Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday, How I Love You

Today my amazing hubby took me on a lunch date. We are not very good about getting babysitters as regularly as we should, so we have started taking advantage of the fact that Jackson is at mother's day out on Curt's day off. First of all, we all slept till 9:30. Someone say GLORY! Then I dressed up like I would for an evening date and we went to this wonderful place called Bread Winner's. Any fans out there? I had been there once a few years ago but I didn't remember the magnitude of its goodness. When you sit down they bring you an assortment of sweet breads from their bakery. It is another one of those places where all the Beautiful Mommies go. I saw a lady there in a pink Juicy outfit with a matching pink Prada purse and her baby in a leopard print baby carrier. She was major, as Mrs. Beckham says. It is definitely on the list of places to take my sweet mother-in-law next time she's here. Then we swung by Baby Bliss, where I got this on sale for Jackson. And who can be that close to JD's without stopping by for some cookies? I love Fridays.

When I picked up my child he had not yet napped - perhaps because he slept until 9:30. I got in some trouble for bringing him to MDO pretty late. But honestly, would you forfeit the chance to sleep in to make sure your kid was there on time? Jackson was thoroughly tired when he got home and went straight to bed. I have been able to enjoy a couple of quiet hours in my house doing work and now blogging.

Let's show a little link love today.

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And Lori is sharing her wisdom about bargain shopping.

Enjoy your Friday!


Sarah said...

Your Friday sounds fantastic! Mine? Not NEARLY as fun, so I'm living vicariously through you :)

Kelly said...

I ate at bread winners last time I went to Dallas to visit my brother. I L-O-V-E-D it! If I lived in the Big D - I would go there all the time. We went for breakfast and their fruit and muffins were amazing.
And P.S. I think daytime dates are just as much fun/if not more fun than a night date. And I think it's fun that you dressed up for it!

Ashley Turnbull said...

Okay, I like how you posted links to others' specific blogs or stories. I mean, there are SO many out there I never know which ones or whose to read. You should do more posts like that. Are there other random blogs you read that are really good?

Nancy Mon said...

Hey Amanda,
Sounds like you had a wonderful Friday. Bread Winners sounds like a carb lover's paradise which means I would love it.

M&G would love to come up that way. Talk to Pastor John D.

debra parker said...

I have white cake with buttercream icing...come over and have a piece...

I so wish we could do that.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a lovely Friday! Lunch, a bargain, cookies AND quiet time ... girl, you must be livin' right!

I didn't realize you were back from bloggy break. I've got some posts to catch up on!

boomama said...

I think YOU'RE major.

Thanks for the link love.


Fun Fit Mom Stephanie said...

Bread Winners is a huge hit in my book! I love their chicken caesar salad sandwich...yummy!
Yes, the moms in Dallas are very MAJOR...try eating at Patrizzio's in Highland Park Village...there isn't anything more MAJOR than that!
I'm so glad y'all had a great date lunch!!!

The Schmidt Family said...

You must know they're building a Bread Winners in plano off preston, N of Parker! PTL!! We must have a lunch date.