's going to be great! I want to thank you for encouraging me to write my daughter's birth story. I've thought about it from time to time, but reading through your Part One made me realize that I need to write the words on paper and not just on the walls of my heart. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

And one last thing...thanks for recommending Marla's pregnancy book "Expecting." I received mine last week and I am LOVING it! I had to start on Week 23, but I'm going to start at the beginning and pray those prayers over my sweet yet-to-be-born son AND my 17 month old daughter. YIPPEE! I'm excited!

Prayers and Blessings,

p.s. I'd love to see the picture frame your LP girls made for you!

petrii said...

So yes, I have already commented on this post once, but I was going through my day, and I kid you not, that cake popped in my head. And I'm not even a big cake eater, but I so love seeing art in motion, if ya know what I mean. And that cake, girl, total art in motion!!!!!

So just thought I'd pop back in and let you know that cake is stalking me =)

Have a Blessed evening,