Saturday, June 20, 2009

Little Fish

What a wonderful weekend this has turned out to be! Friday night we got to meet Sunni and her family along with her sister Tiffani and her hubby at Los Tios Mexican restaurant. Los Tios used to be a Moore family favorite but it had been several years since we had gone there. It was so very incredibly, amazingly, crazily good. We will miss our friends until next time!

This morning we went to the Altics' house to swim and grill burgers for lunch. I nearly fell over when their son Jayk, who is two and a half, did a running jump into the pool and just started swimming like he was eight years old. He is TWO. Wow! They explained it away by saying it's because they swim every day. No doubt, but he is an amazing kid. And terribly cute. And he has a little thing for Annabeth, which makes me smile.

This morning was Jackson's first chance to practice all the moves he's been learning in swim school. (We've been too busy to swim in the evenings and I'm not ready to take both the kids by myself during the day.) At first he didn't want to swim because Jayk and Judah have a ton of fun pool toys and he only wanted to play. Eventually he wanted to do what Jayk was doing and he cooperated.

Can I just say that when he put on his goggles, pushed off the step, and swam several feet over to me, it was one of the proudest moments of my life? He swam! My child is swimming! Way to go, Jackson! We laughed and smiled and made big over it all day. We left the Altics after lunch and headed home for naps. He was dead tired from all the swimming.

This evening we went to our neighborhood pool because we had nothing else to do and I wanted to swim with my boy again! We absolutely wore his sweet little self out. He must have swam from the steps to me and back again a hundred times. We worked up to about 8 feet, I think. Occasionally he would get tired and say, "A little bit, Mommy! A tiny, little bit?" He'd hold out his thumb and index finger to show me the universal sign for "a tiny, little bit." What he wanted was for me to come closer. He cracks me up.

I can't even explain how much fun we had today. It was such a blast to see Jackson learning something new and loving it.

After the kids went to bed, I wrapped Father's Day presents and made a collage out of magazine clippings for Curtis. It's just something fun and silly. I used to make those all the time and I'd forgotten how fun it is. My desk-slash-project table was great for it.

That is all. I'm looking forward to celebrating Father's Day with Curtis, my dad, and my grandpa tomorrow. All my aunts and uncles will be in town, so it should be fun. I hope you enjoy celebrating the men in your life on their special day!


Missy said...

GO Jackson! That moment when you see them "get it" is always such an amazing thing. Now you have your go to activity when he is bouncing off the walls and you need to wear him out. :)

Holly said...

What a wonderful slice of life, Amanda. I'm so glad you are writing this down, too!

Enjoy the day! I am solo with the kids until tomorrow. Chris is with his dad today.

Dionna said...

Awww - a collage. It's been ages since I've made one of those! Too fun. :)

That is so awesome that Jackson is starting to swim! You are blessed to have a neighborhood pool that he can practice a lot in! My struggle has been not having something to help my girls maintain what they learned in swim lessons. My 10 year still cannot really swim on her own although she thinks she can. I would love to not have to worry about her near water anymore!

Living day by day for Jesus said...

YAY SWIMMING! Going to do that myself in just a bit! Hope your family's father's day is fantastic! God bless!

k and c's mom said...

There is nothing greater than seeing those precious little ones taking those first brave steps (or swim strokes!) Way to be, Jackson.

Unknown said...

Sounds like you have had a BLAST this weekend!

I'm interested to know what kind of collage you made--would love to see pictures!! That sounds like something I would like to do!

Prayers and blessings,

Kiki said...

So fun! Yay Jackson!

Rhonda said...

We start swimming lessons tomorrow! Should be very interesting:)

Melanie said...

Hi Amanda, I occasionally read your blog, but I've never commented before. I'm a Houstonian and I've attended your mom's Bible studies at HFBC for years.

I wanted to comment because Los Tios is an old favorite in my family too! I grew up going there because my grandparents lived close by and my mom even ate at Los Tios the night before I was born. So, I've literally been eating there my ENTIRE life :)

Glad y'all had a fun weekend!

Bobbie said...

High five, Jackson! That's awesome. You'll be swimming across the pool before you know it--then diving. He'll sleep very well after those days in the pool.

This will be a fun summer....lots of pool hair!!

Tara said...

Way to go, Jackson! That's so big!!!! I can totally understand why you were proud Amanda. So fun!

Hope you guys had a great Father's Day! Much love!

Lauren said...

You don't know me personally obviously but I am a religious reader of your blog. And I love you and your precious family and wanted you to know that today!!! :)

katiegfromtennessee said...

Jackson is learning fast, he is getting to be like a little fish!:) You had good times with your friends, and on Father's Day too, I'll bet. I got to spend time with my husband's side of the family. Still got to see my step-dad on Friday. My man even got a Father-to-be Father's day card:)

Love in HIM,


A Little Water said...

I'm so glad you guys got to enjoy some FUN swim time.