Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend

We spent Memorial Day in Houston with my parents. Jackson loves being there because there is never any shortage of people to hold him. Jackson really makes you work when you hold him. Don't even think of sitting down unless it's in a rocking chair or glider. He prefers to view the world at waist or shoulder level. If he tires out mom, dad, and grandpa, grandma is there to be the human swing. She has amazing endurance.

I got the best gift ever today. My dad gave me his awesome camera and upgraded to a new one. No more 5 second delay with my old digital camera. I'm so happy! By the way, the wonderful black and white pictures I posted were taken by a friend and photographer named Julie Robles.

Tomorrow morning we head to Middle School Camp Houston in Palacios, TX. The camp is for our old church - the one I grew up in, got married in, and where Curt worked for two years. I can't wait! I'm planning on taking Jackson in the pool for the first time. To me, summer equals water. I hope he likes this more than he likes shopping.

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Alicia said...

I am soo glad you got to go to Houston for Memorial Day! Also excited that you got a new camera!! Hopefully that means lots more cute picks of Jackson on the blog!! He is soo handsome!! He also looks so very cuddly!!