Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day Weekend

Happy Labor Day!
You'd think that on the day I don't have to work that I'd peel myself away from the computer and go outside. Well, it's wet outside and I don't feel well, so here I am with my Dell. It's been a great weekend though. Curt's mom came to town and stayed with us. Jackson loved having his grandma here and, of course, Curtis and I were delighted to have her in our home. We did our favorite movies, eat good food, and shop. She babysat for us one night so Curt and I could have a date. We went to see The Illusionist. It was so nice to go out and know that he was in the care of his grandma.

Jackson came down with his first cold this weekend. Mainly he had a snotty nose. I think it's coming over me, too, now. I guess this is the first of many bugs we will share. We are well into solids at this point and it's greatly helped our daily routine and the depth of Jackson's sleep. He is taking two good naps a day and sleeping much better at night. Praise the Lord! Twice a day he eats cereal and veggies. Curt was right about this being the start to weaning. We've eliminated two nursing sessions from each day. This is not a bad thing, but I can feel his dependence on me lessening. It's a weird feeling. He can sit alone and entertain himself for quite a while now. And he doesn't need me for every single meal. I have a little more freedom if I plan outings when he eats his solid food. One really great, life-changing thing about solids is that we can take him to restaurants. Yay! We can feed him his dinner in a high chair while we sit at the table. We even went to Papasito's on Friday. Ole'!

My son is pretty quirky already. As I've said before, he does NOT play well with toys. A lot of times people don't believe me and try to test it out. No matter what it is, after 2 minutes, somehow the toy becomes set aflame with the fires of hell and he descends into a screaming fit - Amageddon, as Curt says. Jackson is now old enough to go in the child care at my gym. The other day I got called out of my aerobics class because he was inconsolable in the nursery. They handed him to me red-faced and breathless from screaming. He had some foreign (meaning not ours) toy in his hand. "You idiots! He hates toys!" I said. Not really, but I thought it. And there's no telling what kind of germs were on that toy. No wonder he has a cold!

Beckham and I have the E.T./Elliot bond going on.

What's on your face, Dad?

I'm a mess but Grandma loves me.

I feel the same about this sippy cup as I do about toys. Hate 'em all!

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