Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Some Things About Today

1) We had a little playdate at our house. Thank You, Lord. I could not take another day of a bored 3-year-old! Jackson's friend Nathan came over to play while his mommy went to help our co-worker out. Her house flooded during the day of rain, bless her heart. Y'all, the water is so crazy. Our neighborhood is not far from a major creek, so all our water retention spaces and bayous are totally full, if not brimming over. If those weren't there, we'd be dealing with water in our house, too. I drove around last night and there was still tons of water on certain roads. Also, in those pictures of the sky looking orange, what is so weird is that those are clouds all lit up and not just the sky itself. If you look real close you can see where the clouds end. Anyway, Jenn brought us some particularly good Chick-fil-a and we enjoyed it over lots of great girl talk.

2) We have Bible study at church tonight. FYI, I convinced Curt to make a podcast of his Wednesday night lessons. If you're interested, here's the link.

3) I ordered this shirt

this family tree kit

and one of these fun capes

from my friend Beth's etsy store: Love, September. I'm so excited! Beth has a son and a daughter, so naturally she has really fun things for girls and boys.

She also makes quilts from your kids' baby clothes. (Hint, hint. Our 7th anniversary is coming up, Curtis Jones!)

4) My sis has three posts up at the LPM blog about her Compassion trip to Calcutta. Check out the latest one here. And you can "meet" the Jones family's newest Compassion child here. We thank You for this honor, Jesus!


Marla Taviano said...

You got Latangi!! WOOOOHOOOO!! I'm loving Melissa's posts (and everyone else's). Wow.

Love the blog tee. Love Chick-Fil-A.

Fran said...

I saw your new compassion child and wanted to bawl my eyes out. Would you tell your sweet momma that we watched session 4 of Loving Well today at Bible study and it was on loving the "far" person. I could not help but think of the India team. So, whats a girl to do? You totally go on a 15 minute tanget about Compassion to your BS girls who have never heard of Compassion. I'm emailing them the links to the compassion bloggers site so hopefully they will adopt a precious child too.

Wouldn't you say that was a timely word???

Big hugs,

Lisa said...

Oooh, Latangi!!! I'm SO glad you got her!!! Every time I think of that little princess home alone all day, I start crying.

All this talk of Compassion India REALLY tempts me out of my comfort zone. I don't imagine my husband or kids would be thrilled if I said I was going on a mission trip right at this point in my life, but I'm not counting out forever!

Blessings, Amanda! I've been keeping up with Melissa and Amanda via the blogs.

Jessie said...

how blessed indeed - holdin' back the waters, cute stuff for the kids, good friend and good food and that gorgeous girl being sponsored.

God is always awesome.

Sharon said...

Oh Amanda,

Latangi is so precious! All glory and praise to Jesus!

Much love,
Sharon, NC

TheHappyNeills said...

found your blog via kristin l's. if you want to stop over at, you can enter to win a giveaway for hair things for your girl!
regards, kendra

Holly said...

I love simplicity that is laced with beauty--that is all you, Amanda Jones.

Praying for your family and your hearts that are being tugged (I know mine is, too!).


Heather said...

I love that family tree frame, so cute!!! You have me wanting some Chick-fil-A for dinner now, instead of left over roast. We are looking for a child to sponsor. I will admit, it's tough, how do you pick just one? I think we are going to do a boy and a girl. They are precious, and if I were your sister I would be falling in love with all of them. Love reading her posts!!

Wencked said...

I had to share with you our cape pictures. I found Love september's etsy store via your site and loved the cape too.

They are perfect for little boys.

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

You know what's funny, I remember when y'all were planning the wedding from Tuesday nights and hearing about it from people who were there. And the whole time you were planning it I was not even dating Walker...and then we got engaged on Cinco de Mayo, and got married in November. So our 7th is coming up too.

So, you know, just took a trip down memory lane on your blog here. Thanks. :)

Kelly @ Love Well said...

We thank You for this honor, Jesus!Amen.

I am amazed and humbled at the grace God pours out on these Compassion relationships. He is wonderful to rescue both sides of the equation.

Sunni-Nichole' said...

I'm so glad you got Latangi! Praise God! I know you guys will shower her with love.

The Family Tree is the cutest thing I've seen all day! (Oh,'s my little girls birthday and she dressed like Ariel from The Little Mermaid today.) Second cutest thing I've seen all day. :)

jennyhope said...

how precious!! when I prayed over the child I should get and thought it was a girl and not a boy (and thought about changing it) I about died when I looked up and saw that the little precious boy had the same bday as my sweet morgan!!

jennyhope said...

ps her crates are so cool!!

Emily said...

My poor son wears his sister's purple apron backwards as a cape, so I immediately ordered a real cape, too. Thanks for the link! I can't wait for him to try it out!

Anonymous said...

As much as I love your blog, you sister is leaving me ripped to shreds right now.

And to think she was worried about her heart being too hard. Oh MY WORD did God ever open her wide up.

Thank you Jesus for what you are doing in India and for what you are doing in the hearts of everyone connected to this mission. Even those "just reading and praying"

a boy a girl and a pug said...

I'm afraid I could probably eat Chick-fil-a every day it's so delicious. Love the blog this tee...too funny!

Lisa said...

DUH, I meant Melissa and Angie. I've been keeping up with their blogs. This is when it would be helpful for me to preview my comments before posting them. Somehow, I think part of my brain is along with the part of my heart in India with the Compassion group.

katiegfromtennessee said...

Greetings Little Momma:)

You had fun girl time and got cute new things:)...Ooo, podcast of lessons, interested:)


The Pifer's said...

Hi sweetie, I found your blog through a friend and I hope it's ok if I follow you!!!!


The Davidson Den said...

Something you simply must see...

Also, I read your sister's posts a few days ago, and they brought me to absolute tears.