Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hey Jude!

Welcome to the world, Jude Kevin Simons! Congratulations, Christie and Kevin on the birth of your adorable son!

The crew got together a couple weeks ago to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Baby Jude. Highlights of the night? Xavier simply ordered some "Hibachi." Heath and I introduced Janelle to sushi and she liked it! Sunni arrived with fresh golden highlights that she had already gotten rid of by the time we saw her next. Curtis almost ingested shrimp juice and had an allergic reaction. Amanda wore a dress that she copied from Kim Soto and she's very sorry and promises never to wear it to church. Kevin socialized with all the employees who know him by name. And Christie heard more about childbirth and breastfeeding than she ever wanted to know.

The two lovebirds. I wish you could see them sing a love song together. They have a great romance. Also? Kevin plays the drums the way that I am going to play them in heaven.

The boys. Acting like boys.

Heath did his eyes like that on purpose.



boomama said...

Now that is a mighty fine assortment of cute clothes you four girls are wearing. It makes me strangely happy.

connorcolesmom said...

How great a new baby!!
Congrats to your friends :)
Speaking of tired... There is nothing like new baby tired LOL!!
Love ya siesta,

Janelle and Ella said...

This was such a fun night! Thank you for introducing me to sushi. It was your passion for it that made me brave enough to try it. We need to go for some soon.

Stephanie Kay said...

Good food + Good friends = Good times. We're having a similar event Monday. I can't wait!

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Don't know Kim Soto, but you look awfully cute in her copied dress!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

I'm thinking your dress is perfectly cute for church...was it short or something we can't see?

I wore a dress to church Sunday which actually showed my calves without a hint of stockings...I felt, as my granny would say, plumb nekked..:)

Amanda said...

The only reason I'm not wearing it to church is so that Kim and I don't both show up in it on the same day. Plus, Kim, you are way cuter in it than me! Love you, girl!

Shelly said... I way too girlie to have my sole comment on here be the fact that all of y'all have cute shirts!? lol

AbbyLane said...

i had sushi for the first time in nashville this spring...suprisingly good. my favorite was some banana boat thing that had banana, crab, and sour cream...sounds gross...but my plate was clean :)

oooooo i'm hungry

Amanda said...

Curt pointed out that he is wearing the same t-shirt in every single picture. But he is very HANDSOME in every picture, so it's all good.

Beth said...

WOW, a man that actually realized he is wearing the same shirt! It is a great tee shirt and must be very comfortable and the go to item.

In my old age, [ok, I am only 6 years younger than your mom but having a 4 year old at 44 is way different than being a granny at this age] I find myself wearing the same ole things over and over and without noticing. At least he noticed!

Well, the timer is going off meaning Lil Miss Firecracker has to go upstairs and do the bedtime routine.

Thank you Lord for good friends and fun blogs!

The Sotos said...

Girl--where your dress look so cute! Hey when you buy a dress at our "beloved place", you cant help but know others will dress just as cute! Let me know if you ever want to be "twinkies" and I will gladly join in! ;)

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Thanks for the picture of the golden locks. At least we can have something to remember it by.

kittyhox said...

What is your secret? You seem to have so many good girlfriends and couple friends! I know it takes a lot of work to be a good friend, so you must spend a lot of time cultivating your friendships.

I don't tend to be an envious person, but I am finding myself coveting. I know I need to be more outgoing and leave my house once in a while - I'm such a homebody.

Let me know if there is some big secret to success as a social butterfly that I'm missing!


Michelle said...

Very sweet... Okay I tagged you for 8 Random Facts, before I saw Curt did 25 on you... so your turn to tell us 8! ;)

Anonymous said...

I just have to say you and your friends are adorable and my husband and I LOVE sushi and that yummy seaweed salad!

We had a date night while my brother in-law was here and of course we went out for sushi! It was so expensive! I'll have to post the pics of my hubby's facial expressions when we got our plate it was too funny!