Saturday, May 23, 2009

Disney Trip: Hollywood Studios

Thursday was our Hollywood Studios day. I had been told it wasn't the best park for little kids, but I was really looking forward to taking Jackson to the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground. We got there around opening time, of course, and happened to see another family from our church. It's a small world, after all!


Our plan was to hit the Tower of Terror and the Rock 'N' Roller Coaster first thing. Jackson wouldn't be going on either of those, so I made it my mission to find some awesome candy to keep him occupied.

Thank you, God, for the 5 pack of mini-unicorn pops I found at the kiosk in the front of the park. Moms, take note of this.

Curtis and Cozy loved the Tower of Terror. I, however, am not attracted to runaway elevator type rides and was content not to do it. Curtis kept calling this ride "The Hollywood of Terror" and I made sure to make fun of him every time.

As soon as they were done, Curt and I Walked This Way to Rock 'N' Roller Coaster, which is an indoor Aerosmith-themed ride. I loved it. I was Cryin' when it ended. I was Crazy not to have done it at least one more time. Aerosmith, how I hearted you in my youth. How I was swept away in the moment and wanted to buy a t-shirt, but Hubs said no.

I wish I had some pics of that fun ride. Instead, here's Jackson after we let him pick out a couple souvenirs.

This was just a neat car that was outside the shop.

At this point I went into a little store that only had fun Disney clothes and accessories for girls. Everything was so adorable. If Annabeth had been a little older, it would have done me in. I ended up getting her an adorable Baby Minnie doll in another store.

Next we went to do the Star Tours (Star Wars) ride. This was another 40-incher that Jackson barely got on. That was fun and nostalgic for Curtis. They sold little Jedi capes in this park and they were so cute. I wanted one for Jackson but he wouldn't have known what he was wearing. I was obviously getting a little carried away with wanting every souvenir that day, so I kept telling myself that none of this stuff would be as cute or as fun when we got home.

The Muppet Vision 3D was next on our list. Bless it's heart. It's so old. It was still fun though.

One of the happiest moments of our trip came right after we exited that building and we saw these guys...

Lightning McQueen and Mater! Oh happy day! They even moved. I loved getting to experience this with Jacks. He liked all the characters, but he didn't have a history of loving them like he does with McQueen and Mater.

We couldn't leave without getting to touch them.

Then we walked through the NYC set... get to this!

Jackson was a little intimidated by the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground at first. We took him to climb around in the fake ant hill and he didn't like how dark it was. It took him a minute to shake it off, but then the slide made him happy.

I could not wait to get him on this ant. He didn't realize how excited he should have been. The ant was a little hot and burned his legs.

Later when we asked him his favorite part of the day, he said "The playground with the tall grass."

I loved the enormous Play-doh containers.

Next we went to the stunt car show. It was very, very hot by then and I was struggling with my attitude. We had to walk a really long way after parking the stroller and then climb a thousand stairs, so it was just a beating to get over there. But it was so worth it and I never thought I'd say that!

After the stunt car show, I was on a mission for some popsicles. They were just what we needed to make it to the bus stop without losing it.

When we got back to the hotel, we had a caricature done of Jackson. Then it was time for some major naps.

By dinnertime we had gotten a little tired of the hamburger/fries/nuggets/pizza meals we'd been having. We'd noticed a restaurant in our hotel called Artist Point. In culinary desperation, Curt called the restaurant and managed to get us a dinner reservation. They made sure to tell him that he needed to wear a collared shirt. So this was obviously going to be a nice place. With steaks. And wine glasses on the table. Pappadeaux for lunch after church was the height of my son's restaurant experience. But since we were at Disney, this restaurant was cool with us bringing our kids. Awesome.

They were so kind when we got there. The servers and hostesses talked to Jackson and gave him stickers. One by one they came over to compliment us on our darling baby. Our waitress aimed to keep our boy happy, so she brought him more apple juice every time he emptied his cup.

Jackson had been saying his stomach hurt that evening. We didn't think much of it. In other words, we were in denial. Then he expressed no interest in eating. I really wanted him to eat though because all day long he'd only eaten junk. We were on vacation and I didn't feel like fighting with him at meal times, so he had gotten away with a lot. I hadn't really thought about it, but he'd only eaten candy, dessert, and a few fries the whole day. During dinner I gave Jackson a small bite of my steak. When he gagged on it I wasn't real surprised because sometimes he has texture issues with beef. My mother-in-law's vomit radar was going off, but I sat in ignorance. Then - oh Lord help us - we saw the vomit face. Curt plucked him out of his chair faster than you could blink an eye and they disappeared. They had gone around a corner and we couldn't see what was happening.

I was sad for my boy that he had probably thrown up. I assumed they had made it to the bathroom. It was time to pay for the meal and I didn't have our meal card to pay, so I went to hunt down my boys.

That's when I saw it.

Puke. Puke covering the floor next to the hostess stand. Puke that a woman was wiping off her feet. My mind couldn't let myself believe it. Is that MY son's puke? Oh, yes. Yes it was. And for the next 20 minutes, everyone who came and went from the restaurant had to step over it.


My mind was spinning. Half of me felt so bad for Jackson. The other half felt so bad for myself. I was embarrassed. And afraid we were all about to come down with a stomach virus and ruin our vacation.

Thankfully, it remained an isolated incident. Jackson was asking for food as soon as he got cleaned up and wanted to go swimming. Yeah right. We're not having any puke in the pool this year!

Everything was fine - until we had another interesting restaurant incident the next night. I'm sure you can't wait to hear it.

I know you want to share an embarrassing restaurant story. Spill the beans!


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I am laughing just thinking back to last Sunday....we were on our next to last day at daughter had packed all the travel stuff up...and we decided to make one last run to Downtown Disney....stuck a diaper in her purse...we were staying at AKLodge...and Jack (her 15 month old) had just had banana...and then I had given him a bottle just to take care of a little crankiness.....if that is a word...Anyway...we all got on the husband holding Jack...he had just handed him to Amanda and as he did, Jack began to projectile vomit the banana and entire bottle of milk...all over himself, all over Amanda, all over the shuttle...this is a kid that never even spit up much as a baby....I jumped so the puke missed me...but it was a MESS...
we strippped a diaper, threw his clothes (that were new)in the trash and went into a store and bought him a $25.00 outfit that he will probably have outgrown by next week....while my husband pushed him around in his stroller in just a diaper....I have loved your Disney reports...

Hope to finish mine next week.

Tara G. said...

We killed two birds with one stone by using a cruise ship from Finland to Sweden as our transportation and hotel. It was really a fabulous ship and in the morning, we headed to the kid friendly breakfast room. After our daughter ate, she began playing on the playground while we finished up. They had someone dressed as a popular Scandinavian cartoon character, a hippo, walking around. Suddenly, we heard some kid in hysterics and we kept thinking "why don't her parents take care of that?" as the entire restaurant was now turning to look at this crying child in the playground tube. That'd be our little American, freaked out by the hippo. It's times like those that perhaps it's a blessing we didn't speak the same language.

bethany said...

I don't personally have an embarassing restaurant story but my friends water broke in a fancy restaurant when she and her husband were out celebrating their anniversary....hope that never happens to me!

Pam said...

I think our most embarrassing restaurant incident occurred when my Sweetcheeks was 3 1/2 and a flower girl in one of my dearest friend's weddings.

We were at this gorgeous place for the rehearsal dinner: white linens, crystal, the whole shebang.

I didn't know to term it the "vomit face" at that point, but Sweetcheeks had it. We'd made at least seven false alarm trips to the rest room already when she finally realized the eighth attempt was NOT going to make it.

My lovely WHITE floral sweater was soon christened, along with my pants, shoes, Sweetcheeks' outfit, and much of the lovely linens.

We hightailed it out of the establishment, missed a wonderful five-star meal, and also missed all the memories to be made with the bride and groom.

To top it all off, as soon as we'd reached our rental van, Sweetcheeks sweetly smiled around the soiled clothing and asked if we could stop at McDonald's because she was hungry. Ah, the humbling experiences of motherhood!

Desiree said...

Love the update on your trip. Oh how fun, but the restaurant situation, not so much. I feel for you.
I don't have any little ones of my own so my quick little story will be about my younger brother when I was 2 and he was a baby.
My parents had taken us to a smorgasbord restaurant where 1/2 way through the meal my little brother had diarrhea that went all the way down the highchair. My mom was so embarrassed especially when my dad picked me up right away and told her he'd meet her at the car while she was left to try to clean up the mess.
Hopefully you will never have to have a similar incident.

Mary said...

Maybe because I have a nearly-3 year-old of my own but I laughed so hard (and felt great sympathy for you,) and read it to my husband and he laughed too...isn't a vomit fest the worst thing ever?? We all had the vomiting virus twice this last winter...that's just not right to have it more than once. Great pictures!!

Rhonda said...

Bless your heart & his. But overall sounds like a good day! OUr youngest tends to love his sweets and the throw them up! Always a joy. Have a great day today!

Lauren said...

Oh my gosh! I am so sorry for your puke incident! Although you know at Disney they've dealt with it like 249 times before. :)

Heather said...

I can so relate to the puking incident! My five-year-old puked on the sidewalk at the Magic Kingdom parade after a long day of candy, rides, and more candy. He splattered more than a few legs and feet with vomit!! However, like Jackson, he was good as new once he got it out of his system (literally). Really the only downside was that I had to spend $40 on a Disney outfit for him since I had not come to the park with an extra set of clothing! (He got a cute Mickey shirt and pair of shorts out of the deal.) Fond memories!!!

Lauren said...

Again, never been to Hollywood Studios either, was there when it was MGM Studios, add it to my list, haha!!! Poor Jackson :o(

KirkKrew said...

Your pictures make me want to go to Disney World - So BAD! We went to Disneyland in August and I'm ready for another Disney experience.

I don't have a restaurant experience that sticks out in my mind, but I did take my 3 year old to the nail salon and mid fill, she threw up all over me and the chair she was sitting in. The nail girl got me a towel and we kept going. I'm surprised they let me back in there again!

Lauren said...

I loved Hollywood Studios when we went.

OH MY WORD! I can totally relate to your restaurant horror. Just a few weeks ago, my brother and his family came to town. His daughter caught a stomach bug, and was vomiting for 36 hours. I was incomplete denial that either of my kids would catch it. After a great day at the zoo, we took them to our favorite mexican place. (Similar ti 'sitos)

My 9 month old little boy had just drank a bottle, and he spit up a little. I didn't even think it could've been vomit. And, then it happened. Projectile vomit across the table. I had nothing except his lovey. I grabbed him and turned him into me and took off for the bathroom. He contuously vomited DOWN my shirt until we got to the bathroom. He then did in the sink, while I stuffed my brad with towells. I was soaked. I tried to go back to the table, but he turned and vomited down my shirt over and over, I just walked out and left my husband to deal with the check. It was awful.

Emily :) said...

Hi Amanda! I've never commented on your blog, but when you ask for restaurant stories I just can't resist. :) The sad thing is I have 3 kids but I am usually the one that embarrasses us! Especially on vacation. There was the one time we were at the SunDial in Atlanta and my water glass slipped right out of my hands. Luckily the restaurant rotates so we just kept on moving. :) Just a few months ago my husband and I finally got our honeymoon and at a restaurant in Dollywood I dumped an entire bowl of chili (which made me really sad b/c it was SOO good). But to empathize with you our worst experience was when my oldest was about 3 and she had an accident in one of the play things at Chuck E Cheese. This is turning into a book, but I just wanted to encourage you as well. We recently took all 3 kids (6,4, and 1) to Applebees and that was the first "real" dining experience we had attempted. It actually went really well and my son still tells people about it and how we ate inside b/c they don't have a drive thru. :)

Jamie said...

This actually isn't MY embarrassing story, but I was there and totally felt sad for the person involved. We were on Spring Break our Freshman year of college and were eating at a seafood restaurant. A friend of mine, who tended to be a little on the clumsy/disoriented/spacy side had to use the restroom. She went, and we didn't think much about how long she was gone until she got back, red-faced and ready to leave the restaurant. She proceeded to tell us that she had gone into the bathroom, noticed it was "odd that there were urinals in the women's bathroom" and proceeded to "do her business." As she was washing her hands, a gentleman came in to do HIS business, looked at her, stood at the urinal, and waited for her to make her exit. She didn't think anything was strange until, as she was exiting, a man was coming in and stopped dead in his tracks. Meanwhile, back at our seats, not knowing any of this has taken place, the table behind us (full of dudes, mind you) were all commenting on the fact that there was this "tall chick in the bathroom." Then, she comes back only to confirm that it was, in fact, her. Again, not embarrassing for her, but for us. She had to switch sides of the table so she didn't know the guys were looking at her the whole meal. Good times were had by most.

Longmeadow Mama said...

Here's a restaurant was our first date night not long after our firstborn came into our lives. We were so excited to sneak out for an hour or two for dinner at our favorite romantic Italian restaurant. BTW, this was 13 years ago, before cell phones, if you can believe it! Anyway, our food had just been served, and I heard a crying baby...a familiar one at that. I couldn't believe I was missing my baby so much that I was hearing him cry! But then I couldn't believe it even more when I saw my mom walking through the restaurant holding my baby boy!!! He had been crying ever since we left and nothing grandma did would settle him down. She didn't know what else to do but bring him to me! I'll never forget it!

Marla Taviano said...

Oh my. I'm so sorry about the puke!

Sharon said...

Oh Amanda,

What an awesome day... bless Jackson's heart! I know it's not funny... :-)

Marc and Charity said...

Looks like fun! I love the "Cars". Too cute.

When Cerys was 3 months old, we were sitting in Paddington Station waiting for our train and we were eating at Burger King. I kept hearing a drip and a splash and couldn't figure out where it was coming from...until someone looked down and informed me that her diaper was leaking...the runniest poo ever, all down my jeans and in my shoes and a nice puddle on the floor. Nice.

Traci said...

3 things:

1) Most embarrassing restaurant experience thus far: Going to a super nice eatery with my children and having my 5 year old belt out in his most whiny voice ever "OH, HOW I WISH I WAS AT CRACKER BARREL!!!!!" for everyone in the place to hear.

2) Love the realness of this post. Struggling with embarrassment over your sons puke; knowing how those souviners would not be nearly as cute at home and oh, how you spoke to me about fighting your irritability in the heat. Amen for just telling it like it is.

3) Lastly, and this is only my opinion, but I just saw you in your Mom's week 5 Believing God video and can I just say how darn cute your hair is short! I had no idea. Love it!!

Thanks again for sharing your vacation with us. Such a sweet family you have.

Moose Mama said...

Oh dear. So sorry. The food. The heat. Poor Jackson. Poor parents.

No embarrasing restaurant incidents here.

Looking forward to the next story...I think.


creative gal said...

Way too cute! Tell Jackson, I love the movie CARS as well. :o)

Dionna said...

I'm so sorry that happened! I know that was embarrassing but glad Jackson was okay.

The only embarrassing restaurant story I can think of at the moment is when we were eating at a local mexican restaurant. We got up to leave and my youngest daughter hit a cup of ranch dressing (somehow - I have no idea how). It flew onto the floor and left a small pile. Not too bad although I lectured her quietly about paying attention. Then when we turned around I saw ranch all over this ladies' purse and coat hanging over her chair at the opposite table. I was horrified and had to go over and explain to her what had happened and notify her that she now had ranch dressing on her jacket.

She was sooo nice about the whole thing. She said it was an old jacket anyways - no big deal etc.

Kids do keep us humble - that's for sure! :)

Kiki said...


and puke. Too funny. And so gross.

No funny restaurant story. Except for the time my grandma puked in her plate at Ponderosa. Bless her heart. I've never eaten there again.

Wencked said...

I feel for you and your puke incident. We have had several. My son has a weak gag reflex and when he would put just too much food in his mouth...spew!!! Good times.

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Oh no he didn't.



I have some stories, but they involve things like spilled salsa.

You win this one, hands down.

The B's said...

I don't have an interesting restaurant experience...yet. I'm knocking on the wood REALLY hard! :) Poor you! I can only imagine...poor Jackson, poor Curtis. :(

When I was reading the post and you talked about the Muppets 3D show...if it is the one I'm thinking of...I was scared of it when I was a little girl. I remember closing my eyes! :)

Jamie said...

Okay I loved the post and totally want to take my son but I have to say you are way to skinny to have just had a baby. I am so jealous!

KR said...

OMG...I started sweating just thinking about it. I was in Dublin at very formal restaurant eating solo...the chef sent out a complementary first course of "Trotters." I had no idea what it was. I was swallowing as the ever-attentive server informed me what it was. I can barely even write it. It's the feet of a small animal. I proceeded to heave in my napkin...with the chef watching from the kitchen. How gracious. Now I'm sick thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

Last month... I got hammered at cracker barrel while out of town for a baby shower. Sophia, 13 months old got the puke face and landed it down my front and onto my lap... i had to got to Meijers and buy a new shirt, jeans and bra... not other options! Majorly gross.

Anonymous said...

Embarrassing Restaurant Story:

The BFF and I were at Burger King with a playland. Her son and my daughter were in the 2 - 3 year range. Her son threw up right next to our table in the playland. Then he walked through it in his socks.

Then my daughter, also in her socks, ran through it and slipped and fell.

After I regained consciousness, I went to the front and told them what happened. A teenage employee brought the mop bucket out, left it at the playland entrance and said, "Oh, I don't think so." BFF and I cleaned it up. Then it was time to deal with the kids . . . .

It was Alaska and winter so you couldn't just take a half dressed kid out to the car. To this day (8-ish years later) I do not remember how we each got our kids to our respective minivans. I'm thinking I've blocked it from my memory.

Jessica said...

This isn't exactly a "restaurant story," but it does involve food and puke. When I was about 16 some teenagers from church went out to eat for a friend's birthday at our favorite mexican place. It was mid-July and so hot! After the meal we all piled in different cars to head home. There were five of us in my friend's brand new car. I was in the passengers seat and my friend's brother was in the middle seat in the back. He said he was getting hot so I turned the a/c up, turned the vent toward him, and looked back to see if he could feel the air. When I looked back I saw the vomit face. I turned around and then I felt it. He tried to cover his mouth but the projectile vomit covered the windshield and the back of my head. We had to stop in a parking lot and clean off the windshield so we could see to get home. I was disgusted to say the least! It was so humiliating, but after an entire bottle of shampoo and a few days to recooperate, we laugh about it. (All but the one who did the puking.)

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Hearing all Jackson's puking stories kind of makes me miss him even more. It's so funny how he can always clear out a pool so quickly! But I'm SO SORRY you were embarrassed...I would have been too!

Jennifer said...

Must be something about Disney...we were there about 6 years ago when our kids were 6 1/2 -we have triplets so it was kinda crazy at times. We did the park and cruise and had left Animal Kingdom to get on the ship. We had finally gotten on board and went to get some lunch...of course we did not know where anything was and had a hard time finding some kid food...go figure anyway it was just crazy at that time. Papa and Grandma was with us and they had found some red punch to drink and well that got knocked over and ended up on our other son who is Autisic -so he started throwing a fit because his white sock was now red-our other son Cameron who is ADHD with some anxiety issues was getting all worked up with all the craziness and new environment and he started "I am gonna throw up" act so off to find a bathroom-but not knowing where anything was and his problem coming up fast the only thing I could find was the hamper that they put the cloth napkins and tablecloths...hated to be the one who pulled those things out...aaahhh children. Now six years later we are heading to Universal Studios...praying for a little less adventure!!!!

Fran said...

Ok...I absolutely love the Aerosmith roller coaster...I rode it 5 times in one day...its a wonder I didn't puke. My older boys LOVED it. I wanted the tshirt too and all I got was an eye-rollin' when I asked.

I remember the 17 mile trek to the stunt show too, but was so glad we did it. How cool was that??? We were pleasantly surprised that day with all the fun we had. Did y'all see the Mickey show that night?? Fantasmic?? Don't know if they still do it.

Anyway....sorry about Jackson. Bless his sweet heart and so glad it didn't last.

Big hugs,

Ginnylou said...

Ahhh...the restaurant puking incidents...glad to know they'll continue for a while...

Ours occurred a while ago when Noah was about 9 months old or so. Just about the age when he's able to smile at the waitress without being terrified...they notice how cute he is...and so well-behaved...and then...gag!! Courtesy of his first experience with Augmentin, he puked ALL over the table at Cracker Barrel. Just lovely, dear...

Any time a doctor now wants to prescribe Augmentin "even though it's rough on the tummy"--we just say that he threw up all over the table at Cracker Barrel--and they give us something else!!

I'm so enjoying your Disney adventures! We're planning a trip in the spring, and hubby is already tired of me saying..."Well, Amanda says..." Hope your holiday weekend was awesome!!

Lindsee Lou said...

Amanda, I am loving your Disney re-caps. They are so good and thourough and I know you're going to love having them! You are making me want to go again. Bless Jackson's heart for getting sick. That totally stinks. Looking forward to the interesting story about dinner the next night. I just can't imagine!

Heather said...

On Mother's Day, we headed down to the Outer Banks and stopped at Five Guys for dinner on the way home. My four year old son was laying his head on Daddy's shoulder and just mentioned that he wanted his cheeseburger to go because his tummy was hurting. We agreed to get his wrapped up and with very little appearance of the vomit face, he just threw up everywhere. We were still standing in a very long line and my husband ran to the potty with him but they were both covered...and we had no change of clothes! We wrapped him in towels and headed home. Like you, I felt so terrible for him and vowed to take the "my tummy hurts" way more seriously next time! The worst part was the daughter in the family behind us started looking at his vomit and telling her mom what she thought he must have eaten that day...EWW!

Toknowhim said...

I feel your pain... When my oldest was a baby he projectile vomitted all over my hubby in an airport... It was like a scene out of a horror flick, it felt like it lasted forever :)

Once when I was a teen and I still wore panty hose, my dress get caught up in my panty hose and I felt a nice draft as I was walking back to my seat...I fixed the problem and ran back to my table as quick as I could :) Hope that makes you feel a little better :)

Kelli said...

I love the look on Jackson's face as he is touching Lightning McQueen.

AND BLESS YOUR HEART. I have no stories to tell, but see them in my near future.... stay tuned. :)

Kim ~ Kay Kay said...

We were on one of our trips at the coast, Cambria. One night we went to a really nice resturant and our daughter was with us, she was around 9 months at the time.
On the way out of the resturant door she threw-up all over the rug. Nice! Yes, embarrassed!! But you move on.
I'm glad you guys had a great trip.
Fun memories, even the yucky ones.

Donita said...

My boy would have LOVED the Mater and Lightning more than anything else.
And since most moms have a puke story, here's mine. My husband and I traveled to Sundane in Utah for our 5th anniversary and we took our then 9 month old baby with us.
Long story short, he threw up all over our table minutes before our meal was served.
In his first 3 years of life he threw up exactly once! Right there in Robert Redford's Tree Room.

Amanda said...

okay... I don't have a restaurant story YET... but I got a kick out of yours. Poor Jackson! Poor Curtis! and Poor Hostess with the pukey shoes! What a memory!

Your stories are making me anxious to take Camden because I know he would LOVE the buzz lightyear ride (I couldn't keep hubby off of it when we went a few years ago) and the to actually get up close to Mater? He would think he was the coolest person in the world.

katiegfromtennessee said...

Wow, you had some adventure that day, didn't you?! The pics were great! I couldn't ride the Tower of Terror either, not my kind of ride, if ya know what I mean:) I did get to see the car show, but it was raining that day and one of the cars hit a building, and they had to stop the show halfway through...I do have a restaurant story, although this happens to lots of people, I'm sure. I got a whole pizza dropped on me by a waitress:) Also, my littlest sister once spilled a glass of water on me too. Fun times.

Blessings to you:):)


Kari said...

Oh do I have a story to share.... Last year on vacation we were eating at Applebees. My daughter, age 10, had set her retainer on the appetizer plate while she ate. She didn't realize the waiter had taken her plate until we had finished our meal and they came to take that plate and she then was looking for her retainer. Well, we politely asked the waiter if he would just go check in the kitchen and see if by chance her retainer was still there. He gave us a look like "Have you lost your mind??" and just as my daughter and I are about ready to go to the kitchen ourselves and start the search he returned carrying her retainer. He told us that the manager had dug through the trash and found her retainer (obviously the manager must be a father that has a child wearing those costly retainers as well??!) About that time, out of NO WHERE, our 4 year old starts throwing up at the table. My husband grabs him and ran outside. I quickly find a large tip and we all flee!! What a memory!! :)

The Ugly Beautiful said...

I think you were behind me at church on sunday but by the time I realized, you were gone. Hi anyways! :) That is horrible but I'm sure not foreign to Disney World's land of kids! I'm glad that yall had a fun trip! It's reminding me of ours during Spring Break! Anyways, just 2 years ago (and I'm 29) we went to a nice dinner and the waiter brought me (and my nieces and nephew) a kiddie menu and crayons! At first I looked at him and said, "Are you kidding me?!" To which he horribly apologized. And then I got flattered and started coloring! :)

Grace said...

OK...not a restaurant story, but a friend of mine fixed me up with her friend from college. We went to dinner and then to the mall. As we're walking around a bookstore, all of a sudden he throws up right in front of the cash register. I wish I could say that it didn't have any affect on whether or not we went out again, but did. That was our first and last date.

BTW...Grace loved the "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" play area. We could hardly get her to leave.

Casi said...

When my parents took me to Disney when I was a kid, they splurged and got tickets to Hoop-De-Doo Revue. They were so excited and, almost as soon as we were seated, I got sick and threw up all over my clothes. My dad had to take off his shirt and let me wear it. He held me in front of him on the monorail all the way back to the hotel hoping for some semblance of decency.

We are going next month and my mom made me promise that we would let her know how the show was if we went. Unfortunately, my daughter wants to attend Mickey's Backyard BBQ instead so perhaps we'll never know how good it could have been...

annalee said...

what a day y'all had!

okay, i'll share... (too bad this one is on myself and not my child)

when i was seven we drove from abilene to irving before church one sunday morning.
i throw up on the way but my parents were convinced it was just because i didn't eat breakfast which is a non-negotiable for my stomach. so they decided we could go on into my aunt and uncle's church and i made it through service okay, so they decided we could go to china pearl, the biggest chinese food buffet i'd ever laid eyes on.
we were seated right in the middle of the restaurant, near the buffet line, and behind the front doors. at the end of our meal i started feeling that familiar feeling and up came three chunks of chicken, whole pieces of rice, and more liquid than would fit in my half empty soup bowl.
as my mom jumped up to get my stringy long hair out of my face i began screaming that i could not make it to the bathroom becasue i thought she was trying to jerk me away from the table. this caused any eyes that weren't already glued on our table to now look too.
as mortifying as it was for the rest of us, my aunt had it the worst. she was a couple months pregnant and had a front row seat to take in the smell of freshly puked chinese food and try to hold in her own nausea.

Kristen said...

Girl, I am getting the itch to go to Disney with all of your posts! How fun is that playground? Paige and I rode the "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" bee way back in the day and I still remember it!

Darlene R. said...

I don't have an embarrassing restaurant story...well, actually I probably do, but the story that I am thinking of is the one where a hotel had to close down their indoor pool for the rest of the night because my child got choked on water and puked.
Oh, and then there was the time that the Y had to close down the pool because my child puked in it.

Those were fun, fun times...or not so much :)

Anonymous said...

I can't quit laughing, and I can't wait to hear more about the next night...

melanie said...

i love that y'all met lightning & mater! they look so cute in real life! i think avery would freak out if she saw them for real. you look so pretty in the pic of you & annabeth. talk about getting skinny again... girl, you look great!

Billie said...

I used to live in Orlando and would do this stuff 50 times a year with school (literally). BUT now that I have kiddos and have taken them twice for mini vacays, I want to do it like this! Can you maybe do a post on how you planned for this?

Megan said...

They still have that muppet 3-d show?!?!?? That thing is forever old! Loving the recaps!

Teresa said...

I'm really enjoying reading about your trip. From this one though, I have to say I love the line, "I was really struggling with my attitude." That's such a great way to put it and I feel like I know exactly what you're talking about!