Friday, October 09, 2009

DFW Weekend Report

Some observations after our Dallas/Fort Worth road trip:

1) The simple four-hour drive between Irving and Houston is no longer simple. Jackson officially entered the "Are we there yet?" stage on Saturday morning. He asked it four times, I kid you not, before we got on the freeway. Mom congratulated me by saying that I am now truly a parent. The drive never really bothered me before, but now that we have two kids to fill the car with the lovely sounds of "Juice!" and "Annabeth's looking at me!" and "Ehhhhhh!" and "Whaaaa!" things have changed a little. I swear to you I will not leave this city with my children again until Christmas. And even then I might have to be sedated.

2) Our corn dogs weren't that great. They were okay, but nothing to write home about. Sad, right? Curt said that driving four hours for a corn dog might set one's expectations too high. He's probably right. Did y'all know that they had fried butter at the fair this year? When I saw the sign I almost threw up. I love butter just as much as anyone else, but there is one word for that - grody.

3) The Cheesecake Factory has very good hot tea.

4) Ob la di, ob la da, life goes on... We've been gone from Irving for a year and a half. In that time, some of my friends who had babies right as we were leaving already have another baby or are expecting again. It's hard to believe that we've been gone long enough for that to happen. First Irving has had a major growth spurt and that was awesome to see. Also, our old house looks a lot better than last time. We were told that it was sold to a family whose home was torn down for the new development. I'm so happy! Our cute old house and the enormous oak trees will remain.

5) If it's raining and you just leave your hair down instead of pulling it back, it will recover better. Who knew?

6) Seeing old friends is fun, but it only makes me miss them more!

7) If this post is a bummer, I'm going to blame my sinus infection. And the fact that Houston's heat index is 110 this week. (I wrote this post on Monday. We're finally getting cool temps tomorrow!)

8) Let me make it up to you. Here are some pictures.

It was our first time to use the tandem stroller without Annabeth's infant carrier. She loved it.

Notice the artistic application of mustard. I think the problem was that cornmeal was too crispy and hard.

The main stage is flanked by Chevy's.

En Vogue!

Annabeth amused herself by sliding her little feet around the wet footrest.

The car show is every big and little boy's favorite part.

One of Jackson's favorite Monster Trucks.

Big Tex

"Little Hands on the Farm"

Sweet little kangaroo

Dad, does this not look like Beanie and Geli? Seriously!


Rachel said...

Oh I miss my hometown of Dallas so badly now. sniff sniff. :) Loved the pictures.

Lindsee said...

1) I am so sorry. Not that I fully understand, but I did drive 20 hours with one of my BFF's and her 3 year old and 1 year old and it was...hard. I about literally pulled my hair out after one hour. Birth control at it's best.

6) I couldn't agree more.

7) Are you not loving this cool front???? Oh, it is glorious.

Misty Straley said...

I'm looking for a good double stroller. We are expecting our second baby in March. Do you mind telling me the brand and where you purchased your stroller? It looks like a great one! Thanks so much...

Holly said...

Well at least you didn't go and see the Aggies while there...that would have been doubly worse than the corn dog.

I love little girl feet that like to explore!

Hope you feel better really soon, Amanda.

Bobbie said...

We drove 3 1/2 hours on Monday to have corn dogs at the Fair!!! When we walked through the gate and saw the sign "Welcome to the Fried Food Capitol of the World" I laughed out loud (and of course, took a picture!) We saw the fried butter, chicken fried bacon, (talking about gross--it was!)deep fried latte!!!, fried oreos, and grilled alligator!!

When we walked by the "Little Hands on the Farm" I recognized it from the last time y'all went and posted pics of Jackson! Our only disappointment was that all the animals were gone--not a cow or pig in the barns!

We stopped at the Galleria on the way home, then dinner at Pappasitos, so the trip was a winner! To be honest with you, really...I miss the 'when are we gonna be there and what time is it'? But I know, that can lengthen even a short trip!

We're lovin' the cool weather, but all the rain has brought us our very own 'Little Brazos River' right through our backyard!! There will be no yard work before the game tomorrow! Gig'em

Thanks for sharing the pics, they're very cute!

Lauren said...

Love those kids!!!!!!!! :) They melt my heart each time I see them and they're not even mine, haha!!

Val said...

We missed the Texas Fair for the second year in a row - I do love those corn dogs! Glad to hear they weren't as great as usual! :) The farm and petting zoo is so wonderful for the kids - I can't wait to get ot take our kids again - hopefully next year! Football season is so hard to get anything done in - glad you had a nice trip!

Marc and Charity said...

Thanks for posting pics of the fair! I wish I could go!!! And, bummer about that corny dog!

Amy said...

Miss Anna sure is starting to look more grown up, especially in those pictures. I can't believe how fast that all happens. Seems like yesterday my daughter was born and now she is 4 and in school.

I love the "photo opportunities only" sign in the picture...seems like they could have placed that a bit more strategically to be more photo pleasing!

Erica said...

Road trips are totally different, huh. Brian just "suggested" we drive to North Carolina. To which I simply replied, "I will not drive to North Carolina!"
Really...that is a LONG way to go in a car with 2 kids.
I am all up for it if we can fly.
The corn dog did look over done, bummer, but your kids looked super cute!

k and c's mom said...

Those pictures are SO CUTE. I especially liked that little vegetable garden/stand. May try something like that out for my first grade classroom. (Don't give up on the car rides! They do get better with practice. Or Dramamine.)Thanks for sharing your little ones with one who is itching to be a Nonnie!

barbara head said...

Our best friends from Fayetteville, AR said the game was fabulous. They would of course. Most expectations are set too high anyway. Fried butter gives me the creeps. And the pics are marvelous.

Moose Mama said...

Sorry for the less than perfect road trip. Kids and cars...sometimes they work well together...sometimes they don't.

You know what's funny? I remember last year's trip you took and saw many pictures that were similar. Next year, we'll be seeing Annabeth walking around the little produce and baby animals area.

Makes me smile to watch them grow up so sweetly.


Rhonda said...

I agree with Holly- the Ags would have salt on an open wound.
I now understand why my parents always traveled at night with us all:)
Hope you feel better soon!

kim said...

Oh my gosh I hear you on the whole not traveling home til Christmas thing. We live in MO and my family lives in SD - our 3.5 yr old and (then) 2 month old baby proved to make what used to be a joyous drive home, M I S E R A B L E! Glad I'm not the only "mean mommy (daughter/sister)" that told my family "See you at Christmas!" haha funny how incessantly talking toddlers & crying babies can do that to ya (:

Heather said...

I am so bummed we did not get to go today, can you say the perfect weather for the fair? Your pics are great, love the ones of Jackson on the little tractor!

Kari said...

well- I am betting you got your cool down as now in SD we are experiencing snow!! In sane to have it this early! And we are to have another 2 - 3 inches TONIGHT!! AUGH!!

ABL mom of 3 said...

How much do we love the fair! The petting zoo is so fun. What other time do you get to pet a zebra? We tried the fried butter. Once we drained the melted butter from it, it was good. It was like a buttery fried roll. And I agree, the corn dogs were not as good this year. Loved your pictures!

Leah Adams said...

Great pics, Amanda, but seriously, your dad should spank you for comparing Beanie and Geli to a GOAT!! Fine bird dogs should never be compared to goats!! LOL!!

In fact, when I looked at the picture I had to look at the tail on the creature to make sure it was not a bird dog.


Erin Ward said...

I love that the "Photo Opportunity Only" sign pretty much ruins the photo opportunity.

Dionna said...

Cool on the kangaroo! I've never seen one.

Jan said...

I can taste the mustard on the corny dog...hmmm.

Great photos!


katiegfromtennessee said...

Little Mommma, you had a good time:):) The corn dog still looked good:) In TN, fried butter is called a "shame stick":) Your pictures make me smile:):)