Sunday, November 19, 2006

What they don’t tell you about pregnancy

1)If you get sun on your face during or after pregnancy you could get horrible dark spots that take a long time to fade. Mine are just now fading. Sunscreen and hats, ladies.

2)Your feet may get bigger. At this point, I'm not sure if my feet are bigger or if I just need a bigger size in the pointy-toe styles.

3)Toward the end, when nature calls every 20-30 minutes during the day and at least 5 times in the night, you will feel the need to go again while exiting the ladies room.

4)Your hair - the glorious hair that had stopped its natural shedding cycle for 9 months - will fall out a few months after delivery. And then it will grow back and spike along your part. If you’re like me, you will also have a layer of baby bangs. Have you ever seen a little girl who has cut her bangs all the way to the scalp after it’s grown back a bit? Same concept.
(Breaking News - Check out TomKat's wedding photos at Katie has baby-bangs! Baby-bangers of the world, unite!)

5)In the middle of a conversation your thought will be sucked away by an unseen force and never return. This is still happening to me several times a day.

6)Your cat may become obsessed with you and your sense of smell may cause you to gag when your dog is near.

7)A pregnant belly is like a heater.

8)It will seem like everyone around you is losing weight.

Did I leave any out? Feel free to do your own version if applicable. I had some pictures of my face and hair for proof of items 1 and 4, but they were just too unfortunate to share.


Kristen said...

hi! i linked your site from steph's and liked what i read so much i have to comment on the hair-after-pregnancy thing. i *hate* my new bang layer so much, that i have resorted to using pomade to "glue" it back to the longer strands. And that makes me feel better. ;-) Happy thanksgiving!

AKat said...

TomKat! (They're mysteriously intriguing to me.) Post-baby hair fluff...I must check it out.

Christi said...

Well, I must add one more thing. When I was pregnant, no one could tell until like one day it seemed this huge ball errupted from my abdomen! And people were saying, "WoW! She's pregnant!" I'm like...yes, and I have been for several months, thank you, have a nice day and drive thru!