Monday, November 27, 2006


Finally. We finally pulled into the driveway tonight after our 7-turned-9-hour drive home from Missouri. Curt, Jackson, Beckham, and I all had needs and all at different times, so it just took us a while to get home. When we passed the Frito Lay plant in our hometown, the end of the holiday hit me. Back to the Giant Fry Daddy smell. The end of a holiday stinks.

This was our first time to celebrate Thanksgiving with Curt's family. Jackson was at the perfect age for all the extended family to see him. He was in a great mood most of the time thanks to everyone's patience with his need for naps. He really is a different baby when he's well rested. He's doing a lot of fun things right now like bearcrawling and experimenting with pulling up. He may get the hang of it this week. He will crawl over to something and sort of kneel at it. The absolute cutest thing he does is strum his lips with his fingers. Today he spent about an hour smiling at himself in the little mirror that faces his carseat. He was so delighted to have his own company! This is really random, but his feet are big enough now that they actually stink like big boy feet. Jackson and I got really tickled about that today.

Finally. The Aggies finally beat Texas. The last time we won this game was in 1999. To give some perspective, I was a sophomore in college that year and had not even met Curt. Last summer I completely swore off watching or caring about sports. Why? In one year the Houston Astros got swept in the World Series and the Dallas Mavericks lost the NBA Championships. How many games did I watch and become emotionally involved in, only to experience complete and utter disappointment? Why should I subject myself to this over something as trivial as a sport when real life has enough disappointments of its own? Never again. On Friday Curt turned on the A&M game at the end of the 3rd quarter. Half of me wanted to watch and the other half didn't want to care. This annual game has always been special to me because it was at the Thanksgiving Day A&M/t.u. game in 1991 that I fell in love with the school and became an Aggie in my heart. Thank you Uncle Mike. To watch and see us lose is painful, but not to watch is also painful. But praise Jesus, the Aggies were victorious. The War Hymn played in the background of the post game interviews and I sang and whooped and swayed by myself in my in-laws' living room. It was marvelous. Thank you, Aggies, for making all of us proud.


Michelle said...

WHOOP for the Aggies beating Texas! Finally catching up on your blog here! I love it!

Amy T said...

That was a great game! (Sorry, just now found this blog and am also playing catch up (I know, a few months late - but it's still a good memory!))