Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Fair is a Veritable Smorgasbord...

I thought I should give a little update on Annabeth. Her hives are fading, but they're still around. Her sweet little ears and head have gone back to normal, thank God. This morning she had a new red spot above one eye. They don't seem to bother her and her mood has been normal, so that's great. I'm keeping her on Benadryl for the time being.

Since I had to get rid of some food that might have caused this (but probably didn't), I've had nothing left to feed her today except for cereal and prunes. Awesome, right? We usually only use the prunes to balance out the bananas. You know I was desperate if I was feeding her that. We're about to pick up The Mister and the kids are going to have to join me at the grocery store. Woo hoo! (It's 3:15 and I'm updating to say that Revenge of the Prunes occurred while we were out and derailed our grocery store trip.)

Tonight my hair lady is going to make me presentable. Curtis is preaching at First Irving this weekend and I cannot show up looking like I've been in jail and unable to access my hair colorist for the last year.

We're super pumped to see our First Irving friends. A lot of them will be gone on a mission trip, so that's a bummer, but we're really looking forward to the reunion. Another very exciting detail of our weekend is that we're going to the State Fair. Do you know what they have at the State Fair? FLETCHER'S CORNY DOGS. I cannot properly convey my excitement. It nearly killed me to miss the fair and the corny dogs last year. But I'm a survivor. And I survived to have a Fletcher's corny dog in 2009. Last night I was looking at our pictures from the last time we went to the fair. I couldn't believe what a baby Jackson still was. Oh my goodness. You can see our pictures here and here.

In September of 2007 we got to see Boys II Men at the fair and this time En Vogue will be playing. I'm very excited. Nineties R&B, corny dogs, initiating my baby daughter into an important Texas tradition, and visiting a church so dear to our hearts. What more could a person want?


Keri said...

En Vogue??? They're still around?? Now that would be a fun blast to the past!

So, so happy for you and your hair appt. There is just nothing in the whole world that's better than disappearing roots. I believe there will be a special place in heaven for hair colorists.

Have a great weekend!

Amy D. said...

tickets to A&M Arkansas!!

Amanda said...

Amy D, you're so right!

God's not so little dutch girl said...


When I was in high school, I broke out in hives one day. My dad had taken over the laundry and his using too much fabric softener was the culprit. I don't know if this helps with Annabeth, but I wondered if you switched fabric softener recently or something. Just a thought. My sister-in-law,Brenda, had a prune incident with her son IN the grocery store. My other sister-in-law babysat for him, and discovered that he REALLY loved prunes. Brenda picked him up that day and went to the grocery store. Just as she went to check out,yep, you guessed it, all down the grocery cart and all over! This was way before the little cloth thingys that you can put in the cart to prevent your babies from chewing on the cart handle. My sister-in-law hasn't lived that one down yet. Hope you figure out the cause of the hives soon. Have a great time at the fair! I love elephant ears, but haven't had one in years. Love you guys! I've been praying for everyone as many times as the Lord brings you to mind, which is often!

melanie said...

i'm so glad annabeth is improving. i can't imagine how scary yesterday was! y'all lead the funnest lives ever... i love all the great experiences you give your kids and all the fun family stuff y'all do! hope you have an awesome weekend!

barbara head said...

I am living vicariously through you. Have not been to the Texas State Fair in years. Have a fabulous time and take a lot of pics. Am so happy to hear Annabeth is better.

Marla Taviano said...

We had corn dogs from Target for supper. I'm guessing they're not the same.

Rhonda said...

Praise God for her recovery! At least you know the prunes work, right? Have a blast at the fair! So much fun!!

Joyce said...

Just had my hair done today...sweet relief!

Enjoy your weekend!

Kelli said...

I am going to have "FREE YOUR MIND", etc. stuck in my head all weekend and I am ok with that. Have fun - eat your heart out!

And *ahem* I need a colorist... email me if yours is by the galleria or memorial city... I might just might have a mass quantity of *shudder* gray hairs. Well that feels better now that it is out! :)

Lauren said...

Nathan's sister goes to First Irving now and LOVES it.

Becca said...

Can't wait to see ya'll on Sunday! Nathan, Jordan, and Annabeth can play in the nursery together! YAY!

Kristen said...

Fletcher's Corny Dogs!! My mouth is watering!

Shelly said...

Glad baby girl is doing okay.

Wishing there was a fair close by --> two words --> candy apple

Tara said...

I agree,Amanda. You are in for a great weekend!!! We are HUGE fans of the State Fair too (we live in NC, and our extended family returns to NC to go!), corn dogs, and nineties music. Have a great time!

Marc and Charity said...

Glad to hear Annabeth is getting better!

And please, please eat a corny dog for me! :(

bp said...

We're going this weekend too! Glad Annabeth is alright.

(I'm just a random blog reader of yours in case you're wondering if you know me!)

Bobbie said...

So glad to hear Annabeth is improving--I'm sure it's a mystery as to what caused her hives.

I remember your last post about the State Fair and the Fletcher's Cory Dogs so when we saw the ads for the fair, we decided to go during the week.

Have a great weekend in Dallas. Hopefully Annabeth will love it as much as the rest of you!

julie said...

hi amanda. i found your blog through alicia divers, who is my dearest friend. your husband also used to speak at my church when i was a teenager because he is friends with my youth pastor, which is kind of fun!

anyway, i used to break out in hives all the time. my parents took me to the emergency room when i was a baby because they didn't know what they were. i continued to get them on occasion as i grew up and even sometimes in adulthood. i'm not sure why except that my skin is sensitive and easily irritated. dry heat seemed to be the most frequent cause for me but not necessarily the only one.

the good news is that they never caused any damage beyond a little itchiness. also, mine started out small and got bigger before they went away--so it's actually a good thing and not a bad thing if they grow.

i hope it gives you some comfort knowing that others have endured hives. they look a little scary so i can only imagine how you felt yesterday.

God bless!

StephRen said...

En Vouge is coming to the state fair?! lol! Too funny!! Can't wait to sink my teeth into a corn dog!!!

Mary said...

Fletchers. Yum. The fair calls for some tornado fries too. Ask for the seasoning-this year they don't put it on automatically.

I'm hosting a giveaway this weekend that Aggies will enjoy! Have a great time at the fair!

Joanne : The Simple Wife said...

Though it's been a long time since my girls have watched "Charlotte's Web," that song popped right back into my head in no time flat.

So just want to say thank you for putting that there for what I'm sure will be the rest of the day. Ahhhh! :)

Happy Friday!


P.S. Just wanted to tell you how much I'm loving Esther. We're in week 7 and at that point where there's less left to do than we've already done. Thanks for all of your hard work, making it excellent!

AND...I got to pray with a darling 17-year-old girl this weekend who accepted Christ and then accepted my invitation to Bible study. She came on Wednesday night at learned all about chiastic structure and stuck with it!

She was so eager to be there and couldn't balance her Bible (flipping page by page from Revelation forward to find Esther!), her notebook, her pen, her plate of food, and her fork. She dropped stuff all throughout the night and it was hilarious.

She's grown up in foster care and group homes and seems so tough on the outside, but I saw such childlike eagerness in her while she watched the video. She even mimicked the accent like all of us do when your mom tells us to say something outloud.

Okay, long P.S., but I wanted you to know.

So much love and hugs to your sweet kiddos!


Karen said...

En Vogue- now that brings back the memories :)

Glad Annabeth is on the mend.

connorcolesmom said...

Ok I am catching up on all my blogs and I am so far behind - sorry
1. Yummy Corn dogs - now I am craving one - thanks ;)
2. sorry about AB but so thankful she is ok - bless her heart she looked miserable
3. so excited about Curtis preaching - have fun in Irving!
4. praise God it is Friday - ok that one was from me but I am so thankful it is Friday -
happy sigh!!
Much love

Spirt Mom said...

Amy D beat me to it, but I was about to say surely you are headed to the new stadium to watch A&M beat the mess out of Arkansas!!

sos said...

Our women's study group loves to hear about you and your family although we do not know you personally we do pray for all of you.

We are glad to hear Annabeth is doing better...any soy in her diet?
In need of an epipen? especially if you travel.

It is fun for us to read the various Texan events that sound foreign to us northerners. Have fun at the Fai!


annalee said...

LOVE the title and charlotte's web reference.
i'm glad to hear baby girl is on the mend, poor thing! and how scary!
ps- i thought you should know you were in one of my crazy preggo dreams this week. we took jackson, annabeth, and adelaide to get snow cones. they tasted delicious but they didn't look like snow cones at all. and they were at some healthy stand that used natural ingredients or something.

JottinMama said...

I love hearing people say "corny dog".

I moved up north from Texas when I was a teenager - and up north they look at you like you're crazy if you say "corny dog". They call it a "corn dog" instead. Weird.

I hope Annabeth gets better REAL soon!

Kate :)

Fran said...

I'm so glad that baby girl is ok!! have a BLAST at the fair and all the fun it holds!! Love me some 90's flashbacks!!!

Hair Wizards are heaven on earth.


Lauren said...

All that makes for a great combination and sooooo glad Annabeth is doing better!!! :)

Unknown said...

I'm sure everyone has already given you their 2cents on the whole hives thing but I just had to chime in as well. All 3 of my kids have food allergies and for 1 in particular he also cannot have any detergents with any sort of dyes and we can't use the standard baby soaps on him either. (He's 4 now & I still have to use All Free & Clear liquid as well as All Free & Clear dryer sheets.) I've found that he tolerates Burt's Bees baby wash ok & have heard other people rave about California Baby products. (Pricey. Sold at Whole Foods, etc.)
Anyway, my kids are allergic to eggs & sesame but wheat allergy is on the rise. Have you considered having her tested for food allergies? Sometimes a child may not have a reaction the first time they come in contact with a it could have been something that she has been eating for a while & not necessarily new. We found out about my 1st child's egg allergy when he was 1, though he had had egg before his first hives attack from egg. (He wasn't tested until he was 3 and I wish we would have done it sooner. His brothers were tested much sooner---around age 1 I think.) Anyway, sorry for the long don't have to publish it. Have a wonderful time in Irving!

petrii said...

What a fun weekend ya'll have planned. Doesn't it feel good to have your hair all fresh and dolled-up? Love that!! I'm so glad your little Annabeth is feeling better.

I was going through my new Southern Living (Oct 2009) before bed last night, and to what would my eyes behold on page 16?!! MOON PIES all dressed up for Halloween no less. I instantly thought of your mama and daddy and their affection toward MOON PIES. I couldn't believe my eyes. So I thought you might like to pass this wonder along. These are so stinkin' cute!!!

Hope you have a Blessed and Beautiful weekend,
Dawn in MO

Annika said...

Ah, Templeton. That song always freaked me out when I was little! But I loved the movie.

So glad Annabeth is mother heart would have been so scared! Poor baby.

Hope you all are enjoying your you aren't as chilly as we are up here in Olympic-Host-Reject-Chicago. :)

Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous! said...

I just want to say that at 10:51 p.m. as I sit at a Starbucks planning my trip to MEM next weekend, I'm totally bummed that you're not going. :(

Jan said...

I remember your post from the Fair because it made me homesick. Oh, to have a corny dog! Watching the Arkansas--A&M game I just saw they offer fried butter! Please...

I have to say it, Siesta:
Woooooooooooo Pig Soooooooooieeeee


Hayley said...

We took our 3 kids to the state fair for the first time on Friday! It was a blast! We had the tastiest corny dogs, AND I tried the FRIED MOON PIES and they were heavenly. I highly recommend them. Have fun - and definitely do the little hands farm - it was my kids favorite! I bet Jackson would love it!

Heather said...

I am so glad that me and the kids watched Charlotte's web today and I know now where the phrase Veritable Smorgasbord comes from! Or if you made it up on your own, bravo friend!! ;)

The Wootens said...

Thanks for the great title! My son is currently hooked on Charlotte's Web. I JUST got that song out of my head! Here we go again. :)

So glad Annabeth is doing better. We had a friend whose daughter (2 yrs. old) had nearly the SAME thing happen on Thursday--hives...but the mom gave her Benadryl w/o going to the doctor first, and the daughter had a second reaction to the Benadryl as well...she was driving her to the ER when she turned blue and collapsed. The mom did chest compressions with one hand and drove with the other and prayed and sang Jesus Loves Me for the rest of the 20 minute drive to the hospital. Thankfully, Ava is okay now. I just thought it was weird that I heard about 2 very strange hives incidents on the same day. Poor babies! (and poor Mama's!!!!)

Lauren said...

I thought I remembered when you and Curtis got married Beth said you used some Jewish traditions, like a chuppah. I am really interested in teaching our wedding guests of the history and beauty of covenant between God and His people. Any help youcould provide would be awesome. thanks for all you do!

katiegfromtennessee said...

Hey Little Momma:)

So glad to hear that miss Annabeth is doing better! Hope your time at the fair was great, like in your older pics:) Jackson was such a little guy then!:) I was also wondering if Annabeth had some kind of allergic reaction to any kind of shot or med that she is taking, I know sometimes kids have allergic reactions to vaccinations and things...cute thing, God love her!!!