Thursday, August 30, 2007

In Christ I Cope

This morning I woke up and heard my phone alarm vibrating. It had been sounding silently and pointlessly for 45 minutes while I dreamed about Jack Bauer's wife and daughter finally getting in the helicopter. (I'm debating about whether to move forward with this season since they were rescued at 12:57 p.m.) I set my alarm so I could shower and dry my hair before Jackson ever woke up today, but it was not to be. I could hear him talking to himself in his crib. I got my roots done on Monday and I have been too lazy (or busy - take your pick) to dry it properly and see if it even looked good. I've had some pretty bad camp hair, but HELLO, camp time is long gone. I did manage to get my hair dried before Curt went to work, which was a miracle.

Late this afternoon Jackson and I got in the car and headed out. I wasn't sure where we were going. I just knew that eventually I needed some groceries and we both needed a change of scenery. But I wasn't willing to drive more than 10 minutes, so my destination could only be the mall, Target, or the like. My gas light came on in 2.5 seconds. Dern. Then lightning began crashing all around. Double dern. So I filled up my gas tank with my heart pounding and my mind imagining the car getting struck and exploding into oblivion. Needless to say, I only put in a few gallons. We drove off and soon had to pull into a random parking lot and wait out the storm. It started to hail. Then my child got strangled on some lemonade, which caused him to throw up in his car seat - twice. And while I was searching for something to wipe it off with (a sock), he put his hands all in it. Nice. I usually keep an extra outfit in the diaper bag for special occasions like this. Ironically, today I decided I missed the little outfit I keep in there and wanted Jackson to wear it. Guess who did not replace it with a new alternate outfit? So he had to remain in the throw up clothes. Bless his heart. He was so stinky.

We went to Toys R Us and got some fun new things for the little man. Then we made it to Kroger and got everything I needed for Bible study tonight. I made the Mississippi Sin Dip that BigMama posted on her blog this week. I made two batches so that there would be enough for everyone. Man, it was good and I was so impressed with myself! But college girls are plagued by this thing called competitive under-eating. Or maybe they were full from eating dinner before they came. All I know is not even one half of one batch was eaten. Oh well, I had lots of it and it was very yummy!

Thanks so much for praying for me tonight. With about an hour to go, I started not feeling great. I was tired, my body ached, and my stomach hurt. So I texted my mom to ask for prayer, ate a Lean Cuisine, took some Advil, and drank some hot tea. I nearly lost it when I was eating my sesame chicken stir-fry and my child threw his little Croc shoe INTO MY FOOD. It landed IN THE BOWL. Thankfully, Curt had the wisdom to whisk him away into his room before my head popped off. I felt much better after that.

The Lord brought eleven beautiful, beaming girls to my house tonight and we had us some Bible study. I might be a little biased, but it was awesome! I am so excited about this Wising Up study. The first session was so full of truth. We are going to learn a ton this semester and I'm PUMPED!

Here are a some things that stuck out to me:
-Don't live as a victim of your circumstances.
-In Christ I Cope.
-God will give us the skills to live there successfully or leave there successfully. (Definitely not talking about marriage.)
-I am NOT a weak-willed woman. In Christ, I Can Operate Power-packed Emotionally (COPE).
-In all your ways, acknowledge Him = know Him there.
-I should want wisdom more than my next blessing.
-Insight = God giving you the ability to respond in a matter when you don't have all the information. It's based on what He knows, not what you know.
-Know the difference between someone who has the power of the Holy Ghost and someone who talks a bunch of God talk just to worm his/her way into your life, or into your bed!
-"Seduce me - at least for 15 minutes I'll feel wanted. But for 15 months I'll feel used."
-"You will never get to the bottom of the hidden treasures of the Godhead."
-"Don't you mess with me. I'm different today."
-The genesis of wisdom is awe of God.



CrownLaidDown said...

THANK YOU for posting that! After a difficult day of decisions and financial cut-backs, losses and woes, I find that I DO need wisdom more than my next blessing.

I know you are making a difference with those young ladies, dip or not. Praying for you to make some mighty impact on these young decision makers.
With Love,

Profbaugh said...

Oh my, your post brings back memories--memories of juggling kids, home, throwing-up, toys, changes of clothes, something-anything to wipe up "stuff," groceries, trying to eat dinner, bedtime and Bible study. Honestly, looking back I have absolutely no idea how I did it other than through the strength of Christ. In fact, I'm tired just thinking about it!!

I'm so glad the Bible study went well. I've got a pretty tender heart for college students, as you might imagine.

Keep running the good race, Amanda!! And watch out for flying crocs!!

Love ya, kiddo,

Sue @ praise & coffee said...

Awesome Amanda, I'm sure God is using this powerfully in those girls lives.

I had to get Lauren out of the house too. We ended up at a park, no rain thank you Lord. And ice-cream, lots of ice-cream!

Those Crocs really can get air can't they? Lauren's end up on the dashboard while I'm driving sometimes!


Nancy Mon said...

Thanks for the great reminder from Wising Up. I have the DVD's and plan to watch a few of them during vacation. And thanks for the recipe, this looks fabulous and I think I will make it for my book club meeting. So, to this non cooker, are the bacon bits you are taking about the kind in the bottle or is there such a thing as real bacon in a package?

Beth Anne said...

Wow, it sounds like we could all use a little Wising Up.

If it makes you feel any better, all of us moms have stories like the wiping throw up with a sock. We were on vacation recently and we were shopping in the neatest little place where the stores are "upscale" to say the least. My 3 year old (who has "poop issues")decided to fill his pants. Well, not only did it fill his pants, it ran down his legs and into his Crocs. A lady tapped me on the shoulder and pionted to his legs and the "stuff" all around him. My little man looked up at me and said, "This is a mess, Mommy!" I could not have been more embarrassed if I had done it myself! I had to carry him down the sidewalk in front of a huge crowd of people - not pretty. Thankfully, my mom was there with the wipees and she bought him a new outfit while I cleaned him up.

Never a dull moment when you have little ones around!

Kecia said...

You're linked on several of my friends blogs...hope you don't mind the visit...
Cleaning throw-up and other bodily functions are definitely NOT my favorite part of being a mom. Mine are 9, 7, and 3, and it does get better!
My husband is a collegiate minister, and I too am about to start a girls' Bible study. If you could pray for me (us) when you read this comment, I'd sure appreciate it.

Gayle said...

Thanks so much for posting the things that you took away from your study. A few of them really stood out to me this a.m.
You know, now we are all annoyingly wondering if you are expecting, because, God knows, none of us during our childbearing years can state that we have a queasy stomach (or any other physical ailment for that matter) without someone thinking that...;)
Love to you, Amanda

Debra said...

it sounds like you had a day...

the study sounds so amazing. i haven't heard that much about it. The church that we visited last week is doing it this fall. congrats on being back in the groove of things.

BethAnne said...

okay, i just set up a blog and i wanted to see if the links are working - sorry for using your blog as a test

Heather said...

The theme from the last couple of posts I've read seems to be kids throwing up. Please don't pass it along through cyberspace to my children.

I wanted to thank you for your comment on my page. As I was reading it I realized that to put everything I said into a few words is I can rejoice in her life, not be controlled by her death. You are such a dear friend and I love you and your family. Thank you for thinking of us yesterday. I know because of your prayers and others I only had one melt down.

Much Love,

Heather said...

OH throw up in the car seat ... I feel your pain! last month my youngest, Pace, fell down our stair while I was making hubby a bday cake ... with a huge knot on his head, he and I went to the ER and on the way he began throwing up everywhere ... oh the smell ... well, it took days to get out! Hope Jackson is doing better now!

Thanks for posting the things that stood out to you from the first session! I'm looking forward to the study!

Patty said...

I am so glad you posted your insights of session one. It spoke to me!! May God continue to bless your Bible study group!!
Have a great holiday weekend!

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

So glad to hear that the study went well. Sounds like God really showed you all some new things!

have a good weekend!

kittyhox said...

That study sounds intriguing!

Sorry you had "a day." I love to put my head on the pillow after a day like that so I can start afresh in the morning!

Hope today is a glorious one!

Darlene R. said...

Like you said, "Dern and Double Dern, you had one crazy, stinky day!" And I too have a wonderful hubby that can "just tell" when taking the kids away for awhile might just be a good idea!

I pray that this study will be a blessing to these girls and to you. Thanks for sharing the things that stuck out to you.
I find that being a blogger has given me "little bits of God" throughout the day. I don't know anyone that couldn't use more knowledge of what Christ wants for us and from us.

BTW, you aren't perhaps, just maybe, possibly be, um,.....well, you know, with the sensitivity and feeling sick and all...I think you know where I'm going here...;)

Sun said...

I heard this in a sermon from Simi Valley's Cornerstone Christian Church - the guy that was preaching said (and he used the example of being a parent) - wisdom is teaching your child how to apply the knowledge that you are providing them with - wisdom is knowing how to walk out and apply the truth you are learning - I thought that was good so I wanted to share :) Have a great day - Sunshine

Lindsee said...

"So I filled up my gas tank with my heart pounding and my mind imagining the car getting struck and exploding into oblivion. Needless to say, I only put in a few gallons." HAHAHAHA. That was so me yesterday when I was on the computer! I kept thinking to myself that I was probably gonna get sizzled between the loud cracks of thunder and ridiculous lightning. I am here to say, I am alive! No sizzling was done here!

And for the college girls who compete to have the least appetite, ummmmm....yeah, you can count me OUT of that category. I'm not gonna lie, I used to be like that. But, Praise the Lord I love me some good chips and dip! So sorry they missed out!

And I can only imagine the Croc landing in your dinner. Ew. Bless your heart!

As for the bible study, I am so glad it went well. I know the Lord will bless y'all this semester. Wise Up!!!

Have a great Thursday, Amanda!


Jackie said...

I am glad the study went are going to love EACH week of it. I did it here in Houston and want to do it again with some was GREAT!! So many good notes, it was nice reading your "cliff notes" of what you learned, it reminded me of the first session, I need to re-visit my notes. Have a great day!

jen said...

sounds like you were under some serious attacking girl! Praise God for coming through it all and persevering. God is using you to change lives! Dip and all! (I would've eaten some with ya girl!) :)

Dionna said...

I'm sorry you had such a bad day! I did too - my husband got hit by a house! HA HA - His truck got hit by a house being moved ON a car, that is. He's okay. His truck is not.
At least your day ended well.
And about this "under-cheating - under-eating" stuff -- I never have that problem I would have eaten up your dip! :)

Shelly said...

Okay, the part about him throwing the shoe in your dinner made me want to cry for you!

I'm digging this:"In all your ways, acknowledge Him = know Him there."

Thank you for sharing.

Amy T said...

Thanks for posting that! Wising Up is definitely a study I'm going to suggest to our group soon. Sorry you had a yucky day leading up to it, but maybe it made the study that much sweeter? Thanks for being real and showing it.

Little Steps Of Faith said...

I will only say I stand with you on the interesting day, was at Walmart and flip flop broke as I was leaving; hot concrete hurts!
I just felt I'd share in your pain lol. I'll write more later.


Sheila said...

Use this study to help you get off of your crack addiction (24).
There will be lots of sleepless nights if you watch Jack before you go to bed.

Janelle & Ella said...

Wow...what a day!! Those days are always so interesting. And you are stronger for making it through for the next one. :-) I'm sad I missed the Bible study! I'm so happy that there were 11 girls there! Yea.

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Jackson threw up on his "throw up back-up?" That's so sad.

Chuck, Elizabeth, Carter, & Baby #2 said...

I LOVE reading your blog! It is nice to know that my 18 month old son is not the only one that does the things he does.
Your words are so encouraging and so real.
Murfreesboro, TN

Deborah said...

Praise His Name, we will NEVER get to the bottom of the hidden treasures of the!

So glad you survived your day...and I also much appreciate the post just above this.

Thanks much...
~Deborah :) God brings you to mind, I will particularly pray for you & the college girls this far. :)

Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine you with your head about to pop off! :-)

Sounds like your Bible study went great. I'm sure the dip helped!

Jenn said...

Hi-I read LPM and TCM blogs and that is how I found yours. I have also enjoyed the Weekly Word Devotions that you and your mom have online at the LPM Website.

Thanks for posting the link for Mississippi sin dip. I made it for my son's b-day party yesterday and it was a big hit. I should have made two batches because it was gone fast. Yummy!

Anonymous said...

I made the mississippi sin dip this weekend for a family Labor Day party we had and it was a HIT!! Thanks BigMama. I am sharing the Wising Up DVD's with my friends and it has been such a blessing.
Sandy in San Antonio