Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Tiger and a Bee

*I just realized I never posted our pictures from First Fest. I'm just going to re-post this from the other blog.*

Our church hosted First Fest on Halloween night. We went every year growing up, so it's fun to go now with my own kids. Back in the day, mom was the women's fitness director at our Christian Life Center, so she was always dressed in a costume for this event. On our way there, we were recalling some of her best ones, which included the year she went as a plumber (our family was in the plumbing business) and another year when she was a present. She wore a huge, wrapped cardboard box. I would give anything to have a picture or two. I don't have those, but I do have these!

Here is our little tiger giving a loud roar to let everyone know he had arrived.

The best part of First Fest is all the inflatables they have. Jackson loves these. Curtis and I had our wedding reception in this outdoor area at the church. I think our groom's cake was pretty close to where this thing is.

I'm really blessed because my groom turned out to be a fabulous dad.

There's our tiger getting ready to take the plunge.

Me and AB, who happened to be A Bee.

Why is Santa Claus at First Fest and why isn't he wearing red? Oh wait, that's Noah, as his name tag clearly states! Meet Pastor Gregg, who was preaching about Noah the next day. Next to him is Bethie and our little bumble bee who was trying to figure out if she should grab onto Noah's beard.

Here's Jackson getting his face painted by Cinderella.

My camera battery died on me, but my friend took this of our family.

I had a spare battery at home, so all was not lost. Here's the Queen Bee.

And here's her brother in a sugar high frenzy.

He kept saying, "I love candy!"

These shots are all the same - Annabeth looking a little iffy and Jackson thinking it's hilarious.


Lauren Kelly said...

If that Tiger growled at me or if that bee stung me, I'd totally be cool with that because of the cuteness factor.

So adorable!!!

bethany said...

So cute! And I am in love with your shirt :)

a boy a girl and a pug said...

they are too precious! and how cute is your ruffled shirt!! where did you find such cuteness?

Keri said...

I very much miss the days when my boys dressed as firemen ALL the time. So cute!! This year we had a Ninja and a Roman soldier........I love Annabeth's bee costume! So cute!!

Erin said...

I absolutely love that first pic of you and Annabeth where she's all cuddled up to you. Things like that are why I can't wait to be a Mom! (Soon enough - next May!!!)

Angie said...

I love love love that gray ruffly shirt and MUST know where you got it! It looks great on you!

And Jackson's sugar high pictures are hilarious.

Heather said...

Girl, you look fabulous in every picture, but these pictures you are in are so good!! Your face is flawless!! Your tiger and bee are so cute!

Nicole said...

Cuutte pictures!! I must say you are quite the photographer too !

AKat said...

Three things:
1. AB was a bee!!!
(And the prettiest little bee ever.)
2. Your shirt's darling.
3. Jackson's got some awesome expressions.