Monday, April 13, 2009


We've been calling it "Easters" for weeks. Has anyone seen the movie Nacho Libre? Maybe you know why.

I was just about to type the words "I have approximately one hour left of relative stillness and silence" when the crumbs of the cookie I was eating sent me into a violent and ridiculous cough attack. I expect that my napping son's door will crack open in 10...9...8...7... Well, so far so good!

It's a gorgeous day outside - clear, blue, warm, and windy. We spent the hour and a half before naptime playing in the back yard. Jackson went back and forth between his sand box and the baby pool. It's not really warm enough to swim yet, but he enjoyed stomping around in it and transferring sand and water between the two sources. Plus, my son has always loved cold water. I took some of your advice while we were potty training and rinsed him off in cool water when he had easily avoidable accidents. It failed miserably. He thought the cold water was a reward. Awesome. But we're past that now!

Annabeth and I lounged on some beach towels in the grass. She didn't really appreciate the brightness of "Mr. Sun," so I had to make sure she was lounging in my shadow. Eventually the sun's position cast a three foot shadow along the back of our house and, taking a cue from Beckham, we moved into it. Beckham was absolutely thrilled that we were out there with him.

It was great fun. I brought a book outside to read, but I found that I was highly entertained by my son's play. Two months into age three, Jackson seems to have taken a leap forward in communication, comprehension, and creativity. I was alternately amazed and tickled by the things he came up with to say and do. I really can't explain how thrilling and mind-boggling it is to see your child grow before your very eyes. However, I nearly started crying yesterday when he was doing his egg hunt. I had recently looked at our Easter pictures from last year and I realized how grown up he is in comparison. And I thought he was so big then!

Here he was last year.

It was weird to think that on Easter morning last year, we celebrated in an empty living room because we had just moved in. The house was literally only half full.

Easter this year was great. It started out very early for me, but the plus side was being able to get ready in peace while the rest of my family slept. I turned the radio on to KSBJ and sang in the shower.

Annabeth was adorable in her little dress. I had a huge smile on my face the whole way to church and I had to explain to Curt that I still couldn't believe I was bringing a baby girl in an Easter dress. I never thought I'd get to do that. Jackson was super cute himself and was in a great mood. He loved his Easter basket and all his treats.

I had imagined that we would be walking in and out of church in a downpour, but it was only misty at that point. Thank You, Lord! The service was wonderful. I love getting to hear the orchestra and choir on special days. Pastor Gregg even preached from the section of John 20 that I had just talked about on my blog. Since Annabeth had a little bit of a cold, we kept her in the service with us. She slept or sat quietly the entire time. Someone pinch me.

We had a great lunch at my parents' house afterward. The thunderstorm came right as we arrived. By the time we were eating lunch, it was beautiful and blue. Amazing.

Jackson was hilarious during his egg hunt. Every single time he found an egg, he said, "Wha's in 'ere?" Then he would crack it open and yell, "Can'ies!" Then he stuffed his mouth with the jelly beans, sweet tarts, or gum drops. There was very little saved for later. His surprise and happiness stayed at a level 10 on all 25 eggs. That is, except for the egg that his daddy emptied and filled with something else. It went like this. "Look, Bibby! I found anodder one! Wha's in 'ere?" Opens egg. "Dirt." Last year he probably would have eaten that too. See what a difference three makes?

By the way, Annabeth didn't have any epic spit up incidents, but we narrowly missed a diaper tragedy. Thanks to bloomers who took one for the team, it looks like she'll be able to wear her dress again to her dedication service in May.

I already posted all these pics on the other blog, but I'll put them here too for good measure.

Here we are with Cousin Joe at the firefighter/EMT fundraiser. I was so sick that morning. My face looks 9 months pregnant. That's because all my stinking sinuses were about to explode. Curtis dropped me off at the urgent care clinic right after that.

I'm gonna have to throw away those Cadbury Mini Eggs because Jackson doesn't like them and I like them way too much.

Here's Jackson rolling pieces of Trix cereal down his race car ramp.

This was so funny and so classic Jackson.


Katie said...

Oh my goodness how amazing. What a beautiful Easter you had. My baby girl Sarah at seven weeks was fun to have for her first Easter and I dream about when she is old enough to do the Easter egg hunt. Super fun!

Alana said...

The pictures of him throwing the easter grass are too cute!
we got mac's shots today and it actually made me cry. I probably looked like a fool walking out of the dr's office....he's sleeping now so we'll see how tonight goes.

Keri said...

I loved watching all the little girls at church cute!! It just isn't as fun dressing a little boy for Easter.

I L-O-V-E your skirt. Looks like I right??

I had to laugh looking at the fire truck pictures....I sent my husband to HEB on Saturday and he came back irritated because there were "fire trucks there causing all kinds of traffic". One person's joy can be another's undoing......

Hillary said...

I started laughing first thing when I saw your title. My husband and I have said "Easters" all week long. My husband LOVES Nacho Libre and it makes its way into our lives in one way or another.
Love the pictures!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you all enjoyed a wonderful Easter. It is a great time of the year!

We are blessed.


Patti said...

We call it Easters too for the same reason!!! :)
Not to be crass but "I've had diarrhea since Easters...can we have a salad or something??".
Looks like you had a fun Easters. :)

Lisa said...

Oh, gosh, I just love when you post pictures! Your babies are so beautiful.

I love having one of each, and luckily my girl is very much a girl, but she's starting to not let me do hairbows. This makes me more than a little sad. I was a little obsessed with hair goodies from the time she had enough hair to put in them onward. I remember thinking the same thing when she was born -- I have a girl to doll up for Easter!

I'm so glad you had such a blessed Easter, Amanda! What a wonderful family you have.

Angela said...

yay! A family picture. I think that's the first one of all 4 of you you've posted? Annabeth's dress is so pretty! Glad you are feeling better.

R said...

God was gracious to us here in N TX on the rain front, too. it poured as we were getting ready for church, but it was only misting when we got there and walked in! and we park in preggy parking, so i was only a stone's throw from the covered walk of our church. yesssss! :0)

cadbury mini-eggs are my Easter treat. i always get a bag for myself evey year!

and your skirt...oh my goodness! pearls are my favorite, but i've never had any on my clothes. i LOVE IT!!!

Kiki said...

Whew. So glad she was wearing bloomers!

Missy said...

I LOVE all the pics. I am so glad you had a great Easter, and today was definitely a play outside day. I wish it was like this all summer long!

Lauren said...

I said this on the other blog and I'll say it again, PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!! :o)

Beth Herring said...

Absolutely adorable. I just love the way you have of making me laugh when I read your posts. You have a beautiful family and I am so glad that you are enjoying your little girl along with your precious boy!


Shannon said...

I must say that I love your blog! I think I really got hooked when you were reflecting back on the one year mark of moving back to Houston. My husband and I have been in youth ministry for 12 years, so I could totally relate to your feelings about moving. I have attempted the blog thing myself, but I'm not much of a writer.

I love that you were so excited about taking a baby girl to church in an Easter dress. I don't think it's a joy that a Daddy will ever understand or appreciate. We have four children...three boys and one girl. Our daughter came third, and I remember how important it was to me that Grace have an absolutely adorable Easter dress. I remember losing sleep over being so excited about dressing my girly up and taking her to church to show her off (terrible, I know. ha!)

Enjoy every outfit you put your sweet girl in, as you know from your little man, they grow up way too fast...but the excitement of a new dress every Spring never goes away (at least it hasn't yet). This year my daughter is seven years old, and we had taken one Saturday a few weeks ago to look for a dress, but didn't have any luck finding anything in her size that she (or I) liked. My plan was to take her this past Friday since she didn't have school, but a tornado ripped through our town and changed our plans. We got out Saturday and found everyone Easter clothes (the boys were less than thrilled to come along for the ride). Grace was so excited to find a dress that she loves. She informed me that she would be wearing it to church every Sunday until it was too small. As much as I love her enthusiasm, I know that she is a girl that loves variety, so we will be shopping for more dresses in the following weeks to get her through the rest of the Summer. :)

debra parker said...

Looks like so much fun. The last series of photos is so great and you will treasure them always.

McClure Family said...

Amanda-you and your sweet family look gorgeous! i love Annabeth's dress!

Michelle said...

I LOVE those last pictures of Jackson! Yes...classic Jackson! Yall looked so beautiful for Easter!

Immeasurably More Mama said...

I just loved seeing all of these pictures! Jackson looks like such a fun little guy and Annabeth looks so sweet in her first Easter dress.

Fran said...

A beautiful Easter Amanda. Such a gift. And, these might be my favorite pix of Jackson ever. That Annabeth is simply beautiful.

Have a wonderful week. And, I hope you are feeling MUCH better.


Kristi said...

Okay, I have to know where you get Annabeth's bowbands. They are adorable :). I am glad you all had a happy Easter!

Amber said...

"Your only job is to cook. Do you not realize I have had diarrhea since Easters?"
"Ok... Maybe I am not meant for these duties."
It is bad when I have a hard time just calling it Easter! There will forever be an "s" attached right on the end!
Beautiful family pictures :)

Tara said...

Happy Easters to you too! What a wonderful Easter it sounds like you had- I loved the play by play recap and seeing all of your Easter outfits! Annabeth's dress is adorable and she will be beautiful in it for her dedication as well! And so glad that age 3 is working out to be good for Jackson-My mom always swore that the "odd years" were the best! Hope you are feeling better and again, happy Resurrection Day!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

So, if you don't get rid of the Cadbury eggs, will YOU be throwing grass in the air?

(Those actions shots are the best.)

Moose Mama said...

I know you SAY you were sick, but really, you look pretty darn pretty to me.

Love your stories, Amanda. They make me smile.


Sharon said...

Dear Amanda,

These pictures are wonderful! Annabeth's Easter dress is adorable! Thanks for sharing your Blessed Easter with us.

Much love,
Sharon, NC

connorcolesmom said...

Love the pics
So glad your Easter was so much fun!
Your family pic is adorable
I love Annabeth's Easter dress :)

Jenny said...

I just wanted to share something interesting with you!

A few weeks ago, when Curtis preached in the Living series, I mentioned it on my blog and shared the part of his sermon that really jumped out at me. "The amount of time you spend in prayer is directly related to how much you believe you need God". I used that to challenge myself for the week.

Grant and I went to New Orleans this weekend to visit his parents for Easter. His Mom had this beautiful calligraphy paper on her refrigerator that said: "The amount of time you spend in prayer is directly related to how much you believe that you need God - Curtis Jones". I asked her if she got that from my blog and she said yes. She said her prayer group loved it. :) The words of Curtis are spreading all the way to Louisiana!

Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos with us.

Jen the Newlywed

Lisa said...

You have a very very precious family. Love the pictures of the exploding Easter basket...To funny

Rita Loca said...

Your kiddos are so cute!!!

Tonya said...

We LOVE Nacho Libre! My 5yr old son can quote most of that movie! I think my fave quote is "But did you tell dem dey were de Lord's cheeps?" ;) Oh I'm totally cracking up now!

Loved all your pix...your kids were adorable on Easter!

C:M:W said...

you got some really cute Easter pics... and Annabeth looks AMAZING in her little easter dress.

Anonymous said...

I love the pics and your thoughts. I, too, have had to throw away some of the Easter candy not just for my children's sakes but for my own sake and waist as well.
Have a great week!

Janelle and Ella said...

Ahhh...y'all look GORGEOUS!! Love the dress!! And Jackson, oh my, I couldn't believe how much he looked like Curtis in a couple of those pictures. Even more so than the last time I saw him. I can't wait to hug all of y'all and get to meet your beautiful daughter.

Heather said...

Love the pictures and your family looks so good!! L-O-V-E your skirt, oh my word LOVE IT!!! I also love Annabeth's dress!! My husband walked by the screen while I was looking, and asked if that was Jeff. Referring to Curtis, he thought that was a friend of ours back home! They do look a lot alike! So glad you guys had a great Easter, Jackson throwing the grass is adorable!

ncmama said...

Thanks for sharing the photos! Looks like it was indeed a blessed Easter.

I can't help but ask about your skirt also. It's beautiful! Where should I be shopping? :)

Suzi K said...

Looks like you had a great Easter!

LOVE Annabeth's Dress!!

Hope you're feeling better!

annalee said...

amen sister on the cadbury eggs! i still have two unopened packages in the kitchen right now. i'm typing from our bedroom cause i don't trust myself to be near them!

Mindy said...

Annabeth is every mothers dream!!!I hope I can have a little girl as cute as her. I need to meet her. I'm glad you all had a great Easter... tootles.

Michele Helms said...

Babies and Easter are the best! Cute pictures!

katiegfromtennessee said...

Little Momma, I enjoyed reading about your day. I hope your sinus troubles are cleared up by now:) Jackson and Annabeth are soo cute:):) Your pics warm my heart:)


MamaCass said...

He is growing so much Amanda. Can't we make them slow down. But I do love age three. =) Annabeth's dress is just precious!

Jen said...

Very fun looking at all your Easter pictures. But even funnier is calling it Easters! We have been doing the same thing around here! Actually saying the whole statement from the movie! hehe

Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud! My husband and I have been saying "Easters" too and watching the movie more just because of it! It's great to meet you what fantastic photos of your family all dressed up.

Danelle Ice/ Homemaker Barbi

Tara G. said...

I played special music for the first time at this church we've joined and at the brunch between services had a man chat with me about it. He then handed me a business card- his field of expertise is UFOs. Cocked my head to the side, smiled as genuinely as I could and replied with something intelligent like "O-ooh. My husband has worn NVGs before and this will be very interesting to him." How do I always get these opportunities?!

I had fun coordinating all three of my kids- I got to buy matching Easter dresses and bows for my girls and it was so fun! Your Annabeth looks darling!

Anonymous said...

We call it Easters too at our house...and for the same reason! P.S. I love Cadbury Cannies just as much and am SO glad that I get to eat Ella's...BTW- potty training is going so much better. God is good!

Mandi said...

Hi Amanda, We're not what you would call close friends, but I love following your blog and I sent you an email a while back about also being a Tx girl and a christian. I love all your pics, but I have to say that I got on your site the other day and told my husband "Wow Ben this girl Amanda looks so different in these pics. I mean I know she lived in Houston and all, but she really looks like BM ( since I dont know how much detail you go into on this site I'll leave it at. But really you do! )Okay so I know some of them are your mom. Anyways I didnt put two and two together until tonight when I heard her talking about yall! OMGGGGGG!!How crazy is that. I drove down from seattle to see her and she ends up being your mom!

Crazy world!

Shan and the J's said...

I'm new enough to your blog to wonder the origin behind Jackson calling his Grandma "Bibby" ??? Just curious! :-)

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

The pictures are ridiculously adorable! A great Easter! I like to imagine some arm flapping at the fire truck and hunting eggs. That did my heart so good this weekend!

Bourg Family said...

Amen sister! Cadbury mini eggs are the absolute best Easter candy right next to Peeps! I am so glad they only show up once a year!

The Davidson Den said...

Okay. I KNOW this is WAAAAY late, but the fact is that I was about 15 (or so) posts behind on reading your blog. Reason being that 1)I have too many blogs I like, 2)yours is probably my very fave, so I was "saving/hoarding" it for a time when I could really enjoy it ('cause I'm weird like that), 3)I've had a LOT going on in my life lately, and 4)I feel ridiculously depressed about the fact that I feel like I know you (for several reasons) and really don't know you and it sort of bugs me that if I take the time to comment, it won't really matter and will largely go unnoticed. (Enter pridefulness.)

Anyway, I have some comments to make, so I'm a makin' 'em.

Bloomers OFTEN take one for the team. Ha!

Could your mom possibly look ANY more amazing??

I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt simply from the way you speak of your children that you are a precious mother, and I wanted you to know that because sometimes we moms have a lot of self-doubt and need to hear some affirmation from perfect strangers. :)

Okay. Now. I've commented on your blog before, but I wanted to explain how it is that I ended up here in the first place (it took me a while to figure this out). I started blogging in October '08. When I was setting up my account, I noticed on the "Dashboard" there was this whole section about reading blogs and adding subscriptions, etc. There were even "recommended blogs" for me that somehow Google had drummed up based on...I don't know...the content of my own blog? my gmail activity? my constant googling about parenting issues? Who knows? Anyhoo. Baby Bangs piqued my interest, and I've been here ever since. Only there's more. As I read (and read) your posts, I kept feeling like I knew you. Turns out I had read the blogs of Jackson's little playgroup friends (Ava, Ella, etc.) a LOOONG time ago back when blogging first came about. I will never forget how cute y'all all seemed. Such a perfect playgroup--all the same ages. I didn't actually KEEP UP, but I remember you guys each had the other ones' blogs listed in the sidebar. What a strange coincidence that I would end up right back with y'all again.

And THEN months and months ago you mentioned something about your mom and your sister, and that's when it hit me!!! Is this BETH MOORE'S daughter???!!! NO WAY!!!! It IS!!! Amanda! Curtis! Melissa!! I KNOW these people!!! (I mean, I don't, but I have heard your mom on countless DVD's and even at a conference here in Little Rock several years ago relay story after story about Amanda and Melissa. So, yes, I DO know you.) It all makes perfect sense now. Ha! I've gleaned so much knowledge from your mom, though there's so very much still to learn. I just wanted you to know that I think your family is pretty doggone special. And I so enjoy reading about you guys in real life and seeing real-people pictures. Oh, and besides also reading the LPM blog, I still follow your old playgroup friends, too. Do you have any idea how blessed you are to know/be around/be related to so many godly people? I know you do.

Okay. I'm done. What do I get for leaving the longest comment EVER on your blog? :) (Say hi to your mom for me! haha!)