Sunday, August 13, 2006

Baby Bear

Last October, after we knew our baby was going to be a boy, Mom and I went to Baby Gap to buy the first clothes we would ever buy him. It was a big moment. We bought sizes that he would fit into this fall. One thing we got was a bundling outfit that was pretty much a bear costume. We thought he would be adorable in it in Jackson Hole at Thanksgiving. Since Jackson's outgrowing his 3-6 month clothes, I went into the attic to bring down a bunch of clothes in the next size up. The baby bear came down and, of course, I had to put him in it immediately. I know I'm biased - very biased - but nothing has ever melted my heart so much as the sight of him in that baby bear outfit.


alicia said...

The cutest bear I have ever seen! His eyes are amazing! Miss you.

Beau and Melissa said...

He is too adorable. I know I say that at every picture...but I'm a little biased!

Erin said...

You may be biased...but then again I must be too because that is the sweetest bear I have ever seen!!!!