Friday, July 14, 2006

Fridays at home with Dad

This morning I got up early while Curt and the baby were still asleep and went to the dry cleaners. Did you think I was going to say something cool like that I went to Starbucks or to the park to watch the sunrise? But the dry cleaner is so exotic! Anyway, I had a collection of dress clothes with green stains on them. I was so embarrassed to take those in! I felt like such a slob! I guess it's because any time I eat I'm usually holding Jackson. I haven't learned how to gracefully get food from my plate to my mouth with a wiggling baby in my arms. And apparently I eat a lot of guacamole.

Like a lot of ministers, Curt has Fridays off. That's because Sunday is a workday for him. Jackson and I really love having him home with us. We can do fun things like photo shoots. Here's the one we did today.

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