Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend 2011

We had a great Easter weekend. It started out with "Broken for You" at HFBC on Thursday night. Pastor John from First Irving gave the message and it was like a big family reunion. We took the Lord's Supper and had an awesome time of worship.

On Saturday evening we had a cookout and Easter egg hunt with my dad's side of the family.

Here's me, Memaw, Aunt Tina, Aunt Mary, Mom, and Cousin Hannah. Melissa, where were you?

Aunt Mary, Aunt Tina and Mom.

This was our fancy Easter table. We had hot dogs, cajun potato salad, fruit, chips and dip, and cake.

Melissa, Mom and Annabeth.

I know Jackson has been in this shirt in every picture this spring, but I can't help it. He's so handsome in it.

Aunt Mary and Mom.

Aunt Tina was so sweet and mindful of my little kids. She brought this swing to hang from the tree and tiny lawn chairs for them to use.

Hot dogs in the lap. Typical.

The guys had fun with some cascarones (confetti-filled eggs).

The brothers, Ben and Joe, look like they have rumbled a few times before.

My brother-in-law, Colin.

Ben cracked an egg on my dad and he got some projectile German chocolate cake in return.

This is Dad giving directions to the young men on how to sweep the field for snakes in preparation for the kids' egg hunt. I'm sure my aunts were pleased.

It begins! And no snakes.

Annabeth found Lip Smackers from Aunt Melissa in her first egg and she pretty much forgot about everything else.

Texas girls need their lip gloss even when stomping through fields of grass and dried up leaves.

Annabeth having a fit in the dirt.

Post-fit rebound.

Abey with Cousin Hannah.

Jackson got a lot more eggs than his sister.

She wasn't bothered.

This is how we say cheese.

The progression of a toddler with lip gloss. One.



My dad squealing like a piggy.

The big kids got to do an egg hunt too. The stakes were a bit higher, although they didn't know it.

Boys will be boys.

Running into the arms of...


The search is on!

My Easter chickies.

Pops on the Gator.

Colin, Dad and Melissa.

Some were not so enthused about the Mickey Mouse bags used in the egg hunt.

John and Hannah finding dollar bills in their eggs.

This is Cousin Joe stuffing his money in his pocket while being very quiet about being the Egg Hunt Winner.

Those dollars saw the light of day for .5 seconds before they were hidden deep in pockets.

We had decided to go to the evening Easter service at our church, so we spent a lazy morning at home. Curtis read the Scriptures to us and we turned on some great worship music.

We nixed the Easter bunny but I still made the kids Easter baskets. They had no expectations, which was nice. For the record, that plush Belle doll is hideous but I thought Annabeth would like it. She didn't.

It just wouldn't be natural if my kids weren't in Christmas pajamas. They were waiting to get their baskets.

They were so tickled to get a surprise.

My mom used to give us these panoramic eggs when we were little. I saw some mini ones at HEB and had to grab a couple.

Annabeth thought it might be good to eat.

Later that morning Annabeth came down with a 102 degree fever. She didn't have any other symptoms except for not wanting to eat and wanting to sit in our laps. I gave her Tylenol and every time it started to wear off, her fever shot back up. She's been much better today.

I'm thankful that God seemed to have prepared me to miss church on Easter Sunday. Any other year I might have been devastated. I ended up taking Jackson to lunch at my parents' house and then Curtis took him to church that evening. Annabeth and I sat on the couch together and watched some of the web cast. Also? Singing along with the web cast made me realize what a truly joyful noise I make. Bless my heart!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend worshipping the Risen Savior and loving on your families.


Courtney (Women Living Well) said...

I LOVED all your photos! Jackson is SO cute with that one little tooth missing! It looked like you guys had a great time!

I did a blog post on Saturday about getting all organized for Sunday since it can be stressful getting out the door to church on time on Easter morning and well - then God had a sense of humor Easter morning and it didn't go as planned! Here's pics from our Easter:

Have a great week!

Erin Ward said...

Glad you took so many pictures! Looks like lots of fun!

Psalms 27: said...

Great pictures of your whole family but my main thought about this post is - your Mom has the cutest clothes! I just love her!

Amber C said...

Oh, after 7 weeks of bedrest and watching the service on webcast and singing along has made me scared that I'm hurting my babies' ears in the womb!

IncenseAndMyrrh said...

enjoyed your post and all the pictures. Hope your daughter is feeling better! Blessings, Christa

Shellie Paparazzo said...

I giggled all the way through this post! So cute! And I swear there was one picture where it took me a minute to figure out that was "bibby" talking to Annabeth, while she was hunting eggs! I thought it was another cousin, not her bibby! I swear your mom looks so young, it's not fair!

And by the way, we could end up anywhere in the U.S. besides here in a little over a year with my husband's promotion. If we end up in Texas, will your dad teach me how to sweep the field for snakes before hunting for eggs. I'd never actually thought about that. We just let the games begin! No big, scary, nasty creatures to worry about harming our babies here!

Emily :) said...

Love all the pics! Sounds like so much fun. Next year I want a big kid hunt. :) I especially am thankful to see that my children were not the only ones in Christmas pj's on Easter. I feel better. :)

Mommarazzi said...

We have a very similar hunt in the country planned for this weekend! I am nervous about the snakes. Love love love the lip gloss. It is a must!

R said...

Husby had to miss Easter service, too. Our middle daughter woke Saturday with fever and diarrhea. Poor baby had to miss the Easter festival at church Saturday!

Fever's gone today, but that child is still poopin'. (Sorry...had to vent to someone. I'm trapped at home tonight with it while husby gets his school's TAKS testing ready for tomorrow.)

My other two children are thrilled, however. Dr's orders are starches and liquids to eat, so popsicles and jello are for dinner!

My girls have the same princess dolls. I don't get them, either. ;)

MEGAN said...

Your Easter celebration looks like a blast! Your baby is looking like a big girl : (

Lisa said...

My kids(about the same ages as your two) were exceedingly happy with their Easter baskets this year. They were really grateful for every little thing. I think we will really scale down Christmas next year!

Gayle said...

great pics, amanda! aanabeth's hair is getting so long. such a cutie with her lipgloss :)

J said...

So my 20 month old has that fever with no sx today. I'm hoping she will be better tomorrow! My poor hubs had to stay home with my two yesterday, bc my 4 y/o boy has an ongoing stomach much for Easter plans :(. But He is risen nonetheless ;)

petrii said...

What wonderful memories y'all made!!! Complete with beautiful pictures!!

We didn't make it to Easter services either. My mama's been really sick, but things are looking up ~~ Praise Jesus!!!

Have a Blessed evening,

Angie said...

Precious memories! Thanks for sharing!

Missy said...

Glad AB is feeling better today! Love the pics of the big boys going after one another. Priceless!!! And I think they should make edible chapstick for toddlers. :).

Sabrina said...

I love seeing AB in her precious skirt! So glad you had an awesome Easter. Miss you friend.

Shef said...

Why is it cracking me up that the main thing popping out to me as I looked at your fun pics is that I don't think I have ever seen your dad in shorts?!?! ha ha!! Such cute pics and kiddos!! Love them!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing!

Alison said...

How fun! I love a a good adventurous egg hunt! And so fun to see Mary-did you know she works with Brandon? (you probably did;) What a small world!

Ashley McWhorter said...

Love AB using the chapstick! Hysterical!! Also, glad someone else nixed the Easter bunny. We did too, and many of my friends think I am awful! :)

Immeasurably More Mama said...

I laughed when I scrolled down and saw that first picture. I wore the same outfit you are wearing to church on Easter...only you look WAY better in it! That dress (and leggings for me) is a great outfit for summer! My grandma always got those panoramic eggs for us too. I had forgotten about them until I saw yours. :) Thanks for sharing pictures from your family day...what a sweet time together. I hope Annabeth is feeling better.

The Johnsons said...

AB seems to put on lip smackers the same way Liz does. Nearly straight to the mouth! Glad it was a fun weekend and that your girl is feeling better!

Dionna said...

My favorite pictures are Annabeth and Melissa with the lipgloss, Annabeth running to her Bibby, and your two kiddos hugging. Pure love.

Toknowhim said...

Loved the pictures...there is a lot of happiness shining through in these pictures. Loved the pic of Annabeth with the lip gloss :)

Sarah said...

Love the pics--the kids were bright blue/turquoise so well! And isn't it just like kids to get sick so quickly? I'm glad she's better now. My Easter was way different than I imagined...and I didn't go to church, which is probably a first time in 30-something years...but I realized Easter - the True Easter - of Christ's sacrific for me - is a matter of the heart. And I was able to watch the service online, which helped. Love little snaggled-tooth Jackson - they're both so adorable!! :)

Jenny said...

:( Sorry your girly girl got sick. Glad y'all had a good weekend otherwise!

Heather said...

I am LOVING that picture of your kids in their Christmas pajamas!! I laughed so hard when you said something about that!! Precious pictures friend!!

KAT . . . said...

Thank you, thank you for sharing!
Holy hugs,Kathie

Fran said...

What precious pictures Amanda!!! Thank you so much for letting us peak inside your Easter. It looked fabulous!!!

((hugs)) from TN!

mommysince02 said...

I just left a comment on LPM but wanted to share that I loved how you nixed the Easter Bunny! I have an Aunt Bunny (long story - real name is Anne) who came bearing sweet random gifts a couple of Easters ago. At the time the boys were 7 and 5. With all sortsa hoopla she asked Joey, "Are you KASITED about the Easter Bunny coming tomorrow!?" He stared at her blankly and said "who is that?" She was floored! Somehow we gently told her that yes, the kids get Easter baskets, but they are aware Mom and Dad fill them in celebration that Jesus Is Alive! Poor Aunt Bunny wasn't sure what to do with us for a moment or two, but her gifts distracted the kids enough that they dropped the whole line of questioning anyway.

Dawn said...

love all the pictures, Amanda! I just started a blog and just wrote an entry about one of my SSMT verses :)

Kelli said...

What a blessed time with family!

I love these little girlies with their chapstick!

connorcolesmom said...

Oh such sweet and FUN pictures!
We have never done the Easter bunny thing either but my boys do get baskets :)
We had the joy of being able to attend the Secret Church at Brook Hills this year on Good Friday. Talk about starting the celebration off right!! :)
So thankful!

Crystal @ Ordinary Days said...

Okay, so I found your blog through someone else's blog and had no idea what to expect. I was reading and then I saw a picture and started looking and I kept thinking...that looks like Beth Moore! LOL Okay, then I FINALLY saw your daughter's name was Annabeth and remembered your Mom talking about her grand daughter the last time I heard her speak!! So funny. So glad to have found you!

Shannon said...

OUr Easter morning pictures are in the same Christmas PJs. I'm telling you, your Jackson reminds me so much of my Jackson and you "raising kids" stories sounds like my own.