Saturday, May 02, 2009

Saturday Night Rambling

I was in a total funk for about 24 hours after that last post. I absolutely could not climb out of it and was on the verge of tears or in tears all day. If that's how I felt after reading the India posts, I'm thinking the Compassion bloggers are going to need a lot of prayer as they come home tomorrow.

Anyway, I had my last MOPS meeting yesterday. I don't plan on doing it next year because I really want to do Motherwise at my church, but I've enjoyed MOPS very much. If you're a mom with kids younger than kindergarten, you should definitely try it. You can search for a group in your area here.

After that, I had lunch with the LPM girls for our ministry director's birthday. I almost didn't go because of my funky mood, but I'm so glad I went because we had a great time. S.A.M./Sab/G.P., you're the best and I love you very much.

Last night my parents kept the kids while Curt and I had a very quick date. Then he had a thing at the church and I went to Academy to punish myself with some bathing suit shopping. Yuck. But I did find a Nike swimsuit that is not too awful. Many thanks to Academy for coming through for me two years in a row. I heart you. After that I hung out with my parents for a little while. We are all going separate ways next week and will miss each other.

This morning we met up with my Uncle Tony and Cherie, who were in town from Ohio for a wedding. We had breakfast with them at Buffalo Grille. I had never been there before. Yummy pancakes. When we got home, the kids and I all took 2 hour naps. Praise the Lord. Tonight I went to see 17 Again with some girlfriends. It was cute. I was excited about Matthew Perry being in it, but his screen time totals about 5 minutes.

When I got home, Curtis had uploaded all the videos we took of Annabeth's first few days onto his computer. I'll have to talk more about that tomorrow, on her 3 month birthday! I can't believe it!


Marla Taviano said...

Love you!

Brittnie said...

I am with you sister. I was a sobby mess all week while reading the India bloggers posts! Tough stuff. But we needed to hear it and see it! So thankful for what God did on their trip. Please let us know when they get home.


Lauren said...

Fun stuff, girl!!!!! Hope you have a great rest of the weekend, Amanda! Love ya, friend!! :)

jennyhope said...

I can not get the India posts off of my mind at all. Each time I thought to complain, I was hit with the reality of India. I don't even think anyone knows the fruit that those posts are going to bring and I have talked to more people who are just broken over it and most of all at our pathetic have it your way now society that we so easily blend in with.
I will be praying for all of them!! =)
On the bathing suit I keep thinking of your post on the 5 lbs from a long time ago. I am trying to give up sugar and I feel like I am going to go nuts!! Sorry for all the rambling.

Traci said...

I hear you on the funk- I've been reading all their posts and this trip has stuck with me and really bothered me too-I feel really helplesss, which I know is NOT the point of trip- but I know they've had a hard time with what they've seen and we will definitely pray for a smooth re-entry into life as they know it.

R said...

i'm up in the air about mops! i've done it for three years now, two on steering, but i think i just may be burned out. especially since next year i'll have three kids! yikes!

i've not heard of motherwise, i don't think! i'll have to research that.

Kelli said...

-I have been praying so much for the Compassion bloggers. I can't imagine how they have been affected being there seeing as I have been torn apart just reading their experiences!

-I am so glad that you found a swim suit. That is a task to be tackled this week that I am NOT looking forward to, BUT I am looking forward to swim classes!

-I have been wanting to try Buffalo Grille... would it be worth the drive into town? My parents were at an Ohio/Texas wedding last night. I wonder if it was the same one your aunt and uncle were at!

Brooke said...

The India posts have been amazing, and have invaded my thoughts and prayers this entire week. I can think of little else. All the other comments and posts I read say the exact same thing, which leads me to believe that God has truly spoken through these bloggers, and used their humbled and broken hearts to convey a message which we all needed to hear. I'm so grateful for their honesty and willingness.

Every single word was hard to read. Painful. Shocking. Convicting, in the most uncomfortable sort of way. But I couldn't stop. And I won't stop. I can hardly wait to hear what they have to say when they return home, and I do agree, that will be one doozie of a transition. I'm praying for your sweet sis.

katiegfromtennessee said...

Hi there Little Momma,

The india posts were very moving, I've been thinking about them still. Good, you got to hang out with your parents and your LPM girls!



Anne N. said...

I love that the pancakes at BG, are almost too big for the plates!

Missy said...

How can you have lived here all your life and not have been to breakfast at Buffalo Grill??