Thursday, August 28, 2008

Figuring Stuff Out

I am still alive, but barely. If I die, will you bury me in a Lightning McQueen pull up? Potty training. I don't even want to talk about it tonight. Help me, Lord Jesus. Jackson has had a lot to deal with this week with potty training and also being in a new MDO class. I think it might have been bad timing. So...MDO. The first day was on Tuesday. My hair had not been washed in several days and was looking like the water around the Houston Ship Channel. Gross. But it takes me forever to get ready, so I put on a ball cap and some workout clothes and took my child to his first day of school. I would do my grooming later. He looked cute, of course. When I got there I quickly realized that every other mom had dressed herself for the first day of school. I was truly amazed. I started thinking that maybe I should buy a new outfit to pick him up in. Kidding. But I did have to repeat the phrase, "No one knows me. I don't care what they think," over and over. The rest of that day I spent working and enjoying solitude in my house.

Yesterday was one of the most discouraging and tiring days of parenthood I've ever experienced. Thank God that we get to start over every 24 hours.

Today was great. I took Jackson back to his MDO class and then I went to buy him some new fall clothes. All the cute short-sleeve fall stuff at Gap Kids was on sale. Yeah! Then I bought him some new shoes from the Vans store. They're so fun but I don't think they're the right size. After that I got a much needed hair cut. I now almost have bangs. Holy cow, that was a close call! Curtis and I got to have a really great lunch date at Red Robin. It was the highlight of my day. Then I made a Target run for new socks for Jackson. I don't think he's worn any since April. I also got some flushable wipes. Thanks to Stephanie and Missy for enlightening me. Apparently I was on a shopping roll because I also found him the cutest Nick and Nora pajamas which made me miss Sunni and Ava. Then I picked up the Mister, went home, made tacos for dinner, and watched my child literally bounce off the walls and furniture until bedtime. It was as if he'd had a kool-aid IV.

Also? I picked up Jackson from MDO 10 minutes early and he was the last one there. What in the world? I guess I will learn how this place works.


3girlsmom said...

Wow. Sounds like you really did need prayers yesterday!!! Parenting, potty training, and pregnancy sometimes makes for a long day! Hope it gets much better and you have a restful weekend.

Anonymous said...

I thinks it was the hardest season of my life when my children were all in the potty training era. I had 3 kids in 3 1/2 years and the toddler/preschool years were an exhausting blur. I bless you today dear one. Tiffany For His Glory

Anonymous said...

Oh Amanda!
I can so identify with you on the whole MDO thing. The moms with full make-up and clean hair, and I am forever in the ballcap. :o) You will definately figure it all out. Last month, I went to pick up Levi on the last day of summer MDO. I rushed through traffic, late as always, ran it and got him and then as I was leaving, it hit me. I had been driving to this school twice a week for over TEN years with all of my three children. I realized that I would not be coming back. I stopped by the director's office and told her good-bye and she walked me out to the door. When I got into the van I just started heaving and bawling. I didn't even have time to process, but there I was with no more preschoolers, no more goldfish or apple juice or naps. My last baby was a big boy.

Tomorrow he finishes his first week of kindergarten.

Relish every moment! I know you are.
love you!

Kara Akins said...

Sounds like your doing a great job...on the tough days and the great ones. Jackson is one blessed boy to have such a wonderful mom. Potty training, starting a new class (& MDO) and a baby on the deserve a pat on the back. I have six children but the toughest days were when I had one child and was expecting our second. I was being stretched in so many ways - and with a young child to keep up with there was no time for rest.

Smelling Coffee said...

I well remember those days! I'm sure you hear it from everyone, but they do go by so quickly!

Hoping you enjoy every day at home with Jackson, and every day while he's in MDO.

Melanie said...

I have a love/hate relationship with MDO. I LOVE the break from my precious 3 year old (let's be honest, that's the main thing) and also that they get to do stuff we don't always get around to here, like painting and playing with kids their own age who they are not related to. But I HATE that there are apparently competing workout attire and sophisticated, trendy attire fashion shows going on at dropoff and pickup. The competition is real-diculous (as we say in my fam). And heads up on the holiday parties: here (in Nashville) E-V-E-R-Y kid brings treat bags for E-V-E-R-Y other kid at E-V-E-R-Y holiday. I'm not talkin a couple of stickers or a cookie. I'm talkin full-on TREAT BAG. Like more than I would give as party favors at my kid's birthday party. In the end, it's a wash, and I have boycotted (silently of course) the overindulgence of our children who are already privileged enough to go to MDO. Why must even MDO have to be figured out! ARGH. Sorry for ranting. You can shorten or not publish this. I will not be offended!

Nicole said...

Hi Amanda! I was smiling as I read your post only because I can TOTALLY relate. Let me tell you...5 kids later and I am still figuring it out!! My 2 year old is potty training too and my 10 and 8 year old started a new school last week. I feel like my head is spinning. Drop off/ pick up times, new polices and a brand new sprakling clean potty that sits in the bathroom! Yes he has sat on it but that is it. Haven't I done this 4 other times??! You couldn't tell! Oh and the hair thing..I am cracking up! Gotta love a pony tail on those days!

I laid in bed last night repenting for being a grouchy mom! Whew... I praise Him for His grace and that His mercies are new every morning!

Good Night Amanda! Heres to dreams of Gap sales, clean hair and boys that tinkle in the potty!

Anonymous said...

Mother's Day Out sounds wonderful! We don't have one here in my town. I wouldn't have known to dress up for the first day or arrive even earlier then 10 minutes early either. Is there a MDO guide book?

Kelli said...

Bless your heart! It sounds like you had a perfect day today to make up for some trying ones. It must have been a Gap kind of day. I got Caroline some of the most PRECIOUS fall stuff on sale at the Gap in the Rice Village today!

Shelley said...

I'm sorry you had such a discouraging day yesterday. They happen. But it is wonderful that we get to start fresh every day. I am SO grateful for that!

On the whole, dress for the first day of school thing...yeah, that happened to me to! A couple of years ago when I took my first daughter to preschool. I looked okay, the other moms looked like they were fashion models. I'm not even kidding. So, I played the dress up game for a little while. Then I realized that there was no point in killing myself every other morning to look Perfect. And slowly some of the others dropped the perfect look too, and we became friends!

Michelle said...

God bless you with the potty training, woman! I've had easy ones and hard ones, and I will pray that goes smoothly for you. MDO? We don't have that in California, but it sounds like a great program. I, too, am glad that we get to start over every 24 hours. Thank you, Lord! Hugs to you!

Kim said...

Oh, it sounds like my introduction to the world of school! I felt most guilty with the moms dressed in adorable workout clothes with their hair and make-up done.... and here I was just looking forward to going to Target! The early pickup continues even into elementary. Carpool lines form SO long before pickup! Good reading time though. :) I hope today is a much better day & that this potty training is over before you know it!

Phillips Family said...

Amen to the sentiment of "Thank God that we get to start over every 24 hours"

Erica said...

Girl, be glad that you are doing it now, however hard it might be. I was "training" Brea at the same time Brooke was a nursing infant...not a good combination! Holding one on the potty and one on the boob...yikes! Well, I can so relate to the MDO thing! You are not alone. Have a great day.
Oh, yeah, I'm going to put my makeup on now to go to the gym, because that is how they "roll" there : )

lori said...

It gets better!!

Billie said...

Here's a little help that worked with BOTH my girl and my boy. Now, it's a little unconventional and some people may not agree.

#1...I went straight to underwear when around the house. Pull ups were only for trips to places.'s the kicker that a lot of people may think I'm crazy with...

#2...If they did either business in their underwear, I made them sit in it on the tile. Gross, I know, but it worked. The boy took a little longer than the girl, but it worked. They don't like that feeling.

#3...Every 20 mintues, we tried to go potty. It's the same philosophy as with a puppy! Give them the option.

Hang in there!

Joanne : The Simple Wife said...

Oh my goodness. What a whirlwind week you've had. I think you deserve that new outfit--not for other moms to see, but just because you've earned it!

Have to say, I love lunch dates with my hubby. By the time an evening date rolls around, I'm too tired to stay awake! So lunch is always better. (We went out for Thai food yesterday for our date!)

Enjoy your long weekend!


Ashli said...

Hold out, dear woman, this too shall pass. One day soon, you will triumph.
Potty training is so hard. I know this sounds weirdo, BUT one of the biggest things that we did was get this video from the library on potty training. The main theme song was, "I'm a Super Duper Pooper", oh my, my hubby and I still die laughing when we sing that song. Anyway, my son LOVED that song. If he had "success" we would let him watch the video. He LOVED it more than any M&M. It represented a break-through in our training. You may need a portable DVD player, though.
Anyway, hold on to those last 10 minutes of MDO, you earned them! Some people at our school line up for pick-up over an HOUR early. Are you kidding me? I can do SO much in one hour. Don't cave to the pressure, stand your ground (in your ballcap)!
Press on, you can do it!

Michele said...

So sorry you had a bad day and when you are pregnant bad days are multiplied. Hang in there with the potty training. It will come! I so hate it when I am the only mom dressed down. Most of the time I get ready, but, like you, it takes me awhile to get ready too and some days I really just do not want to put forth the effort. I definitely think you should reward yourself with a new outfit. You know what? Make that 2since everything is multiplied when your pregnant:) I hope your day goes much, much better today.

connorcolesmom said...

Man you have been busy!
As far as MDO out goes they are all so different but I have found that the first week of school most kids are picked up early as sort of an easy transition or something -
That changes as the year goes by :)
I hope the potty training thing goes better - we would put cheerios or trix cereal in the toilet and let the boys aim at it - they LOVED IT!
The #2 in the potty was a matchbox car reward (you can buy 5 of them for about 2 dollars at Wal-mart/Target)
Trust me it is SO worth it!!
I will keep praying for you :)

Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous! said...

Your discussion of potty training makes me VERY nervous about the next few years of my life.

Anonymous said...

We know we've heard the words, "It's the most rewarding and hardest job you will ever have" but to actually experience that truth is another thing all together! Praying for your days to be victorious in the potty training marathon! And I have been so grateful to Him that His mercies are new every single morning!
Love, Amy in OK

Nelson's Mama said...

When we moved from Nashville to a small town and I got to quit my job and be a stay at home mom my biggest thrill was to throw on sweats and skip the makeup.

Imagine my dismay when every mom at MDO was dressed to the nines and wore their makeup at home to clean house!

Have you read John Rosemond? He has some good tips on potty training.

Big Mama said...

Oh I should have warned you about MDO drop-off and dressed up mothers when we were discussing potty-training.

The good news is that other than the overachievers, most moms will now join you in the ballcap/workout clothes ensemble.

Deidre said...

Potty training is the absolute pits! I believe the only thing worse than potty training is doing it while pregnant! I feel for you!! Not a fun season at all (sorry, I lack encouragement :) Maybe if I wasn't in the middle of it right now, I would have something great and positive to say - ha ha.

About MDO - the ball hat and sweats sounds like the PERFECT outfit to me :) I would feel right at home around you.

Sarah said...

I'm potty training too and I feel your pain. Noah will be 3 in October so I'm panicing. He is my 3rd child so you'd think I'd know what I was doing....nope. My two girls just decided they wanted to wear their new panties and we were done. I'd also like to get him trained before my oldest turns 13. Should I really be dealing with diapers and teenagers in the same season of my life? ;-0

Them Chandlers said...

10 minutes early? the last one? Our MDO gave a 5 minute "grace period" and I took advantage of their grace almost every day.

You are a brave woman to start potty training the mister. Reid is almost 3 and I have barely broached that subject with him. Every time I ask him about going on the potty he says, "I don't like it." Even when I bribe him with candy! I salute you, Amanda :)

Fran said...

You got a lot going on huh?! I think I told you that potty training about sent me over the edge...boys are just harder...go figure.

I promise he'll get there. Enjoy MDO. It was my sanity...even if I came home and did NOTHING.

Praying for you all...and that sweet little one.

Fun With Five said...

I did the same thing last year on my son's first day of school-not getting myself dressed. Elementary schools around here start at 8am, and it was all I could do to get him up and going, fed and dressed by then. :) This year however, I managed to pull it off and not only get myself dressed but both he and his little brother and sister were dressed-only by the grace of God and help of my wonderful hubby!

Hang in there with the potty training. My first child was a nightmare-went 10 straight days with no poop-what in the world, I didn't even know that was possible!
Sounds like you're doing great-praying you have a good day today!

Darlene R. said...

If it makes you feel any better, I missed my 2nd graders "Parents Night" at school. It was the first time I have ever missed something like that. I don't know what's up with me right now! I can't seem to get things all in a row, which is how I function the best! It's a bit frustrating, to say the least.

And I don't know what throw away wipes you are talking about, I am assuming you are talking potty training here! :) Anyway, DON'T FLUSH the "flushable" wipes if you are using them for Jackson. We found that out the hard way!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Girl, I got your message about the pjs! I haven't seen them at my Target yet, but when they get there, I'll be buying any girl's 2Ts I can find!

And what kind of overachieving MDO is this?

Yes, I will bury you in a Lightning McQueen pull-up, if you'll bury me in a Dora one.

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Oh, and I was in Gap yesterday too, and took advantage of the shweet sale! And some not-so-on-sale red mary janes. Happy Fall Wardrobe!

Heather said...

Potty training is touch and go! We stared with Pace ( I think he is just a few months younger than Jackson) and he just wasn't ready so we stopped instead of it becoming a battle for us. I'm going to try again over Christmas break. Plus I didn't want him to regress because of the baby so we are waiting. Sometimes it just takes a light bulb to go off in their heads and his wasn't going off at all :) I'll pray that it gets easier for you guys.

I'm going to need to check out that sale ... hope they had some cute girl stuff b/c we are in serious need of girl clothes around this house full of boys :)

katherine said...

we also live in the metroplex and i get you on the whole MDO deal. i would definitely be the mom in the ball cap if we didn't use MDO for me to work part-time. so, i have to look fresh when i drop off our little man.
and, i'm usually early to pick him up. and, he's usually the last to leave. weird, huh?

Anonymous said...

I always wear a ballcap when my hair is dirty! Big Mama is right I guarantee that most of those moms will be following after your footstep next week:)

I need to hit the Gap thanks for the heads up!

Let's see you cute new haircut:)

Anonymous said...

My son has been potty trained (and I'm using that term ever so loosely) for about a month now. But yesterday I found Lake Erie in the carpet of his bedroom. It was definitely one of "those days". Most of the time, my best bet is to keep him in underwear, he just views pullups as a diaper and therefore will not go on the potty while wearing them. We start MDO next Tuesday and I will be sending him in underwear. I'm extremely nervous about this!! Oh and I will definitely be dropping him off in casual, comfy clothes as I'm just heading straight back home to clean. I, too, do not understand the moms dropping off while wearing make up and their fanciest duds. Good luck with the potty training! It is definitely not one of the perks of parenting.

Anonymous said...

Oh, don't I know it on the potty training! I have a dear friend, a very sweet and Godly woman, who tells me that potty training was one of the low points of her parenting. Her son is a grown-up father of 3 kids, and my friend still rejoices when she sees her son get up to go to the bathroom. :)

Hang in there! It WILL get better!
Mama Duck :)

Toknowhim said...

Hang in there Amanda... I think I sinned more during the potty training phase of my 3 boys than I did any other early stages of their development :)

He will get it, that is a guarantee!!!


Holly said...

I knew there was a reason God had you on my mind yesterday to pray. And pray, I did.

Potty training is a difficult hurdle--at least it was for me the first three times. It really tries my patience! The earliest one ready was at about 3 1/2. We tried earlier and it just didn't take.

As far as MDO goes, you set the pace. Show those ladies how to be full of grace and rest. I'm willing to bet that you looked so pretty in your comfy clothes, and everybody thought, "Wow! I wish I looked so good."

So glad you got a date yesterday with your Curtis. Those are the best times.

Ashley said...

GIRL, I can remember potty training so vividly and can feel your frustration! Until it clicks for them you feel like your chasing around an untrained puppy making puddles all over the floor! Hopefully him seeing others in MDO going potty will be an encouragement to want to go potty like a big boy too. So glad you're getting some Mommy refreshment time in, YAY!

Superchikk said...

Girl, you managed to shop even more than I did on our very first day of KDO (It's Kids' Day Out here.).

I too was blessed by the sale racks. 75% off at Dillard's children's department. We are set for next spring/summer now.

What is it about KDO that wires them? My wee man didn't want to nap yesterday afternoon (and he ALWAYS takes an afternoon nap) after we got home from KDO. I think they feed them sugar cubes right before we pick them up.

Take heart - I have friends who are potty training their daughter, and they have ruined capet in two rooms of their house now. Yes. Two.

Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I wore fuchsia leggings to Eve's first day of school... so much for first impressions, eh.

Judah and potty training didn't go so well. I let it go, for now. I know for sure, by the time he's married he will be potty trained. And that is enough for me... :)

Potty training can reduce a grown, hip, educated woman to her knees in tears faster than a whole lot of things. I have so been there.


Unknown said...

Just a little word of encouragement on the whole potty training thing. (I am not taking the time to read everyone's posts so if this is redundant...ignore please!)

The thing that got me through it was this mantra..."This too shall pass." Seriously, he wasn't going to go to school in diapers/pullups. He wouldn't be taking his drivers test wearing diapers/pullups. He was not going to stand at the altar waiting for his bride in diapers/pullups.

Basically, I couldn't take it too seriously because it was only a phase and once he turned a corner...he would be just fine! Also I couldn't listen to my friends who had their child potty trained at a year and a half because then I just felt like a failure that my son wasn't trained yet at two and a half!

I don't know if this will help give you peace of mind but it worked for me! Cut yourself some slack and take the bad days with the good! (I am sure the good far outweigh the bad anyhow!)

Have a beautiful weekend!

Linsey said...

You poor thing. Don't feel bad if you want to take a mini break from potty training. That is ok too! They will be ready eventually. Plus, with the new baby coming, he might regress anyways. Enjoy the quiet is about to change! It is fun, but it is a lot more work with two.

Anonymous said...

seeing Jackson "literally bouncing off the walls" reminded me of the story Beth shared in a water's edge class about bouncing on the trampoline w/Travis' princess both in their pj's!!!!! Can i be your babysitter???

Patty said...

You have been busy!! I have been praying for you and Jackson concerning the potty training. You did some major shopping, I am impressed!! I miss the days of buying little boy clothes. :)

We have a Red Robin and I just love to go there and on occasion treat myself to their wonderful shakes and tower of onion rings. You have made me hungry!

I hope you have a fun, relaxing holiday weekend!!


Holly Mathis Interiors said...

I LOVE those nick and nora pajamas...we have the funky robots, monkeys, cowboys..i cant bring myself to wear the adult ones (I bought the owl motif pj pants but returned them) but i love them for Drew!

You are cracking me up about MDO..i totally agree about the early pick up thing ....i just dont get it..i am not a bad mom but i want EVERY MINUTE of that free time.

whoever said about the treat bags is sooo right!

speaking of MDO, yesterday i was filthy dirty from cleaning off my back porch..about to open a can of paint to paint a chalkboard on the laundry door (a project i have wanted to do for about TWO YEARS!) and the phone rings "Drew got sick on strawberries"..(he vomits easily) so i had to go get him TWO hours early on the second day of MDO..sigh. but he is okay and not sick and like you is a new day!

about potty training (this is getting so long) i know how frustrating it is..Drew was THREE AND HALF YEARS OLD! It will matter how hard you try (I know you have heard this) one day it will just clicked for Drew literally in one day and no accidents or turning back and he has been SOOOO stubborn about it.

Blessing on yall!


Anonymous said...

I'm feeling your pain Amanda! Fortunately we are not at potty training yet...we are still in the up-every-three-hours-to-feed mode. I woke up this morning exhausted and head throbbing from lack of sleep. I had a busy day planned with the little one. Took two advil to ward off the hour later felt woozy, looked at the bottle, ADVIL PM. Lord have mercy. Thank God I wasn't driving. Needless to say, my little guy is still in his PJ's, I'm attached to the couch and there is no hope of a hairdo today. God help us all.

FitzandMolly said...

Don't think you have to pick him up earlier b/c all the other moms do - you take every minute of that time you have him there and enjoy it! i have quickly learned this since quitting my job.

Lauren said...

When I was a kid, I was extremely shy. As I got into my pre-teen years, that morphed into being incredibly self-conscious and worried about what people would think of every little thing (which is not unusual for a pre-teen girl, I know). My mom finally got a little fed up with it or something, and she said something that I still think of often (we were going to the store or something): "Stop worrying so much. You will never see these people again." And in seventh grade, when I was so self-conscious at school, she said, "What makes you think they're looking at you?" Ha! How about a little dose of reality/humility? But it gave me a little perspective, and I did worry less.

Anyway, I don't think you need to worry about dressing up or anything having to do with what people think of you when you are pregnant. You get a free pass to have ship channel hair every once in a while.

debra parker said...

Your times at MDO will all get worked out soon... The newness.

Soon moms will forget their kids and your 10 minutes early will be so together. I was early all this week to pick up the kids from school. I know that won't last.

BTW. I am sure you rock in your workout clothes.

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Everyone cleared out before MDO was over? What the heck?

I'm the mom squealing in the parking lot on two tires just to be ten minutes LATE. Too bad our kids couldn't be in MDO together.

I could be your Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there! Feeling inept is part of motherhood. As thy days, so shall thy strength be!
Jenny from VA

TXSkipper said...

Wow - I so relate to your sentiment about your Wednesday. Some days are so tough and I fail so miserably that I wonder why God saw me fit to be a mom and wonder how much money my kids will have to spend on counseling to be healthy adults! How thankful I am for their short memory, a fresh start each day, and God's mercy on us all.

Thank you for your honesty -I think we moms need to be a lot more transparent instead of doing our best to appear we have it all together. All we do is make each other feel bad - at least that's what they often do to me!

And girl, I'm all for getting every minute out of MDO (or preschool in my case)! Gotta make that money be well spent.

Dionna said...

It takes me forever to get ready too. Glad to know I'm not the only one when everyone else seems to "throw it together" in a half hour!

Mary said...

Amanda: Your authenticity and genuine heart are so beautiful! You bless me. I see the glory of God coming through you especially during the hard days. I give HIm praise for your life.

Marla Taviano said...

WHO CARES what everyone else looks like? Don't let it get to you, friend! These girls are right--start a new fad! Bring back the inside-out baggy sweatshirt look or something. :)

Hugs and prayers headed your way!

Marla Taviano said...

Hey, girl. I just e-mailed you and it got sent back to me. Did you get a new address?

kelly said...

I am laughing out loud as I read about the potty training. I am in the trenches with you as I look at my sweet boy two feet from the potty and will still poop in his pants-what!! Know that I am lifting you up sister and my moma always says this to shall pass (and hopefully before they get to kindergarten:))
Kelly B
Jackson, TN

Beth said...

All I can say is don't beat yourself up. My son turned 17 last month and every developmental thing he has ever done, he did when he got good and ready. When we got ready to potty train, he was to the age I could reason with him. Put all his videos up and when he would go potty, he got one back. That worked well but it seemed like he was about 5. He wasn't, it just seemed like it. II had older adults telling me their children were potty trained before they were born. Not really but the stories of them getting their baby trained before they were a year old? I don't know what happened but that child could not have known what they were doing. Must have been a fluke. While on the other hand I feel like a total failure. I had to just let the stuff go. I was doing the best I could. As far as everybody looking good for the first day, they must not have anything better to do and they are obviously not with child. I don't know you personally but I love your blogs and how you just lay things out - totally transparent.I give you permission to be you - whether your hair is clean or dirty or you are about to snatch somebody bald headed because you've had a bad day. God ain't looking at your hair or your cute outfit. On days like that, He knows when it's hard to get yourself together, you need Him more than ever. I think that's why we have days like that. I hope you have a blessed weekend and don't worry about what anybody thinks. You are precious.

Heather said...

Amanda- Please let me encourage you. I potty trained my 3-yr-old boy this summer and the first week I told my husband that it wasn't since my first week home from the hospital with a newborn that I had been this overwhelmed and tired from being a mom. The potty consumed EVERYTHING- all day long- and finally I had to move a chair from our dining room into the hallway outside the bathroom because I was tired of STANDING IN THE DOOR ALL DAY LONG.
But- glory to God- he finally got it! Looking back (not at the time!) It didn't last long...and now it is so worth it!
E-mail me if you need some more encouragement, because I have been there and I will pray for you!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the taking a break theory...if it's not happening don't stress. Someone told me - I forgot who! - not to worry about that kind of stuff since it not like you've ever seen a groom standing at the alter waiting for his bride in some lightening mcqueen pullups! (hope I spelled that right but I have two girls and my son is only 15 mo. so the "boy" world is still on the horizon for me. :)

Just my humble opinion about the pullups - I always saved them for when you just COULDN'T allow an accident, church mainly. Naked is best. It seems a lot of kids get used to peeing in pullups and they don't really have the motivation to stop. And that can get expensive! :) But I know the ways to pottytrain are endless!

Mainly a midwife said...

Oh man. I just LOVE Gap for kids. My hubby used to work at their headquarters and believe me I was very sorry to see him change jobs (no more employee discount). The potty training WILL get better. If Jackson's school environment has him surrounded by other kids in the middle of the same really helps. They learn from each other..Hang in there.

Bethany said...

Potty-training can be so hard... but I promise you, the stress you're experiencing today will be far outweighed by the joy it will be to not have two in diapers come February!

There's something about that mommy competition that always leaves me feeling inadequate. As hard as it is, you just have to take yourself out of it sometimes.

But if you want to keep score...

You, m'lady, are gorgeous. Outside definitely. Inside especially. I love your heart and your devotion. Your husband loves you to pieces - that much is obvious. Your son is a sweet, happy handsome little man who is everything you could hope for. AND, you are participating in a miracle as Baby#2 grows inside you. And the best part of all? Your God loves you enough to die for you and make you a co-heir of His kingdom. Sounds like a winning combination to me - even in a baseball cap and workout clothes. =)

Grace & Peace to you,

Missy said...

These MDO moms need to get with the program! :)

Remember - don't let them change change them! Glad you enjoyed some shopping time.

Unknown said...

I read your blog and hear the stories of the ever growing 2 1/2 year old, and I fleetingly think - oh, how I remember those days.

It doesn't seem that long ago until I think "oh sweet potato pie - my oldest child is about to be 16 and DRIVING w/o me in the car with her."!!!!!!!!!

Where has all this time gone? My 13 year old got her braces off yesterday and now she looks so grown :(.

I understand that little boys are hard to potty train. My little ones would get so into playing that they wouldn't wanna stop and go potty :|. (And, sadly, they were older than 2..3..4..)

*hugs to you - the tiniest mommy i've ever seen!*

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I would not survive in Texas, I fear. Dressing up for MDO drop-off? Wow. I feel so granola.

Unknown said...

I inherited a daughter when I married my sweet man. She was 2 1/2 years old and behind on potty training. (MEN!)

She was so easy for me. But, this is what I did. We went to the potty every 30 minutes. Of course we didn't have "success" each time we went but when we did--it was a party. We danced and jumped and sang. We finally waved goodbye to her accomplishment and she flushed.

I bought her the cutest panties--so pretty she wanted to keep them that clean--and she wore them around the house. Pullups were for going out. But, we quickly stopped that too. Her biggest problem was that she slept so deeply that she wouldn't wake up and so we were washing sheets every day.

I sat her down and talked with her. I told her she ws doing such a great job but that she just slept so hard that her body couldn't wake her up to go potty. So, pullups at night until she could wake up.

It was no time and she was trained.

I have heard that boys are a little harder at getting it all figured out so don't be discouraged. He'll get it.


Anonymous said...

okay. If you can stand more potty tips. I have two girls that did not train until right after their third birthday. I fought lots of weird looks that I wasn't trying to train them at 18 months, but it worked for us. Both of my kids complained one morning about a tummy ache. I sat them on the potty and VOILA! They went. Very few accidents afterwards. Their bodies are all different and it will "click" in due time. There is a little nerve that "wakes" up one day and lets them feel that urge to go.

Hang in there and give yourself some of the
M & M'S!!


katiegfromtennessee said...

Looks like you made it through Little Momma! Jackson seems to be adjusting well:) This is a fun stage, I'm sure:)


Steph V said...

STOP worrying about him being the last one there. Just think of it as great one-on-one time with his teachers?! Last year JD was the last one in his class every TTh. This year he's only 3rd or 4th to last!! AND...once that baby arrives, he'll probably be the last one in class but that's because you'll be there on time (or late) =)! Life with two...

Oh, and good luck with the potty training. All of my friends that have gone thorugh this did the naked-baby potty training. It worked so quickly for JD and we were trained in no time. Of course, then the battle of wearing clothes again began, but hey, at least we were in underwear!

Good luck...praying for you!

Kiki said...

My kids' first day of MDO is this week, I'll be sure to shower before I go! Thanks for the tip!

And potty training, struggled through our first son, not even willing to try with the second yet (he's 2.5). And our first is, as of yesterday, trying to do no pull ups at night (he's 4).

Tales From the Eurovan said...

As a mom of three kids here in Texas with no family around, mom's day out has saved my sanity! Who knew these places existed? Have fun and enjoy your time alone!
Take care,

Janelle and Ella said...

I need to see a picture of your hair and almost bangs!!

Flushable wipes? YIKES. I've just been flushing the normal wipes.

Anonymous said...

How funny. All our other MDO moms wear their perfectly matched workout clothes (on their perfectly toned bodies). I was thinking of buying some just for MDO pick up, 'cause I don't work out! :-) Of course, that could be b/c I don't have any cute work out clothes.

Anonymous said...

I am with ya!! I will be wearing the same pull up!