Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's All About the Randomness, Baby

-My summer TV favorites:
Women's gymnastics. Bless their hearts last night. But how awesome are the gymnasts and how much do I love our Texas girl Nastia Liukin? It is so fun to watch their smiling faces when they finish a good vault or whatever and they grin from ear to ear. The Chinese girls were especially fun to watch last night when they were doing their floor exercises. They knew they were going to win gold and they were performing in front of a home crowd. You could just feel their happiness. I'm thinking that some of the Chinese gymnasts (however amazing to watch) must have stuffed their training bras/sports bras a bit to pass for 16-year-olds. Also, there is one I cannot even look at because she is so painfully thin. Wow, coaches, give homegirl a Skittle!

Wipeout. Such a guilty pleasure.

So You Think You Can Dance. The last two episodes were very painful for me to watch because I loved all three of the final female dancers. Courtney was probably my fave but I knew from my friend Jennifer's expert tutoring that Katee should be the winner. I just thought all of three of them were amazing. And I think I've said before that I'd like to be Cat Deeley, or at least be her bff.

Even so, come quickly Office season premiere!

-I must be feeling better because today I called Curtis and asked him to bring me a chili dog from Sonic during his lunch hour. This is unusual because on the 4th of July we went to my parents' house and I sat in the living room with my head in my hands while everyone else was at the table eating chili dogs. I couldn't even look at them. That was a rough night. What a difference a month makes. Thank you, Hubs, for being so sweet to bring me lunch! It was so good!

-Our NOG group has been so fun this summer. We are going out for Mexican food in two weeks and then we are going to decide what study to do next. It is such a diverse group and I love it. One thing that amazes me is that almost every life experience you can come up with is represented there. We have some great discussions and a lot of laughter. One reason why I think this group has been so refreshing to me is that I had not done a Bible study with my peers since college!

-Why is a helicopter circling above my street right now? Should I be arming myself? Don't these people know Jackson is trying to sleep and Mama is trying to blog? Good grief!

-Check out It's a great resource for anyone wanting to know more about or get help with eating issues. It speaks to the person who has been medically diagnosed with anorexia as well as to the person who is finding herself getting a little off balance with eating or exercising. I think it's awesome that they provide help for the person at point A,B, or C so they don't have to get to point M or even Z. We can need help long before a doctor would diagnose us with something. I heard the founder, Constance Rhodes, speak at a retreat several years ago and was so blessed by her ministry.

That's all for now! Have a great day!


Martha said...

Fellow Wipeout lover here! I don't know if I'd enjoy this show by myself, but hubs and I just about pee our pants laughing at it. (Isn't that just a ladylike comment!?!)

I hate circling helicopters! It makes me anxious. Doesn't happen often around here, but I know the feeling of nervousness and "you're gonna need the cops if you wake my baby!" :)

I'm glad you're feeling better!

Anonymous said...

I also love to watch the gymnastics. One thing that I think is missing in some of those girls--JOY. It seems like the USA has some joy in their bones. They love on each other and they support each other and they get in one big circle together. It is too much business with some of the other countries. Sports should bring joy to the athletes. I also love "So You Think You Can Dance". Even this old fogie knows talent when I see it. The over all winner, Josh, is from Texas also. He was awesome. Katie was my favorite. Oh if only I could dance like that. Fun show to watch.

Anonymous said...

What is this show, the Office, I keep hearing about from people? It must be a good one?

I met someone who works on that show over the summer (on a movie set)...her name is LauraLei something or other? very pretty lady. I asked someone there who she was and they said she's on the Office.

Is it a show that would be hard to catch up on if I watched it? Personally, I'm still in mourning that Alias is off the air now.
I loved that show.

Glad your nausea is getting better! :)

Kristi said...

Ah, wipeout! A great provider of much joy and laughter. Our favorite quote from that show is, "Oh, he's gonna need some cream for that!" Too funny! We are enjoying the olympics too. It's the best reality TV ever! Blessings to you and your sweet family. We can hardly wait for the Siesta Fiesta!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the season premiere of The Office! We don't get NBC so we have to watch all of the new webisodes on the laptop (we get reruns on TBS). We watched all of Season 4 one weekend and are ready for some new antics from Michael, Jim, Dwight, and the other crazy characters from our favorite office!

Also, a while back I mentioned that I am the foster mom (hoping to be the adoptive mom) to a beautiful baby boy who is now 6 months old. We are waiting on some DNA results and then will have some important court dates coming up soon. Will you please pray with us over this situation? Dillan was placed in our arms when he was just 3 days old and we have been praying Jeremiah 29:11 over him since then.

Brian and Nicole said...

I have to admit I about hit the floor laughing when you commited the stuffing the bras on the outfits. I made the same comment to my husband last night, I told him I think they are stuffing their bras, of course he was like what? Anyway, I have not seen the Office but my cousin loves it and highly recommends it maybe this year we will try to catch it. See you in San Antonio!

Anonymous said...

I was cracking up when I read your line, "give the girl a skittle" :)

Seriously though I really enjoy your blog! :) I am from Texas (Dallas area) and my husband is the Minister of Education/youth and slash pastor while we are without one here in Arkansas.
I love keeping up with your blog! Congrats on the new little one growing inside you! :)

Patty said...

Oh, I have loved watching the gymnastic teams and was so sad for them last night but silver is good!!

Throw in a cherry limeaide with the chili dog....yummy

You had me laughing over the helicopter!!

Have a great week and weekend!

Elizabeth said...

I used to visit but I haven't for a while. The website is a great resource and Constance Rhodes has written some helpful books. I used her website and her books with a lot of my counseling clients. I'm glad you're spreading the word.

Holly said...

Just last night, after our last NOG group, Chris and I went up to watch Wipeout. And I said this: I just want to see someone crash into something right now. Where did that come from??

I think I was a bit frustrated by what happened at our group last night--so distracted by so many things, rabbit trails and worries about this and that... frustrated that the evening didn't go like I hoped. Also, I have been a victim of the three H's this week, so bring on the Wipeout! and a chili dog sounds good with that!

Unknown said...

I've seen Wipeout twice and it was the same episode. My 15 yo watched it with me last night and really enjoyed it.

Did the helicopter land??

I think I took your random title and used it myself.

This response is a little random...

Anonymous said...

We love Wipeout, too. Of course, our newest TV show addiction is "The Secret Life of the American Teenager"! The entire family sits down together for this one! :)

Big Mama said...

Every time I see a commercial for The Office (which is ALOT during the Olympics because NBC is all about the hype) my heart skips a beat.

Dionna said...

Agree with you on the Chinese gymnasts. Even my 9 year old was looking at them saying they didn't look 16! One girl looked my daughter's age!
It's heartwrenching to see how they have been "built" to do this by their country -

Anonymous said...

I adore Wipeout. One of the best shows EVER!

Steph V said...

I love out summer NOG group too and can not tell you how sad I was to miss last night. We were driving home from MS and all I could think about is how I would have much rather been sitting with you ladies - eating, laughing, and talking about HIM!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you for that website...I am in the THROES of an eating disorder I can't seem to escape. I cry out to God, try to walk away...and 11 years later I am STUCK! I pray my precious baby girl never has to deal with this. thanks for sharing that website!

Jessi said... you think you can dance. bless my heart. greatest show in life. i've decided i'm taking adult dance lessons starting in january!

Michelle said...

I doubt that a skittle would make much difference...I agree that women's gymnastics is my favorite, and I also LOVE "So You Think You Can Dance..." I loved all of the girls, too, but I really liked Chelsy...she did everything they gave her to do, and she did it wonderfully!
I also adore "The Office."
Thank you for the website backlink! That's a great rescource! BTW, I just learned how to do backlinks on my blog, and I'm having fun with the name dropping...
OH, and I'm so glad you're feeling better...2nd trimester ROCKS! ;-)

Rachel said...

Sonic chili dogs are my favorite! I'm so glad they no longer make you nauseous!!

Michele said...

I so agreed with you about the Chinese must be stuffing their training bras. Some of those poor girls only look about 10 years old, and their thinness breaks my heart! My fave has always been women's gymnastics too, but we have really gotten into the swimming this year -partly b/c of all of the hype surrounding Michael Phelps and partly b/c my son is about to start swimming on a swim team.
I am right there with you with The Office season premiere. I do not watch a whole lot of TV just b/c life is so busy with homeschooling 3 kids and working at home, but The Office is the on TV show that I CAN'T MISS!!!
Y-U-M-O a chili dog from Sonic sounds WONDERFUL! It has been years since I have had one of those. Maybe that is where the kiddos and I will each lunch today. So glad you are feeling better.

Tiffani said...

I LOVE SYTYCD, too!! I was really proud of Joshua...he had a sweet smile about him but it was a fun, great show to watch all season!! I was LOVIN' the judges dancing on the finale and I noticed Debbie Allen said "I think everyone on this panel should have to dance..." I was like, yes, Debbie, yes!!! I'm all about watching teacher get out there in front of all those people and do their "thing"! Same thing for those Dancing with the Stars judges, too!!

Skittle??? How 'bout a piece of fried chicken or an eggroll???? They are definitely doing something to pass for 16 year olds-but they aren't doing a great job of it...they look like babies!-I guess in a gov. that has a "one-child policy" and tosses babies out the back door probably doesn't care much about the health of their gymnasts, huh? So sad...

Glad you're feeling better and I hope that it only continues to be good from this point forward and it should...sometimes with my second (after the 1st trimester of course) there are days when I'd think "oh yeah, I'm having a baby!!!" I was so busy with my 3 year old it wasn't like the first pregnancy where ALL I did was consume my life with books, magazines, etc. about becoming a Mommy!

Many blessings!!

BethAnne said...

I am pretty sure I know which Chinese gymnast you are speaking of. I cant bear to watch for fear she might break a bone. I am sure she hasnt eaten in a while and I am equally sure she isnt 16, but no one asked for my opinion. ;-)

Nancy Mon said...

Love all your randomness.

Anonymous said...

Have you SEEN the Office commercial during the Olympics? The one where Jim plays his new Olympic game, Slapface, with Dwight. How dare they entice me like that? And leave no mention of Jam to give me hope these next few weeks. Come quickly September 20-something, come quickly!

Erica said...

Those are some of my favorites, too. As far as SYTYCD, Brian kept asking me each week, isn't this show over yet? We can't wait for the Office premiere, though...that's one we both enjoy. I have to throw some "What Not to Wear" in the mix, too.
I'm glad you are feeling better. Did he bring you a cherry limeade to go with the chili dog? Oh, you are bringing me back!
Have a great day.

Leanne said...

Finding Balance is one of the best ministries out there! I wish it received more attention!

katiegfromtennessee said...

Hey Little Momma:)

My hubby likes to watch gymn. too (i think it's b/c he used to do gymnastics as yong boy)...yeah, painfully thin girls I think, "Is there a med. reason or is there a greater issue here?...don't think I've ever heard of lil' sisses all participated in cheer and dance, Cat's accent is fun...never seen The Office:)...Yay! You are feeling better!!! NOG group dwindled down by half, but I have really been blessed to hang out with Kassidy more, we are in the same ss class together (you just get and can connect with certain people, ya know what I mean?)...I've never heard of that website, I've been on every end of the food battle and most everywhere in btwn, anywhere from a size 0 to a 11/12, so I'll def. check this out-I think I like my size now, around a 7, considering my 5ft.2in. height; 5lbs on me looks like 10 comp. to a taller woman; Any smaller would mean consistent exercise, which isn't all that bad; I have this new-found interest in nutrition, though-it's fascinating what certain foods do for the body:)
Thanks for the tip, Little Momma!:)
Have a blessed day!


Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

SYTYCD...just caught up on the last 2 weeks. Loved it! And everytime I see an Office preview during the Olympics primetime coverage...I wet my pants.

Linda Vujnov said...

Can't wait for The Office!

Considering trying out for Wipeout...on second thought, I couldn't handle all of the necessary comments!!

Anonymous said...

"Wow, coaches, give homegirl a Skittle!" Hysterical! I mean, do we need to show them some Southern hospitality and hold a bake sale or what?! We're loving the Olympics also! Except we had storms last night and the satellite went out! Urr. We live in the country and the circling helicopters are definitely unsettling. Our little man wakes up every time!
We love our NOGS study also and are about halfway through. We have one sweetheart that cries every time we get together and her heart is so tender towards learning more of God, His word and saturating her life with Him. I love to hear the ladies encourage her and remind her that a hunger for Him does not grow overnight, but is a journey of trusting, a process!
Glad you’re feeling better! Can’t wait for next weekend!
Love, Amy in OK

Erin Ward said...

Oh yes dear Office, come quickly.

Lindsee said...

Love random posts!



That's all I have to say.

Anonymous said...

Hey, a friend of mine forwarded this to me. Thanks for the shout-out! Totally appreciate it. I'm guessing you're referring to that conference way out in the sticks of TX a few years back? It was one of my first speaking engagements when Fb was brand spanking new, so I'm glad to hear you found it inspiring.

We love what we do; if any of you stop by the Fb blog be sure to say hello.

Back to the olympics. Michael Phelps on... again... :)

Jenny said...

WE are SLIGHTLY obsessed with Wipeout!! We sit down on the couch with our dinner and I have to be careful not to be drinking anything during the 1st obstacle course cause Diet Coke comes flying out of my nose everytime!!!

bethany said...

Have not been consistently watching the olympics but random bits and pieces here and there. Just watched the women's and men's rowing! They go so fast and are completley worn out when finished! Fun to they have water polo and I am not into that as much so turned the tv off for a bit.
Last night they had a recap of Nastia's gold win for all 4 events. She and Shawn (can't remember her last name) were competing back to to watch them both. Shawn reminds me of Mary Lou Retton.
Glad that you are feeling better! Your mama is now referring to Little Fig as Little many items of fruit will this baby be called by?! By the time you deliver he/she will be Little Watermelon (although won't feel "little" by then!).
Hope that you're having a great day!

Sarah said...

Amanda, I just read your last several posts to catch up:

Congratulations on Baby #2! I'm so excited for you!

And somehow I missed that you moved back to Houston! (My own move a few months ago has killed many, many brain cells.) I hate that we only met once (Do you remember having dinner together with Steve and Lisa Cauble at their house, back in 2004 or so?), but I'm thrilled for you to get to live closer to your parents! Mine won't be here until next summer, but I'm already planning lots of shopping with my mom once she gets here!

Have a happy rest of your summer :)