Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Evolution of the Playdate

Jackson and I had the best time hosting a playdate at our house today. It was the original crew for the first time all summer. Maybe it hadn't been that long, but it seemed like it. What is so exciting is that the babies are starting to actually play with each other. Play might be a strong word. But they are definitely interacting and interested in each other. They mostly grab each other, stare, and copy each other's noises. They had us laughing so hard. This may not sound like a big deal, but we started having our playdates when the babies were less than two months old and all they did was sleep. They have changed so much! For Jackson, no playdate is complete without a diaper explosion. Today was very complete. The way I see it, if you leave a playdate without some kind of baby bodily fluid on your person, you haven't played hard enough. Once again, in these pictures my son is undressed because he soiled his britches. (We are probably going to have a talk about modesty soon.) He was sitting on my lap when the blessed event occurred. It was truly unbelievable. It took all three of us to get me and Jackson clean. He had gone 24 hours without a b.m. and then like a flash flood it rushed forth on my new Gap leggings. At least they're black. I'd like to thank my beautiful, wonderful, brilliant sister Melissa for giving me the courage to wear leggings this season. They're the perfect thing to get me out of jeans for once. They let me be comfortable in a skirt or dress while playing on the floor with my bouncing baby boy. Did I mention that my sister is the smartest person I know? She's in her second year of her Masters program at Wheaton. And she has a GPA that puts me to shame. Jackson's Aunt Noogie is the coolest! I love you, sis!

Sunni and Ava, Me and Jackson, Janelle and Ella
Jackson is lucky to be in the company of such beautiful girls!

Putting the "play" in playdate

Jackson fell fast asleep during his dinner tonight


Janelle said...

Love it!!! Love the pictures! Love everything about this playdate! Thanks for letting us come over yesterday! We had such an amazing time as always!

Janelle & Ella

The Bergers said...

What a stud! Jackson is such a ladies man...and yes, mom, you are going to have to talk to him very soon about modesty! LOL
Lucas is the same way with his bodily functions, so I hear ya loud and clear...and it's so nice to know that we are not alone in these "adventures."
The Bergers