Thursday, August 03, 2006

A New Diversion

Curt and I get rather bored at night because there's nothing good on TV and we can't really go anywhere with Jackson. Sonic is about it. (I'm realizing now how many times I've mentioned Sonic in this blog. Maybe I need to break free.) We used to go out to eat or to movies all the time. More than we should have. Needing an at-home diversion, I started a scrapbook for Jackson last night. Yes, that is a new thrill of motherhood. I used to love making collages and stuff in high school, so hopefully this will be fun. I'm going to try to make it cool and not gay. Some of the baby scrapbook stuff makes me want to gag! In my effort to make a cool-not-gay scrapbook, I got a black one with black pages. I bought a book - A Mother and Child Companion - with vintage artwork of babies and families and I'm going to use the artwork throughout. I already ripped out the seams with my new sharp-tip scrapbooking scissors so I can easily cut out the things I want. I also bought some glaze pens which don't work exactly how I wanted them to. It's a shame because they were so expensive. Apparently the scrapbook industry is a lucrative one.

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Kevin and Christie said...

Yeah for you!! I am a fan of the black scrapbooks...and you can do them without them being too cheezy!!