Monday, November 21, 2011

"The Night Max Wore His Wolf Suit"

Last week Jackson's school had a Storybook Parade. Jackson was Max from Where the Wild Things Are.

He roared his terrible roars and gnashed his terrible teeth and rolled his terrible eyes about wearing this costume.

But I assured him that everyone in the world loves Max. 

By the time we saw him at the parade, he was all smiles.

These two little wild things were surprised and happy to see each other.

Big, huge thanks to Beth and Jakson for lending the Max suit to us.


bethany said...

Yep. A little small :) But very cute nonetheless.

Missy said...

He was such a cute Max. Glad the dog didn't make the blog. ha ha :)

Shellie Paparazzo said...

Your kids are adorable as always!:) That Annabeth is so adorable she nearly kills me!!! Love her!!! :)

Barbara Head said...

He is indeed a really "terrible" looking Max so I will not say "so cute" You have got the most fabulous looking kids!! I love seeing your posts and pics of them.

Rachel said...

What a cute outfit! If your little ones like to read, you should find a copy of "The Diggingest Dog." My mom teaches first grade and she says it's like "Get Out of that Pit" for the pre-school and elementary school set. Lol!