Sunday, September 30, 2007

Oh Yes We Did!

The State Fair of Texas - Installment 1

We are now approaching the State Fair of Texas. This is the view from the freeway. The Ferris wheel is actually moving. Get excited! (Not that I would get on that thing.)

This is Big Tex. He waves his hand and talks.

This is the Cotton Bowl. It is a football field that houses the Red River Shootout between t.u. (University of Texas) and Oklahoma every year during the fair. On Saturday, Prairie View A&M and Grambling State were playing. I really wanted to sneak in to the halftime show.

Fletcher's Corny Dogs. This is the real deal.

Trying not to let the heat steal the joy of our battered and fried hot dogs. Thank God for Dr. Pepper.

The Chevrolet Main Stage. Notice that the stage is decorated with Chevys. Only in Texas.

They looked ready to roll off at any moment. Leave it to me to have vain imaginations about that.

The men. I don't know how they kept from having a heat stroke. Seriously.

Look closely. He's down on bended knee. This song, in my opinion, was the highlight of the concert. It was so worth going!

They sang all our favorites and some classic Motown hits.

We ran into Cassi and her family and they took a picture for us. I love that we are in front of the Hans Mueller Sausage tent.

We had never been so hot in our lives. Here Curt is splashing some water on our little guy who was a CHAMP that day.

The world's biggest ceiling fan? It was very effective, to the glory of God.

I thought this was mildly amusing.

We got to see one of the marching bands and drill team march into the stadium. Have I mentioned before that halftime is the only reason I watch football?

There's more to come later!


Marc and Charity said...

Trying not to be jealous that you get to go to the fair. That was one perk of teaching in Carrollton- a free fair ticket for me!

What's the special fried food this year? Wasn't it fried oreos last year?

Holly said...

Ahhh, what good memories! Thanks for sharing your pictures Amanda. I was able to be taken "back" for a moment (when I was at University of Texas...never calling it that other thing, even though my diploma says A&M :).

My Dad worked for GM for 30 years, so I love to see me some Chevy's!

Have a wonderful day!

PS Would you pray for a 21 month old named Ezra? He's just been diagnosed with lymphoma and needs a blood transfusion today or tomorrow (type o-). They are our neighbors. Thank you, friend!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Oh man...he sure was down on bended knee. I'm SO jealous. I've been contemplating whether to tell Xavi or not that y'all got to see B2M. He might faint.

Heather said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. we are looking forward to whenever the state fair is here. We haven't figured it out yet ... maybe we missed it. ;(

debra parker said...

Looks like a great day...

and yes, those corndogs look amazing.

Three Fold Cord said...

What a great time. I love the photo documentary. We went to our state fair last year and I actually won my daughter a goldfish. The fish lived for 2 months and she named her "alphabet". Any way, so glad to know you were able to have the family day of food and fun despite the heat.

Patty said...

Great pictures!! The Cotton Bowl, the only connection I have there is when my football team, the VOLS played there on New Years Day. I love the fact that you watch football for the halftime show! I take it all in. I love to be at the stadium when the Pride of the Southland Band comes marching into our stadium and they are awesome at halftime. Trust me, with the year our team is having we need the band, more than ever. Have a great Monday!

Jackie said...

Oh, it looks fun (and Hot!!) Glad ya'll enjoyed it!! I really must take Sara up there sometime to meet Big Tex. Everyone should have a chance to meet him once. I am craving a corn dog (it's just not the same when they come out of my freezer though!)

Dionna said...

Your stage is so huge! Wow. Sounds like a blast. And I love Dr. Pepper...:)

jennyhope said...

the chevy set up looks like Hollywood squares or something.

LauraG said...

FRIED OREOS?!?! Oh my gosh, do I EVER want to try those...

boomama said...

I bet you and Jesus had a special moment together when you saw that big ole ceiling fan.

And you have no idea how badly I'm craving a corn dog now.

Fran said...

Even with the heat, it was a slice of heaven huh?!! Looks great!! And yeah for Jackson being such a trooper.

Valarie said...

ONLY in Texas but ya just gotta love it!! teehee

BTW LOVE LOVE LOVE Boyz II Men! Thanks for taking me down the old memory express! What a cutie pie both in and pushin' the stroller! ;-)

Little Steps Of Faith said...

So that is what a Texas fair looks like lol:) I am messing with you; FL fairs look about the same, afterall its mostly country too:)

Definitely not Atlantic City:)

We have festivals here like Zellwood Corn Festival(You get to eat a whole bunch of corn and listen to a concert), and jazz festivals things like that, also in Orlando even though its all city, they have the Fringe Festival and the Shakespeare Festival(my personal fav):)
I also like Church street.
(y'all should come visit out here some time.)

Forget all those amusement parks though, it takes a good 25 min to go on each ride at each park around my family doesn't really bother.

Although I might go to Epcot for Culture for my Education course....:)

Thanks for showing the pics they were great:)That's the only advantage.

I have a friend who goes to the parks every weekend, no thanks lol.

Isn't "it so hard to say good-bye to yesterday?" :)


AbbyLane said...

kay, i've got to get one of those underwear shirts...hilarious!

and i'm glad you included big Tex in there...i've heard about him, so it was good to see him in all his glory!

oh my heavens...never had a fletcher dog but it sounds amazing...and what is this about fried oreos?!?! maybe i misunderstood the Lord last may...i think TEXAS is what He meant by "Nashville"

R said...

We're trying frantically to figure out when on earth we can cram a trip to the Fair in. It must be done--it's one-stop shopping for us at the car show, and we totally need a new ride in order to accommodate the double stroller we'll have to purchase soon! Our single travel system barely fits in the trunk of my little German Turbo Diesel.

I don't know what we were should have been a warning to us when we realized we could only fit two sets of golf clubs in the trunk!

The Synnott's said...

you crack me up. i ahve made it up to dallas once for the fair and loved it! you are making me have craving... can i say corn dogs anyone???

Wifeof1Momof4 said...

I saw that t-shirt stand and all the t-shirts "wordies". I could never bring myself to wear one of those .. hehe
Glad you all had fun, so did we Friday "opening day!" ..Ahhh Fried cookie dough, corn dogs and chevrolets ...

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I love me some state fair. The Minnesota State Fair is a huge tradition for me and my family. I actually worked there for years during high school and college.

A corn dog is always a must for authentic fair food. Do you wash it down with a fresh lemonade like me? Or does the Dr. Pepper suffice?

Kevin and Christie said...

Yeah!! I love the is one of the most fun things to do in Texas!! And you should totally ride the ferris is so cool...SO expensive...but SO worth it for once!!

a boy a girl and a pug said...

Gotta love Big Tex...I'm curious did you try any of this year's fried quacomole with ranch?

Lauren said...

1. While you were melting, we were apple picking in 72 degrees! Best day yet! Fall is on its way, baby!
2. I cannot believe you saw boys-now-men. Is it just me, or do they look old? Am I old? Is that what this means?
3. I remember Big Tex waving at me from when I was a very little girl. My parents still go the last weekend of the fair every year.
4. I am jealous of good corn dogs. Might have to pick up some frozen ones for dinner tonight and have a pretend-you're-at-the-Texas-State-Fair party at our house. Oh my gosh, yes, the craving has kicked in. Now it is definitely going to happen.

Lauren said...

I just have one thing to add:
I'm a Pepper.

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

There are so many things to mention here - but I have to say I am so glad I'm not the only one who would not get on that Ferris Wheel for all the corn dogs or better yet, funnel cakes, at the fair!

I have some serious phobias where those rides that are assembled and disassembled so often are concerned! NO THANK YOU! :)

Honeycutt Family said...

Looks like fun! I'm jealous of you guys getting to eat corny dogs and D.P. Any funnel cake purchases? YUM!!!!
In Him,
Jen H. (in Colorado--former TX resident)
P.S. Ummmm....not appreciative of the t.u. statement!!!!! HOOK 'EM! :)

Anonymous said...

when i hear "boyz to men," three words come to mind: MIDDLE SCHOOL DANCES!...girl, those were the days. ..and speaking of t.u. and oklahoma, i can't help but get a little joy out of the fact that they both lost last week! (WHOOP!) glad ya'll had fun at the fair...have a great week!

jen said...

Whooo hooo!!! boys 2 men... oh man. They are so cool. They were something very special to me in H.S. LOL! Cute cute pictures!

connorcolesmom said...

That looks like FUN!!
I know you are ready for fall - we had our first day of fall like weather and it was soo nice. My little guy and I stayed outside all day well until naptime that is :)
God bless and thanks for the photos

Profbaugh said...

Oh Amanda,

I knew there was a reason I like you. I LOVE marching bands. . was in one all through high school and during college. And guess what instrument I played?? Give up? The flag!! In fact I was captain of flags at Illinois State University my junior and senior years. What a blast. I'm gearing up now to head back for homecoming at ISU and march with the Alumni band. Woo hoo!! I'm so glad to find someone else who loves halftime at football games!!

Love, love, love all your pix. Although it looked very HOT, it also looked like so much fun. Glad you got to spend some Texas style family time.


MamaCass said...

Ya'll had a great view. We were much further back stealing glimpes between all the umbrellas.

Alicia said...

God Bless Texas!!!

Jan said...

Oh that brings back memories! The Texas State Fair...and just before the big TEXAS - ou game. Gotta love tradition!

Amy T said...

How fun! I bet that was one awesome halftime show! When I was a freshmen at A&M, the Rice band was banned from Kyle Field (yes that was when we were part of the SWC) - something about making a hydrant on the field right after one of the Reville's had died. ANYWAY, A&M Prairieview was the substitute band and they ROCKED! Glad you had fun at the fair! Now you really have me wanting to go!

Lisa Pierre said...

I bet you get down with the git down when you hear something like Prairie View A&M Band gettin' it on! Did you watch the movie "Drumline?"

Michelle said...

Um a former boss of mine used to always say "Put your Big Girl Panties on and Get it Done!" She once said it in a speech and we were all stunned but the crowd loved it! I have to find that t-shirt!

ginny said...

When I was growing up in Irving there was a Fletcher's Corny Dog "hut" on Story Road, across from Plymouth Park BC. We loved driving through there!

I must say, from experience, the food at the Texas state fair beats food at other state fairs :)...which really is most the fun of going to the fair...for me anyway!