Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Wedding Weekend - The Unabridged Version

What a weekend. My baby sister is married and is sitting on a beach with her new husband. I spoke to her for 2.5 seconds on Monday morning and she was about to lay out and get a drink with a little umbrella in it. She sounded so happy.

I guess I should start from the beginning. Jackson, thank God, never got sick with that stomach bug. We were able to travel to Houston on Wednesday as planned. I didn't make it to MOPS that day, but inside I knew I probably wouldn't. I had my last personal training session and although the whole thing was really challenging, I will miss it. I love what it did for my arms and legs. I may ask Curt for a punching bag and some boxing gloves for Valentine's Day, which we haven't celebrated yet.


The wedding gears started turning on Thursday. That morning Mom and I swore that we would not eat at any restaurant that we liked nor would we eat any food that we really wanted. We had to focus on the goal of looking as good as possible. So we planned on devoting ourselves to Jason's Deli (which we prefer not to frequent). We never made it there once. Instead, we got chicken tender salads at Chick-fil-a. We both hate eating salads. I actually ate two salads last week and that should show anyone who knows me the depth of my sacrifice. In our despair, we swore that Sunday would be known as Fat Sunday. We would eat anything and everything that we wanted in celebration of having met our wedding fitness goals. We could not wait.

That afternoon my mom picked up two of Melissa's bridesmaids from the airport and got them checked in to the Hilton. Thus began the whirlwind. Melissa and I met the girls at their hotel at 7 p.m. for Girls Night Out. Then we went to Cafe Adobe on Westheimer for dinner. (It was Valentine's night, so we were really limited in where we could go. We would have loved America's.) The diet was out the window. After that we went to the Dessert Gallery. We had some yummy treats and then headed to the airport to pick up another bridesmaid. It might not sound like that exciting of a night, but we did all of this in a black limo and it was extra fun! Melissa and I got home at 11:30 and found a really cool gift waiting for her there. It looked like a wedding cake. We had to open it up immediately. That was such a fun moment.


The next morning my lovely, blessed, beloved mother-in-law and sister-in-law flew in and became Jackson's primary caregivers for the weekend. It was amazing. I cannot convey the amount of stress it took off me. What a blessing. Curtis was in charge of the ceremony, so we really did need some help. That it could be family was just perfect! Especially since Jackson's birthday was Sunday.

At 9 a.m. on Friday, Melissa and I picked up the bridesmaids and we all went to Norris of Houston Spa and Salon for mani-pedi's and 30 minute massages, compliments of the M-O-B. She is a generous lady, that M-O-B! Afterward we had lunch at the Backstreet Cafe. I had never been there before. The food was great. I had cheese grits and shrimp. Oh my word. Yes, the diet was definitely out the window. The last bridesmaid to arrive came during lunch, as did Melissa's BFF from Wheaton, Kevin. He was basically a bridesman, but he was there to read Scripture in the wedding. Melissa had been very intense but when he got there she was able to relax and laugh like her normal self. I think it also helped that she knew every last person had made it safely. I'm sure Kevin loved being the only man at the bridal luncheon. Thankfully it was not your traditional, Southern bridal luncheon.

At that point I was nearly comatose from exhaustion, but I had to go pick up Melissa's bridal portrait and convince the photographer to give me a digital file to put on the blog. Mission accomplished. They were so accommodating. When I saw her portrait it was like a bolt of lightning hit me. I was stunned by how gorgeous she was. Every single person in my family had the same reaction. Especially my dad. I'll never forget how he gasped, took a step backward, and put his hand on his heart.

On Friday night my whole family hopped in my hubby's suburban and headed completely across town in rush hour traffic. We were late to the rehearsal, of course. We all recalled being late to mine, too. What can you do. The rehearsal was painless. Afterward we went to Ouisie's Table for the rehearsal dinner. Besides my own, it was the neatest rehearsal dinner I've ever been to. What a neat restaurant and what good food! Yes, I know. The diet. Oh well. I was seated with my Pappaw and he and I have always loved to eat chicken fried steak together. Yes, I ate a CFC the night before the wedding. I hate myself. One time in jr. high, when I had super human metabolism, I spent spring break with my Memaw and Pappaw. Somehow that week I managed to eat CFC every single day. Someone turn me in to the Guinness people.

Melissa and Colin did the neatest thing during their rehearsal dinner. Colin works for the company that owns Marble Slab Creamery and he sells franchises for them. So Colin had an actual marble slab, along with lots of sweet cream ice cream and strawberries, brought to the restaurant. At the end of the meal, he and Melissa put on little Marble Slab aprons and served ice cream to all of their guests. If you've never been to Marble Slab before, they scoop out the ice cream and mash it on the slab with the strawberries or whatever other topping you get. It makes it taste so good. I didn't have any ice cream, so three cheers for me.

We headed home and put the bride to bed. We were all so tired already and the big day wasn't even here yet.


The next morning Melissa woke up at 5:00 and couldn't go back to sleep. Bless her heart. Mom, figuring that any repercussions wouldn't show up that day, got a huge box of Shipley donuts and kolaches for us for breakfast. She had a severe case of Moorder (which is when the Moore's order more than they need. We do it every time) and managed to spend $25 on donuts. The cashier nearly threw confetti on her.

A limo took Mom, Melissa, and me to the church and we started getting ready. The wedding was at South Main Baptist Church by the way. (HFBC was booked for that date.) Wow, it does not get prettier than that for a Baptist Church. So beautiful. It is so dumb how early you have to get ready for weddings. It just makes for such a long day, although I don't know how you get around it. It was like pulling teeth for Melissa to push back the time as much as she did. A makeup and hair person was there to take care of us. She was wonderful. We went through every single emotion in the hours that followed: joy, bliss, stress, nervousness, nausea, and excitement. Once Melissa got her hair done and the flowers arrived, she was able to settle down a bit. We played the CD I had made for our Girls Night Out and it lightened the mood. I felt bad playing "Let's Get It On" in a church, but when you have a couple who has put off relations until their wedding night, you get to be lighthearted and happy about it. God wanted them to get it on. And that's all I have to say. Thank You, Jesus.

Right before the ceremony began, we made a circle around Melissa and her friend Erin prayed. Erin immediately started crying and Mom and I looked at each other and whispered, "Don't do it!" I had to look up and keep my eyes open to control myself. Soon they called mom out and then it was time for the rest of us. I was suddenly very nervous. The fact that Curt was doing the ceremony added to my nerves. When we got to the foyer, Travis Cottrell was singing. Lis and I watched through a small window and I could tell that Travis could see us. Melissa was pumping her fists in the air because how can you not when you hear Travis sing? It was a-w-e-s-o-m-e. Those 3 minutes were my favorite of the whole weekend. That is the snapshot I will keep in my heart.

I walked down the aisle and the flower girl quickly followed. She waved to everyone like a beauty queen and it was so precious. Then out came Dad and Melissa. I can't describe my emotions to you. I was about to burst. I was half laughing, half crying (without tears because I did not want to mess up my makeup), and half wanting to pump my own fist in the air. (Don't judge my math.) They were a gorgeous pair and they were headed to a very excited groom. I loved watching Colin's face. He always looks at her so lovingly. The ceremony was short and sweet and very meaningful. I thought Hubs did a great job.

After pictures, we headed to Brennan's of Houston for the reception. Everything looked amazing. My sister had worked so hard and the atmosphere was incredible. I could not believe how beautiful it was. Her colors were brown and white and there were lanterns at the center of each table. The table linens were spectacular and all the chairs were covered. Brennan's is a New Orleans restaurant and the look of the ballroom "evokes visions of a New Orleans carriage house with vaulted ceilings, skylights, and crystal chandeliers." I just copied that from the web site.

For dinner we had lobster bisque, salad, steak and fish, bananas foster, wedding cake, and groom's cake. It was out of control. A quartet played music through dinner. At that time, Jackson had a moment to shine on the dance floor with our cousin Carleigh, a.k.a. the cutest flower girl ever. Soon Melissa and Colin danced to "The Luckiest" by Ben Folds Five. They looked very happy. Then Lis and Dad danced to "My Girl." They did so good! When Colin and his mom danced, I nearly cried thinking of Jackson and I looked over at Johnnie, who is my mom's BFF and mom to two grown sons, and she was bawling. Everyone gave her a hard time but I think it's just tender being a boy mom.

The DJ played old, classic slow-dance songs. The dance floor was full every time I looked over at it. It was fun seeing the guests enjoy themselves. It was also just really special to have such close friends there with us.

The best man and I each gave a toast toward the end of the night. I was super nervous, but tried not to care that my hands were obviously shaking as I read my speech off a piece of paper. I'm too tired to try and write it all out and I'm not sure I would anyway, but Melissa said she liked it. I was glad I got to do it.

Soon it was time for Colin and Melissa to go. Since we were at a restaurant, there wasn't really a way to throw flower petals at them as they rushed out to the car. Instead, people said goodbye to them in the reception room. They had to go down a big staircase to exit and of course Mom, Dad and I, along with Colin's parents, went down to see them off. I made it down first and there were some people sitting in a lounge at the bottom of the stairs. They were marveling at the beautiful princess coming down the stairs and I looked at them and said, "That's my baby sister!" I was so proud.

It was raining when we got outside and Colin held a huge umbrella over his new bride. They were precious. Then they got into their limo and were whisked away! We left shortly after and we have been thinking and talking about it ever since. It was a wonderful weekend and a magical night. The Lord truly blessed us.

We had no idea there were tornado watches or warnings around town. The Lord made us completely oblivious. For that I am so thankful! The weather didn't have much of an impact on things, except that we had to adjust our hairstyles accordingly. I had planned on wearing mine down, but definitely not in that weather.

I have more to say and show, but I am all typed out for now! And I'm saving Jackson's stories for later.

That had to have been the world's longest wedding recap. Well, it was my baby sister's wedding! What did you expect?


Misslisslee said...

How beautiful, and how special! What a wonderful thing to celebrate a marriage that God has ordained. Blessings to your whole family --

Hillary said...

Thanks for sharing!! Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I'm glad everything went so well! And you're right, that picture of Melissa on the LPM blog is amazing! Wow!!

Fran said...

How do we thank you for sharing your family with us? I could just picture every single detail that you said....my first tear came when you said your dad took a step back, gasped, and put his hand over his heart, when he looked at her bridal portrait. And, then they just kept coming!!!

What a weekend you had. I can't tell you how many times your family came into my mind. I nearly prayed for nothing but the Moore wedding all during my walk on Saturday! :)

You are all so dear and precious and we do feel like a part of your extended family.

blessings to everyone~

Dionna said...

Oh, Amanda! I got tears and chills reading your recap! I have felt like a stalker checking your blog several times a day to see if you had posted on the wedding yet! I loved every last detail and all the love that those words radiated within your family.
The neatest thing is, you will always have that accounting just as you typed it to remember always.

Holly said...

HalleluYAH! What a wondrous time. I could picture it all--except the gift like a wedding cake...was it a wedding cake? Was it a gift?

Praying for your dear, baby sister and her groom this week.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the week's preparations--I bet you still didn't mess up all the good you had done at the gym. Am I right?

Much love and joy for each of you!

Unknown said...

It sounds absolutely amazing!

Unknown said...

Precious. Thank you for sharing.

Amy T said...

Loved it, loved it, loved it! Thanks so much for filling us in on the happenings. I got full just reading about it all. How much fun and what wonderful memories. Get some rest, girl! BTW, I love Marble Slab, but haven't been there in some time. That sounds delicious. How sweet of them. Hee, hee. The pun wasn't really intended, but since it's there....

Anonymous said...

WHAT IN THE WORLD DID TRAVIS SING??? I just have to know! :)

Thanks for the recap!! I got tears in my eyes when you told about telling the people in the lounge that "that is my baby sister!"


boomama said...

TRIPLE. LOVE. THIS. Especially because the mixed CD comment is priceless.

Also: Brennan's bananas foster will make you break out some tambourines of praise.

Anonymous said...

Wow -- you know how to describe a wedding! I feel like I was there! Thanks for sharing it with us!


Krystal said...

I pray that Karoline is as sweet of a sister to Klaire as you are to Melissa! She is one blessed woman to have you love her like you do! I can't wait to see some pictures of Jacks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! Lets this 41-year-old never married gal "dream a little dream" of the wonder and fun of it all too! Sigh...

And you know what is one of the most FANTASTIC aspects of Melissa's story? The fact that she has a name now that is SO TOTALLY plucked right from the character lists of a JANE AUSTEN novel! Now is that to die for or what. :-) Mrs. Colin Fitzpatrick? C'mon now, that's just too perfect. You almost have to say it with an English accent. :-)

All God's best,

ocean mommy said...

Thanks so much for sharing, it sounds like a heavenly day!

And that CD comment....cracked me up!

REST!!!! You deserve it.


Big Mama said...

I laughed. I cried. I craved CFC.

I don't trust a woman who doesn't enjoy a good CFC every now and then. Or even every day for a week.

What an incredible weekend. Great recap.

Patty said...

How beautiful and sweet!! I nearly choked as I was laughing at Let's Get It On song! LOL!! So very funny!!! Because my brother works in Houston during the week he keeps me posted of the weather and I was aware of the tornado warnings and let me tell you I was praying about that for you! I am so happy that you all had a wonderful and fun time. BTW. what a great idea that Colin and Melissa had in serving Marble Slab to their guests! I took my son to Marble Slab on Valentine's Day.
Have a great week and thank you for sharing the wedding moments with us. Yes, it is great to be a mom of boys. I understand your mom's bff's reaction to the groom/mom dance. Lord, Help me!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE that she was pumping her fist in the air when Travis was singing and that he could see y'all!! SO awesome! Sounds like it was beautiful and the memories will forever be written on your hearts!
Amy in OK

The Schmidt Family said...

That's so great sweet sister. I'm so overjoyed it was such a neat time for you ladies. I feel like I was there - thanks for sharing!

Janelle and Ella said...

I love the recap! I have goosebumps all over picturing it in my head! I'm so glad that it was better than you could have ever imgained.
And I need to see a picture of Jackson in his suit ASAP. Maybe you should email it to me tonight! :-)

Vicki Courtney said...

It sounds like it was dreamy in every way. I wondered about those tornadders in Houston. Lifted the day up in prayer for you guys. Truly, you are blessed.

I'm still waiting for the Thriller wedding dance video on YouTube...

Anonymous said...

Oh my, how wonderful Amanda! Thank you for sharing it with us. I felt like one of the "weird people" when I kept checking for updates! My husband said, "who's getting married that you are praying for?" When I told him, he laughed and said, "you don't know them!" As sisters in Christ I do! Blessings to the happy couple and the whole family!

Anonymous said...

Loved, Loved, Loved all the details! Thanks for taking the time to share it all Amanda!


Kelly said...

Thanks for writing this all out - I loved it!!!!
And I waited THIRTY years for my wedding night and I kept threatening to play "Let's get it on" as we were leaving the reception. :-) It made me laugh to see you write that!
You Moore girls are some beauties and hilarious to boot!

Unknown said...

Oh wow! Thanks for sharing--I'm shedding my own tears right now. We'll look forward to pictures and Jackson stories soon!

Jessica said...

Thanks for sharing that! I get tears in my eyes thinking about my own 2 little girls growing up and getting married. I hope my girls will grow up to love each other and be proud of each other the way that you and Melissa are. I know that it was a sweet sweet time and I am glad that all made it home safely.

Unknown said...

oh-yeah, I've read the other comments now and I agree there are certain things that just need answers :-) What was the wedding cake present? Was it a wedding cake? What else was on your mixed CD? I'm doing a bridal party in a couple of months and that sounds like a neat idea, and what did Travis sing???

Deidre said...

Great recap, Amanda!

The sentence about Travis singing and Melissa's fists in the air gave me a lump in my throat. What on earth did he sing????

Thanks for sharing!

kittyhox said...

I'm so glad you shared all the details - I just love weddings! It sounded blissful and I'm craving lobster bisque (my all-time favorite food) all of a sudden! ;)

My favorite memory you shared was of your Dad's reaction to your sister's portrait... oh, and the few minutes you and she had together listening to Travis Cottrell, right before she walked down the aisle.

It must be so special to have a sister and it was super sweet of you to share all this with us.

beckyjomama said...

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank You!!! I've been "lurking" for days hopin' for details!! And you did not disappoint! I hung on every word! The pic of Melissa on the LPM blog is so very stunning that I can COMPLETELY understand your Daddy's reaction! Makes me so look forward to the day that my man sees our girls all gussied up for their wedding (of course, HE is praying that Jesus comes back before they are old enough to date!!!) and remember fondly the look on my own Daddy's face when he saw me come around the corner for MY wedding! At that moment I was five years old again, playing dress-up and HE was the only man in my life!!! And the picture of your parents ... a thousand words - and all of em are L*O*V*E!!!!
So, now we just need to see some pictures of you and YOUR man, Colin and OF COURSE sweet Jackson in his Little Man Duds!! I can't wait ... yes, I can ... you REST Siesta! You deserve it! I hope and pray that my sweet girls love and care for eachother when they are grown the way that you and "Lis" do!!!
Thank you again for sharing your lives with us!

Kelly said...

What a wonderful time for your family- thanks for sharing with us:-) I pray my daughters will have the same closeness as adults as you and your sister- what a gift!

Anonymous said...

as a fellow houstonian that's not married, i must say that melissa basically did my dream wedding! i thought about you guys during the rain, we attend tuesday night and my friend was like that would so stink to have this weather on your wedding day. praise God you guys had no idea.
one weather man said [i kid you not] that this was going to be one of the biggest storms in "texas history" texas is big, and has had big storms.. so we prayed for you all..

His love is strong said...

Yes, thanks for sharing, Amanda! So beautiful, in so many ways. Yay for God ~


twinkle said...

I heart you for sharing...

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

What a fantastic recap...Way to go chronicling every moment! Those are the details you think you'll never forget until you realize you have.

Dying to see pics of the bridesmaids dresses! :)


Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

A beautiful recap. You'll always have that to read, and Melissa will too.

You had me at "Marble Slab."

Can't wait to see some pictures of Jackson in his suit!

AbbyLane said...

wedding week sounds like it was tiring, but dreamy..
(especially the food)
..and high-five for no ice cream--there is no way i would have been that strong; ice cream is a major weakness of mine..

*love your dad's reaction to the photo..what a priceless moment/memory
*my favorite moment in weddings is always watching the grooms face light up when he sees his bride for the first time...i nearly lost it watching my brother tear up when he saw my sister-in-law

can't wait for the pictures! :)

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I've been waiting for your report, and it did not disappoint. You captured the weekend in words, Amanda. Bravo! (That's verbage for "pumping my fist in the air.")

And I agree with Janelle: When you have sufficiently recovered (in August, maybe), please post pictures of Jackson in his suit. I can't even imagine.

Sara at Miller Moments: said...

I can't believe your recap - I'm literally breathless! I have tears of happiness in my eyes for you and your sweet sweet family. Congratulations - and please keep the wonderful posts coming. Thank you so much for sharing...

(and what was the wedding cake-looking present?!?)

connorcolesmom said...

Now that is some details and I love me some details - hehe

I do not know why but I have been so weepy over the whole Melissa getting married thing.

I think it is b/c I hear all the emotions of the wedding - the description of your little sister, your daddy catching his breath at her picture, Melissa's nerousness and joy all in one etc, the MOG dancing with her son - oh my that brought the tears for sure!

I just know that in the blink of an eye my babies will be getting married too and there I will be dancing with my son as the MOG.

Just today my baby (4 yr old) was talking about getting married and being a daddy. They grow up so FAST - oh the tears they are a flowing...

Speaking of growing up fast you now have a 2 yr old!!
I look forward to hearing about his birthday :)

Thank you for sharing and may God continue to bless you and your family.

jennyhope said...

I prayed and thought of you guys all weekend! I am so excited for all of you and what a wonderful wedding!!
You really crack me up about Lets get it on! LOL

Darlene R. said...

I felt bad playing "Let's Get It On" in a church, but when you have a couple who has put off relations until their wedding night, you get to be lighthearted and happy about it. God wanted them to get it on. And that's all I have to say. Thank You, Jesus.

THAT totally cracked me up! I love it!

What a special night. Thank you for allowing us to share in it through your blog.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing such a special time with us. I felt I lived each moment with you. Melissa's portrait is stunning. It is clear how beautiful she is inside and out. Congratulation! Next step to become Aunt Amanda to her kids!

Anonymous said...

You are such a doll for sharing all that. Bless you, bless you, bless you!

Anonymous said...

It's never too long when you are giving details of a wedding. Thanks for sharing. Surely they will live happily ever after!

debra parker said...

i loved reading every word in this...thanks for sharing.

You are a sweet sister.

Marc and Charity said...

That was so fun to read! Thanks for sharing all of that with us! I was laughing, smiling and tearing up while reading it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing "the Wedding Weekend"! I could picture every detail! I'm so glad Curtis' parents helped you with Jackson so you could focus completely on your sister's Big Day! I hope my daughters are as close someday!

Unknown said...

Yippee!!! I'm loving the best wedding recap ever!!! Loving all the pics too. tytytytytyty

Anonymous said...

If you want to stay in shape and have fun, I really recommend the nintendo wii. My kids got one for Christmas and the wii sports is quite the workout - tennis, golf, bowling, and BOXING. I hate video games, except for Pac Man, and I love our wii. Just make sure you wear the wrist strap. Trust me, bad things happen otherwise!
Thank you for all the wedding scoop - you looked lovely and your sister looked radiant too.

taralynn819 said...

And then there were romantic sighs from girls everywhere!

Brings me back to our day a year and a half ago. It's true about the "whole gamut of emotion" (Chonda quote out of context).

This makes a bride want to go home and make out with her groom! We NEED to go back to that sweet remembering place; we NEED to maintain that newlywed glow. I am so grateful for my marriage, and I praise God also for this brand new one!

Anonymous said...

I read this before I got in the shower this morning and as I was washing my hair (sorry, but got to set the picture here) I thought "Did she really play Let's Get it On" in a church?"

And then my next thought?

"I wonder if I can do that when I get married."

Except I'm thinking about having it be a part of the ceremony. Oh yes ma'am, I am.

Well, it is either that or "Baby Got Back." I love that song.

C:M:W said...

Love the detail by detail.... I felt as if I was there... I even had tears when I was reading about her walking down with yalls dad. And each one of you just looked beautiful. "The Luckiest" by Benfolds. That is what Andy proposed to me with, we love it... it is a classic!!!

Kevin and Christie said...

i love it!! thanks for letting us in the big day!

MamaCass said...

It sounds just beautiful! What a wonderful weekend of wedding.

Ashley said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I thought of all of you! :) I am glad that the Lord was there and that y'all had fun and made some memories.

Katie said...

"The cashier nearly threw confetti on her..." Amanda, you are hilarious!

I feel like your family's mine... I teared up reading about your dad seeing melissa. So sweet.

And! Jason's Deli, not so bad if you get the chicken salad on a toasted croissant! Did Melissa go to Wheaton? I didn't know that... I went to Wheaton! Met my hubby there. :) :) Love Wheaton.

Angela Baylis said...

Can I brag for just a second? I was just at the Backstreet Cafe the week before. I met my blog siesta in Houston and went to Bible study with her. It was my friend Annette's birthday and we sat at the exact table to celebrate with her friends, Cathy, Trisha and Donna!! Donna brought her own decorations and flowers for the table! We had the best crab cakes ever! I feel special! Since I am from Michigan it was a real treat... especially going to your mom's Bible study after dinner! She was on fire even though she must have been stressed out for the wedding! Isn't that just so cool?
Love you,
Angie xoxo