Thursday, April 01, 2010

Heart Healthy

On Tuesday while Jackson was at school, Annabeth and I met my friend Heather and her youngest daughter at a local cafe for lunch. After looking at the amazing menu full of all kinds of goodness, we both chose something low-cal and without much flavor. Sad, but summer's coming! We sat down at a round table big enough for the girls' high chairs and all our bags. Next to us there was a table of six businessmen who were probably in their mid-thirties.

For some reason Annabeth, who is almost 14 months old, got bored with the lovely company at our table and got fixated on one of the guys at the table behind her. I could not get my daughter to turn her head around to save my life. She kept trying to engage this guy with her sweet smiling face and waving her hands. At first it was funny but it didn't take long for me to feel a little embarrassed and apologize to the guy. I wanted to say, "Feel free to ignore her!" Heather and I just kept talking, and I hoped they would do the same. Instead, what I heard was the other men giving that one guy a hard time, saying, "Dude! You have girlfriends of all ages!" I obviously don't know the guy, but it seemed pretty obvious that he was a ladies man.

I was horrified. When I pulled away from the restaurant I couldn't get it off my mind. I prayed, "God, please let my daughter be attracted to the right kind of guy!" I want her heart to be healthy and whole and owned by Jesus. And one day I want her to find a loving relationship with a guy who has a healthy, whole heart that's owned by Jesus, too. That's not too much to ask, is it?

When I thought I would probably only have sons, it comforted me that my husband fared so well through his teenage years. It seemed reasonable that they would turn out more like their dad than me. But then God gave me a daughter. I was thrilled but it was also sobering. I have to bring her up in this ridiculous culture that isn't known for turning out healthy, whole, Jesus-loving young women. And my teenage years were hard!

This little drama at the cafe might not have been so dramatic to me if I hadn't had a serious conversation with my mom two days before. She was concerned because I'd seemed emotionally distant for a few months. I wasn't shocked to hear that because I haven't really felt like myself lately. (I'm not sure how to describe it except to say that I've been on a little trip through the Refiner's fire and it's been a doozy.) What did shock me was hearing her say that I haven't been this emotionally distant from her since my senior year of high school. That obviously broke my heart and we had a good, long talk about it.

My last year of high school was a terrible season. My family had just undergone two major losses and were preparing for a third as my grandmother was dying of cancer. I was broken, unhealthy, and looking for anyone but Jesus to take my heart and make it feel better. So I ended up finding a guy who, at the time, was as broken and unhealthy as I was and the result was one horribly psycho relationship.

Did anyone see the 20/20 interviews of Rihanna and Chris Brown a few months ago? As I sat there watching this couple that had "loved" each other so much, yet spiraled out of control into physical abuse, I couldn't help but think that, in hindsight, they probably have no idea who those two people in the hospital photos and mugshots were.

Sometimes the pairing up of two otherwise normal people with unhealthy hearts can just have toxic results.

If we've been there, we look back and have no idea why it was so easy to let go of our standards. We scratch our heads as to why we did not break up with someone who repeatedly raised his arm as if to hit us, or perhaps did hit more than threaten. We find it mind-boggling that we could not see the merit of saying goodbye to someone who brought out the worst in us.

But we know that if we had entrusted our hearts to Jesus - not just our faith, but our hearts - we never would have voluntarily imprisoned ourselves. Our dignity would have been secure in our Savior's hands.

So I pray for my daughter that her heart would be healthy, that she would entrust it to Jesus, and that her love and affections would always be sanctified. And I'm trying to make sure that my heart stays healthy and in the Lord's hands too.

*If you want to read more about having a healthy heart that is secure in the Lord, my mom actually has a new book out that addresses a lot of these issues. That's not why I wrote this post, but it does relate. The book is called So Long Insecurity.


Rhonda said...

Brave post. Good thing is, having been there, you will see the signs early on if need be. I will stand in agreement with you that there won't be a need to catch those signs.

Anonymous said...

Amanda, I don't know you, but I am certain that I could squeeze your sweet little neck! YOU MADE ME CRY!! I have a beautiful daughter Carolina who is 18 months old and I pray and trusts that she will grow with "strength an dignity". I want it more than I can even express. I just love your sweet sweet heart!
Thank you for this today!
Squeeze yourself for me.


Hi Amanda
Boy that was a good post when I read it I thought about the bondage I was in yrs ago and not in a healthy place in a relationship that was toxic and just bad. But thank God He pulled me out of that pit of mud. I still think about I wander what it would be like if I was still in it the relationship I would probably have not been here. But anyway we need to pray that us women can be an influence to our young generation and use by God to be an influence to them. I have some little nieces that are growing up in this world and I need to pray for them everyday that the Lord would captivate there hearts.
Sorry this is so long but I just felt I needed to write that.
Thanks Amanda
you are awesome and you rock
Love Carol

Angela said...

Great post Amanda! I am reading your mom's book now. I want the same things for my daughter. I want so much for her it hurts!

Happy Easter!

This Is Stupid said...

Yes! I want a healthy heart, too! I have TWO daughters and sometimes it scares me to no end thinking of the future and what life could be like for them if they aren't in right relationship with the Lord.
I've read the new book and it was seriously JUST what I needed RIGHT when I needed it.
So cool to read this today.

Leah Adams said...

When I think about some of the things I did seeking out love. Well, it is downright embarrassing and humiliating. What was I thinking? Thank you, Jesus, for grace and mercy.


khull05 said...

Thanks for sharing this! As a mom to a new little girl, I am sure overwhelmed thinking about the future.

I know we all hope our girls will never have to live through bad choices and hard times, but be encouraged! The Lord has redeemed those things in you and used them to grow you into who you are now. I know that your authenticity and "realness" will help show Annabeth the way.

k and c's mom said...

WOW, Amanda. That is some wisdom born of real experience. You are a brave and obedient young lady to share this with us, because I know it was at the bidding of the Holy Spirit. Blessings on you in the days ahead as God continues to reveal His heart to you in this area. Lean in and listen carefully.

Bobbie said...

Great post, Amanda! Very timely to say the least!

A healthy heart is a beautiful thing! I feel that because you have been through this, you will be able to talk to Annabeth when the time is right, IF the need arises. You're Mom recognized her need to talk to you at just the right time. I am praying for strength and dignity for our three granddaughters. Our 16 yr. old is dating a young man right now. She told us that he's a Christian, I asked God daily to guard and guide both of them through their days together.

You & Annabeth are in my prayers to always have a relationship in which you are able to teach her as she grows through talking and her watching you.

Easter blessings to a very sweet, loving young Mom...

Beth said...

Beautifully said! I too was in a completely unhealthy relationship and was about as far away from God as a saved person could get. I pray everyday for my girls and their future husbands.

Sarah said...

Amazing post.

I pray/hope the same for all girls I know, especially my (2 yr old) niece.

Lord, have mercy!

Molly said...

Wow Amanda, thank you for your transparency! I would say in my older teen years (im 31 on sunday) my fall was always desperation. I have always felt, "dosen't anybody know I'm here?" The problem was when someone did, they were not good and even though I would walk away afraid from it going too far, I NOW see that I went thru a lot. A lot that I should have not been around and a lot that some people did and had no right.
I want to pray for my neice that she will have a fire in her heart for Jesus and the WAYS of the LORD! You see, I am still desperate in so many ways, but when the desperation is for GOD's ways and truths - I find I don't get hurt. I am not a mom, I can't say I know even remotely how to do this, but we have to let ourselves and our girls fall in love with the goodness of GOD instead of trying to keep the sin away.

I learned this as a Chiastic structure (thx Bethmoore) from a Pastor Jon Courson:

Sin isn't bad because its forbidden, its forbidden because ITS BAD!

I love you like a sister, I don't know you, but I feel like you guys are family (even though the whold Duck Commander thing is lost on me)

Happy Easter!

Siesta OC <><

Marla Taviano said...

Oh, girl. Bless your heart (said in the kindest, most loving way!) for writing this. I'm so sorry (but also joyful) that you've been through the Refiner's fire lately. If you've got to be in fire, that's the one to be in. Love you so much! You are such an inspiration to me.

Timmarie said...

Thank you for sharing this. What a beautiful post and such a powerful reminder for me.

Erica said...

Thank you so much for being honest and real! It is quite encouraging to read the stories of other women that are willing to share their struggles in order to encourage another that might be headed in that direction.
The Lord is going to bless your transparency...I have been in that place of emotional distance from time to time. It is so freeing to be brought back home. I really would love to have a "healthy" lunch with you!
I sometimes feel overwhlemed with the responsibility of these two girls, but I know the Lord has chosen them for me, and me for you girl!

Beth Herring said...

Amanda - I am so thankful that you are blessed with such an awesome mother and such a godly mother. I have been at that same place with my girls when I since that distance and it is heartbreaking! Once my girls become moms, they just seem to fall in love with me all over again and I just love that close bond with them.

I pray that you are feeling better and I will pray with you for Annabeth. It's the kind of prayer I pray for my grandchildren as well.

In Him,

Brie said...

I'm so there with my two beautiful girls that already seem boy crazy at 14 months and 5yrs. I've recently really prayed over their future relationships. I'm absolutely terrified! I made bad choices but God so protected me! I work as a therapist for teens and it is just heartbreaking for me to see what these girls sacrifice for boys!

Laura said...

Thank you so much for your honest post.. Going thru a season myself and so I appreciate your honesty. Praying for you and may the LORD richly bless you. I read your mom's book and well it so rocked my world..
In him,

Susan said...

God's hand is SO evident in this post. Bless you for being open enough to allow Him to speak through these words.

KR said...

Amanda, Bravo for bravery! I imagine that it was tough to hit the publish button on that one and I just want to say I'm so glad you did. Two of my more horrifying stories of insecurity made it into your mother's book and I wept as I read them in print. I submitted them hoping they'd help someone else and the one they really helped is me. I celebrate your courage and hope that sharing your stories is a boomerang blessing.

Terrie and Carley said...


I am so taken back by your post and written with such wisdom. As hard as we try to raise our children to love Jesus and to trust Him with everything we have, there will be times they will make poor choices. Being the mom who loves Jesus and has walked the road before her daughter, knows that she can stand in the gap and pray. I bet your mom did a lot of praying during your senior year. There may be a short season in your daughter's life that you will be praying in the gap on her behalf.

Today my 16 year old daughter came home from work to tell me that she and her 21 year old male co-worker had a discussion of sex before marriage. Needless to say they were on opposite opinion of their thoughts. She had the opportunity to share Truth into this young man's life. There will be times that God will allow you to see the fruit of your labor of love that you have invested into your children's lives. Hold on to God's word in Deuteronomy 6:4-9 and let God do the rest.

C:M:W said...

Oh Amanda....Such a good Post. It was good for me. Hope to see you soon sweet friend.

Anne LoGrasso said...

Thanks so much for this great post. Very encouraging.

The Clements Crew said...

Thank you so much for sharing! I love to read your blog, and I appreciate your honesty. My husband and I recently got married and moved to Houston. We don't have kids yet but I totally understand where you are coming from. What a great prayer to pray over your daughter. You are encouraging, thank you!!!!

Brooke said...

No, it's not too much to ask! How overwhelming it seems at times that God has entrusted us with these precious little souls. What an awesome task to pray over them, protect their hearts, earn their trust and respect, and guide them in their decision making as they grow.

Only by the power of Jesus!! It's just too big of a job, and I'm far to imperfect to assume I can manage on my own.

It is scary and sad to worry our kids might make bad choices, or to think about the fallen world they will enter as young adults. BUT, as your beautiful post illustrates, we as Moms have the inspiring and AWESOME task of teaching our kids who Jesus is, what He is capable of in their lives, and how they can always - no matter what - beat a path right back to Him if they make a choice they regret.

This Mommy stuff isn't for the faint hearted, eh?? :)

Thanks for your precious words.

A is for Audrey said...

amen, amanda!

Spirt Mom said...

As an insecure teen, I was looking for love in all the wrong places. Luckily I married a wonderful man and we have 3 boys and 1 amazing 8 year old daughter. I pray all the time she won't deal with the same junk I did. She's too good for that.

Anonymous said...

"But we know that if we had entrusted our hearts to Jesus - not just our faith, but our hearts - we never would have voluntarily imprisoned ourselves. Our dignity would have been secure in our Savior's hands."

Thanks so much for this.


Kelley said...

What a wonderful post! Thank you for this! I just got home from my Beth Moore Bible study group where we are taking part in her Living Beyond Yourself study! How funny and appropriate that what you wrote about is also what she was talking about in the video portion!

Thank you for sharing!

Tabaitha said...

Great post! I often find myself praying the same thing for my daughter and she is only 12 months old. Thank you for being so open and honest with your thoughts, prayers, and emotions. I can related in many ways.

Tara G. said...

Yes and amen. I can't even formulate any other words other than that.

Mitchell 5 Family said...

Amanda, thank you for sharing your thoughts and your heart. I passed your blog on to others.

Deirdre said...


Sitesx6 said...

I hope you find your "Mo-Jo" again soon. It isn't fun to be in a slump!!

I found myself in a 2 week slump about a month ago. I HATED it. I was just spiritually dry. I had no motivation to pray or read my Bible, beyond my daily Bible study homework. I was just going through the motions.

Finally, I looked up every verse in the Bible that had to do with "renewing" and I prayed them for myself. Almost overnight, I was restored and had my joy back.

Hang in there.

Lauren said...

Wow, this is sobering, but a very good thought!

Bethany @ Our 4 Sons Plus 1...Super Cute Girly Girl said...

Beautiful post! I think about these issues all the time...we're up against a lot as parents, but we've also got the greatest protector and victor on our side.

Kendra said...

Thanks for this - when I read the title and the first bit I thought you were going in the direction of talking about egg white omelets :) but boy was I ever wrong! Thanks for this wonderful reminder to pray for our girls, I don't do it enough! Being a first generation believer has me intimidated at raising my daughter up in the Lord, but I know He is in control. I know your mama prayed her heart out for you and your sis and although you've both had plenty of bumps along the way, He's blessed both of your socks off. I hope the same will be true for my little girl.

Angelica said...

I read your blog, and enjoy the comments, but today I had to post. This is such a brave post, and excuse me for assuming but I know it must have been very hard to share your fears. It is soooo hard almost painful to remember moments in my past where I was not the person I thought I was. Momemts where I do not even recognize that person. It is so amazing that God blessed me through, and here I am on the other side. Washed clean, forgiven, and blessed beyond measure. Of course, I am reading your mother's book, and I know that is why I have strength now to admit to that part of my past and not just try to push the memories back to the farthest recesses of my mind. Lovely lovely post. Thank you.

LeighAnne said...


Thank you for having the courage to write this post. There have been 2 toxic relationships in my life and I thank my sweet Father everyday that he brought a Prince that loves Him like no other into my life. You have encouraged and challenged me today. I pray that someday when God blesses my husband and I with children that I will be able to guide them in having healthy, secure hearts in Him.


Sunni said...

I'm going through the same thoughts and emotions regarding my little girl.

Dionna said...

Your post really moved me because I am raising an almost 11 year old and a 13 year old daughter. Both very beautiful on the outside and inside. But I am really starting to notice the world's pressure - especially on my 13 year old. I'm praying so fervently for them! It's tough because they have no strong Christian girlfriends at our church (another thing I'm praying about). The world's pull is strong - but I'm a warrior for the Lord and this society won't get my children without one heck of a fight!

Jacob and Amy Hall said...

WOW! what do I say....You gave me chills, goosebumps,tears and I want to hug you. I have 3 nieces, 1 nephew and one little boy and I have prayed ever since they were born that God would keep them in the palm of his hand and protect them. Reading your post just breaks my heart. All we can do is pray and trust that the Lord will carry them around in his pocket!

Toknowhim said...

First I will say, NO, you are not asking too much. I think we all need a healthy heart totally devoted to Jesus. I don't have girls, but I so hope all my boys love the Savior more than anything in this world.

Thanks for sharing a bit of your story too... As I was reading it I thought about your mom's book. I am almost finished with it.

This blog is encouraging and challenging in the best way. So glad I found it a couple years ago.

Mary H. said...

I must say that I hesitated to leave a comment. Your post and your mom's book have tugged at my heart. From the time I was 20 to 22, I made some decisions and had a relationship that did not reflect the person God grew me to be or that my parents raised me to be. My lowest point was right before I turned 22. I was in so deep that the only way I thought I could get out was to die. I was completely isolated from people who loved me. By God's Grace I was delieved three months later from that lowest point. Through your mom's book I now understand better why I did the things that I did. What kept echoing in my ear while reading the book was Romans 8:28. God worked things for His good and His glory and refined me to be more like Christ(even though I still have a long way to go).

I want my daughter to be secure in Christ. Do you know the song, "He's still working on me"? It is a simple song but so true and it is my prayer. I pray that my daughter will not follow the path that I chose, but will follow His path...It would be much less painful!!!

Thank you for the post and reminding me again what a miracle my life is because God Loves Me.

Have a blessed Easter!

JayCee said...

Thanks for sharing this post and for your transparency/honesty. It helps to know we aren't the only ones going through these kinds of things.
♥ the pic of your family on the sidebar! Happy Easter!!

Karen L. said...

can i just say that, until about 18 months out of a pregnancy, your horomones are still adjusting and so is your mental state. it's good to know that sometimes, if we are not ourselves, that there IS an explanation.
also, leave to our wonderful Father to know every hair on our head and to heal us.

boomama said...

Love this post a lot. Love your heart even more.

Kelli said...

I pray all the time for Caroline to have a healthier heart than I did.

Thank you for writing this post. Thank you. I hate the thought of her making the kinds of choices I did. I pray that she secures her heart much sooner than I did!

Lynn @whispersfromwildwood said...

This post really struck home with me. I don't have a daughter, but it's something I thought about alot over the years as I wished for one. It's so much fun to dress them up in all the latest baby fashions - face it, there's not alot to choose from for boys! But I was afraid of what her teen years would be like, wondering if she would feel the insecurities I did and if she would innocently attract the wrong kind of guys.

If I knew then what I know now, I'd know why I had so many horrible relationships. I didn't feel worthy of a godly young man because of previous mistakes I'd made. That caused me to settle for less than what God wanted for me. But I thank God that after 3 failed marriages in my young adult years, I came back to Christ.

Sometimes I wish I could go back and redo things, but I'm thankful for what I learned. The story of the Samaritan woman changed my life when I really read it and saw the message in it for the first time. I now have a ministry to mentor girls, teens, and women. I'm so in love with Jesus now and he's blessed me with a Godly husband of almost 9 yrs. My son has just turned 16 and has committed his life to full time missions. I'm definitely trying to make sure he knows how to treat a young lady and praying for Godly young women for him to date.

Annabeth will be just fine, Amanda. She has the power of prayer covering her. God bless you as you live for Christ.

Lauren said...

I don't have children yet Amanda, and this is my hope as well for my future daughter! Wonderful post!!

Fran said...

Oh Amanda...It's just so hard to think and absorb the thoughts of what we have been entrusted to do with these kiddos. I pray one day at a time for my sons to love Jesus more than anything or anyone.

Thanks for sharing your heart and I pray y'all have a glorious Easter weekend!!

You are dearly loved,

Holly said...

My thought was that maybe Annabeth sensed that that fellow needed a happy smiling face that day...I pray for her to fall in love with someone as wonderful and godly as her daddy.

On another note, I'm praying for you in the fire--that you will come out shining, sweet Amanda.

I have tasted that fire for 6 years now--and there is some plunder on the other side.
May your plunder be full up with great and wonderful things, as mine has brought. I wouldn't trade it. Even the hardest things...

Anonymous said...

I love that you are so open with your heart to those of us who have never met you. It is so refreshing to see you have been there too.

Rest assured, your beautiful daughter is in great hands, and she will indeed follow the path of truth. Know this, and rest in the peace of whose you are.

Trusting with you as always,

PS: You can follow me on Twitter
Via @heresmycuplord.

melinda said...

Lovely Amanda~
Your gorgeous honesty is breathtaking. My heart's cry for my girls echoes yours for Annabeth. I came frightening close to marrying my toxic beau and know it's only by God's grace I sit here decades past it unscathed.

I'm praying with you for Annabeth and I really mean it. I'm ever praying for my little lambs to have hearts that beat wildly for Jesus and that He'll keep them pure 'til their wedding day when He brings them an amazing Godly man who'll love and adore them. And even though it's the longest sentence every recorded -- I've just prayed the same for your girl and will keep it up.

Thanks for being so real. As your sweet mamma would say, this is your territory and God will get His glory.

Sorry it's tough right now. Raising these little peeps must be the most exhausting and amazing season of our lives -- so it's no wonder you're getting it from all sides at the moment.

May you find His favor everywhere you turn.

your fan,

Anonymous said...

That was really good and poignant. I pray the same prayer for my daughter someday....and you know I'm praying the same prayer(essentially)for my younger brother who is going through a dark period in his life.
Thanks for your transparency.

Sarah said...

Fantastic topic to pray over! I too have a daughter, 9yrs, and it's NEVER to early to begin praying for her healthy heart to be attracted to godly men. Thank you for sharing!

Them Chandlers said...

Loved this.

Thank you for being so vulnerable.

melanie said...

thanks for this post, amanda. i can relate over and over again. emotionally distant from your mom, that's me too. not sure why, and don't have time to dwell on it usually. anyway, i also agree that raising a daughter is very sobering, especially when you are hoping she DOES NOT follow in your footsteps in certain ways. but you are right on so just keep praying for her heart to love Jesus and for her future husband to love Jesus too.

Emily :) said...

Amanda, this is such a great post. Sometimes I feel weird and like I think about my kid's future relationships too much, but I had a very bad experience when I was only 13 that shaped so much of my life. Thankfully at that I got my life right with God, but it would be years later when I married my high school sweetheart (I'm the only person he's ever kissed!)that I would really start dealing with a lot of the hurt that resulted.

I feel passionately about teaching our children to guard their hearts. Not just my own, but the ones that God places in my life. We recently moved and have two young boys who have practically moved in with us. Their home lives are not the best. I felt like God asked me, "What if one of these boys are your daughter's future husband and you are the only one who teach them how to live for me?" It is overwhelming and exciting that we have that opportunity. Thank you for your heart that is sensitive and for sharing it!

Judy said...

Our youngest is two months away from getting married. I can testify that it is never too early to begin praying for your children's spouses. Our future son-in-law is more than we ever expected. He loves God with all His heart and has lived a life of integrity. Our son was married last summer to the sweetest young woman. I prayed for years for our children to love God and always told them we didn't care what they chose to do with their lives just as long as they served God. I prayed for their future spouses to grow up in healthy, God-fearing homes. Our daughter-in-law did not grow up in a Christian home, became a Christian in high school and loves God so much. (and she loves out son) So DON'T stop praying!

Susy said...

Thank you for your transparency and genuine-ness (is that a word?)I relate to your experience at the restaurant because I often lay in bed at night and think back on how my day went with my girly girl and wonder, "What was I thinking? Why didn't I say something? or just worried about the life-long implications of her personality...thanks for sharing that...I feel more normal! Amen to your prayers for AB!

Lindsee Lou said...

That's not too much to ask at all! I pray the same things for the girls I serve.

I think this was my favorite line, that I'm keeping and passing on, "Sometimes the pairing up of two otherwise normal people with unhealthy hearts can just have toxic results."

As I look back, God's grace in my life has been keeping me out of said relationships. If I could have, I would have been on every guys arm that asked me out. Fortunately, (and now I see it as that) that's not happened. Knowing myself, I would have been in some deep waters. Deep, insecure waters.

Agreeing with you in prayer, sister.

Allison said...

This is something that makes me freak out. Freak out just thinking of it.

Missy said...

I pray for my sons too. I intend to tell them, "There will be girls walking around all over town with broken hearts, but not one of them better have the names Shepherd or Ingram written on them."

Having been one of those girls, I also can't wait to tell them that the reason that girls act that way is because they hurting, and for them to take advantage of a hurting girl is 50 flavors of sin.

I am so glad that my girls have a big brother who will fill them in on how boys are and hopefully prevent some bad mistakes.

And we fully intend to pay him for every one he runs off. :)

While Serving Him... said...

You are so wrapped up in Jesus' love for your daughter not to see Him in you and she is going to want to be just like her momma! God has his Angels surrounding her and He has clothed her in strength and diginity. Just keep praying and our Faithful creator will bless.
Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.
Proverbs 22:6

katiegfromtennessee said...

Amanda, this post makes me think. I have already been praying similar things for my daughter too. I look back and think, how in the world did I not go off in the wrong direction for a long time?? He always brought me back to Himself. In recent times, that verse about Christ completing what He started in me has been an immense comfort. I know what I'm capable of apart from Him. I pray that my daughter would be able to learn from my regrets, from my past, and save herself some grief! Oh Lord, help us! A healthy, secure woman is what I want my daughter to become too. I've made up my mind, she will know how much He loves her. She will know at least that.

Great post Amanda.


Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda,
I found your blog from Melissa's introduction on her new blog. I was an intern at LifeWay the same summer she was there. Anyway, I thought the title of your blog was interesting so I wanted to check it out. As a new mom (my son is 3 months old), I really appreciate your posts...especially this one.
My husband is a full time youth/education pastor, so we are always around teens. I also have had many, many moments when I've thought to myself "how in the world am I going to raise my child to be attracted to the 'right' type of person when so many teens seem to struggle with their lives and their faith?"
It was strangely comforting to see that I am not alone. Yet, as you clearly mentioned, I am SO thankful that the Lord allows us to freely pour our hearts out to Him and beg for His blessings on behalf of our children.
Lorie Keene

The Davidson Den said...

I had my fair share of unhealthy relationships as a teenager as well. And I share your concern for your daughter's future, as I, too, have a precious princess (already five!) entrusted to me. Man, it's hard. You're right. Even as we're fully grown, it's important to keep our OWN hearts healthy.
I've missed reading over here--been busy and a bit overwhelmed with LIFE lately. But I did see last night that you will be a Compassion Blogger. Congratulations!! That's awesome.