Thursday, May 08, 2014

Annabeth is Five...And Kindergarten Bound

On the day I typed the very first post on this blog, I never could have fathomed registering my baby for kindergarten, much less his younger sister, whom I wouldn't meet for three more years. I wouldn't have been able to imagine myself 8 years older than I was, just like it's hard to imagine myself at age 42, which is what I will be in 8 more years. Oh my word, Jackson will be driving then. I can't even...

Regardless of my readiness or ability to visualize this milestone in my family's life, the day to register Annabeth for Kindergarten came and went.

I actually missed the day because I was freshly home and insanely jet lagged from my Australia trip. (I'm putting this on the record in case I get the itch to go there again - jet lag coming home from Oz is INSANE. I couldn't sleep through the night for two weeks.)

About a week ago, after requesting shot records from the pedi for the umpteenth time, I finally got my junk together. One of my dear friends and I took our girls up to the school to fulfill our motherly duties. I felt a mixture of happiness for Annabeth and sadness that my little shadow will be detached from my person next August.

Another very dear friend works at the school and she happened to come through the office while we were there. She told the girls how excited she was that they would be there with her next year. She even took them by the hand and showed them the Kindergarten wing of the school. It was so precious to see them walking down the hall together holding hands. I melted.

I want to say something to those of you who love Jesus and who work in public schools. You are ministers. You minister to children. You minister to their parents. You bring the Kingdom into your school whether you are ever able to utter the name of God. Your calling is important and I thank you for your very hard work and dedication.

After registration it was time to celebrate this rite of passage with the girls. We considered getting their ears double pierced but thought Merle Norman probably isn't into that. I'm totally kidding. We went to the American Girl Bistro at Memorial City Mall and had lunch with the girls and their dolls.

Annabeth got her doll, Isabelle, on her fifth birthday. It was special to me because I had an American Girl doll (Samantha) when I was a kid. I was right on the verge of being too old when it I first learned about Pleasant Company, but I loved the stories, clothes, and historical nature of it all. My best friend and I used to climb up in her oak tree and look through the catalogs for hours.

These pictures are from Annabeth's birthday in February:

And since we're on the topic of her birthday and y'all know I have a thing for cake, here are a few more pics. When she saw her cake she tried to dive out of my arms and hug it. If it isn't obvious, this is supposed to be My Little Pony-ish.

Having a daughter has been everything I hoped it would be and more. Annabeth is smart, affectionate, cheerful (except when she wakes up), and she loves Jesus with a precious childlike faith. She's also the funniest person in my life. The years ahead will have more wonderful experiences for us than I could ever count, and I know this sweet preschool season has to pass before we can have them.

But they sure have been great.


Anonymous said...

Yes and Amen to what you said about Christian public school teachers! We have been blessed for J to be 3 for 3 of amazing Christian teachers during her stint in public education from 1st-3rd grade. (We are returning to home-schooling next year until God tells us otherwise). What has been even more of a blessing is that they have all said what you said in that paragraph about my daughter and her presence in public school.That has been such a fresh breath of the Spirit to this mama's heart.

So Jackson and AnnaBeth, I want to say something to you who love Jesus and attend public school. You are little lights. You minister to children and adults. You bring the Kingdom into your school. You ARE able to utter the name of Jesus. Your calling is important and I thank you for your very hard work and dedication. You better this earth. Let the love of God ooze from your pores.

Hilary said...

Love this. :-) And as someone who loves Jesus with a passion and works in a public school, thank you for the encouragement and affirmation. I've often thought of how incredible it is that every time I walk through the doors at school, I'm bringing Jesus into a place where he's not "supposed" to be. :)

Tara G. said...

Precious. My youngest got her AG doll on her 5th birthday, too- such a sweet season!

Sarah said...

Sweet. Love the pics. I'm sure the kindergarten milestone is bittersweet, but she will thrive due to you and Curtis' raising, just like Jackson has. Hugs. Thanks for sharing. said...

Dear Amanda,
Have not followed your blog since it has not been a link to Beth's so have not seen pix of the kids for some time. They are growing up so fast! Just picked this up from twitter so enjoyed seeing this post. From a g'ma type, it is really difficult to let go of these kids. Our son in his 30's is marrying in afew weeks. He worked as a lineman out in the Bakken for many years but was home every weekend so in a sense was still home, it even makes me alittle wistful seeing him move out for good. Yes, Mom's are attached to kids by the heart is so true.
Bless you dear as youtransition to another area of motherhood!
Betty M

Robin Leonard said...

So thankful you are writing again. My youngest is Jackson's age. My oldest is ready to start her senior year, sending her summer with Orange doing camp Kidjam. Keep enjoying each season!

Eliseo said...

She's definitely losing that baby look and getting that "little girl" look! I know kindergarten is hard. I cried. And by the way, I am 42 and my daughter is driving. It comes quicker than you can imagine. No milestone is easy - and yet each is a blessing.

Unknown said...


I want to thank you for your comment, "I want to say something to those of you who love Jesus and who work in public schools. You are ministers. You minister to children. You minister to their parents. You bring the Kingdom into your school whether you are ever able to utter the name of God. Your calling is important and I thank you for your very hard work and dedication."

I have been retired 3 years now from a 36 year career teaching in public schools in Alabama (30 were in kindergarten, my fave!). You blessed me with that comment because you are right on! I won't go on and on...because you have already said what I tried to tell so many critics over the years...and I'm very confident that there are thousands of teachers and schools like this.

I must commend you for your faith instead of fear in supporting your public school. I would have loved to have had you as a Room Mother!

Happy Beginnings to Annabeth!

Fran McCurry Plott

Kristen Thornburg said...

This post was precious. My daughter will turn 6 next month and I am excited about another chapter in our lives as she enters 1st grade! Can it really be that time already? It goes so fast...
Also appreciate the comment about teachers who work in public schools. I have friends who knew from a young age that their ministry would be teaching. The mission field is anywhere God has us!

labride said...

Thank so much for the remark about public school teachers. We go to a church that also has a school, I've been asked several times to teach there, but I just can't leave the public system. It's definitely hard to have to guard your tongue so much about Jesus, but lucky for me I'm moving to a school in a small town where it won't be such a problem. Praise Jesus!

I've been reading your blog for ages, just wanted to say thanks for being such an encouragement and so positive and God filled when life is tough... and when it's wonderful.

Alyson said...

That is so sweet! I just saw a picture of my nephew being registered for Kindergarten and I got all teary eyed, I can't imagine how I'll respond when my own son becomes that age.

Thank you for sharing your heart and your pictures with us!