Thursday, October 19, 2006

Someone's in the Kitchen with Mama

I spent quality time with the kitchen today. Lately, my time in the kitchen has consisted of making my morning cup of tea and my toast. Then add a few minutes on top of that for getting drinks and putting the cups in the dishwasher. And two more for mixing Jackson's cereal in a tea cup. I really prefer those to bowls. I've definitely been in a cooking slump. Curt's been gingerly hinting at the fact that the kitchen misses me. Yesterday morning I found my frying pan on the back porch full of brownish water and you're-never-gonna-get-me-up-black-stuff. I called him at work for an explanation. (In an apparent experiment) He had cooked barbecue chicken breasts in the pan the night before and the b.b.q. sauce had ignited. Maybe not ignited, but it definitely smoked up the house to the extent that he had to put it on the back porch. Ever one to downplay such things and keep them from my attention, he never mentioned it. All I knew was that the house smelled like burnt nastiness and no amount of Febreeze air freshener would get rid of it. Remember that episode of Everybody Loves Raymond when a suitcase is left out for a really long time because neither Ray nor Debra will accept responsibility for putting it away? Well, the pan is still on the back porch. We'll see what happens. I took the hint that Curtis was ready for me to reunite with my kitchen. So tonight I made one of my husband's favorite meals - chicken cheddar rice bake. (Thank you, Nancy Mattingly.) His favorite part is the cheese that goes over the casserole and melts. To my great dismay, when I took it out of the oven I saw that the cheese had melted in a really bizarre way. Then I touched it. And it was crispy. I shrieked and threw open the refrigerator door to find the package of shredded cheese. Just as I suspected - it was fat free cheese! I know, it's so sad.

Hanging out with Mom in the kitchen

He was surpisingly possessive of the spatula

We woke up this morning and there was a curl!


Anonymous said...

I love your kitchen! Maybe you just need some new inspiration. You should have a recipe swap party or something. I love would DEFNETLY inspire me. Love you and miss you.

Clay said...

I bet that once you start cooking again, you will find so much more joy in it because of your cooking break! (Or...maybe that's just me!)
Wish I lived in Texas so I could visit your house...everytime I look at pictures it seems so neat-o. Of course, Jackson is still so cute. Clay smiled at his picture when we were checking blogs today. I think he wants to be friends. Have a great weekend!

The Schmidt Family said...

I love his little curls!! He's so precious! Girl - I'm impressed you're in the kitchen! Chicken and rice seems to be our staple...quick and easy!! Wouldn't have it any other way. Love you and miss you!

Christi said...

You go girl!!!