Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Last night Jackson pulled himself up using the crib slats for the first time. After that he never would straighten his legs out again because he was too distracted with licking the slats. What a monkey.

A few minutes after putting him down for his nap this morning, I went in to the nursery because he was crying his eyes out. And for the first time, this is what I found.

Seeing as how Jackson debuted these two skills for the first time within 13 hours of each other (the Lord really loves my mom), I need to publicly humble myself and say that my mom was right. Being the amazing child that he is, he just might have managed sit up, pull up, and launch himself over the rail all in one night if we had not lowered the mattress. Sorry, Mom! You were right!

I almost forgot to add that we took the plunge and Jackson had his first finger food today - Gerber Veggie Puffs. I was really nervous but he managed not to choke on them.


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Anonymous said...

He is his granny's cutest baby in the whole wide world! You better bolt lock the front door because he'll probably pull up to the door knob, turn it, and let himself and Beckham outside next.

The Schmidt Family said...

What a monkey!! He's too cute!