Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Two PK's and a PW

Our church plant had its first core team meeting a week and a half ago. We were incredibly blessed that a church in the area opened up its doors to us and gave us a meeting room. They also provided childcare workers for our children. Isn't that crazy awesome? That is just one of many ways God has blown us away throughout this process.

That night we got in small groups and got to know each other better, we worshipped, we listened to Curtis share from the Word and talk about where all of this is headed, and we prayed. I'll be corny right now and say that it was a really special time.

Afterward, I picked up my kids and brought them into a hallway where some people were standing around and visiting. I got deep into a conversation (not that it was a deep conversation) with my friend Amber (who makes me laugh a lot) and suddenly she asked, "Where's Jackson?" I had that moment of "Oh my gosh, I forgot I was still in charge!" I looked down the hall and he was doing this.

Moments later Annabeth realized it wasn't fair that Bubba was getting to have all the fun and she squirmed out of my arms.

Aaaaaaaaannnnddddd the preacher's kids were born.

The blurry photos should show you the speed at which my children were moving about the room. What I am unable to share with you through pictures is the noise.

When I could manage them (if you can call it that) no longer, I approached Curtis mid-conversation and kindly said, "I just need you to remember that we are still here." To which he replied, "Remember, you have your own car."

Aaaaaaaannnnddddd the preacher's wife was born.

I hope you are laughing or at least smiling at these big moments in our lives because I am doing both. I love our birth story.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend 2011

We had a great Easter weekend. It started out with "Broken for You" at HFBC on Thursday night. Pastor John from First Irving gave the message and it was like a big family reunion. We took the Lord's Supper and had an awesome time of worship.

On Saturday evening we had a cookout and Easter egg hunt with my dad's side of the family.

Here's me, Memaw, Aunt Tina, Aunt Mary, Mom, and Cousin Hannah. Melissa, where were you?

Aunt Mary, Aunt Tina and Mom.

This was our fancy Easter table. We had hot dogs, cajun potato salad, fruit, chips and dip, and cake.

Melissa, Mom and Annabeth.

I know Jackson has been in this shirt in every picture this spring, but I can't help it. He's so handsome in it.

Aunt Mary and Mom.

Aunt Tina was so sweet and mindful of my little kids. She brought this swing to hang from the tree and tiny lawn chairs for them to use.

Hot dogs in the lap. Typical.

The guys had fun with some cascarones (confetti-filled eggs).

The brothers, Ben and Joe, look like they have rumbled a few times before.

My brother-in-law, Colin.

Ben cracked an egg on my dad and he got some projectile German chocolate cake in return.

This is Dad giving directions to the young men on how to sweep the field for snakes in preparation for the kids' egg hunt. I'm sure my aunts were pleased.

It begins! And no snakes.

Annabeth found Lip Smackers from Aunt Melissa in her first egg and she pretty much forgot about everything else.

Texas girls need their lip gloss even when stomping through fields of grass and dried up leaves.

Annabeth having a fit in the dirt.

Post-fit rebound.

Abey with Cousin Hannah.

Jackson got a lot more eggs than his sister.

She wasn't bothered.

This is how we say cheese.

The progression of a toddler with lip gloss. One.



My dad squealing like a piggy.

The big kids got to do an egg hunt too. The stakes were a bit higher, although they didn't know it.

Boys will be boys.

Running into the arms of...


The search is on!

My Easter chickies.

Pops on the Gator.

Colin, Dad and Melissa.

Some were not so enthused about the Mickey Mouse bags used in the egg hunt.

John and Hannah finding dollar bills in their eggs.

This is Cousin Joe stuffing his money in his pocket while being very quiet about being the Egg Hunt Winner.

Those dollars saw the light of day for .5 seconds before they were hidden deep in pockets.

We had decided to go to the evening Easter service at our church, so we spent a lazy morning at home. Curtis read the Scriptures to us and we turned on some great worship music.

We nixed the Easter bunny but I still made the kids Easter baskets. They had no expectations, which was nice. For the record, that plush Belle doll is hideous but I thought Annabeth would like it. She didn't.

It just wouldn't be natural if my kids weren't in Christmas pajamas. They were waiting to get their baskets.

They were so tickled to get a surprise.

My mom used to give us these panoramic eggs when we were little. I saw some mini ones at HEB and had to grab a couple.

Annabeth thought it might be good to eat.

Later that morning Annabeth came down with a 102 degree fever. She didn't have any other symptoms except for not wanting to eat and wanting to sit in our laps. I gave her Tylenol and every time it started to wear off, her fever shot back up. She's been much better today.

I'm thankful that God seemed to have prepared me to miss church on Easter Sunday. Any other year I might have been devastated. I ended up taking Jackson to lunch at my parents' house and then Curtis took him to church that evening. Annabeth and I sat on the couch together and watched some of the web cast. Also? Singing along with the web cast made me realize what a truly joyful noise I make. Bless my heart!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend worshipping the Risen Savior and loving on your families.