Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A Small Can of Worms

I think I opened a small can of worms with some things I said yesterday. Maybe a little cup of worms. A demitasse of worms. Isn't that a lovely picture? At the risk of sounding extremely self-important, I just want to address this real quick.

I've been asked several times how I feel about strangers reading this blog. A few people have said that they feel guilty reading it because they think they're invading my privacy. Please, there is no need to feel that way. If you show up on my front porch unexpectedly and I've never met you before, that is weird. If you do a google search, like someone did a few months ago, to find out how big my parents' house is, that is kind of weird. (And I'm wondering, did you find your answer?) If you move into our neighborhood to be near us or to be near our office, like someone did a long time ago, that is really weird. But reading this blog doesn't make you weird. Well I guess it could because I am kind of weird, but you know what I mean. I have a site meter and it tells me a lot about who visits this blog every day. It's not a huge number, but it does tell me that more than just my friends are reading, and have been for a while. So even though you may be a lurker, your presence is not a secret. It is known about and, unless you are weird, it is welcome.

Anyone who has a blog knows (or should know) that they can't have their cake and eat it too. You can't put yourself out there for readers and expect to maintain perfect privacy. The closest you can get is to have a password-protected blog. Maybe one day I'll decide to do that, but unless I do, all of you are welcome to read this blog. I won't lie. I really don't like mean, hyper-spiritual, legalistic comments, but thankfully I don't get a lot of those.

The reason I wanted to keep this blog separate from my work blog is because I don't want to have a work voice when I write here. I want to write like I'm writing to my personal friends because that is who I think of when I do it. Plus, there are lots more readers over there and I'm not really looking for that. Also, it's hard when I get work-related questions over here because sometimes they get lost. It helps me stay organized to keep things separate.

With that said, if you have any more burning questions (not related to when certain products come out or if my mom can speak somewhere), send them my way today and maybe I'll do a Q&A post. Don't forget that I'm a MOP and not a theology student! Not that you can't be both...


Heather said...

Thanks for letting those of us who do not "know" you read. :)

My question : So what does the new do look like???? :)

Kelly said...

Thanks for letting me read your blog. Originally I found you and wanted to read because you were BM's daughter but eventually I totally forgot that and just liked to read because I think you are so funny and sweet and real and a good mom and someone that I think if we went to the same church or lived in the same town would probably be one of my good friends who I met for lunch or called or watched chick flicks with.
I started off my blog with just some silly pictures and a few tidbits and I find myself being more real about what is going on in my life. One - because I want to have a journal where I can look back and see what I was thinking one day and two - because if anyone "out there" reads it and is going through anything similar - then maybe I can be an encouragment.

zoom said...

Some of the personal space issues sort of gave me the creeps. Man alive, that would make me nervous to have the stalkers. Sorry you have to deal with that.

I enjoy reading blogs. It is a respite in my day that is positive, because I only read uplifting, funny, or inspirational blogs. No politics, nothing mean spirited or negative.

I don't have a blog. I use a nickname (ZOOM) that my best friend calls me. I figure if someone does not want a comment- they will say "cease and desist crazy Zoom woman." I usually comment if I think the person touches me, makes me laugh or think in some way. Usually, I am captivated by the fabulous command of writing some people have.

Sorry to write a loong comment.

Hillary said...

I read your blog for several reasons:
-I think you are hilarious (based on your posts here and on LPM)
-you are married to a youth pastor. looks like i'm going to marry a youth pastor too in the near future and I've been greatly encouraged by you (without your knowledge, of course)--which is a good thing b/c i never thought I'd be a "pastors wife" and at times that's made me anxious
-you have lots of good insights...spiritually and other things like shopping, random facts, etc
-and b/c i too am a little weird! I like it though! It makes me me.
So thanks for not minding that I read you blog.
P.S. i have a blog counter too. i love to check "my stats"--as my friend Kelly says!

Martha said...

Thank you for being willing to share your life with us. I am terrible about lurking, but I love your writing and the non work voice you use here. There is a more intimate feeling to your writing here. Please keep sharing! As another MOP, I find your adventures of getting ready for church and hair color easy to relate to!

Erin said...

I like "a demitasse of worms" best...

cindi said...

ok, i confess, i am a lurker. i even stalk my friends...not in a weird way, but in a i-am-very-social-and-love-to-be-encouraged/entertained/etc. not sure how i happened onto your blog?!but, it has been very encouraging to me...esp yesterday after i was feeling that i might end up with warped children bc of all the things happening to us as a result of my husb being a pastor.i have become a lurker on bargain shopper lady also! anyway, i appreciate you...your honesty...your openness. sorry i am lurking. i won't show up on your doorstep. i promise.

Longmeadow Mama said...

People actually do those things??!!! That IS weird!! Okay, so maybe I had nothing to worry about but I feel so much better now and appreciate you addressing the issue. Blessings to you from a contributor to the worm infestation!
Kelli in Ohio

ncmama said...


Thanks for the reassurance about reading your blog. I'm certainly not a traditional friend in the sense that I probably live about 1,000 miles away from you, but your Mom and LPM have been a tremendous encouragement to me. I can't help but think of your family as friends. I think I came across Baby Bangs by way of Vicki Courtney's blog (or Boo Mama or Big Mama - I don't remember). I'm just a few years older than you, with two boys ages 5 & 3. It's nice to peek over at your blog and see someone in the same life stage dealing with some of the same things I am. You help me keep things real and remind me how important it is to live out our Christian faith and what fun that can be! I often get intimidated about posting on the LPM blog, I don't know why because that sounds ridiculous. I like the "smaller setting" of your blog and hope you don't mind my occasional comments. If I was a MOP that was better organized and motivated, you might be able to learn more about me through my own blog, but it just doesn't exist yet! Thanks for sharing your heart out in cyberspace.

Angie said...

Hrrmmm. I don't envy the spot you're in, Amanda! But I think you explained yourself well.

For the record, you totally don't know me, but I check your blog oh, maybe several times a day. I'm not a stalker, and yet I totally think of you as my friend. I even talk about you sometimes ("Amanda says...") to which my husband looks at me like I'm crazy and asks if I'm talking about one of my "imaginary friends" (a blogging friend) and I sheepishly admit that I am. Does that make me weird? Yeah, probably, and I'm A-OK with that!

I found your blog one day long before I found the LPM blog (this was a long while ago). I nearly fell out of my seat the day I made the connection. Keeping the two separate must be hard for you, but I really love and appreciate the glimpse into your everyday life that we get here! So, thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Amanda...OK...I'll confess...yes, I've been tempted to move close to you...well, not necessarily right next to you or's just that I've never tasted Chik-fila before (did I even spell that right?) (we don't have it up here in Canada) and it sounds downright yummy...and an LPM Christmas party would be so fun to attend...or even just to watch from the sidelines...and I'd love for my twin boys to meet Jackson, especially if he could teach them to talk... even a word or two would be nice...and I talked with a lady on the phone awhile back who was from the South and she had the BEST accent and she said y'all multiple times and I'd love to learn to talk like that!!!

OK, got that off my chest.

Seriously, I enjoy reading your blog from up here in Canada. Thanks for the time you put into it.

God's richest blessings on you as you live for HIM!
Chris in Canada

Nicole @ lifeinprogress said...

It can't be easy to keep the two worlds separate. And I'll be honest, I visited this blog because I was (am) a reader of the LPM blog. I keep coming back because, like you, I'm a MOP, and I like reading about other Christian moms and their experences. Also, because I suffer horribly from the Baby Bangs with each pregnancy :)

I think you are doing a great job in both places. And, holy moly, I'm impressed that you can manage your own blog after moderating all the comments the LPM blog generates. Keep up the great work in both places!

MITZI said...

I appreciate your comments Amanda. I'm from the other blog but enjoy reading about Jackson's antics. More than anything I would never want to intrude on your privacy and thank you for allowing me into your home and family. I noticed where Melissa's getting married wasn't listed and I can imagine why. Smart move. Don't need any wedding crashers. May the Lord's wonderful blessings fill your days always.

Anonymous said...

I have a teenaged daughter and would love to know a little more about the boundaries you had as a teenager. Sometimes I feel like I am to strict and at other times, maybe I'm failing short.

Just give you a couple of details, like movies, she is 15 and how do you think you would handle the movie seen out there? Myspace, would you let your daughter have a myspace? Dating, when could you date and what were the rules.

Maybe just some things like that.

You are a great encouragement to a lot of people! Thank you for offering to share and help us!


Simply A Musing Blog said...

Delurking from the murky fog to let you know I'm not wierd. I have been reading your blog for a loong time...maybe a year? I'm not sure, but I do so enjoy your writing. :) I don't have a good reason as to why I never comment other than you are in my google reader and it's not always convenient? (that's layman for "lazy") :)

shalana said...

Cool because I was reading your blog and not feeling bad about it one bit. And I have no plans to move near you---Dallas is too far away from the water for me & I'm rather getting spoiled being on the West Coast these days. Here's my burning question:
How did you survive a vacation without Jackson? I mean how did you manage to get away? It is something I really want to do with hubs but I just can't bring myself to leave the kids (3 of 'em). The only night I've ever spent away from them was to be in the hospital having another one...sad, huh? Anyway, I'm on a workout kick myself and would like to plan a trip for next year. Love to hear your thoughts on it. Thanks!

boomama said...

You rock.

That's all.

Toknowhim said...

Thanks Amanda...

Thanks for answering my questions. Again, this blogging world is so strange, and exciting at the same time... My own blog has become my personal journal, and about half of the people (which is not too many) that comment are people I have never met before, but I sure do enjoy when they leave me a comment.

I enjoy your thoughts on love, life and everything in between...
Thanks for sharing you life with us... Feel free to stop by my blog anytime... Blessings to you!!

Anonymous said...

But remember some worms turn into butterflies! I'm cracking up! I am hesitant to begin a blog for all the creepy reasons you've listed in this post and a gazillion more! Thank you so much for keeping yours public so that bloggers and non are blessed by it. You are impacting young moms out there who may need the comfort of their Father in Heaven in their daily lives. You bring just what they need to know Him more. You are also speaking to moms of all stages-reminding us of the precious toddler moments and of the early years of raising our babies. And you're impacting lives for His glory!
Amy in OK

Lori said...

Thanks for being so open to let us read your personal blog. I was starting to feel guilty and wandering if you cared or felt invaded! I don't read you personal blog because of who your mom is but because who YOU are as a mom. My husband is a student pastor and I have a 15 month old so in a lot of ways we walk the same path. I laughed and felt very validated with your Sunday Morning post because that is what I HATE most about being married to a minister. I HATE getting me and my child out the door by myself!

I have had a blog for a few months but just changed my URL to take my last name of for safety reasons...aka weird people!


Kelley said...

Hey Amanda- I'll delurk and let you know I'm a regular reader. I lived in India with Alicia and after I had my daughter (a few months after Jackson) , I would have a conversation with Alicia and then a few days she'd send me a link to your blog talking about the same thing. Eventually I just started reading on my own. I enjoy your perspective on daily life!

shelley said...

Amanda, Thank you for your honesty. I like to read your blog because we're at similar stages in life...not because of "who you are." In fact, I didn't even realize "who you were", until a friend told me, about a month after I had started reading. I love to read blogs of other MOPS, since that's what I am! I think it makes me feel "normal" in this chaotic life! It's like a connection, a club maybe, that we, who are in this life stage, make up. And I think you're a great writer too, sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry, and sometimes I feel God teaching me. So thanks again, for not minding that some people you don't know in real life, read your blog!

fAiThFuL cHiCk said...

Although I don't know you personally, I have enjoyed reading your blog. Not because you are you-know-who's daughter, but because I like your posts. And, Jackson is such a cute little boy. I have three of my own, so I feel a kinship with other boy-moms.

All of that weirdness would probably have freaked me out, so cheers to you for overcoming it. Once, someone found my site by searching for pics of flesh-eating bacteria. THAT is weird!


CrownLaidDown said...

I never noticed the can open...I am slow and dull of mind!

Praying for you today...and glad for the gift of family--in Christ and otherwise.

Love in Him,

Meagan said...

Hi Amanda,
I'm de-lurking here. I've been reading your blog for a while and really enjoy it. I didn't even realize who your mom was when I first started reading. I just thought your little boy was adorable and it was fun to see your joys as a new mom since I'd like to be one too (sometime soon, maybe). Just a little note to let you know I like being able to read your blog. Keep it up!

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

I just need to know how much the stupid hardware on the tub set you back. :) haah...kidding. I'm afraid it's going to be more than the actual cost of the tub. You know what, I don't care! It's going to get good use out of me that's for sure!
I read your blog. I am no stalker. I am a faithful reader because you are HILARIOUS. I also like hearing about the old town I used to teach in....and of course, to see Jackson grow. :) I don't even know that kid, but he's just great. And, I like Sunni. :)

Kelly R said...

What a great honest post Amanda! I am a frequent visitor to the blog and appreciate your writing immensely. I've been homebound with a difficult pregnancy and reading the archives about Jackson and your experiences has been so encouraging. I pray for you often and thank God that you are using the internet to lift,encourage and discuss hair and shoes! I'm having my baby boy tomorrow at 12:30pm and thank you that you've been willing to open yourself up so bravely. God has used you to bless me richly, thank you.

Dana D said...

Just wanted to "delurk" to share the following little story. I'm not sure how I originally stumbled upon your blog, maybe from Big Mama, but I was hooked with your sweet and "real" stories about Sundays/church. A few weeks back, someone in our homeschool group sent out a link to an post on the LPM blog. I scrolled down and read further, when up popped a picture of Jackson at the playground (The Tour of Playgrounds) and I thought to myself, "Hey, he looks familiar!".

And that's how I discovered the whole connection- by accident. Just wanted to let you know you probably have lots of readers like me- that had/have no clue- but just like to read the things you write. You have a great voice in your writing. So many of us moms can relate!

Deidre said...

Amanda, I read your blog (and sometimes comment) and even listed you on my own blogroll because yours has a similar 'theme' as others I have listed ... a mom to a preschooler trying to raise him in God's will and plan. I am inspired when I read others' blogs that are in the same season as me. I believe we all have something to learn from each other while we're 'in the trenches'.

I admit when I started my own blog, I was more than a little nervous about the 'whole world' lurking, but I've become more comfortable with that since I, too monitor who visits.

Anyway, I really enjoy reading!

Laura said...

I'm glad you don't mind others reading your blog. I enjoy reading other women's stories and their struggles/victories in faith and family. It's like a giant group therapy! Just kidding. Just fun to see how God is moving and shaking in other people's lives.

Kim said...

Hi,I'm a lurker! Mother of two princess and a follower of Jesus, not a wierdo stalker! I just love to read.Thank you so much for putting yourself out there for other christian moms to read.

Lacey said...

What is a MOP?

Love the blog! :)


the DuBrocs said...

amanda, thanks for this post and for allowing random people like myself (even though i am friends of some of your friends, member and employee at HFBC) read your blog. i know first-hand how ridiculously and inexplicably mean people can be on blog comments, so i do think it is very charitable of you in a way to ignore those and continue offering your blog to the "masses", if you will. i've posted before to thank you for your honest and very humorous accounts of motherhood (a stage where i am not currently, but will use all the insight you provide when i am), faith, and just life. it's a blessing to read your words of wisdom and encouragement. even though my husband says i'm a "stalker" i'm really just very appreciative of you and other bloggers i stay in tune with that encourage and proclaim His name. so, the short of it is, thanks!

BetsyS said...

Well, I'll pop out of lurkdom! I started reading your blog when it was linked from another blog that was linked from another blog, all connected to Meal Plan Monday over at Your son is about 4 months older than mine, almost as cute, and I started reading because of that. The first time you posted a picture of your mom was when I figured out you were someone "famous." LOL. I just like your ramblings about ordinary, everyday stuff.

So, there you are...out of lurkdom!

jamie b said...

I just want to say that I'm thankful you put your heart out there for us to read! Of course I'll understand if one day you need to make it a private blog but for now you bring encouragement to my life. We are the same age with little men around the same age so I can relate to a lot of things you write about. I grew up as a youth minister's kid (My dad is now a pastor) so I feel I can relate to you in the aspect of growing up in a home of ministry. Anyway, thanks for making me and my heart smile! :)

Cindy said...

You even handle worms with grace! :) You're doing a beautiful job.

Three Fold Cord said...

I can always depend on you to be real and to the point. I love that about you and I feel more comfortable about myself, I have a similar personality, when i see other Godly women like yourself express themseleves like
myself...confusing enough???
Love ya siesta!

Julie said...

I'm not much of a commenter, but I enjoy reading your posts. My son is a few months younger than yours ... it's fun to see what phase I have to look forward to next. ; )

Angela said...

I am one of those people who you don't know and believe me I would never knock on your door. If I saw you at Disney World I might just have to say hi, but that would be it! :-) I have enjoyed your blog, the LPM blog, and Travis' blog ever since I found them and I found your personal blog first. I believe from a link on another bloggers site. I'm one of those who clicks on those things! I've also enjoyed getting to know some of your friends from their blogs. I think we all get something out of blogging, that's why we do it. Whether it's for ourselves, our friends, our family, or for strangers. Just writing down our thoughts or posting pictures brings us joy. I check my blog roll daily, and then I will check more than once most days. It's my way of comminicating with the outside world since I no longer work outside of the home. I miss that interaction with strangers.
Thank you for encouraging words, cute pictures, spiritual thoughts, and funny stories. You also gave me a name for my hidious bangs after my pregnancy, my hair dresser loves it when I come in she always says I'm the one with Baby Bangs. (She's single no kids)
Thanks for being a MOP and thanks for having a blog that other MOPS can read.

i just wanna be a sheep said...

Well that makes me feel better. I don't know why but I was thinking about this today. It just feels weird to read someone’s blog that you don't even know? By the way I love your blog format! So I guess I will remove the offer I made on a house in your neighborhood! Just kidding!

The Self Cottage said...

would you remind me of that peeper website again? I too would like to know if anyone is reading my blab... oh and i love your sweet Christmas pics - what a precious little family.

Jabber Jaws said...

How do you make God fun for Jackson? I don't want to make our faith so serious (and yes, I do think that it is that but I want BALANCE). I have 4 kids and I struggle with this.
Since you've moved to DFW area what are your local addictions?
What do you miss the most from Houston besides family?

Fran said...

You are so right on Amanda! I hate it that weird people are out there but they are. You are smart and wise and honest and you'll always handle "us" with grace and love.

We don't ever want to put you in a weird place either. My only desire is to encourage, support, and love you like your family has done for me over the years!

May God continue to do His thing with you. You are an amazing woman of God. Keep your passion alive for Him. He shows through you!

Hugs and prayers always~

Bryson's Mom said...

Yay! I don't feel weird anymore! Sherry and NancyPants turned me on to your blog - in case you need a reference! Its great entertainment and encouragement from another MOP.
God Bless!

Dionna said...

Wow -Amanda. Okay, you all HAVE had some "weird" experiences ! I think I would get freaked out a few times by some of those. :)

Lindsay said...

I'm a lurker and felt like I should confess! :) I enjoy your blog and I promise I'm not weird! :)

I'm a fellow MOP, 2 boys, 5 and 3 and my third should hopefully be here Monday!

I grew up in Houston (went to Klein High) but live in Nashville, all of our family still lives in Houston, so we are back there quite a bit to get our family fix and our Mexican food fix! My mother-in-law actually works at
1st and my brother-in-law is on staff at Champion Forest.

I feel better now that I've made myself known!

Anonymous said...

I'll be the first to admit, I am one of the lurkers that you are speaking of. I LOVE reading your blog. You have great insight to balancing life with a toddler and being a minister's wife in a very real and authentic way. Thank you for welcoming us "lurkers".

-Jennifer, 28 Ft. Worth, TX

EB said...

I love lurking on your blog! I sort of feel like you are my friend even though we've never met. I love reading your writing about wonderful, exciting, everyday life with a toddler. I promise, I'll never show up on your front doorstep unexpectedly, but I am looking forward to meeting you one of these days "when we all get to heaven." :)

Stephanie said...

Just wanted to say I respect your desire to keep the two blogs separate. I've been reading the other blog since Boomama mentioned it. I enjoy it because your momma is so real (like those SHOES!) and at times deep.

I stumbled onto this blog because of a comment you left (I think on Boomomma). I liked the comment and checked out the profile. I keep coming back here because I'm also a MOP (of THREE)and relate to much of what you write about. As far as I'm concerned this is just another "mommy blog."

I guess that means I'm weird, too. = )

Jackie said...

I have loved meeting you through your blog...and have met many new and wonderful friends through the blog-world in general. Like you said, if we put it out there on the internet- we know that ANYONE can read it. So its not really a surprise, we just know that in advance and only put stuff out there that we feel safe to share with the world. You are awesome girl...keep on doing your thing! Have a great week!

Sharon said...

I come here and read all the time. And no I don't often leave comments. But, I read and I pray.
It gives me hope when I look at you and your sister that my children will also grow up and have a deep love for God like I do.
I guess I am kind of proud of you. Don't know why--maybe because you are a sister in Christ. And maybe truthfully because as my life was being helped along by your Mom I was hearing about you.
I am glad she has you both by her side.

Anonymous said...

And you have your mother's complete blessing, young lady. I love this blog so much and I love how you write it. Proceed with joy!!


~Jodi~ said...

hey well i'm one of those lurkers who hasn't posted much i don't think, but love your blog! i honestly don't even know how i found your blog other than from some link of a link of a link. This probably is sad but i had been reading your blog for awhile and then checked out the lpm one after you had mentioned something about it. I can totally understand why you would keep them seperate. You don't need to post this but i just wanted to give you a shout out i guess so to speak b/c i love your blog, love your honesty and hearing about your life. your last post was so good and i'm sorry your family had to walk through such hard times. I found my heart identifying so much with what you were saying, even though i'm sure the circumstances were totally different. My heart goes out to you and i'd love to hear more about how God brought you to where you are b/c you are such a bright light! all that to say I'm sure it's a tricky line to walk for you at times with privacy etc. I had to make my blog private b/c i wanted to share pictures with my family/friends that live far, but i'm a preschool teacher out here in CA and didn't want to put anything online that would be opened to others etc. Anyways just wanted to say thanks for your blog. Although we live far and oh gosh no i'm not some stalker but if we lived closer i'd love to say hey to and jackson or go shopping with you :) in santa monica. blessings to you this year ahead! and I hope you don't feel like oh weird now i'm getting some odd messages left on here!

A Place For Ministry Wives/A Place For Me said...

Just for the record and so you don't think I'm psycho from your sitemeter readings :-) ... I used to go through your blog to get to a zillion other blogs because I hadn't registered them in my bloglines yet...LOL. So, if you have a zillion hits from me, that's why. Ha ha. :-)

Anonymous said...

Glad you clarified...I felt kinda bad for reading your blog:) I was going to mention that to you but forgot. I can't imagine the weird things that your family and other leaders have to go through:(

Hope I never left a
hyper-spiritual comment;D
May the angels be with you!
I hope you know that was me trying to make a joke:)

Honea Household said...

I just love how down-to-earth you are.

Anonymous said...

Hey Amanda,
I was appearing as anonymous until I just realized I could use my aol.
You sort of know me. I was in your Mom's class. I was one of the people on the front row who would save you seats when you were there. Anyway. I enjoy reading your blog for none other than you teach as well as entertain through your writings. I always have a smile on my face as well as a thought to ponder. The thoughts range from hair to theology.

I was at Breaking Free and saw your Pawpaw walk in. It was nice to know who he was just from the adorable picture you have posted.

No need to post this post. I wanted to let you know who I was.

Have a blessed day!

Kevin and Christie said...

Hey friend...mark it down, no comments either I am first, which I choose to believe or you just haven't approved them yet. Oh well, I just wanted to tell you that I enjoy reading your blog and you help me to aspire to be a more consistent blogger!!

Anonymous said...

I think you are great and I appreciate your open door. I don't have my own blog, I've thought about it, but I so enjoy yours and a few others. I pray for you and your precious family often. Thank you for sharing your life and your love for the Lord with us. May God bless you and keep you and cause His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you.


Ann said...

I'm happy to say I read both your personal blog and the Living Proof Blog and love them equally! It's also fun to "know" someone else in the huge DFW metroplex! Sometimes I feel like I'm all alone, even though there are 5+ million others out there!

Keep writing...cuz I love reading!

Michelle said...

I totally understand why you keep the two seperate! It was also nice to hear your thoughts on starngers, like me, reading oyur blog. At first I felt a little weird, afterall I don't know many of the blog writers I read. I do know that God uses just the righ tblog on just the right day to bless me through His people. He's so cool like that. Then there are the blogs that make me smile and take me back to the days when I had little ones - I would have liked to have had more babies but God had different plans, reading stories about those of you who are in the preschool stage warms my heart! Can't wait to see Jackson in his wedding best! God bless.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Amanda I am coming out of the lurking closet. I am a 32 year old mother of 3. Two girls and a boy ages 7,5,and 3. I love reading your blog because of your real interpretation on life and mothering. I certainly do not want to be a wierd lurker. I love your posts and I love Jesus. And for the record I will never move close to you or ask if your mom can speak at my church! Thank you for sharing your blog.

Alicia said...

Hey Amanda!
I'll delurk for the sake of delurking. I've been reading you for a while now. I have no idea how I came across your blog (a fellow blogger I'm sure), but I enjoy reading....Your a very funny and inspiring woman! I have a blog meter too, so I know that a bunch of people lurk at my blog too.
Hope your day is going well!

Allison said...

and a great MOP you are! Thanks for sharing you! It's funny, I feel like I "see" you almost every day!

Michelle said...

OKay first off... why don;t you work for me if you know who all is on your blog and when... I need to give you a call... second... since you have Q&A and I am not a Mom in Texas... please explain a MOP... I have heard it a ton and have no idea what you wonderful ladies are speaking of?

Living Beyond said...

Hi Amanda,

I come here purely because I love how down to earth you are! I have been blessed beyond with joining the blogging world there are some wonderful wonderful people in the land of blog and I feel like I have some soul sisters here.

I think my biggest kick in blogging is hearing how God is on the move in the lives of others - it spurs me on and gives me great confidence that He can do the same in me too!

So just to throw a question out there for your Q & A - where did you get your fabulous red coat from lol

Blessings upon blessing on ya

PS I named my blog "Living Beyond Myself" is that weird??? I hope not - it's just that that study is one of my favs and it is still changing my life daily!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda!

Please let me introduce myself:

I am one of your blog's "lurkers" and my mother did teach me better manners than to not introduce myself :)

I came across your blog and have loved reading it along with some of your friends links, especially following Heather's journey with cancer. I live in the "dry bones" area of Maine and reading you southern gals blogs is about as close as I'll ever get to being in the "bible belt". I am the fourty-something wife of a musician and mother of two sons. I facilitate your mom's studies at our church and they have transformed the ladies of our church and women's ministry as a whole. I'm in school to be a biblical counselor and hope to come alongside others with the hope and answers that only God's word can offer.

So....not to talk your ear off but wanted to introduce myself and thank you for all the laughs and encouragement you give through sharing yourself as a wife and mother.

In His grip!

Kelsey Chute
Nobleboro, ME

amyjo said...

Hmmm....well, in reference to your last post I can't imagine what kind of worms you opened. All of us who blog understand that there is part of us that we "put out there" and other parts reserved out of privacy. It's all good :-) I'm a "stranger" of sorts, but enjoy getting a "glimpse" into the lives of others. In brings this whole "life thing" into perspective and helps us realize that we're all in this together. Nobody has a perfect life or perfect circumstances. So, thanks for sharing your life with us--whatever parts you choose to share. As for a ?---well, let's see.... I think we're all dying to see a picture of the new hairdo. Bridesmaid dresses would be nice to see too. The romantics in all of us love to know those little meaningless details. How about your favorite beauty tip??

BTW, are you serious about some of that weird stuff--that is really weird!!

kittyhox said...

"If you do a google search, like someone did a few months ago, to find out how big my parents' house is, that is kind of weird. (And I'm wondering, did you find your answer?)"



Anonymous said...

thanks amanda ... i appreciate you doing this post. i'm totally a lurker and initially felt a little psycho reading your personal blog but i'm so thankful for it! i truly enjoy reading your blog .. i'm just sorry i don't have one for you to read! (i haven't gotten up enough guts to start one!) i truly just appreciate your realness and honesty with things ... i value that so much in people!
thanks so much amanda :)

Anonymous said...

Why a stranger or a lurker? I guess I qualify – I prefer stranger over lurker – a lurker sounds dark and mean – a stranger is just a person that isn’t inside your circle or community. But why read another blog as a stranger?

I hadn’t even heard of blogging until the LPM Blog. Then after all the encouragement from complete strangers that I got by reading it, I wanted to connect on a deeper level – to go beyond a few anonymous comments and possibly have a blog for myself. My generation didn’t grow up with blogging, myspace and facebook. So, the best way to learn is to look to others that are succeeding and doing it well – and observe, until it starts to make sense.

Some things still don’t make sense. Like time – how do you all have the time to maintain the blog and still get it all done? Next is what to reveal, and what not to reveal? The Who question comes up? Who will read it, and who will it benefit? Why? What are my motives to do a blog (I know each person’s are different)? And How? How will I get online friendships and are they real? And How is the communication Two-way? OR is it ever two-way?

Than through the process of observation, I have come to admire your writing style (as well as a few other bloggers).

A deeper thing happened though – I realized that you and your family are modeling what a real -- abiding is Christ -- life looks like. I am raising 3 teenagers, and on some days not sure what it will look like in 10 years. Your blog gives insight, and encouragement. Your honest real writing approach puts into words, many of the ordinary things we all have experienced at one level or another. It also helps to remind me of those toddler years as well, and how precious they were (I am so reflective this year, as I am getting ready to send my first born out of my nest with this spring’s graduation.)

Some days I do feel guilt, like I have stumbled into one’s conversation they would have with their close girlfriends. Most days, I gain insight or just a great humored read. My biggest complaint about blogging – it would be so EASY to turn it into a fan club – and that is just wrong and weird. I guard that, and pray that all of us are mindful of how ordinary we all are – just doing the best God has for each of us in our corners of the world.

This is a long comment – but I felt the need to respond to your post, as my part in the two-way conversation.

Terry in Tucson

Rebecca said...

Hi Amanda, I've felt sort of odd, as a middle aged woman, reading your blog, but honestly, I love your writing. Not to mention enjoying seeing your sweet boy as he grows. Anyway, Holly over at Shabby Mama introduced me to your blog, and I've enjoyed it. Guess its my southern manners that make me feel better if I introduce myself, since I've been lurking for awhile. :)

Leigh Gray said...

I so understand what you are saying!! Sometimes i think people will actually.........lie to not admit they read your or my blog. it is funny to me - not weird either!

thank you for being so real and a friend!! Well at least cyber friends.

Love, Leigh

Anonymous said...

I’m a lurker and feel like a stalker, so thank you for addressing the differences between the two.

I actually found your blog through 2 friends, one grew up with you and listed yours as one she reads, and the other one works with your husband..

Anyways.. I can't understand or grasp how people can be so obsessive or weird... I promise I won't ever stalk you.. I will just read your blog from time to time and feel refreshed that you're not some abnormally weird, super-spiritual, legalistic, 3 hour quite time a day person, that doesn't wear make up, shop, watch TV, or like pop-culture, or believes that Santa = Satan and we are to be as separate from the world as possible to where we look like a cult.. That’s the majority of what I see in the church, so as a young twenty year old that's not married.. you give me hope that there are people with balance out there..

Thanks! :)

one of four said...

Thank you so much for your clarification. I stumbled onto your website awhile ago and have wanted to post a comment but was worried that I was intruding. Your website means so much to me. Our church is really going through some stuff and has been for sometime. And yet my family feels we are being called to stay..for now. So, it has been a cold, lonely time where I wonder if anyone else really does believe God or even cares to try to serve Him. Your blog and the posts help me not feel so alone in this journey. They encourage me to keep on trying to know my God better and to develop a more personal relationship with Him.

If I had one question, it would be how do you make friends and keep friendships when you seem so busy, just like we all are?

Just Us Gibsons said...

Yet another lurker here! I found your blog through one of the many Village Church bloggers. As a fellow MOP of a 3 yr old and 6 month old I really enjoy your Christian mommy perspective on things! You are a talented writer!

Breathing His Joy said...

I love reading your blog - you are stinkin' hilarious and you are so raw and honest! As a momma to be (and the first in my group) you have been so encouraging as I read about the ups and downs of motherhood. If you ever did open the "can of worms" for a Q&A, I fear I would bombard you and Sunni and Janelle with "OH my how in the heck do I _____ (insert everything)!"

Jessica Martinez said...

I have been reading your blog for quite some time but I have commented before. I LOVE your blog! You are so funny!
Thanks for letting me read!
Jessica from HFBC

Fun With Five said...

Thanks for being so open to us "strangers". You have a lot of insight and I really enjoy reading your posts. In fact, just the other day I showed my husband the pics from your anniversary trip...we are trying to plan a get-a-way ourselves and I remembered how beautiful your pics were. We just might have to check it out! :)

Linda said...

Thanks for removing a load of guilt for "lurking" but not posting! I've been reading your writings for several months (I found you from a post on your Mom's site) and have come to love you a sister in Christ through all that you share in your blog. It just felt kind of weird leaving comments to someone that I've never met before, when you have so many comments from girlfriends and family to read through. I'm not a mom, but I still receive so much encouragement, smiles, and it just seems to make the day brighter reading your thoughts and experiences. Thank you for allowing me into your family and world! I promise I won't come stalking, although anyone & anything Texan is dear to my heart!


Sallie said...

Lurking in Birmingham!

The Preacher's Wife said...

Girl, I didn't even have a clue who you were when I first started reading. Just saw that you were married to a minister and thought you were cool. :) Felt like a total moron when I finally put two and two together but that's a compliment and testament to how down-to-earth and unassuming you are.

If you don't mind, I'll keep coming 'round here. I promise not to peep in your cute red door. :)


Them Chandlers said...

I forgot to tell you that we're moving in down the street.

Is that weird?

Darlene R. said...

I guess that I have never felt strange reading your blog because, well, it's a blog. I have "met" so many interesting people through blogging.
I think you are dealing very well with all of the questions and such.

Oh, and is there really anyone out there who doesn't have a little weird in them? :) We have plenty of weird in this household! LOL

Deborah said...

I love the closeness I've been able to maintain with friends via blogs. I'm over on xanga, but I have a gmail account and many friends with blogspots and it's been a God-send to be able to keep up with people, especially with dear friends who are now scattered world-wide and no longer physically occupying our former, happy little corner of the globe (of course, neither am I, for that matter!) :)

I've also loved and really enjoyed having my world expanded, but have been rather cautious at the same time, with all the new "internet friends" (as I've called 'em) I've made via the vast, interconnecting webs of blogs that exist. I completely understand the idea of wanting to keep that balance of friendship, honesty, wisdom, enjoyment and freedom...and having to work hard to find it. I must say that the friendships that, over extended time, I've learned to trust, enjoy, encourage and be encouraged by, have given me a definitive joy and yet another looking forward to Heaven...sooooooo much bigger and grander and more family-filled than we can even begin to comprehend. What a great God we have! :)

Until then, if I ever do meet any of the Internet Gang on this earth, it would definitely be fun...but if not, I'll be the one at our New Home with a big grin, green eyes, curly hair and smooth skin for the first time in history!! saying, "I know you!" and we can enjoy a real-life conversation for half a decade or so. :)

Have a great Thursday!

connorcolesmom said...

I have to confess I found you through another blog and being so totally not tech savvy I clicked on your blog name (that was mentioned in this other person's blog) and it brought me here. I did not even know who you were. I have never been one to be into who someone is or who their parents are (I hope that doesn't come across wrong).

I look at you like the rest of my blogging siestas - a mom with a passion for Jesus and a darling little boy. I learn from you, laugh with you, cry, pray for your requests and just reflect on how my 2 boys were once as young as your Jackson - oh the memories.

Truth is we are all God's children and we need to pull together as the family we are and love each other, encourage one another, and pray together.

Thank you for clarifying that for us though - you are just precious!!

Much love and God bless,

BethAnne said...

Gosh, It never occurred to me that it was not P.C. to read other people's blogs. (I am not a blogging expert). I just assumed that people who didnt want others to see their blogs would have them listed as private. Shows how much I know about blogging. I found your blog through another blog quite some time ago and have enjoyed your posts and pictures (except I havent seen one of your new haircolor). I am not weird (well, not that weird), but I guess I am a little 'backward' when it comes to blogging etiquette. Like everyone else, I so enjoy your mother's studies and I think it is neat to see pictures of little Jackson (I have 2 boys myself). In my free time (which is about 15 minutes per day if I am lucky), I like to check out blogs and read about other people's lives and families. I really enjoy funny posts and you are great at funny posts. Anyway, hope you havent labeled me as one of the weirdos -I have commented before, but have noticed that my comments dont usually show up. I have no plans to move near you. I have my own very wonderful life here in East TN, but it is fun to me to take a look into the lives of other Christian moms like me - we all really do have a lot in common.

Cheryl said...

I guess I never realized I was "lurking." I've been reading your blog for a several months now and never really gave it much thought. Of course, I knew who you were but like so many others have stated, it's nice to relate to others that are in the same season of life. I have 3 'youngins' and my youngest is a few months younger than your sweet pea. My husband is a pastor and I love to read your "sunday morning reports" about getting yourself and a child ready for church....because I can soooo relate!
We'll probably never meet on this side of heaven but when we all get there, we'll be able to see how God took something {the internet} that satan meant for evil and used it to be blessing and encouragement for His children.
I love you my sweet siesta and thanks for taking after your mom and being real with us!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for your very refreshing words! I am totally a lurker on quite a few blogs. My husband is much more uncomfortable with it than I am. We moved to a new town a year ago and that is when I discovered the blogging world. The women whose blogs I read have become my friends, and for me that has been a life-saver, and I'm not afraid to admit it. I need people! So, even if I am not one of your people, you are kind of like one of mine and I am so glad that's ok with you. I am just starting to comment on others' blogs and that totally scares me, but at least I'm trying to get out there. I can't make friends unless I try and this is the best effort I've made so far.

Jenna said...

Kind of delurking (I think I have commented before) to agree with all of the above. I so enjoy reading your writings and about ya'll's life with that sweet babe! You are awesome, and it is such a blessing that you share you life with all of us crazies. Well, not the crazy crazies but the fun, blog-reading crazies. Thanks!

BevMama said...

Hi. Another in a long line of lurkers here - I found your blog through another blog I have started visiting... it has become fun to "meet" others in the blog world. I too enjoy having visitors and love having comments, so if you are ever in my blog neighborhood -feel free to lurk and comment! Thanks for sharing. It is inspiring.

Emmy : ) said...

Hi Amanda!

I have loved reading your blog! It has been such a JOY! I love your heart... I'll introduce myself, I'm Emmy and I live in Georgia..I used to be a MOP... but now I am 42...I have two boys and two girls ages 8, 13, 14, and 15... I don't really have a real blog myself ...a sort of kinda one ...(if you could even call it that) ) just so if someone wants to comment back I have a place to comment... but anyway... I had seen blogs before but I didn't really learn how they worked till LPM started their blog... it is funny I found yours through someone else's... and I didn't even realize who you were till I saw Jackson's picture! I am still amazed how powerfully God has used them (blogs) in my life... such a beautiful sweet community of women...I feel like you all are my friends... even though we may never meet...He has given me such a heart for my "siestas"... I have laughed, cried, had chills... been amazed, inspired, blessed, and encouraged...I could go on and on...I am so grateful! I love that about God! : )
Thanks for opening your heart! I pray for you! Emmy : )

Lindsee said...

Thank you for clarifying, Amanda!

I will keep coming around, and commenting, of course if you don't mind. I simply love you blog. Along with many other Mom's you have on your blogroll! Y'all encourage me gereatly!

There are tons of people I have met through blogland and I consider it an absolute blessing!

Random question you may not know the answer to: After all the facebook stuff and what not, I want to know, how is it, that if someone googles my name, my blog won't be the first thing to come up? I hate that. And having a site meter, I know people have googled my name and that's the first thing that comes up. (I tried it!) Do you know how to stop that?! If not, sorry for the long question!

Profbaugh said...

Oh my!! The internet can be a very scary place. But after having read all the comments, I'm just amazed at how God uses it to touch and connect us to each other.

Thanks, Amanda for being so transparent. You've touched more lives, including my own, than you'll ever realize!!

Much love my Siesta,

Lisa said...

I had to throw my two cents into the "demitasse of worms!" Count me in as one of those who had no clue about your family connection until fairly recently, although I have done many, many of your mom's studies and they have blessed my socks off! I am a stay at home mom of two; a seven year old daughter and a three year old son. I feel like I have several kindred spirits in bloggityville and was linked to you by BooMama, I think. Your blog is wonderful and us MOPS (and one that's older) who love Jesus have to stick together!

Maggie said...

"I really don't like mean, hyper-spiritual, legalistic comments,"

That cracked me up...

I should post a sentence like that and just leave it on my sidebar! :D

Merrie said...

Amanda, you are precious. Thank you for your openess and honesty. I am not sure how I found your blog and read it and loved you long before I even realized that you are Beth's daughter!
I have done your mom's studies for years and am a huge fan of hers. I love to watch her on Wednesday's with Beth.
I don't often comment because you have so many comments and I know it can be overwhelming to have to moderate them all. I just wanted you to know that some of us are not strange people, but receive so much from your blog. Laughs, love, wisdom and insight.
I am a pastor's wife, a minister's daughter, sister, niece and mother! I understand the desire to be real and also protected.
Blessings and know that you are loved and covered in prayer.

jennyhope said...

the them chandlers comment made me LOL. I know y'all are friends and they may be moving near you but i am assuming it was a joke.
Seriously, I am sorry for going here but I can't believe someone moved to be close to the office...and that maybe they even made you aware of it. What is that about? I have had my share of stalkers as well but no one moving to be near me. That would just about do me in.
I will try to cut down on the drive byes...LOL! I am kidding.

Jai said...

Amanda, thanks for opening up your life to bless others even though that may not have been your original intention. I believe I found you from Boo or Big Mama and then made the connection w/ Beth much later. Anyway, I like to read all the blogs, personal, work and Travis' because it is good to see ALL of God's people doing everyday living. Your family seems to be VERY down to earth.

Linda said...

Thank you so much for allowing me to read your blog. I feel like I know you and your family from your mom's studies. You are so sweet. I am a pastor's wife in Las Vegas with a 4 yr old son (Joshua) and a 16 yr old son (James). I think you and your family are amazing. You are such a wonderful encouragement to me.
Thank you for sharing your sweet life with all of us.

Kristen said...

I see so many others are "coming out of the closet" I will too - I have been reading your blog for a little while now. I am not sure how I happened upon it, but I look forward to checking it daily. You have a way of writing that is like having a conversation and you have a great sense of humor. I can pretty much count on a laugh out loud or smile when I read your blog.

Thank you for your willingness to let those of us who don't know you read your blog.

boston sherrill said...

Hi Amanda,
I have to admit I've been reading your blog for awhile now and can't even remember how I found it in the first place. I have to admit I've always been too nervous to post a comment and introduce myself before, but this time I didn't really wanted to be classified as a worm (even though I am).
I have no idea who your mom, what your other blog is, or why people would google people and try to move near them after reading a blog - not going to do that here. TX is way too hot! (Although I might be a little dense if you've mentioned all of the above on this one.)
As a follower of Jesus, I really appreciate your openness about living out your faith while also sharing about your family. I think you're a great writer and have enjoyed watching you blossom as mother and wife.
I really appreciate you willing to share your blog with us 'lurkers'. May God continue to bless your family.

Jazzy J in Tyler said...

thank you for sharing with those of us who don't "know" you. however, i would never want you to compromise your family's sense of privacy or security. i have enjoyed reading your blog but would completely understand if you ever felt it was needed to make it more private. it has been such a blessing in my life to read your blog and just be encouraged by some of the "real" stuff you deal with in being a wife and mother and child of God. thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I am a lurker, who is kind of shy. I just enjoy your blog and have children about your age. Thanks for being so open and sharing your life.

Prairie Rose said...

Thanks for letting us strangers drop in. :o) I actually came across your blog via a link from another blog and had no idea the first few days I read it who you even were, I just enjoyed what I was reading, so I kept reading. Then a post contained a picture of Jackson and I thought, wow, this baby Jackson looks an awful lot like Beth's grandson Jackson... then the lightbulb clicked and I read your little "About Me" and realized that that was because they were indeed one and the same! :o) Anyhow, I can't actually say I'm not weird, but I CAN say that I'm not weird in the way you're meaning and have no desire to stalk anyone. :o) So thanks for letting us outsiders stay. :o)

Vicki Courtney said...

Great post! I just have 3 questions for you:

1. How big is your parents' house?
2. Are there any homes for sale in your neighborhood?
3. Do you think your mom could come speak at my church?

Okay, sorry--I just couldn't resist.

Jill & Anna Claire said...


I thought I would identify myself since I love checking in and reading your wonderful blog stories! :) I too have a blog, but I am not nearly as creative and funny as you! Thank you for sharing your blog to everyone who doesn't really know you. But so you know, here is my connection...I am Becca Calvert's best friend from Grapevine. So, I am not too much of a Blog stalker, right? Have a blessed day!

Jill Scherler

Faith @ The Great Adventure said...

I love your "demitasse" of worms. :) And I really appreciate your honesty and humor in this post! I found your blog through the blog of another Siesta and didn't realize which Amanda you were at first, but your blog is a delight to read, so I'm sticking around. ;) I like it because your husband is in ministry (mine just finished seminary) and you're a young, Christian mom--the phase of life I hope to be entering shortly! :) (Well, the Christian part has been established for a while and the young part is fleeting ...)

Anyhow. ;) I'm sorry you all have had to deal with some people crossing your boundaries. :( I had a brush of that myself in a previous position and it can be pretty unsettling.

Becky said...

Sorry, I am a few days late...but I have something for your Q & A. As I PW, I would like to know how you handle life in the 'fishbowl'. Do you set boundaries for privacy or do you just let it all be know. If you try to have "boundaries", what are they and how do you do that w/o offending people?

Our church office is in our home (for now) so, I am really searching for some advise in this area.

Thank you so much for letting us read your blog! I do check often for new posts...hope that is okay. :) It is my "outlet" after homeschooling my teenager to sit down with a cup of coffee and catch-up on blogs! :)

Oh, I found your blog by accident and didn't realize you were connected to "the other ministry" until after I started reading your blog regularly. I'm a bit slow. ha ha (My 15 y.o. daughter enjoys your blog too! Thanks for being such a great role model for her).

I pray for you often (actually ever Sunday morning) giggle.

Love ya!

AKat said...

Hey, Amanda! I've been out of commission on my own blog, but I've enjoyed keeping up with yours.
Two quick things: One, Jackson is getting so big! And, two, I never got to comment on your darker hair post. I went darker a while back and now feel like a copper penny. LOL. I want some blonde back. The lowlights/highlights all the way through is an excellent idea.

Genni said...

It is bizarre that I read this post today (I've read in the past, but forgotten to visit recently.) after what I posted yesterday. This whole bloggy privacy (or lack thereof) issue has me somewhat baffled. I am afraid that I am, at times, in complete ignorance breaching blog etiquette.

It makes me want to delete my blog (it still has training wheels anyway) and stop reading others for fear of offending or bothering someone that I've never even met.

P.S. Even though I read your blog in the past, I didn't realize whose daughter you were. See I told you I was slow.

Xana said...

Hi Amanda,

I am a lurker who really enjoys reading your blog. I grew up in Texas and now live in Canada with my husband (a worship pastor) and my two kids. Reading your blog is so encouraging and brings some Texas into my life up here in the great North! Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your life with us!


Anonymous said...

I also love reading your blog. I am a SAHM in a small rural Illinois town. Sometimes it's easy to feel lonely when home all day with kids and Sesame Street and Curious George on constantly. Reading your blog helps me feel connected with other moms! Thanks for sharing your stories. I wish I could put my thoughts into words like you do!

Debbie said...

That's AWESOME! I feel the same way being a pastor's wife and I've had others tell me that they feel like they're invading my privacy as well. I found you through a mutal friend and love reading your thoughts. I think it's great that you are willing to share with us. I always look at it as if I can help one person it's worth it!

Marla Taviano said...

I love your blog.

Melissa said...

Since I just stumbled on your blog for the first time, I was grateful that it was on this post! Glad to find you in Blogville. Blessings on your new year!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for letting us that don't know you read your blog.

I don't know who your mom is so I don't think I would care about her house size (unless of course she owned her own island somewhere and the house had 100 bedrooms), I love living in Wyoming so I don't think i would move to Texas and I have far too much to do in my life to stalk someone else.

All that said, I like reading your blog...I happened upon it...hmmm...I don't remember.

Thanks for writing for all of us internet dweebs who read blogs for what seems like all day sometimes.

Hannah in Wyoming

Elizabeth said...

i must admit i am a lurker, so to speak. one of my good friends, rachelle, went to Sudan with Amber Burger and her family last year. she told me the website to check up on her while she was there, which is Amber's blog. As I was checking in one day, Amber had made of list of blogs she loves to read and that make her laugh, and yours was one. so i started reading and love reading your stories. i was married in june and love the encouragement you bring to all women. thanks for letting me read!! and i promise i'll never show up at your house!

~E said...

I think I first linked to your blog through BooMama's blog. I don't know her either, but I linked to her when she did a tour of homes a year or two ago. (I am always looking for decorating ideas.) I kept reading her blog because she is so funny and having grown up in the south I could relate to a lot of her southern culture. And I loved the fact that she was a Christian! When I linked to you, I found your writing to be sweet, sincere and funny. I don't have a blog myself and I rarely comment, but I do enjoy reading blogs that make me laugh and/or inspire me as a Christian, as a woman, and as a mom. I didn't even know that you were BM's daughter when I first started reading. Sorry, for being a "lurker," but thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

i found your blog because you commented on another blog that i read (prayforcoy....they're from my home church) and the name intrigued me (i too have baby bangs, thanks to my 17 mo old so anyhow, i was browsing your blog and...who are you?? i don't know what people on here are talking about with MOP and LPM, but now i'm really curious...are you famous or anyway...just wanted to say hi and see who you are because, well, i guess i'm nosey.


ps - i moved from houston 3 years ago and i also miss paulies very much!

Emily said...

Hey! I found a link to your blog from one of my other blogging friends and I was interested because of the cute blog name you have! I have met so many friends in the blog world and I am glad to meet you too! I'll be visiting again, thanks for the invitation!

salli said...

Well, I guess like a lot of others, I should come out of lukerdom...especially since you can track us anyway. :-) That is amazing that technology can do such a thing!

I think I eventually got to your blog from the 'other' blog. I love reading yours b/c I'm a young mom--I think we're nearly the same age--and my little guy is 20 months. He's just a step behind everything Jackson does! I also have a darling little girl who's about to turn 3 next week.

Thanks for being so open to others reading your blog. One of these days I think I'll start my own...I think I have a lot of tech-savy catching up to do though.

kuliejellogg said...

From another lurker... Thanks for keeping it public. My friend told me about your blog when she found out I was expecting and might want to read about "real" motherhood from a believer's point of view. God has truly gifted your writing ability in many ways, and I am thankful to Him for your gift. Reading your blog feels like slipping into my favorite pair of Chuck Taylors - comfortable and familiar. You may read that as an insult because it sounds like you like some fancy sorts of shoes, but as a plain ole gal, that statement is high praise. Thanks again.

Janeen said...

As others have already said, I TOO "found you and wanted to read because you were BM's daughter but eventually I totally forgot that and just liked to read because I think you are so funny and sweet"... that comment summed it up perfectly for me! My favorite part is when you use Texas-lingo and I'm in Calif, so it sounds even funnier and I get my laugh for the day!
Thanks for sharing!