Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Pictures from "The Land of Jackson's Fathers"

Both times we've driven to Missouri Curt has declared to our son that he's entering the Land of His Fathers. I have gently (or not) reminded Curt that he can say whatever he wants to make himself feel better, but his son is a Texan! Seriously though, I love Missouri. It's beautiful and has great people, especially Curt's family. They are incredibly thoughtful and giving. Right now Curt's parents are building their dream house on 10 acres in Fair Grove, MO. First they built a large garage to house Steve's machines and my favorite item - the racing pinto. My f-i-l drag races. How cool is that? He also has a motorcycle, a dump truck, a backhoe, a tractor, and a ride-on lawn mower. Jackson is going to LOVE visiting when he gets old enough to be fascinated with that stuff. My m-i-l is getting a horse soon, which I am very excited about. Steve built an apartment inside the garage, so that's where they're living while the house is being built. If you look carefully at the pictures you can see a the metal wall behind the high chair and other details that give it away. We like to call it the Harage.

Curt, Lindsay, Matt, Cozy, and a very mad Jackson. He was done with the fair.

Jackson having his very first bites of cereal.

Grandpa Steve

Aunt Lindsay

Curt's Grandma and Grandpa Dixon

I like to call Grandma Wanda my Double Portion.
She is very much like my Nanny who unfortunately
passed away in 1998.

Curt's Grandma Ilene

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