Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Camp Ethyl

Hello, peeps. I have posted twice on the LPM blog since the last time I wrote here, in case you'd like to check them out. (Here and here.)

We had an awesome time at Springhill Baptist Church's youth camp - a.k.a. "Camp Ethyl." It was a very laid back camp and the grounds were much like a farm. They had an indoor gym with a volleyball net and tons and tons of balls for Jackson to play with. He got to go crazy in there when the teenagers were busy doing other things. I tried to get my husband to play volleyball with me, but I couldn't rip him away from the basketball for more than five minutes. So I pouted in the corner. I even offered to be his setter so that he could spike and show off in front of everyone. Guys love that. Y'all, it did not work!

Jackson had tons of fun playing with his new friend Ethan. Ethan is 20 months old and is the son of the church's youth pastor. They got along so well! It's always fun to be around a slightly older boy so I can get a peek at what I'll be dealing with in the near future. The rate of speed at which Ethan could run shocked me. I'm gonna have to be on my toes.

The highlight of the camp was the homemade water slide. It was like a giant slip 'n slide going down a steep hill and ending in a pool. Are you disappointed that I didn't say something spiritual? Well, talk to my son because he cannot sit quietly in worship or during a talk. So basically I tag along to enjoy camp food and catch up on my reading. (She's All That by Kristen Billerbeck was super cute and fun to read. I'm almost done with Bringing Up Boys.) Y'all, I'm just gonna lay it all on the line here. I hate being outside in the summer unless I'm immersed in water. It's just dreadful.

One very cool thing about the camp was that Curt's sister Lindsay and cousin Erin were there as sponsors. We enjoyed hanging out with them so much. Erin even babysat Jackson so that Curt and I could go with the group on a float trip down the Current River. How sweet is that? We had the best time. Curt lost his wedding ring in the river. That was pretty sad but we will get him a new one. I had it custom made and I wasn't happy with the way it turned out anyway. I have always wanted to get something else but Curt would have none of it. So the Lord just worked it out! It will make some scuba diver's day.

After camp, we headed to Springfield to spend a few days with Curt's parents. They are still living in the Harage, but their house is coming along nicely. The next time we go, we will have the huge bottom level of the house all to ourselves! I am so happy for my mother-in-law because her closet in the new house is every woman's fantasy. I almost cried when I saw it.

In Springfield we celebrated our nephew Gavin's birthday at a laser tag place. Jackson nearly hyperventilated over all the balloons he got to play with. We also had a cook out with the whole extended family on both sides. On the last night we went glow-bowling at Lighthouse Lanes. It was a big night, y'all. I have always been better than most guys at bowling. I can say that without having to confess pride because it is simply the truth. Back in high school I spent a whole summer bowling almost every night with all my friends. It was then that I developed what I like to call MAD SKILLZ. Curt has never conceded that I am the better bowler even though I have proven it time and time again. So that night he swore that if I beat him, he would once and for all declare me the Bowling Master. But God said, "Curtis I have loved, Amanda I have despised," and I lost. Maybe it was the pride after all. Curt stood a few inches taller at the end of the night.

I have more to say but I will save it for later. Remember how a month ago I said I had gotten a new laptop? Well, I thought I had, but it was just the printer box that had arrived. My new Dell finally got here today and it is a beast. It has a 17 inch screen! Out of control! I love it. You better believe I laid hands on this baby before I even took it out of the box and pleaded for God's anointing over it. Does God anoint computers? Someone may need to check my theology.


Stephanie said...

I sure hope He annoints computers. I think prayers are all that is keeping mine working!! I'm dreaming of the day when I have a beautiful new laptop.

Anonymous said...

Wow, we have tons in commom
1, we both live in TX
2, our boy are the same age my Joshy will be two on Feb. 23
3, We have loved ones in Springfield MO
4, My husband just lost hi wedding band last weekend while tubing with his brother in the creek by our home! Our story is a bit scary though! I posted about it on my blog.
5,My laptop computer is on it's last leg I ned a new one!
And the list could go on but I'll spare you, LOL!
Glad you had a good time at camp and visiting with your family!

Shelly said...

Oh I do believe I have just found my new Friday night adventure - glow-bowling!!! Oh girl!!!

And if you only knew the number of times I have prayed over my computer. Not only does He anoint them, I believe He heals them too. I'm not kidding, mine is alive and well b/c of it! LOL!

Glad you're back!

Busy Mommy said...

When going to SBU, glow bowling was our favorite thing to do! Glad you had such a great time!

BooMama said...

"I hate being outside in the summer unless I'm immersed in water. It's just dreadful."

That is why you are my friend.

And I'm still cracking up at the term "Harage." Now I want to build one and live in it just so I can use the word.

Debra said...

Lighthouse Lanes...i love that place. Many a night was spent there. Nothing like a good glow bowling.

I know someone who was at that camp. At least they were going to a camp ethyl around Springfield. Andy and Michelle Ebert...We were neighbors in Spfld. and I was in their wedding.

I am glad that you had a good time.

Alana said...

I've been to that very same bowling alley! We don't live in Springfield, but about 40 minutes from there...I'm sure you can guess where...just follow the billboards ;-)

Big Mama said...

I would say something funny and eloquent and mention that I'm glad you're back, however, I cannot stop laughing at the fact that you don't need to confess pride over you mad bowling skillz because it's just the truth.

Travis said...

So glad you guys had a great week at camp. The blog world was sad without you!

Does God blog anoint computers? Absolutely. But Macs are His "chosen computer."

: >)

Erin Ward said...

I'm so glad we got to spend time with you this week! It was a blast.
And yes, glow bowling is the best. Especially when you're in your prom dress. Oh Amanda, you missed out!

Abby said...

I must say I have some MAD SKILLZ myself...but not so much with the bowling...but with the volleyball--YES!! And WHAT IS THAT with guys and showing off...I tried to play beach volleyball with our guys this weekend (there are only 4 girls and the other 3 are not so much volleyball players) and all they wanted to do was spike it at each other.
And you can forget playing 3 hits...we were lucky if they kept it going more than 2 because of their poor fist-punching skills. Please, this is volleyball--not boxing...they have terms like "bump, set, spike" for a reason!
(I feel a trip to Texas for a REAL v-ball game coming on...no seriously.)

Glad you guys had a great week! I can not even comprehend the cuteness of those pictures you put up on the LPM blog of Jackson...off the charts adorable.

CrownLaidDown said...

Ohhh! I'm so glad you're back at home! Fall cometh, Sister. Come on over to Colorado in the summers...delightful! Praying for your computer to be annointed, because I pray over a host of other things of like :) May it bring you some joyful times!!
Did I say I was glad you're home? and that Colorado is wonderful???

Oh I also would've gone glow-bowling with the bumpers :)
Love ya!

The Preacher's Wife said...

I'm certain if Satan can possess a computer like he currently has mine (I can not access some of my favorite blogs!) then God can most certainly anoint one.

Let me know how that works out for ya. I may give it a try myself, however, I'm a little nervous seeing how I'm all Baptist and everything..:))

A Place For Ministry Wives said...

So fun that Jackson had a playmate. I bet that took a lot of "pressure to entertain him" off of you.

No, you don't always have to say something spiritual. :-)

What a blessing that all of the camps you've participated in allow you to bring Jackson. That is the best!

My husband's ring "flew off his hand" this year, too. I just tucked it away as "wife points" for the next time I lose something. :-)

A Place For Ministry Wives said...

P.S. I think extra anointing is needed over the computer if the screen is over 15". :-)

Anonymous said...

I don’t know if it’s dangerous everywhere probably not, but I can tell you my husband who is never afraid of anything is still shook up a bit. One of my hubby’s patients who works for the town told him that some of those drainage pipe’s go under the ground and all around town! Jeremiah and his brother specifically chose not to go to the Guadeloupe because a man died the same sort of way, the week before! Oh, and one other thing, when my husband was just starting down the creek he asked a man floating around with his two year old, “this is safe right?” the man responded “Oh Yeah, just watch out for the rocks.” Crazy! Hey, if you ever do decide to go again, take off you rings;) All I can say is, I hate my man being ring less! I've been searching on-line for a new one.

Sam McClure said...

so glad that you are home! i hope you enjoy your new laptop! and, i am with you on the outside in the summer deal...the only reason for me to be outside is to be in the pool!

Lauren said...

Oh my gosh, you crack me up. "Curtis I have loved, but Amanda I have despised"??? You are too funny!

jen said...

Yay!! Welcome home and back to blog-land! I'm so glad you guys had a good trip and sounds like you had TONS of fun! I've never been glow bowling but it sounds like a good time. :) The pics of Jackson on the LPM blog are so precious! And can I just say how much I love that you say "ya'll" in blog world.:) Makes me feel like I'm talking to a good friend over coffee. :) Well anyways, welcome back and I can't wait to hear more!Hugs!

alicia said...

camp with amanda equals- FUN FUN FUN!!! Miss you.

JennaG said...

Camp sounds like a blast--especially that water slide. I, unlike you, am not much of a water person, though. I read your "Harage" post--I, too, love Missouri--I'm a born and raised Missourian. My hubby actually grew up just down the road from Fair Grove--in Hartville. I missed your posts and am glad you are home.

Them Chandlers said...

Glad you're back!

Kay Altic said...

Friend...I am glad you are back, so glad ya'll had fun...love that you got to go to Camp Ethyl...jay and I love the food and love the water slide!!!! so fun girl...miss you...

Helen said...

Volleyball rocks! I'm playing in our HFBC Summit VB league right now. The men in our team clearly admits and states that the women are the better players. In fact they would rather we play 4 girls and 2 guys, and they even set to us! So Amanda if you are in Houston between now and August 26th (playoffs) we are playing in the CLC on Sunday afternoons (1:30-4:00).

Also I say "Amen" to your comment "I hate being outside in the summer unless I'm immersed in water. It's just dreadful."

Both Bella and I dislike (nicer way of saying it) being outside when it is so hot. I can't even take her for a walk w/o her coming into the house, collapsing on the floor and panting as if she is hyper ventilating. Or perhaps it could be she is out of shape. But I prefer to blame it on the heat. I really love cold weather and have dreamed of living in any of the New England states. I can picture Bella playing in the snow. But Houston is home and will always be!


Ashley said...

So glad your time at camp was blessed and from the LP Blog, it looks like Jackson had TONS of fun!! Love the muddy picture of him! That was too funny about Curtis turning down the volleyball game; he was just scared of your mad volleyball skilz,hee,hee! My husband LOVES a game of basketball too; it's really bad when March Madness and the church basketball league start!

Darlene R. said...

The only games that I can beat my husband at is tennis, and boy does he hate that! We have actually been playing more this summer. I think it's because he wants to improve his skills and beat me. On vacation this summer, my sister and I played doubles against our men and beat'em, BAD! --- Why is it that men can't lose well? It is all in fun, right? :)

Andrea Bowman said...

aww....camp ethyl. i miss that place! i mostly just remember climbing on the big rock things and getting stuck up there.

MamaCass said...

It sounds like you guys had a wonderful time. Rodney is on his second wedding ring also which is funny because I am much more careless than he is. I lose my ring at least one a week but always find it somewhere in the house. We are also pretty competitive when it comes to bowling.

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Sounds like your camp experience was WAY better than mine. My husband is a children's pastor and here was my camp experience: Early Return From Camp