Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spring Fashion Fiesta

This has been a really long week and I am pooped. My work load has doubled for the time being and it has been interesting trying to get it all done. Things should let up early this summer. Let's just say I haven't been very clean or lovely this week. Hence, the ugly stick.

BigMama's Spring Fashion Fiesta has been going on all day and I've nearly missed it! (I'm writing late Friday night.) Few worldly things make me happier than good clothes. When beautiful textiles come together with a good fit, my heart soars. When the Lord confronts me with my idols, clothes are typically somewhere on the ugly totem pole. He has to keep me in check. That's one reason why I've been memorizing this.

Here are a few of my favorite things.

1) Citizens of Humanity and Seven for All Mankind Jeans. The fit is worth every penny. Plus, I wear them every single day. I spend as little money as possible on makeup and toiletries and almost nothing on jewelry (anything I have is from my mom), so this is where I splurge.

2) J. Crew tissue tees.

3) The same pair of Reef flip flops in brown and black. I don't like to wear flip flops with super narrow bands because I need more of my 9.5's covered. Anyone feeling me here?

4) Hot pink. It is hard to be in a bad mood when you wear hot pink. I was recently lamenting the lack of hot pink summer clothes in stores, but the Lord allowed me to be reunited with a hot pink shirt that I own and hadn't seen in a while. Plus, He let me find my hot pink suede Coach purse that has been missing for two years. Yeah!

5) Navy blue. Love it. It's so easy.

6) My Nike reversible mesh shorts from Academy.

7) I love Nicole Miller and ABS dresses. Very, very, very, very rarely do I have an occasion to wear one and the money to buy one at the same time. Maybe once every few years. But if I had more money than sense, I would go dress shopping every week at Neiman's or Nordstom.

8) Last year I wore a lot of dresses from Forever 21 with capris or jeans. I have no idea if that will fly this summer.

9) High heels! But not too narrow, please.

10) I've always loved Banana Republic. I think their fabrics feel good, look good, and last a long time. You can always find good things on their sale racks, too.

There you have it! Ole'! Thanks for this fun idea, BigMama!


Darlene R. said...

I never bought much jewelry either until I was introduced to a couple of companies that gave home shows. You know, so you can earn free jewelry... much of my stuff was free or super reduced.

I'd have to say I splurge the most in the shoe dept!

Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous! said...

Navy blue -- me too!

Big Mama said...

I love me a good sale at Banana Republic and I'm so with you on the ABS dresses. Every time I go to Nordstrom I have to remind myself that my life does not involve those dresses and my time would be better spent looking for new flip-flops.

Thanks for joining in the Fiesta, Amanda!

Sarah said...


HELP ME! I am 33 weeks pregnant and want to buy the name wall prints like you have for Jackson...I had the website saved and then my computer crashed! Can you send me a link to it? You can just put it as a comment on my blog.

Thanks SO much!

P.S. I love reading your blog!

Kelly said...

I agree with everything you said.
I like navy blue a lot but I steer away from it because I never know what shoes to wear..........what do you wear with navy blue??????

jennyhope said...

they have seven for all mankind at goodies

connorcolesmom said...

Oh girl I am feeling the J Crew and Banana Republic with you.
I have never heard of the really long named jeans but I am going to check them out b/c I love me some jeans and a t-shirt :)
Have a great Sat!

McClure Family said...

yes, Amanda, the tissue tees from J crew are a blessing from the Lord. I wear one almost everyday!

Missy said...

Hi Amanda! I enjoyed talking to you today. I too LOVE anything hot pink - you just can't be in a bad mood wearing that color!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

P.S. Alicia's is one of our new favorite places to eat as well. YUMMY!


Anonymous said...

Hey Amanda...not sure if it's a secret or not...but you haven't mentioned where your family will be attending church in Houston. Will you return to HFBC or will you find a new little "niche" for your family? I understand if you don't want to "reveal". :-)

Nancy Mon said...

Love Reef Flip flops. I know what you mean about coverage cause my shoe size is now 11 after being a size 10 for most of my adult life.

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I have enjoyed reading your blog too and getting to know you as Amanda. Love your stories, observations and humor.

Melissa Stover said...

i'm going to have to try those jeans. everyone says great things about them.

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I've loved hot pink ever since fourth grade when I had a hot pink satin purse from Jordache.

It's just happy to me. Who can have a bad day wearing hot pink?

Unknown said...

yes, i feel you on the feet...except a little too much...i'm checkin' in at 11 for dress shoes, 12 for tennis shoes

Holly Green said...

Hey! I am a friend of Sherry Clemens and a lover of fashion as well! You can definitely pull off the forever 21 dresses with capris this year. In fact that might be my look for summer as well!

Gathered Chick said...


Thanks for posting your fashion faves. Cute clothes are not my gift - mostly because I don't like to shop. And I don't like to shop because it's hard to find affordable, cute clothes. I want to get in, find what I want at a good price and get out. So, I wear the same cute things over and over and over until they wear out and people are sick of seeing them.

But, I digress.

Thanks for sharing. I'll definitely be checking some of these items out.

~ Heidi

Linda Vujnov said...

Try Hudson Jeans too. I just got some for my birthday and they are like butter. The flap pockets on the butt are flattering. I need flattering!

Anonymous said...

Great list! Thanks for the link to the flip flops. My size 10's feel ya! I have some Rocket Dogs that cover a lot, but I think I need something new this year!

Joanne : The Simple Wife said...

Not only do I feel your 9.5s but I'll even go half a size larger. Gotta love those high heels that make my feet look shorter (though they do make me look even taller than the 5'11" I already am).

And, yes, PINK! But I am a redhead, so no HOT pink for me. Pale pink I will do--even though someone told me long ago not to. Some rules are just made to be broken.

Emmy said...

Laughing about Reefs... so feeling you here! Size 10... and I am only 5'5" maybe a little less... it happened after all my kids! (was a 9) Nice to have a Firm Foundation : )

Leah said...

Hi...I found your link by blog-hopping several times. Anyway, I just wanted to say that my biggest fleshly struggle is materialism and 1 John 2:15-17 is my verse to remember, too!!! I memorized it this past fall, and it TOTALLY helps me keep things in perspective. (Also, the fact that my hubby is a seminary student and there's not a lot of extra helps keep me in check!) :)

Oh, and I love your mom's bible studies. I've been through several and actually just finished Psalms of Ascent not too long ago. It was the best one so far! (Well, I say that after every bible study I finish.) :)


ps. I'm glad the dog came back safe and sound!!!

anita from kansas said...

You must go shopping Paris sometime!! The fabrics are heavenly!! You would just go nuts!

Natalie Witcher said...

Don't cha love a great outfit! Found me some snappy Born sandals for this summer at, wouldn't you know, Good Will. Praise you Jesus! Hope you have a very fashionable summer, indeed!

Fran said...

I could wear those black flip flops every day of my life and be so unbelievably happy. :)

The Henrie Family said...

I'm with ya on the narrow flip flops! I too am a 9.5 and sometimes 10! Coverage please but let my toes be free...I love summer and good flip flops. :)

Erin Ward said...

oh yes. gotta love the high heels.

Anonymous said...

I love Reef sandals too! I have black, black and hot pink & tan and light pink. I wear a 10 and have trouble finding shoes that don't hurt my feet. I am so glad I found these flip flops and wore them all winter long. (I live in Fl)

Katie said...

Hmm. I have brown reefs with wide bands- all I wear is flipflops, it seems- and mine are so stretched out now I can hardly keep them on my feet! I was kind of disappointed about that. (But I do suspect the hubby may have slipped them on to go do some quick pool pump repairs, so maybe it's not Reef's fault that they're too big for me now!)

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Yep, I'm a shoe size 9, and try to minimize them as much as possible!

Wearing pointy toe heels makes me look kinda ridiculous...walking on traffic cones anyone?

Amanda Rooney said...

Thanks for the link for flip flops. i need skis for my large feet and usually can't find them in the store! Great to visit your blog. I got the link from Grabbie!