Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Panama City Beach

We rolled into Panama City Beach late Sunday night. We couldn't see the beach yet but we were thrilled about where we were staying. Our condo was on the 21st floor of The Majestic. It had three bedrooms and was very spacious. And free. Did I mention that? It was a lot of fun when morning came and we saw our awesome view for the first time.

Here are my kids eating lunch on the balcony. My mom lost sleep after I told her how high up we were. I promise you we did not let the kids play out there without us.

Annabeth was hilarious with these goggles. She is a mess! She's showing you the Tinkerbell doll that she got when we went to Walmart for groceries. We were so grateful that the kids were easygoing on our 12 hour (16 if you count the NOLA stops) road trip that we let them each pick out a little something.

That night we had dinner at Red Robin. What I remember most about that night is that Annabeth realized she had charmed our waitress by saying thank you, so she said it to her 100 more times.

She also chose that night to begin experimenting with different smiles.

Here's me and the boy. I will go ahead and warn you that there is a lot of beach hair and very little makeup in our Florida pictures. I suppose that is how it should be! More later.


Say said...

That view is gorgeous! Love the picture of your kiddos eating lunch-no posing, just life :) Fun memories you'll have. Love your blog!

Tara G. said...

My 3 year old has nasty hair from her daddy getting sunscreen in it- but the time at the lake is so worth it! :) Rejoicing with you over a wonderful vacation!!!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

These made me so happy.

I remember the summer we lived in Phoenix; a few friends went to San Diego for the weekend and came back aghast that women there went to dinner on the beach without make-up or curled hair.

And I thought, "THOSE ARE MY PEOPLE! I'm moving to San Diego!" Which I did, two months later.

Sunni said...

I just bought the red, white and blue outfit for my Belle. It's so cute!

Marla Taviano said...

Love the pic of AB on the balcony. And you look beautiful.

Kara Akins said...

Your kids are just getting cuter and cuter and Amanda you look just like your mom. Sure you hear that A LOT!