Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Curtis with the Cameron Crazies

I have been waiting for this night for two and a half months. This is the night that the Duke men's basketball team takes on Georgia Tech at Cameron Indoor Stadium. If you're surprised that I have been looking forward to this night, you probably should be. I swore off televised sports when the Astros were in the World Series a few years ago. I hate investing time and emotional energy into a game that usually leaves me disappointed in the end. Amanda does not like to lose and Amanda does not like for her teams to lose. Since I am obviously very immature, sometimes it's better for me not to play and not to watch. However, in an effort to be my husband's dream girl, I have emotionally invested in this Duke team.

When I was twelve years old and dreaming about being the next Gabrielle Reece-slash-Barbara Walters, Curtis was dreaming about being a point guard on Duke's basketball team. His devotion to the Blue Devils has not lessened over time. I can't count how many times I've heard him say that he'd love to go to a game at Cameron Indoor Stadium. My understanding is that a Duke home game is like watching the Aggies play at Kyle Field. Simply put, great atmosphere, great traditions, and great fans. (Read this and this and you'll get it.)

Last Christmas the Lord provided an incredibly generous bonus for our family. I wanted to do something really special for my man since he is the love of my life and the best dad I've ever seen. So I took a deep breath, ordered a plane ticket, reserved a rental car, and bought one ticket to tonight's game (which was ridiculously overpriced, but they can do that). I recruited some partners in crime, Daniel and Amy, who happen to live in North Carolina. They were sweet enough to offer Curt their couch for a night.

I have never been so excited to give a present to anyone in all my life. It was painful keeping it a secret until Christmas Day. When the day finally came, Curtis opened a Duke hooded sweatshirt from me and Jackson and then I told him, "You're going to a Duke game! At home!" It was so much fun. You know how they say it's better to give than to receive? So true.

What totally sweetens the deal is that Duke is having a great season and we are rapidly approaching March Madness. March Madness is my worst nightmare because every game is so close and my nervous stomach can't handle it. Amy and Daniel are fans of Duke's biggest rival, North Carolina. (Amy is a proud alum.) Now that would have been a cool game to send Curt to, but I think the cheapest ticket on StubHub was $1,000. I have my limits, people. In honor of their dear friend Curtis on his special night, Daniel and Amy are going to be Duke fans for a couple of hours. In fact, Daniel was able to get two tickets to tonight's game at the last minute and they are sitting together! (Hopefully they found a buyer for that other ticket!) (*Update - they sold the ticket for $20. Considering how much I spent, that really hurts.)

So even though I have an Oprah and America's Next Top Model on my DVR, I will be glued to this game tonight. I'm hoping to see my hubby jumping up and down in his bright blue sweatshirt, but just picturing his smile in my mind will be enough.


Unknown said...

Awwwwww - my hubby loves Duke too. Part of the March madness will be in Birmingham this year (I don't think it normally is, but what do I know??) and my hubby and his son are going to the games on Fri & Sun (3/21 and 3/23).

mariel said...

YEAH!!! GO DUKE...for the moment! We are really Carolina fans, too (like your friends)...but NC is NC and you always root for your own state over Georgia tech! If curtis ever needs a place to crach while in NC, we are in Wake Forest, 5 minutes north of raleigh!

My hubby just said curtis probably has removed his new sweatshirt, since there is NO AC in the building!! He said it is a pretty small place so they did not (he's pretty sure) install ac!! It's a cold night here in NC, but I'm sure Curtis is warm enough in the crowd of 12,000!!

Praying he has a great stay here in NC...Oh, and my hubby said, he is disappointed Beth's daughter would be a duke fan, he said 'set your goals a tarheel fan' I told him a woman has to stand by her man!! :)

Love you and your mama, too!!
Blessings, mariel

life with the wisners said...

this is SO UP MY ALLEY! i am lovin' the type of wife you are. and i have no doubt your sweet husband is too right now.

i never see my husband during march. never.

over basketball? seriously.

course, if i could have unlimited time to search for the perfect handbag every day, i would. and he definitely does NOT get that either.

marriage. beautiful thing.

have a great night.

mariel said...

Whoa! did you see the poor duke mascot jump off the surf board thing and sprain his knee?! Poor's tough when the MASCOT gets hurt!!

enjoying a good game! Go Duke!
(ok, i'll stop commenting now :))

sheltonfamily said...

Hi... so I love reading your blog! I had to comment tonight.. we used to live in RDU and are huge tar heel fans, but have been to many duke games in Cameron and it is incredible! We now live in Richardson, TX. So this is more crazy.... my husband Mike and Curt lived on the same dorm floor at SBU and Mike was in the Altic's wedding and Mike's best friend is Justin Arbuckle who was in your wedding.... very small world! My husband works at Watermark Church in Dallas. Good to read your blog on NC..... we miss NC so much!

Holly said...

Oh Amanda, what a great gift! I hope you get to see him a couple of times and can freeze frame it or tape it :)

In our home, I am the sports fan. Chris is SO not interested in sports, except anything gun related. So that leaves me staying up 'til one o clock to see the Longhorns win a couple of seasons ago. :) I still cheer for my old team--and my alum. the Aggies, too. But sadly, they have disappointed me in the football realm--but baseball and basketball are still much fun!

Have a fun evening Amanda. I always ask God to watch the door when I have a night without Chris, so I'm praying for you guys tonight.

Kelly said...

You are the proverbs 31 woman! :-)
That's so neat - I bet Curtis is having the time of his life! What a thoughtful gift!

Fran said...

I'm sitting here watching the game live....Duke is up by 10!!!! You are one awesome wife!! I don't see how you kept that secret....

Is Curtis jumping up and down like they are ALL doing right now??!!

Go Blue Devils!!!

Nancy Mon said...

Amanda, you are a good woman. I was telling Roy about your gift to Curtis. You did good girl!

I got to meet Star this evening at Midlink Cafe. Told her I was a fan of her blog and come to find out she has read mine. Small world. The Smiths are such a wonderful gift, but guess I don't need to tell you that.

Jessica said...

What a great gift! One day, I am going to do that for my husband, too. You are a great wife, my friend!

Anonymous said...

What a wife you are Amanda!! I am totally poaching your idea for my husband! Thank you for sharing it with gift idea ever. Curtis...the bar has been raised.

Heather said...

So glad he got to go to a game. Basketball is my least fav sport to watch with hubs .... oh but I give in every now and then :)

Heather said...

you don't need to post this one ... We live in Charlotte and the ACC tournament is here this year. My hubs team is in the ACC so I'm doing my darndest to get him tickets to a game ... it's TOUGH to do!

Amanda said...

That is a very very good gift. My college roommate's dad is the stat keeper for the Duke games. we always watch them on TV to look for her dad. I won't even acknowledge the other team you mentioned, since I attended it's rival, NC State. (yes they are having a very bad year, but I'm a proud alum) March Madness is quite exciting here. I had to plan my March wedding quite carefully around the ACC tourney!

Deidre said...

I love that he gets to go to this. Caremon is LOUD which he will love! I'm a Carolina fan myself, but when a NC team is playing Georgia Tech, you gotta pull for them.

Way to go, Amanda! Such a great gift!

Prairie Rose said...

Awwww... what a great gift! Finding just the perfect thing like that is SO fun to give! :o) I had a blue Duke sweatshirt like that once upon a time... not because of any interest in Duke or in sports period, but simply because in high school at that particular time for some reason, it was considered very cool to wear a Duke shirt. And so of course, I did. :o)

Marc and Charity said...

What a great present! I have to disagree on the whole Duke thing, my hubs is a die hard Tarheels fan..but whatever. Hope he has a blast!

Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous! said...

I jotted down your line about "being emotionally invested." I'm gonna need to remember that when I get married one day.

Teach me your secrets, Amanda-bo-bandana. Teach me your secrets.

Serah said...

I grew up in Durham and Coach K lived down the street from me, so I completely understand the madness! There's nothing like a game at Cameron Indoor Stadium. And yes, it gets hot with all those people in there!

I hope he has a fantastic time and appreciates his wonderful wife!

Hillary said...

What a great gift!!! I'm sure he had the best time! Oh I love giving gifts like that to people!! It's so exciting! What a great wife you are! I'm very encouraged!

Kelli said...

What a great gift to Curtis! I have known some Duke basketball fans and let me just say they are the BIGGEST! I hope you spotted your hubby on TV last night but if you didn't you enjoyed knowing that he was having the time of his life at that game! :)

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Totally forgot about that present! So fun for the day to finally get here!

Big Mama said...

You're a good woman.

And I'm with you, those last second games cause me to get all nervous and worked up even when I don't care who wins. I think I have a problem.

Mocha with Linda said...

What a sweet gift, and the score looks like he got to be at a great game!!

Rose said...

You are just the sweetest thing (person) ever!!!!! My gosh, I think I need to be more thoughtful with my hubs!!! THANK you for your example :)

Allison said...

Amanda, you are such a wonderful wife. You so deserve the loving hubby that God gave you!!!

Anonymous said...

Guess what? Jackson will be hooked too. My hubby has been a Duke fan since he was a young man , and used to whisper to my pregnant belly "Boy, we'll watch March madness together." My 11 y/o son owns unlimited Duke t-shirts and hoodies and goes nuts watching the games with his Dad. They are quite a sight.

For Over 29 Years... said...

What an amazing wife you are. I'm sure he appreciated that more then he could even express. You've given me inspirtation! Hummmm

Tammie Head said...

Good Girl! So proud of you! Maybe I need to get like that with Erin's "gun" love. I have gone to the shooting range once, but...

Love you so much!

debra parker said...

It is so fun to surprise our men! Good job! I am proud.


Ashley said...

You are so sweet! I love to give gifts, especially ones that I know the person will LOVE! :) do you get your signature on the bottom on each post? The "Love, Amanda" thing. I've been trying to figure it out but can't seem to. Thanks!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

That is the BEST gift. I'm impressed you managed to keep it a secret. It's so hard to contain the excitement of giving something really great, isn't it?

I hope he comes home hoarse from screaming.

Unknown said...

I am a full-fledged born and bred Tarheel, but I will admit that as a former b-ball player and coach I would have loved to play in Cameron. The fans are awesome. I did manage to sneak to a game between the Dukies and Heels in Cameron. I got to sit in the rafters right below the ESPN guys and it was probably one of the greatest experiences of my life!

I admire you for sticking by your man, but in this house we are VERY divided by Carolina/Wake basketball, I just can't make myself switch.

Anonymous said...

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one of four said...

Tech is my alma mater. Even when we lose, which is often, I love Tech basketball.

Amy T said...

How cool! I bet he had a blast! Did you get his reaction to the gift on video? I bet it was memorable. Good girl!

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

You just won Best Wife of the Year! That was BRILLIANT!

Anonymous said...

Hey..ruthless lurker here, wanted to know that I love your blog, and wanted you to know that as a avid GA Tech Fan..last night hurt (my husband is also a big Duke fan.)
Praying for ya'll!! :)

Lauren said...

Oh what a fun gift! I love giving the *perfect* gift like that! How cool!

AbbyLane said...

oh curtis, how he has been swayed to the dark side even as a child...
will pray that his definiion of the color BLUE will be enLIGHTENED and that he will one day leave behind those devil horns for the horns of the great RAM...that beautiful CAROLINA blue painted across the sky should be enough proof that any other shade falls short of the way our maker always intended that sweet color to be ;)

(hahaha...i have to say those things cause i'm an tarheel alum...but that seriously is an awesome present :D )

Anonymous said...

Oh my. I have loved following your blog over the past 6 months or so, and I would have never guessed in a million years that you guys were Duke fans. Our family are Carolina fans, therefore, we do not pull for Duke. Ever. We live 45 min. from Chapel Hill and Duke, and it's really unheard of that you can be a Carolina fan and pull for Duke. Again I say.....EVER. Anyway, I will definitely begin to pray for you and Jackson, that you will stand strong, and not become a fan of the Blue DEVILS. Devils. Hmmm....Seriously, it is a great rivalry, one that your family will enjoy for years to come. I hope Curt had a great time at the game. Thanks for sharing your life!

Andrew, Zachary and Will's Mommy said...

Imagine this dear Siestas delight when she read your hub's love for Duke! My hubby and I grew up in Durham (shhh, don't tell too many people.), were married at Duke Chapel and live for Duke basketball season. Next to God, our love for Duke equates to the love Peter had for the Lord.

I'm thrilled Curt got to experience Cameron Indoor, the Crazies and the best basketball in the world. If you're ever in the hunt for more tickets I may be able to help you out. We have close friends who are Iron Dukes. We are offered random tickets every once in a while that we have to pass on.


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